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  1. That looks great. Now you need the 1/32 kit when it’s available.
  2. How about a Revell (old Hasegawa) 1/48 Phantom. A decent size lump when done. Camo on the top, light aircraft grey underneath and some weathering opportunity there. Silver work at the rear end everything you need, not too costly either.
  3. But that’s for the kit 04284 (Red Arrow), are they the same part number breakdown?.
  4. Hi folks I have the Red Arrows boxing of the Hawk kit which is missing the whole glasing spruce. I’ve heard that you must quote the latest product code (The black hawk). Could somebody please provide me with the part numbers for the whole clear sprue from the black kit, so I can try the Revell spares request. Steve.
  5. Just caught this one and it looks spot on.
  6. Back on this today as I’ve done loads of gardening projects and maintenance. I was looking at the filler cap and the moulded one looks nothing like the recessed one on the real aircraft. The kit is a compromise as the wall thickness simply can’t offer the recess. I think this is a prominent feature so chose to drill out the moulded feature. I cut the end of a pipette and cut it at an angle to give me the recess. A disk was added for the fuel filler cap. This has meant that an angled tube is discreetly visible on the inside but it’s not obvious. I’ve glued the sponsons which are plagued with sink holes, so I’ve rubbed the whole lot down and filled with my go to filler of Plasto. The trailing edge will need thinned as the kit is very slab like. The tail boom has been assembled and is drying. The flare fit in the crew escape hatch has been glued in. Does anybody know when (year) the tapered fairing above the stabiliser was fitted?. Thanks for looking in. Told you I’m a slow builder 749E29B1-F669-4CEB-BB60-9CFC7A1E1204 by Stephen Priestley-Dean, on Flickr 421CCFD7-E3C6-4509-ABE2-5D8529A02285 by Stephen Priestley-Dean, on Flickr 298F053B-E318-4374-ADF6-98CE13DEA6DB by Stephen Priestley-Dean, on Flickr 338E1ECF-1C43-4F5E-B2A0-92CC45961349 by Stephen Priestley-Dean, on Flickr
  7. That’s a great idea and it looks good . In my opinion I’d loose the cotton wool at the end of your rods as it detracts from the main idea.
  8. Just bought the book day of the Jackal, Evergreen Tornado picture on eBay & The encyclopaedia of the modern RAF.
  9. Well in what seems ages with a break from modelling and general work/life getting in the way I picked this up again yesterday. The papier-mâché ceiling was trimmed and glued in on one side, the the other side measured and cut. Finally the fuselage sides glued together and then the papier-mâché was made wet and moulded around giving a couple of droops and I’ll fitting. Not too sure on the colour bur I suspect it wouldn’t be as weathered as the side panels. The load pole is painted and with the yellow/black stripes added but not yet fitted. I have the ceiling panelling to make yet underneath the head and I’ve opted to fit the flares instead of the rear escape hatch (yet to be added). The upper door rails were added to both sides but 3 of the 5 locating lugs were out of sync with the moulded holes. Poor photo’s below 4B54181F-B5D5-4819-83CD-2BC798B76D56 by Stephen Priestley-Dean, on Flickr F6C5F2A2-6617-4AC4-AEFE-6165014D517D by Stephen Priestley-Dean, on Flickr B81BCB85-8BBA-4D35-84BF-DC8D426B270E by Stephen Priestley-Dean, on Flickr CBF02D45-9DDE-4285-BF91-94E788F6FD50 by Stephen Priestley-Dean, on Flickr
  10. Great model AP, is this pre-self harming. I never knew the Kinetic kit was an Academy tool.
  11. Stick with it and keep the updates coming.
  12. I haven’t got drawings but a ton of information from books and first hand. Let me know what you want or PM me. Steve.
  13. I’ve emailed them to see if they’re planning a 1/32 mask.
  14. That’s a great model you’ve finished there, and as above nice to see it with some crew.
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