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  1. Hiya Jabba, long time no post. Thanks for the comment and I’ve just had a quick look and ta da, just what I was looking for clear as day. I’ve looked through them before for reference but this time I’d completely forgotten about their existence!. I’m putting down to stress of imminent redundancy and old age.
  2. John is this the KFS version?. I did their EE Thunderbird last year and at Telford the chap said he was working on a Bloodhound.......
  3. I’ve just got the 809 Sqn book just released last week, 512 pages for £10. Also the Duke Hawkins VIGGEN reference book. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/1787631583/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and
  4. Another step forward yesterday. I’ve started to build up the doppler(esk) antenna underneath. This is 3 different sizes of the same thickness plasticard to make a flat surface on the curvature of the model. Gaps filled and when it’s satisfactory I’ll throw on a square of 10 thou plasticard and add the forward/aft centre rib. The 2 clear drops are to be thinned down in height . I’ve noticed the holes on the side section above the canopy just behind the intakes. I drilled holes and with a fine pointy scalpel opened them up. The lower square holes were given a backing of plasticard. Whilst the fi
  5. You are so lucky. It’s a strong desire of ours to settle there having knocked sideways by the rural life, it’s like Britain in the 50s’. Hopefully in a couple of years we’ll take the plunge.....
  6. Cheers Sammy, oh and the photo’s are foggy as I model in the garage and there is no heating.
  7. Today’s progress is the little time consuming details. I’ve reshaped the fairing under the tail boom and added the thin waist band. I’ve then made the strengthening mount for that fairing out of 10thou plasticard and glued it on. I’m not 100% sure on the fairing but only after I glued it on!. The thin tiny aerial forward of that was cut down and thinned. The black swept blade aerial has again been put on a diet and fitted, filling the gaps left yet to be sanded. Next was the fuel dump pipes and their strengthening mounts. As previously made from plasticard and some rectangle tube rounded off a
  8. I’ve just purchased the VIGGEN book for next years arrival. Fantastic reference book just what a modeller needs
  9. Ok further photographic research shows the antennas on the nose seem to be equalled with the bulbous fairing under the tail boom, so perhaps these are part of the same mod. The swept blade antenna is way oversized in the kit having found some for sale on eBay, and they’ve kindly listed the measurements.
  10. Thanks mate and a great suggestion on the biro. Today I’ve cut out the mesh and shortened some round rod/painted and fitted it (currently in the airing cupboard drying). I didn’t cut out the bottom of the panel as I suspect the drive shaft sat above the cylindrical shape of the boom, with the tunnel on top. Again I’ve got an idea to fit the mesh and preserve my painting efforts when it comes to the painting stage. Photo’s to follow......
  11. Ok crazy gang, question for the old Puma force chaps. its coming to the time where I can make mistake on the aerial fit. As you can see I’ve chosen the flare fit instead of the escape hatch and I will be doing the antenna fit on the nose. I’d like to know about the boom aerial fits please. The kit has you fit an angled blade antenna with the silver rod going aft, a small blade antenna after that and finally the bulbous fairing at the rear most. Do you know what time period these swept/rod antenna replaced the unswept big blade antenna? and when did the bulbous fairing g
  12. PiL, yeah that’s to much and you simply won’t see them. I’ll do the hydraulic pipes that go externally of the GRP fairing. I was going to drill out the 2 holes just aft of the oil cooler exhaust but if I do this it will open directly into the cabin. So in this case they’re just going to be black holes. If I put mesh over those holes the mesh will stand proud and it will look weird. I might paint the model then put mesh over and spray black so it gives an optical illusion. Compromises and artistic license........
  13. I’m doing the mesh panel in front of the Intermediate Angle gearbox, but all I can make out from the limited photo’s is that it’s the drive shaft. Is there anything else lurking under the mesh. Equally why is it there - cooling?.
  14. As you can see from the previous post I was working on the undercarriage. I wasn’t happy with this at all when I offered them up, so adjustments had to be made. Using reference photos I see that the scissor link on the MLG was out of sight when the gear is retracted. So I cut down the legs and inserted a new telescopic part that was 4mm longer. I then sawed off the scissor links and made new extended ones, painted/foiled/dirty washed and refitted the wheels for alignment checking and look. All is now well and I’m happy with the sit. if you haven’t guessed it’s going to be a flyer.
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