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  1. I’ve put my wife’s details in. See how long she can hold her breath for whilst landing in the sea
  2. My old WO was an ex-operator and a lad from my work went for it and passed. Turned up one day day tooled up and big hair. He was a ginge so probably made him stand out even more. My biggest regret of my service career was not applying for it to see if I’d got what it takes. Hey Ho.
  3. Thanks everyone for the resurrection. Tony I thought so even painted on lamb chops and a gringo
  4. Tremendous and looks every bit a Cosworth. I’m of an age where these were the racer of the day, and if you’ve ever been lucky enough to see and hear them in anger……..
  5. Years ago my CEO was collecting wooden floor panels in her SAAB cabrio. Yep you guessed it she had a moment as put the roof up = straight through it. I made sure I got mileage out of that one.
  6. I used to have both of these kits but my skills aren’t good enough for cars, so I sold them on and brought a big diecast car in the Texaco livery. Think I’ve been lucky as the price has gone up over the years. I had a cossie back in the day and religiously followed touring cars when these were competing. Still got all the dvds and good times of racing.
  7. So your going to buy one then. Your kidding yourself and the inner you has already made your mind up, probably like the rest of us.
  8. Hi folks just scanning the TV guide and noticed this. Smithsonian channel (ch276 Virgin) at 8pm. Never know might be alright, says it’s a first aired today program.
  9. Come on get back on it. It’s because of this build that I was inspired to do my Puma which I recently finished. Couldn’t do a Chinney as that’s blatant copying
  10. I put a strip of cleat stretched sprue just aft of the bomb bay on mine and it’s also not immediately obvious at first glance.
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