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  1. Vallejo model air. Thinned 40% with their thinner. Airbushed at about 15 psi.
  2. Thanks. No. 835 Naval Air Squadron, Fleet Air Arm, HMS Nairana, July 1944
  3. It's the Revell kit. I hope to finish it this week... but when have I said that before
  4. This replaced my trusty Paasche D500, which I'd upgraded, but owned about 10 years. Anyway, VERY nice: Quiet, with an integral tank and auto shut off Two quick release hoses, with fittings supplied for Paasche, Badger and Aztec It came pre-assembled, which meant about 2 minutes to set it up. At just under $400 it's not cheap, but I am impressed and would recommend it.
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