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  2. Hewy, I will probably do some oil canning just to get some experience doing it. Not sure if the VIIc's had any pronounced oil canning in real life, but it does look good on a model. The photos I have shows little to no oil canning. I have already added a few impact marks from docking and tying up to other boats. And I will probably also go a little overboard with weathering. It just looks cool.
  3. Today
  4. 1/72 RAF ASR Launch

    Well, I thought I'd better bring you up date with the wee boat. As mentioned earlier, I inadvertently lost the cabin roof. All is not lost, as Mr Airfix is sending a replacement and hopefully I'll be getting that soon. In the meantime... All relevant 'solid' deck rails have now been modified and the gaping holes that were left after cargo net removal are not filled with plasicard and putty. Only after a shot of primer will I know how good the work is. Lower half of 'Driver's cabin' has been added. Using artistic license and because I do it in cockpits, I decided to paint the internals in white with the deck and wheel being painted as wood. Upper half of 'driver's cabin built but not cleaned with the internals again being painted white. With the cabin temporarily fitted, I noticed that its rear window isn't inside the top lip of the cabin, something to sort a little later. Some bits-n-bobs that have been examined and cleaned up. The dingy took an hour to clean up along its join, a pain in the bottom ! Gun turrets cleaned up ok and in this instance, the turret 'guards' are retaining their canvas protection. Turret MG's cleaned up nicely so no need to replace them. Mast also cleaned up nicely but I don't if I should use it . As @robgizlu has built is building MGB40 and built an ASR launch that uses this kit, should I use the main mast as I think it is rather 'flimsy' but not sure how to go about a scratch build one ? Bit early I know, the anchor. Am I to assume that rope should be attached to said anchor, and not chain. What would you say I use? Thanks for looking. Stuart
  5. Looks like your throwing the kitchen sink at this too, loooking forward to seeing this, will you be doing any oil canning, stresssed skin effects?
  6. 1/350 HMS Dreadnought

    Cracking job, love those little freight carriages, nice work with the oils too nick Glynn
  7. Clearfix as water

    Hmm not a bad idea
  8. Hi there, has any one used Humbrol Clearfix to replicate water? I was thinking of doing the initial base layer with PVA, painted various gloss colours and then topped with a layer or few of Clearfix. Thanks Chris

    Nice model well built.
  10. A wooden interlude

    A Solid base to build away from ..... Kev
  11. 1/350 HMS Dreadnought

    Superb ! Nice touch with the railway/wagons Kev
  12. 1/350 HMS Dreadnought

    Cheers Kris. Thought I'd have a go at weathering with oils, going for a sandstone-ish look; And a bit of work on the dock gate; Surrounding dockside is a base of German Grey with various brown oils blended in; Top view with water painted - ready to start adding the details; Cheers Nick
  13. I agree you need to repaint the propellers. After a good sanding an enamel paint would do the job.
  14. What Kev said! Really coming on.
  15. A wooden interlude

    Enjoying the progress!
  16. Your usual high standard being maintained Kev
  17. Vallejo Bronze for my money .... Certainly the material older props were made from Kev
  18. If you just want to paint them - Vallejo liquid gold (old gold probably). You'll need alcohol and a dedictaed brush to use it, but it's wonderful stuff.
  19. We were just being polite in not mentioning it Crisp.... Glad to hear that the wrist is on the mend.
  20. Great, all good now.
  21. 1:147 HMS Surprise

    Thank you, In static modeling, it's pretty-much all about appearances, after all. Plastic is just a medium that, given a good kit, gets you past building the hull & onto the part that stops many potential builders anyway: the rigging. I've made a long road out of even that shortcut here, but Lindberg's old (ex-Pyro/Lifelike, IIRC?) Baltimore clipper revenue cutter has a simpler rig at a slightly larger scale, with all the basic rigging parts of any other square rigger of the early 19th Century (plus running mainstays), to practice model rigging techniques on. This one also demanded more effort from the sail loft, but I only went as far as to cut a suit from pastel lined note paper, tweak the mast rake a bit, add a few after-market deadeyes & some HO crew (not quite right, maybe too small but not horribly so...). The laughable kit sails consisted of 2 vac-formed FURLED square sails & a slab-like injection-molded gaff main sail, fully hoisted. I highly recommend it anyway, should a copy ever cross your path; it's a pretty little thing: Cheers, -Lars
  22. XXI is such a sexy looking sub. 👍
  23. What an epic project! It looks great so far. Thanks for sharing this. Cheers, Tom
  24. Yesterday
  25. 1:147 HMS Surprise

    I’ve always been a bit down on/sceptical of injection molded plastic tall ships. Having seen your work, it seems a hasty revision of that opinion is in order!
  26. A wooden interlude

    That’s looking Great!👍
  27. Thanks to the internet I located a 400 page book written entirely about my subject U-380! And including lots of never before published photos What are the odds of finding such a wealth of information about a randomly picked subject. Fortunately I paid attention to my German classes in school. Will be needing them :-) https://www.amazon.de/ZEITGESCHICHTE-Kleeblattboot-Feindfahrt-Mittelmeer-Zeitgeschichte/dp/3803500206
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