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  1. Edit: Never mind, I misunderstood the question. In Ray's picture, I see a white pylon and a grey engine.
  2. And I'm keen to know what you choose, I've got a number (okay, lots...) of the pre-bright-white ones to paint!
  3. It's definitely not a case of the older white yellowing, it was an off-white. BA moved to a brilliant white in 2013. They introduced the crest alongside the fuselage British Airways titles at the same time. The crest was also applied to a few of the fleet which at the time still bore the older, creamier, paint. It was referenced in this thread on Airliners.net.
  4. I'll follow along as I have fond memories of flying on BA's B767s to and from Montreal. The front ends of the RR engine pylons look better with reshaping a little to a flatter profile. Which paint are you planning to use to replicate the creamier (dirty) white they had on these at the time?
  5. ^ Thanks for that info, it would certainly explain their limitations. Buyer beware!
  6. Curious. I called onestopaerosols. They stopped doing Pantone 266 as they couldn't get the colour right. Seems they had the same problem as the other company, it was coming out too red. I also called carpaintwarehouse. They don't list anything but do do them, no guarantee of a match though! I think I might play around with some FedEx purples.
  7. Thanks for your suggestions. I'll call onestopaerosols on Monday, their displayed numbers skip 266 but I expect they could do it. I'll try their RAL9016 too which has been recommended for the A350's wings.
  8. Can anyone recommend a colour match for the purple livery? Or a company that produces accurate spray paint matches? I ordered some Pantone 266 from spraytechnologiesaerosols.co.uk and it's rubbish. The first one they sent me was a light shade of lilac and the replacement is very much redder than it should be. I specified a full gloss finish (they call it a 90% gloss level) and it has barely a sheen to it. I ordered some BSC 381C paints from them too and they are equally wrong in colour and gloss level. Thanks, Roy
  9. I have this (broken) with one of the five I got from Russia. The broken-off piece is in the plastic bag. I think it might be due to being caught on a part of the adjacent sprue in the bag.
  10. Have a look at these too. https://www.banzaisf.ig.pl/dosamolotow?func=productPage&wid=2290&pid=2887&cid=129&prid= I've got (but not yet used) their Etihad and Saratov paints which look good.
  11. buzz

    Appliance White

    Fwiw I went to pick up some Fiat Capri Blue today and noticed that the Appliance White was back (if it ever was discontinued last year).
  12. ^ Does it have the hybrid GE/PW engines as well? Someone on another forum is asking. Mine's delayed to tomorrow now.
  13. I should have one arriving tomorrow and will let you know which engines are in the box.
  14. On Jadlam's site, there's a picture of the box and a model with RR engines. See here.
  15. I do the same as Ray (gentleman parts ). I use 15 minute epoxy. I sometimes have to fill a little on the outside and I use Bondo Glazing & Spot putty.
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