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  1. Wow, I must have built a squadrons worth in my childhood years.
  2. Alan continue your road to recovery and pace yourself. CBLSs’ now there’s an idea instead of Martels...... Steve.
  3. I saw these at Telford up in the corner by The Kit Crazy chap. £29 I nearly picked on up and they had a couple of 1/48 JPs’ and Piston Provosts.
  4. I’ve also ordered one from Alan and I can’t wait with excitementI’ve replied on LSP, but for the sake of BM I was thinking the Yellow/green/black/white one but then again 137...... Steve.
  5. I’ve just ordered one from Alan. My bench has been empty for 2 weeks and the CEO is buying me this for our 30th Wedding Anniversary. So I’m using the downtime to catch up on jobs around the house and garden. When it arrives unless there is a fire I’m unavailable Steve.
  6. I spoke with the KFS chap at Telford and a Bloodhound is being done now for release in 2020. It will be 25% bigger in this scale. Thanks everybody for your comments. Now back to aircraft....
  7. I haven’t heard that phrase in ages.
  8. Thanks everyone for chipping in, absolutely priceless information. Roll on Telford and the hunt begins. I’m just clearing the decks and I’ll start this in a week, but at my rate it will take me a year probably.
  9. I’ve done a commission one of these as the Boscombe Down aircraft. Glad it’s gone as it’s truly massive!.
  10. Which bits would you recommend?. I’m looking at a 7 Sqn cab in Iraq in 2004. Steve.
  11. I’m looking at getting a few bits at Telford for my 1/35 build. Research show’s that they can be fitted with M134 miniguns, but do they carry one or two?. Also on the ramp they can carry an M60. I see Live Resin do the door mounted M134s’, but where can I get an M60 in 1/35 - any recommendations would be appreciated. Lastly what colour is the overall green and at what time period did that change over?. Steve.
  12. Here is the 1/24th scale English Electric Thunderbird Mk2 by KFS (Kit Form Services). I purchased this at last years SMW Telford show and had this idea to be slightly different in presentation being shown at Farnborough 1966 as an exhibit. This is a first for me as I’m normally an Aircraft or Helicopter builder. The kit itself is resin and 114 bits of etch and I used it all, didn’t skip a bit honest. Even in this scale my eyes were on sticks!. The instructions are ok but there is no colour call out on what bit gets painted in what, but some research helped. The advertising sign is a scaled down actual advert and printed off. The rope fence is matchsticks and metal weights for the base. Anyway the photo’s which are not in the best light, but hey ho: 82251088-5E80-410E-B4C3-C0AD8D15FFC1 by Stephen Priestley-Dean, on Flickr 3F5A06FF-3BBF-4137-A379-89D64769B690 by Stephen Priestley-Dean, on Flickr E39198BF-7CFD-449A-8819-67D245B57590 by Stephen Priestley-Dean, on Flickr BEC69FF1-8359-4C21-ABBB-81F201ACE50C by Stephen Priestley-Dean, on Flickr 7DF794B7-67D5-4486-A441-937B71682081 by Stephen Priestley-Dean, on Flickr 969D9A69-9EEC-4710-9E39-C49D0955DE0B by Stephen Priestley-Dean, on Flickr 47E5ED81-D462-4D71-835C-110924765C3D by Stephen Priestley-Dean, on Flickr 24615CC7-0729-4B09-95A2-CEE93F3B65CA by Stephen Priestley-Dean, on Flickr 29BABC3C-5BD4-422F-B481-7FDEE3F70CCA by Stephen Priestley-Dean, on Flickr Steve.
  13. I’m know nothing about the VC-10 although I’ve flown in a few in the past. I remember ZA141 at Boscombe Down for a period so that’s the attraction for me. For the sake of clarity for me and others less knowledgeable, could you post up photo’s of the differences in the wing, that would be really appreciated. Picture paints a thousand words and all that. Steve.
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