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  1. buzz

    BA retro colours

    BEA A319 sneak peaks. https://twitter.com/DaveWallsworth/status/1102283046164795392/photo/1 https://twitter.com/ProfBrianCox/status/1102293130362212352/photo/1
  2. To close out my experience... I received the missing 2 (of 4) sheets today. Strangely this time, the package was not trackable from the time it left Brazil until after it was delivered today. I'll only be able to check them in 2 weeks time when I'm next back home (my wife says they seem to be okay, though). So almost three months from ordering to getting them all delivered.
  3. I don't know exactly how the Canada Post tracks incoming registered mail (I lived in Montreal for 5 years but never received registered mail from overseas). A quick look on the CP site indicates that you should be able to track it once it hits the Canadian postal system. For me, the correios (Brazilian postal system) site did track it up to and including the UK customs, however. My numbers had/have the same (standard registered) format as yours.
  4. Supposedly yes. I received two, chased a couple of times re the missing two, and now they are allegedly on their way. The first time, I was able to track the package until it left Brazil, then when it arrived at UK customs. No further tracking updates then until it was actually delivered.
  5. ^ Likewise, after I asked for a tracking number or a refund, I now have a tracking number for my missing decals. Edit: posted in Sao Paulo the same time as yours.
  6. Well, it looks like the nonsense has started. My package was delivered today, two hours after I'd left to return to Switzerland. I just spoke with my wife back home and only two of the four sheets I ordered were sent (the two I wanted most were missing). I've emailed "Rafal" to see what the excuse is and what he proposes to do. Could be another PayPal claim shortly!
  7. ^ Not yet. The package with the tracking number I was given has been in UK customs for a week.
  8. buzz

    BA a319

    I think there were supposed to be nine Doves originally but I can find photos of only seven (including two ex-BMI aircraft). I know that G-EUOH was repainted into regular colours early 2015, and sported a Comic Relief red nose for a while. I'm not sure if any others have been repainted. The ones we see now in GVA are increasingly a bit of a mish-mash with regard to replacement panel colours, mainly blue partial or full engine covers. Some do look rather tatty.
  9. buzz

    BA a319

    Hello Dave, I've got that BSModelle sheet but had forgotten that it had the white flecks on it (I'm not near the sheet at the moment). Do you think that the gold is a bit bright? Anyway, I'm going to be doing two (eventually), using the Gio and BSModelle sheets. I was also lucky enough to finally get the (Gio) Firefly decal too. Ebay seller Kosciuv (Guilherme) has these occasionally (and the Dove decal).
  10. buzz

    BA a319

    It’s a very light grey. I see these almost every day still at GVA (although more and more, they are acquiring blue engine covers). There’s a video on youtube of G-EUOH being painted and you can see white flecks in the gold feather design. There are also lots of close-up photos which show the white flecks. Look at the first photo in this article. I have a couple of different decals (Gio and a Slovenian version that is more detailed but less accurate colour-wise). I’ll be using a slightly lightened Airbus grey.
  11. ^ I had a similar message from Rafal (no mention of Alex). There was no subsequent update or email. I chased again and got the tracking number which appears to be a package of something going to someone in the UK. My reference to "something" and "someone" will be familiar to those who suffered losses in the original Gio days (prior to the infamous Alex) when people were given other people's tracking numbers and packages often had ordered items missing.
  12. Likewise, for a second there, I thought it was a photo. Beautiful! Have you done any airliners?
  13. Re my order, the Brazil post tracking (3 updates now) says a package has been forwarded to Great Britain. Hope it's actually for me!
  14. Based on a Canadian friend's success, I too ordered some items before Christmas. I've had to chase a bit but now have a tracking number and this is recognised by Brazilian tracking sites as having been posted 12 January. I'll let you know when I do in fact receive them. I paid by PayPal for protection.
  15. As a guide maybe, Ray has been selling the original kit and -200s for £28 including decals. As some of these decals are £9 on their own, that's a bargain.
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