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  1. I’m thinking about purchasing a 1/48 Hercules, looking at a 80’s cab. My question is do I look at the old Italeri model with the old engines/prop or the latest RAF C5 moulding with the Attack Squadron engine conversion? Does the kit build well and AM wise is there much or scratch build required, especially if the ramp is down. Steve.
  2. What’s a detail airbrush please.
  3. There is a photo of a F-16 on eBay at the mo that your modelling, found it last night if you choose to search. Sorry don’t know how to link to eBay on the iPad. Steve.
  4. Can you post a photo of the frame. Got an idea but need to see what it looks like.
  5. I’ve just my 200NH with the glass jar. Not thought about a 2nd brush though.
  6. Yep the orange range. Never used them before, sprayed really well straight from the bottle and glossed with Windsor & Newton varnish. What I did find though was the microsol n set had a reaction with the Hataka paints. Bit of a panic moment but quickly cotton budded. Steve.
  7. I was out on the pan colour matching and making notes on the rings so I could scale it down. They really were that weathered on some spots. It would have been easier to paint a completed circle. MW has just has its apron & taxi way resurfaced so they’re all shiny new now. Steve.
  8. I finished this on Saturday having taken me 4 months. It’s a commission build for somebody leaving and it’s been made from the Italeri 1/48 212 kit. I work at MW so have popped into Hangar 3 when I needed to for reference. The colours are the Hataka range and are a very good match. The orange is the old orange as they changed spray painters and the current is very err orange, but this is what the guys wanted. It gets delivered tomorrow so I thought I’d get a couple of shots. The worst part of the kit is the front windscreen absolutely shocking fit. After all the effort I thought this would detract from the finished article, but perseverance paid off. A2CD482B-61DB-4430-AEDB-61196F61B3CE by Stephen Priestley-Dean, on Flickr FFBD5189-DB02-41F9-A7D1-29E6178FE649 by Stephen Priestley-Dean, on Flickr 5FE5B1D6-986F-48EE-A48A-54A7A8066B2C by Stephen Priestley-Dean, on Flickr 1EDEC436-B08D-445E-9EC9-ED52011FEE1F by Stephen Priestley-Dean, on Flickr D2D6369D-79B7-4916-A581-606DD3D0AA03 by Stephen Priestley-Dean, on Flickr Steve.
  9. Hi everybody, I’m doing an early Tornado P12. Looking at the few reference photos I have the upper surface of the wing which is exposed when the slats are forward; is camouflaged. I assume the inner faces of the slats are LAG and the same underneath. Also can anybody shed any light on what the colour would be of the inner exposed wing when the flaps are down. Steve.
  10. Well I never knew they had aggressors at all after Alconbury. Every day is a learning day. Steve.
  11. Very nice indeed, as others have said above. I bet it’s a big old lump. Steve.
  12. speedy

    What are you reading?

    Strike Eagle, flying the F-15E in the Gulf War. 1/3 of the way through - it’s ok at the mo. Steve.
  13. I remember reading that there was an issue with the canopy when it was released. I’m thinking of buying the kit, if there was a problem has it been rectified? Steve.
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