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  1. bobmig

    Our next two sheets!

    We are now at the printing stage for our two new decal sheets! It’s been a while between sheets, as we were working on a decal project for IPMS Canada. The first is a reprint of our 1/48 Pre-War Hurricanes sheet. It includes all the schemes from the original printing plus an additional one. A very popular sheet, it quickly sold out, but will now be available again. There is also a 1/72 scale sheet of B-25s which was inspired by the recent Airfix kit. For this sheet noted B-25 enthusiast Christopher Hammerbeck assisted with loads of research and photos. I think we assembled a good assortment of schemes and markings for you. As soon as they're back from the printer we’ll make an announcement and put them up on our website.
  2. bobmig

    Blue and White, or Black and White Stearman ?

    Here are two pics of a recall aircraft that flipped over in a windstorm upon landing at MAS Bunker Hill, Indiana. Note that the struts seem to have retained their yellow finish. I would imagine that most, if not all of the training facilities had such an aircraft which could also be used for conventional training when its 'recall' role wasn't required.
  3. bobmig

    Most memorable film scenes..

    It's no contest...
  4. bobmig

    Airfix Huricane Attempted Build

    I believe this may help, Chris: http://iliad-design.com/decals/72Prehurri.html Bob
  5. bobmig

    Kits World decals, how accurate are they?

    I've thought about this before. Yes... the centre of the French roundel is blue. BUT... the Free French flag had a red Cross of Lorraine on the white! I decided that the only way to see definitive evidence would be to find a photo taken with orthochromatic film. It wasn't easy, but I found one, and the cross is definitely blue (below – compare it to the blue area of the rudder). But... we also see various designs of the cross... thick, thin, plain, with round 'things' on the ends, etc. So I'm wondering if perhaps there were no real specs for this markings, and units just added what seemed appropriate. That might explain the existence of both blue and red crosses. Just speculating. Bob
  6. bobmig

    ANG F-51D modeling projects

    We have sone decals (in 1/48 and 1/72) that you might find useful. Bob
  7. bobmig

    Israeli F-86 Sabre colors?

    Just a shot-in-the-dark here, but surely the customer would decide what colours they want their aircraft painted. This being the case, the scheme could well be neither 'standard' nor Luftwaffe. Barring specs or a colour photo, we may never know! Bob
  8. bobmig

    Israeli F-86 Sabre colors?

    Not all of the Sabres had PRU undersides. The Luftwaffe examples were light grey. So... one more thing to puzzle over! Bob
  9. bobmig

    New decals... Schlacht Es & Beech 18s

    Thanks for the input, Sarge... if these do well I'll keep that in mind.
  10. bobmig

    New decals... Schlacht Es & Beech 18s

    Thanks, Paul... I'll keep that in mind if there's a follow-up sheet. Bob
  11. Just got our two new decal sheets back from the printer… 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf 109E Schlacht aircraft; and 1/48 Beechcraft 18s. With all the attention given to aces’ aircraft, those operating in the close support role often get overlooked. This shows that they can be as interesting and colourful as any. The Beech 18 was a workhorse both during and after the war, filling many roles from simple trainer to VIP transport. For this sheet we’ve chosen some interesting examples which have simple overall finishes, but at the same time, colourful markings. Enjoy!
  12. bobmig

    Help with captured Bf 108 colours

    I have two photos of Bf 108s used by RCAF officers that I’d like some opinions on. PS*T belonged to W/C Stan Turner, and seems to be an overall single colour - actually not that dissimilar from the car in the background. I can only guess… perhaps overall ocean grey? Note that while the fin flash might look to be only a white stripe, Photoshop massaging does show it is, indeed, three colours. Would anyone care to speculate on this aircraft’s colour(s). Next is GRM, the 108 of Group Captain Gordon McGregor. This machine is obviously camouflaged in two (or more) colours, except for the canopy framing which I assume is aluminum. The C1 fuselage roundel looks a bit mis-proportioned, and again, Photoshop shows that the upper wing roundels are a type A. Someone suggested that the aircraft might retain Luftwaffe colours of 70/71 with some grey cammo added. Hmmm… What are your collective thoughts? Bob
  13. bobmig

    Where was Lemon Yellow used in the RAF?

    As I understand it, the BSC 381 spec is itself post war. Perhaps rather than what was it used for in WWII, the question should be WAS there a lemon yellow used at the time. Bob
  14. bobmig

    This Bf 109E-4 has been bugging me!

    Thanks, Dave. I realize that's what the 'official' report says. I just have trouble equating the very light letter 'M' with the very much darker nose, though both are supposed to be yellow!
  15. bobmig

    This Bf 109E-4 has been bugging me!

    I’ve been staring at these photos for several days, and am still in a quandary concerning the colours of this Bf 109E-4B. It is the aircraft of Erhardt Pankratz which was shot down on Oct. 5, 1940 in Sussex. It is shown here displayed for the public in (reportedly) Preston. The left-side view is very nice, while the right-side is a coarsely-screened image, I assume from an old newspaper. It was probably taken with an orthochromatic film (compare the red on the flags in the two photos). Various colour artwork images of the aircraft depict it with yellow nose and rudder. The photos, however, don’t seem to bear this out. Looking at the photo of the left side of the aircraft… If indeed the “M” is yellow, then the Staffel emblem probably is also. But the nose looks much too dark, and also appears ‘mottled’ with camouflage. The rudder is missing in the left-side view. but in the right-side view it looks as though it may, indeed, be yellow. In this photo the ‘M’ reproduces darker, and the nose, in comparison, looks much too light. Do my assumptions make sense, or am I way off base? Bob