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  1. Today
  2. Thanks you! The Dimesions of this model is: Length: 93 cm, Hight: 33cm (Without low hull) This is really big, very big model
  3. Hey Guys, Here's my rendition of the rather nice HobbyBoss Kursk. Nice being used only to describe the detail - construction was horrible! The silos straddling each side of the conning tower were positioned on the basis of a semi-hemispherical notch and that's it. Sounds relatively easy on paper, but in real life it was painful... hence the closed bays! Apart from that the fit of the hull together in two parts was nice and the conning tower was also a nice fit. I found however the instruments such as the ESM, periscope radar etc. were a fiddle as the lack of locating holes problematic in getting the masts to sit straight. So it was a little by eye to be fair, and from this i can only conclude i need an eye test... Painting her in Humbrol 67 'Tank Grey' which in effect was a match for the Mr. Hobby 'Tyre Black' Hobbyboss were calling for. The underside was Sovereign Hobby's Colourcoat's RM08 'Rosso' which in layman's terms is White Ensign's model enamels equivalent to hull red I believe. The conning tower called for it to be all black but contemporary photos of Kursk showed it having the bad-weather deck windows framed in white giving the, what looks like to me, soviet subs a rather creepy look. Also I painted some stems silver and the big dome yellow as per a reference photo I found and lost. So lets call that one artistic licence! Decalling was interesting as the carrier film the decals came on was excessively large and trying to get decals such as the emergency buoy over the dome for it was eating into my decal softener stash something rotten. Weathering however consisted mainly of Tamiya Smoke on the underside, Tamiya German Grey on top lightening patches and loads of streaking with oil paintings. Finishing off with Xtracolour's Enamel Matte Varnish I began work on the base which was literally Tamiya Gold leaf with the recessed areas sprayed black. And so it is I have finished my first ship model and so far I've gotten hold of Bronco's HMS Vanguard and Micro-Mir's Alfa to folllow the build up! As to be honest I did enjoy the build quite a lot I probably could of dusted her off but I didn't quite expect to find so much after just 2 days of finishing... Maybe time to clean the modelling room out! Thanks for looking guys Sam
  4. HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    I have an idea that they make a tool specifically for that task, but given that you're clearly acheiving excellent results with the bench sander you're probably wise to avoid investing in specialist equipment for now. Really enjoying this build, its the kind of modelling that I'd like to be doing myself, if I could sort myself out and make the time.
  5. Vosper 72' 6" MTB

    I seem to remember p*****g somebody off in an Olympic fashion during my build on this hidden companionway. Nice to see what he got his panties all bunched up about Kev, Lovely work (you would appear to be more than ready for this challenge)
  6. Vosper 72' 6" MTB

    Good idea! You're quite right, it brings out the best of an interior space. I did this on my MAS boat build but of course Photocrap turned the lights out on that..... which I hoe to remedy soon. Kev
  7. That is absolutely magnificent. A true work of art and a stunning set of photographs.
  8. Vosper 72' 6" MTB

    Great work so far and I too like the process for makeing the bulkhead templates. Is it worth considering installing a couple of LEDs in the cutaway spaced to make the work more visible? It would also draw the eye into the spaces and show off your work. I recently picked up a string of mini LEDs (3v) from Dealz for €1.50 which I will be experimenting with to simulate rocket motors..
  9. This is simply stunning work.......! Will be keeping an eye on this one Barrie
  10. Light Ship South Goodwin

    Excellent work. The rigging sets it off nicely. Andrew
  11. Light Ship South Goodwin

    Looks OK on here too, to my mind. Steve.
  12. Vosper 72' 6" MTB

    Ah ! The elephant in the room ..... Sorry Paul, I've been longing to do this boat since 2013. I put it off because I felt I needed more experience. Being slightly more experienced I cant wait any longer Don't worry this wont get done in a ' oner ' and MGB658 sits in my line of sight at the bench You know what you're right, much better idea. Thank you Wish more people on here would stick their heads above the parapet Kev
  13. HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    Great stuff !! Looking very Sub like Looking forward to more with you have the whole long weekend for modelling Kev
  14. Light Ship South Goodwin

    Very nice indeed Beefy lots of likes Regards Richard
  15. HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    Nice work. I'm not sure about the sander though - it's not quite as dangerous and cavalier as whopping chunks of timber off with a chisel now is it? so definitely a worthwhile buy then. I have to say that your bits are looking good. Though I think my favorite bit so far is the periscope. I'm sure the rest of the submarine will turn out just as impressive, if not more so.
  16. HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    Saving Hendie's Weekend OK - for the first time in a long time, and the first time ever from 'the factory' I have an actual AE2 update. Hopefully this will be enough to save Hendie's weekend. So far the conning tower is just a squared off block of wood. Streamlining this was the job that I had in mind when I bought the bench sander. Let's see how it works out... Oh - nice.! Much quicker and easier than chisels. The platform that the workpiece rests on is adjustable so that the tilt angle of the sanding can be very closely controlled. In this case of course it's set to 90 degrees because the conning tower sits bolt upright. The front of the tower is done the same way. The whole job took about 5 minutes. Sweet! As Longshanks suggested I could not be without this tool now. I now consider it a necessity. It's also very good for sharpening pencils. See what I mean... The rear of the centre bit on the submarine also needs to be sharpened and streamlined. I've intentionally left this as a separate piece, it needs to be shaped first and then glued into place. Same drill as for the conning tower. Yep - exactly the same deal. And it fits on there beautifully. This is about to get glued in place with PVA. This is the first piece of actual assembly on this project - prior to this nothing has been glued together. And here we are. A nice streamlined conning tower, just sitting there at this point and a nice streamlined 'tail bit' stuck onto the end of the 'middle bit'. As you can see I have also smothered all of those bothersome flood-vent holes that I drilled in the wrong spots in with plastic-wood. I like to tell everyone that this model is made of wood, but I think that by the time I have finished it will mostly be plastic-wood. Hope everyone, including Hendie, has a good weekend. It's a long weekend here in W.A. so perhaps I'll get that conning tower attached. Best Regards, Steve
  17. Vosper 72' 6" MTB

    Great subject matter. Just my opinion, but I think the brass pedestals would be too formal for this subject. I would use wood cribbing such as would be found when the hull was in drydock for repair.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Vosper 72' 6" MTB

    Watching your great work as always Kev. The question That no one has dared to ask is, "Has the Dog Boat sunk without trace?" Best Wishes Paul
  20. 1/350 USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76)

    Wow, that's some build! Lovely quality finish and so much detail! Is it OOB - does it come with the air wing? What are the dimensions of the model?
  21. K-141 Kursk 1/350

    Thank you for your kind words. I'm not too upset about the mistakes, my friend loved it and it looks great in his bookshelf!
  22. 1/350 ccn-65

    For a kit that you say is an "awful model kit", you have done an amazing job, you should be very very pleased with the outcome. The sea base is stunning too......creating realistic looking sea is an art all to itself, and you have nailed it! Barrie
  23. K-141 Kursk 1/350

    That's a really nice build. The addition of the styrene rod to the missile bay really adds to the overall model. Don't beat yourself up over the "white stripe" as I'm fairly certain we've all made this kind of mistake before.......it's all about learning from previous builds so that you are more prepared the next time round. Barrie
  24. Hi all here is the next update.
  25. Thanks, the base is from Coastalkit Bases. thanks Mike
  26. Trumpeter 1/700 Prinz Eugen (1945)

    That's a very nice model....thanks for sharing. How did you achieve the realistic water base? (If you don't mind me asking)
  27. all of the above! Amazing work!
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