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  1. I’m currently reading thunder & lightning (about RAF on Op Grandy) and there has been mention of nothing required to the outside scheme for in theatre ops for the nimrod. So safe(?) to say the were in the Uk scheme of the period. Steve.
  2. Does this help https://www.armedconflicts.com/BAe-Harrier-GR-5A-t103212 I’ve got the aeroguide at home so will have a look. Drop a line to nick (NG899), he’ll know.
  3. Today I threw the black on which was actually quite time consuming. Again using whitetak and creating the weavy demarcation line which research showed varied quite a bit on how deep for each cab, especially noticeable from the sponsons rearwards. I also touched up some spray errors on the green/grey that slipped through the masking, but all now fixed. I’ll let this dry for a couple of days in the airing cupboard as I learn the new paint. Then it’s the black panels behind the exhausts. The mesh that will go over the drive shaft has been primed and sprayed. 3AD46EAC-1AFF-48DF-9405-9D0297430
  4. Luckily I’m a better painter than a builder. This bit I enjoy as it comes to life (as such)
  5. So today after my logistical issue on the paint front, I went to Frome Model Center and purchased some Tamiya XF paints (DSG & DG(RAF)). It’s the first time I’ve used these as historically I’m an Xtracrylix user. I’m converted though as it sprayed well and I’m happy. I’m think the grey may be a tad light but a clear coat may darken this. Obviously the black to go on yet and it’s drying inside at the mo as it’s cold in the garage. I used white tak and it’s got a fine feathered edge on the demarcation lines. Further updates to follow. 83F4C03E-5D61-4BB6-AE8C-5DA2E687882E 03EB99C1-8
  6. That’s looks absolutely brilliant especially in that scale. A rarely seen subject considering the aircraft has been around for a bit.
  7. As some will know I’m doing a 1/32 Puma and I’m at the painting stage. I’ve sprayed the DSG but it’s really quite dark so perhaps is old. The RAF Dark Green I had is done and I thought I had half a pot left over. I’m aware of the conversion charts out there, but with experience what would you actually use as an alternative to DSG & RAF Dark Green?? CEO is running me to the local model shop tomorrow to replenish the stocks.
  8. Hi folks, well I’ve sacrificed myself from the weather and primed the Puma with my go to Halfords finest. As expected a few areas of attention as it still fights back, although it’s all my own doing. The main areas are around the cockpit where you can see massive gaps (just waiting on filler drying), then I’ll throw another coat on. Before I go book diving would anyone recommend the colours please (green/grey/black) to compare to what I’ve got in my paint stash. A1FF2F3C-C225-493A-BADB-C42493C529E1 8361BFD2-EA92-444C-9DA2-BB7554EE3D91
  9. So it’s now fully masked up with tape and compressed sponge. The front upper cockpit window has been redone. I’ll add the risers over the top window and I think we’re good for primer. 543D57ED-C151-408F-A9B7-CE973587EE2C
  10. Thank you viper, you’ve just stopped me making a big mistake.
  11. After 2 evenings of masking this where I am, still plenty to do. The uppermost window didn’t have the frames moulded in. Does anyone know when the wire deflectors were fitted. 81A30619-752D-47D9-AA31-BD6C4D721418 jabba - you can see the mesh, just!.
  12. No worries mate please feel free to pipe up if you see something wrong and anyone else for that matter.
  13. Hi mate, they’re triangular(ish). The leading edge does have a progressive curve to it. I used the grubbyfingers site as a reference http://www.grubbyfingersshop.com/walkaround_galleries/Aerospatiale SA330 Puma Walkaround XW222 RAF UAS 2017/content/Aerospatiale SA330 Puma XW222 RAF UAS 2017 013 GraemeMolineux_large.html thoughts?. I’ll try and get an overhead shot of the model.
  14. So here is the latest update with it being a year ago tomorrow I started it. I’ve sanded down the filler on both sides of the doors. The antennas at the front aerial fit have been glued and added (they were broken on the sprue). The hydraulic lines around the stabiliser have been added and the 2 port side mounts for the aerial wire. I’ve re-added the cowling handle which broke off months ago and I think I’m at the point now to start masking and priming. I’m fully anticipating some rectification work but the bulk of the build is done. There is more on the horizon though as the image that in my
  15. Hi all, I had time off at Easter and managed to do zero modelling. Now back at work my attitude is now do a little of what you like each day. I’ve made progress in that the door cavity’s have been filled after sanding, they just need refinishing. The landing light housing underneath is now fitted. I brushed out the sanding dust from inside the canopy and added a dome to the back of the landing light or else you’d see straight into the cockpit. I’ve added the antennas to the nose and made the supports out of plasticard. I’ll added the actual antennas later as already one is snapped on the sprue
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