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  1. speedy

    Tornado RWR shape help

    I’ve had a session in my reference books and found the following: “1st of batch 3 Aircraft, An immediately discernible difference is the wider RWR fairing on the fin”. Taken from a picture title of p185 Tornado by Francis K. Mason and “but there is no standard RWR. Each nation having adopted its own solution.” Taken from Aviation Fact File, Modern Fighting Aircrafr -Tornado, p36. I didn’t know this at all and explains the various shapes when you look closely. Time to get cutting. Steve.
  2. speedy

    Tornado RWR shape help

    Hi all, I am building the 1/32 Revell Tornado GR.1 of the Ltd edition re-release from a couple of years ago. The fin is assembled and I’m at the point of adding the front RWR Antenna. Now it looks way too long and is of a weird shape. Having looked at a few photos the moulding seems to be of the ECR version. Before I get the razor saw out can you give me your thoughts. I’m planning on a RAF GR.1 80/90 aircraft. it just doesn’t look right. Steve.
  3. I can’t believe that is 1/72. A brilliant rendition of the Hawk. Steve.
  4. speedy

    Tornado Paragon wing glove - anyone used them?

    I’ve just discovered Teds corner and cutting is required.
  5. Hi gang, I’m doing the 1/32 Tornado and I have the Paragon Flaps & Slats AM set. The wing glove/bag is a million miles away from the kit part and will require some serious cutting to make it fit. The instructions say replaces kit part, but this will be a tall order. Anybody previously done it, as I just want to check before I start cutting....... Steve.
  6. speedy

    RAF decals for 1:32 F-4J

    Is is Yellow hammer and I think somebody on here recently was selling a combination but may split. Have a look in the For Sale section or put a wanted post up. Steve.
  7. speedy

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    My wife’s just bought me the 1/32 Revell Mirage for £35 for our wedding anniversary in Nov. Steve.
  8. speedy

    Airfix Buccaneer FAA

    As mentioned above, great build of a challenging kit. I did an RAF Germany one from the Fighter Pilot series. Right service in proper colours, after all we say nowadays grey jets are boring. Steve.
  9. Wow now that’s shocking, they actually charge money for that?. Silver lining and all that, your stamina has shown through when most including me would have given up ages ago Steve.
  10. speedy

    What are you reading?

    Exocet Falklands. Covering the planned special forces raids that didn’t happen. They’ve just landed at Laarbruch as a practice. Steve.
  11. speedy

    Put up or shut up!!

    Quite like you. If it can’t be fixed with a Hammer, it’s an electrical fault. I too used to be a member of the Salisbury club but moved slightly too far away, so gave up the club scene also not being able to find the time. very good Mustang by the way. Steve.
  12. I’m not into trains at all but I watched the first one for the modelling aspect. I too as above thought it was ok but that team boss got just deserts. Anyway I thought the programme was dented by the unique scratch build element. My wife used to watched a home makeover programme on BBC2 that had that beardy bloke in it that also had a weird challenge during the programme, so perhaps he has bought it with him?. Steve.
  13. speedy

    Spitfire PRXI

    Lovely Keith, I’ve seen the build across the months and it looks spot on, exactly like the reference photo’s he has been using. Steve.
  14. That is great, I mean really great . Steve.
  15. speedy

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    Just bagged the Lock-on Verlinden book for the Mirage V for £9.99. Just waiting for somebody to buy a Revell Mirage now so I can see what’s it like. Steve.