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  1. The October 2017 issue of IPMS Canada's emailed newsletter, beaveRTales (as opposed to their printed magazine, RT) had an article on ortho vs pan film which you might find interesting: https://www.ipmscanada.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/beaveRTales_10_2017.pdf
  2. No... the reprint is the same, with a couple of typos corrected.
  3. As editor and publisher I don't feel it would be appropriate to blow my own horn. Instead, here's a link to a short IPMS USA review. One thing to note... since this review the book has been reprinted, and the price has been reduced to $14.95 (plus shipping). https://web.ipmsusa3.org/content/colors-falcons-soviet-aircraft-camouflage-and-markings-world-war-ii
  4. On page 48 of our book, "Colors of the Falcons", it states: “Metal propeller blades were originally finished on the rear face only, using gloss black oil enamel AE-11 or nitro enamel DM paint. The overall matt finishing of the blades was introduced only in 1941, using the paints A-26m or AMT‑6. In either case painting was preceded by applying an ALG-1 or ALG-5 primer. On those blades where AMT-6 was used, a reddish-brown primer, 138A, was also applied. It was only after the war that propeller tips were painted medium yellow, for a distance of 15-20 cm.” This may be where the "rust co
  5. If you're looking for 1/72 scale, our B-25B, C &D sheet has some colourful subjects. While not OD/NG, the OD and white aircraft is a looker! Bob
  6. Here's a link to a good Indian Air Force site. This takes you to the Spitfire page, but from there you can browse and explore the history and various other aircraft pages: http://www.bharat-rakshak.com/IAF/aircraft/past/919-spitfire.html#Mk XIV
  7. Maybe this will help a bit – from an old issue of IPMS Canada's magazine, RT.
  8. How 'different' do you want? There are a couple of E-3s on our Early Bf 109Es sheet. Bob
  9. Yup... here are a few others. Unfortunately I don't know the markings for the aircraft other than the nose areas shown, but maybe with some research... Bob
  10. Here's a better image of our out-of-print "Camouflaged B-29s" decal sheet. I occasionally get a request that it be reprinted. At one point I was working on doing just that, but then Academy brought out their camouflaged B-29 kit in which they had ripped off every single scheme on our sheet! So... after that there was no point in reprinting. Bob
  11. We now have our two new decal sheets in hand and ready to ship! There’s the reprint of the very popular 1/48 Starfighters in Combat sheet, with an additional scheme included. And there's also the new 1/48 sheet of More ANG Mustangs.
  12. Really!? ... You don't say! Bob
  13. Thanks, guys! In this respect I guess it was kind of like the Northeast Airlines aircraft that operated with the Air Transport Command in both Northeast and USAAF markings. Bob
  14. I’ve stumbled across a couple of interesting C-47s which I can’t find any information on. The first is said to be 45-0884 (unless that’s just a partial serial). But that fuselage legend has me bewildered. I’ve not seen anything like that before. Is this some unit marking or a one-off individual aircraft marking? It almost looks like a civil airline livery. The next aircraft’s markings read “MILITARY AIR ATTACHE: AMERICAN LEGATION, WELLINGTON”. I’m wondering if the aircraft is in standard OD over Neutral Grey, as it would seem, or might it be a special colour as befits its spe
  15. Thanks to all for your input. I understand it a lot better now. Bob
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