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  1. I will say more - there was no money (and no) even for destruction))))
  2. No, everything is ok. There are problems of a slightly different nature)). I searched for it at the time but could not find it. But the guys found it. In principle, if you ask a question there, directly, I think you can get some kind of result. Although I have already said about the coloring))) Don't be grateful! )) The only thing that can be seen in the photo is the color matching. Very good color rendering. Regarding the destruction: Yes, it is a pity that it was the participants in the events that were destroyed. And somewhere the present monuments were simply painted "highly like
  3. Uncle Serge, there is no one there to answer this question.There are no participants in the events already .. We cannot even restore reliably the color of 64 boards!
  4. Yes this is true .. ((( They were cut after 2 days.
  5. No, friends! I have repeatedly asked this question on various sites, and even personally to representatives of ARK-models ... Personally, they answered: no, but on the sites they simply ignored my requests, and even deleted my requests, because there were many who wanted to have La-9/11 in 1/72, and in the discussion threads swearing began on this topic .. Why? I do not understand.. On a 48 scale, their models had sufficient demand in at least Russia, the USA, China, and possibly Korea.
  6. I will watch! I can't name the reason, but it's very interesting to follow your work!
  7. Thank ! Thanks to you, I finally understood the design of the Canberra cab))) Everything is very clear!
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