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  1. Slow but steady progress since my last update. The main bits that needed carbon fibring have been done and all of the main decals are done. I've also touched up all of the decals that cracked when being placed on the body panels and they and the carbon fibre above are ready for clear but the weather has no been cooperating with yesterday being the sunniest day all week but the humidity was high so I opted not to get the clear on. In the mean time the chassis has been progressing along with today seeing the rear swing arm being attached along with the rear wheel. It's starting to look like an actual bike now rather than a collection of parts. Thanks for looking and more soon.
  2. Another small update on the RC213V. I'm getting closer to having a number of sub assemblies ready to go into the finished kit. The bit I'm happiest with is the chain becuase it is together and in one piece. I am aware that the stand off for the chain isn't centred but I'll double check it when it comes to assembly so that the screw goes thorough the rear swing arm. The engine needs a panel line wash but is close to ready to go into the frame and its final home on this model. Pictures below: Thanks for looking and more soon.
  3. Rightyo must be time for another update. A week to the day since I got annoyed at the decals I went back to it yesterday and got a majority of the remainder on the model. Still not a fan of tamiya's own decals and prefer the cartograph versions but it is what it is and with a little touch up paint it shouldn't be noticeable under the clear anyways. I also know the orange isn't as smooth as it could be but that was inproper application of the zero paints on my part and I came to realise with the red that slightly thicker coats make a massive difference to their ability to eat plastic possible because with a thicker coat you end up with less thinners and more paint particles reaching the model. This is another thing I hope reduces when the clearcoat goes onto the panels hopefully over the weekend when the weather is finally clear and sunny instead of dreary and grey which it has been all week. Thanks for looking and more updates soon.
  4. A small update this time without pictures. I got the last of the pins in the first side of the chain and thought I'd "relax" by starting on the decals. These are some of tamiyas finest and by that I mean they are made by themselves instead of cartograf jobbies and they're just not fun. They're super delicate and like to explode into pieces if you push them too hard. The decals on the 787B which has been a stop and start build had decals that went on more easily and that was with an example that was produced in 1992 for my example.
  5. Thanks Paul. I do have one of those pencils that I think came from ump and while it does the job I prefer the eyebrow tweezer for some things and my bent nose tamiya ones for other jobs.
  6. Hi Slippers, Firstly thanks for the compliments. I did end up using the tamiya demarcation stickers that I cut out and they didn't end up being as onerous as I first assumed. The amount of additional masking needed to cover the remainder of the body panels meant they weren't as useful as they could have been. I'll keep that in mind with the decals but I have put a coat of clear on already in preparation for the decals. I don't normally bother even when using zero paints but the non glossy surface of the paint makes it hard to move decals around during placement and I wanted that security. I've also read online that the decals in this kit are a little fragile so anything I can do to prevent that is worth while.
  7. I used to love rally but the Seb years made it kinda boring so I stopped watching all together. I've started watching it again recently though and the current cars are impressive to say the least.
  8. Thanks for the likes guys and it's time for another update. They probably won't be quite as frequent after today cause its back to work for me but now that I have reached this point I can plug away in the evenings pretty easily. After yesterdays white was laid down I got the first I got the masking for the fluro orange done last night while waiting for the glue to set up on the roller pins. Today I managed to get the orange sprayed and also got ambushed by a less than friendly red bellied black snake that came up behind me while I was spraying outside. With the orange in the brush I also got the wheels done but to my eyes they aren't really straight orange so I mixed a little fluro red into the mix and think I got it right. Once the orange was dry I masked up for the red and got that onto the model followed by a light coat of clear to help with the decal placement. One thing I did learn today (apart from I really don't like snakes appearing behind me) is that my process with zero paints needs to change a little. I've always built up super light coats in the hope of avoiding it eating into the plastic underneath. I tried slightly heavier coats with both the metallic silver and the fluro red and they worked better than my previous attempts no crazing to be seen so I'll keep that in mind for my future builds. Thanks for looking in and more in the future.
