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  1. Hi,


    I am literally getting in the car for Telford. I will take the Hurricane if available and if it the new boxing SD-X I think 


    Here is my mobile if you can text me 075 287 96566


    Kind Regards


  2. Troy I am loo,I got for 1/48 40mm cannons to convert a Inc into a Iid. Can you help?


  3. hi grab the   1/48 AIRFIX SPITFIRE MK22/24 and 1/32 Nieuport 17 

    1. Sean_M


      PS. 1/48 Tamiya FW190 A-8

  4. Greeting, Welcome. I have a keen interest SAAF stuff as I originally come from Durban. I develop camouflage mask. We did the Mirage IIIC last year and I hope to do the IIIE, F1 and Sabre in 2019. Keep and eye out on Facebook for us. https://www.facebook.com/groups/408378296026378/ If there is anything I can help with, let me know Regards Sean
  5. Has anyone got a good quality sample of the "Broken letters and numbers" used for spitfires. I am trying to do a mask in 1/24 of JH-C and need to make "BM597" Thanks
  6. It takes a lot to design accurate masks and costs a bunch to get artwork done. I know a bunch of people who get home cutters and I am happy to help. Please respect copyright. There is no such thing as for "home use"
  7. hi ca I grab all the set just start a jet frenzy

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    2. Sean_M


      I will sort out in the morning thanks

    3. Sean_M


      Tony, Apologies for a delay reply. A family emergency has come up and my wallet is £100 lighter so I will have to pass on the ordinance. I am sorry for any inconvenience





    4. tc2324


      NP, thanks for letting me know.





  8. Starseeker I sent you a PM. As for help well if I learned on thing it is there as many different approaches as there are subjects seek out what works for you, My biggest mistake was not finishing a model. Something magically happens when you stand back from a complete model. Up to that point you have been focused on a particular stage or section. This is where we often get lost and start a new kit, never finishing anything because something doesn't look right. Take what you have learned and move to the next kit. One of the well known modellers and "Gurus" wrote this. I was only when I stepped back and looked at the model in it completed state that I appreciated that the fading or weathering or whatever that had not looked right at the time now blended in all perfectly and in fact so much so that the project turned out better than expected. That same model then took some praise later on at a model show. It was a project I almost put away for "another day"
  9. Thanks Troy. I am still trying to work out the reason for the huge variation. If you look at Techmods Decal paint scheme it is a nightmare. Surely these came off a production line like all other aircraft?
  10. I suspect that matts or templates ere not used. I can't see the pattern and I am only looking at the MKIII. Selfish ba***ds some of us are trying to make a living 80's later
  11. I am trying to understand why there were so many variations in the camo patterns. Richard Franks at pg 68 and 69 of his book says there was a standard and late. Unfortunately the late picture is to fuzzzy to make any distinctions. Can anyone shed some light on this?
  12. Tim I am glad that the masks came out so well. I worried that we were in the realms of "being too small for the cutter". So email me finished pics. Guys please join the Facebook Group. Their is always something happening. Sadly I don't get to Britmodeller as much as I would like. Regards Sean Topnotch Masks and Models
  13. I have only just found Tim’s build. Unfortunately a spell in bed and a week abroad led to an unusually long delay in getting the masks to him. I look forward to the end result
  14. Sean_M

    Grex Airbrush

    Thanks Happy to help you have any questions on the Grex PM me
  15. Sean_M

    Oramask 810

    I have a state of the art Silver Bullet with all the bits as good as new. I have just invested in a Graphtec CE6000 to handle commercial quantities
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