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  1. ^ That's a shame, I'd rather have got a couple from you than ebay.
  2. Ray, are you not going to be reboxing some of these now?
  3. Pictures 3, 4 and 5 show the small flap track fairings present only on the A321. Hopefully just a mistake in the rendering.
  4. ^ Remember that Ray is going to be reboxing it with screen-printed decals (not laser like in the EE boxing). And sure to be cheaper than pretty much everyone else.
  5. A commonly-offered etymology is "cheat +‎ line, because the first cheatlines aimed to 'cheat the eye', making aircraft appear more streamlined."
  6. The cheatline in this scheme was black. See This site. The next scheme (Speedjack) was blue.
  7. Fyi, Mel told me today that these will be the next Minicraft kits he'll have available. The B707s will include all engine options. He didn't mention prices or if they'll include decals or be base kits. Roy
  8. On Airlinercafe, Laurent (F-RSIN) suggested using his decal but didn't say that it was available separately from his kit and I said I didn't really want to but another kit just for the decal. When I later posted that Ray was going to be doing the decal and would therefore be sorted, Laurent seemed to take offence, saying I was "clearly not interested". Or maybe it was lost in translation.
  9. Eugenio, Thanks for the offer. I think matching a blue decal to the blue paint would be difficult, it's something I avoid. I'll wait for Ray's new decals. Roy
  10. Perfect! Thanks, Ray. Cheers, Roy
  11. I picked up an AA Trident Three at Telford and plan to adapt a set of Ray's Trident One/Two BEA Speedjack decals. Could anyone print me a couple sets set of Trident Three titles for the tail? Beer tokens can be sent via PayPal in exchange. Thanks, Roy
  12. I have no idea what a "customs number" is but, here in the normally fresh mountain air of Switzerland, all I can smell is BS!
  13. If I were you, I'd be filing the claim with PayPal by the deadline. In my experience, the Royal Mail's tracking of items from abroad is inconsistent. I sometimes have packages delivered with still no tracking updates. Even if you have a US tracking number before the deadline, there's no guarantee it's your package, or that he's sent what you ordered.
  14. ^ About £40 including postage from Russia, but I have a feeling that Ray will be re-boxing these at a much lower price.
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