  9. Thanks for that @gamblor916 I'll give it a go. Below is where I made it to last night gluing the pins into the chain. My secret tweezer weapon is a pair of eyebrow tweezers donated by my partner because they have nice flat blades and seem to not ping things across the universe as quickly. Today I decided to make the most of the good weather and start getting the painting done. I'm using the zero paints colour matched set for this and the first step was getting all of the body panels painted white to act as a base coat for the fluro colours that are to follow. It's not my first time using these paints but I still managed to get a couple of small spots of crazing where I didn't wait quite long enough between coats. They're pretty small though and shouldn't affect the final finish so I'll leave them for now. The other parts I managed to get done was the frame and rear swing arm. It's the first time I've used zero's metallic colours and I must say I'm impressed. They went down super smooth and I have piles left so it'll get deployed on other kits in the future. Thanks for looking in and have a good Sunday. PS. Part of the reason I'm keen to get the painting sorted is I go back to teaching on Tuesday and unlike last term where I was teaching from home for the full term we are going back to the classroom and I'll have less time in the afternoons to get this sort of stuff done.
  10. That looks excellent all stuck together tbh. This might be a silly question but did you glue all of the pins into one side before the other? I started to glue the pins in this afternoon trying to make sure they're all sitting straight so that I can get the other side on easier when that happens. I was using loctite superglue but switched to gorilla gel superglue because it comes in a bigger bottle but for this I'm using mig ultra glue which is a pva based glue that has been showing good results so far.
  11. I'd like to do that bike at some point but in the doohan colours because it feels right. The chain is part of the hobby design kit that I bought but as you can see from the image below its an intimidating prospect and something I tried on the last bike I built but it ended with twisted etch and piles of superglue but I think I have a method figured out this time and the new glue should help I think.
  12. Another update and while small its still a step in the right direction. Yesterday was all about the assembly of the clutch which took a little time but came out ok in the end as can be seen below: You might notice the odd bottle of glue in the background which is what I've mostly transferred to instead of superglue which even though I was using a gel type I wasn't happy with how brittle it was. The mig ultra glue is some kind of pva derivitave glue which allows for movement while gluing and seems to stick stuff decently well without the brittleness. Today has been adding more etch and building sub assemblies like the rear sprocket and the disks that will end up forming the front disks. Hobby design instructions are always a little vague so it's best to have the kit parts to hand so that you can reference their construction. I'm ignoring the chain for the minute cause it's Friday night here in Australia and I need to have my whits about me to pull it off successfully. I also removed the molded trim off the body panels in prep for the colour to go down which I would have started today but being Spring here we got storms and high humidity which are not ideal airbrushing conditions. Till next time and thanks for looking in
  13. I'm a long time reader of the forums but I've never before done a build log of anything I've done. I normally stick to cars of the motorsport variety but decided to expand my horizons slightly and build a bike. It'll be the second bike I've built with the previous one being a Ducati Panigale that I built as a gift for my father. I tend to end up with multiple kits on the go at the same time so I'm hoping that posting here keeps me a little more on track from start to finish. The following has been assembled for the build: The paints and detail kit didn't arrive till today so in the mean time I cracked on with some of the other bits. Body panels assembled and the fit checked. Panels primed and items needing to be metalic sprayed semi gloss black. Painting of the engine started. While I do have an airbrush I need to use it outside which isn't going to work this weeks weather so I ended up brush painting the different bits. The rest of the evening was spent carbon fibring and decalling the front mudguard. Theres a couple of wrinkles in the piece thats on top which aren't as noticable in real life and should be able to be worked out when it comes time for a coat of clear. I also ended up using 1/24 scale carbon decals because my research indicates that the carbon pattern is not the most prominent on the real thing and it's what I have on hand given my usual hobby store is entirely out of scale motorsports carbon sheets atm. I lucked out on the paint set as well given Zero Paints are hard to get in Australia and I got the last set in stock. Thanks for reading and more soon.
  14. Imgur might be worth looking into. It’s uploading system can be a little odd but I’ve used it on other forums pretty frequently without issue.
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