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  1. This thread might be of some help.
  2. I imagine it's BAC7070 (it's not an FS #). Available as Xtracolor X164.
  3. Re the landing gear, I built my only one (so far) back in 2003 when the kit came out. I have a few in the stash though. I did a build review on Airlinercafe (shameless plug to still the most viewed review!) and a couple of magazines which included some tips on installing the gear. Note that I built it out of the box and didn't correct the belly gear doors at the time, or the other errors in the kit such as the windshield and landing lights shapes, I think I was unaware of these at the time. That model has recently been stripped and will become a BA one for my BA colle
  4. Stk is indeed short for Stück (piece). The 9.90 is the price, chf9.90. The 22.0089 is probably a stock/item number.
  5. Hi Dennis, The Landor grey is not metallic . Neither is the Negus white (or was that a mistaken reference, and you meant Landor?). I'd say that the Volkswagen White Silver is way too light in tone for Landor.
  6. Alex, what colour did you paint the landing gear? In the build photos, they look metallic. Boeing gear is generally light grey, isn't it?
  7. ^ Thanks, Dave. Masking individual colours make sense, I'll give it a go.
  8. Lovely job as usual. Dave, do you clearcoat after decalling? And do you spray everything straight from the can or decant and airbrush? I use Appliance White from the can but am sure I'll get some hefty paint ridges if I then spray-can other colours on top. Roy
  9. ^ That's a shame, I'd rather have got a couple from you than ebay.
  10. Ray, are you not going to be reboxing some of these now?
  11. Pictures 3, 4 and 5 show the small flap track fairings present only on the A321. Hopefully just a mistake in the rendering.
  12. ^ Remember that Ray is going to be reboxing it with screen-printed decals (not laser like in the EE boxing). And sure to be cheaper than pretty much everyone else.
  13. A commonly-offered etymology is "cheat +‎ line, because the first cheatlines aimed to 'cheat the eye', making aircraft appear more streamlined."
  14. The cheatline in this scheme was black. See This site. The next scheme (Speedjack) was blue.
  15. Fyi, Mel told me today that these will be the next Minicraft kits he'll have available. The B707s will include all engine options. He didn't mention prices or if they'll include decals or be base kits. Roy
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