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  1. I went last year and for me this was the best display of the day.
  2. Every time you look at that model for years to come it will remind you of paint brush handles. Steve.
  3. speedy

    Grump Britain replacement

    Why do non disabled & people without children park in the disabled & parent parking slots. If Supermarkets are going to provide them then they should police them. Flippant users should be receive valet parking and a welcome hand shake with Novichok
  4. speedy

    Grump Britain replacement

    Parents who'd have em!. My Mum rang last night to say she'd popped into the Skoda dealer yesterday and is now booked in on Thu to get 2 new tyres. I asked what brand and how much, she hasn't heard of the brand she has selected at £112 for the 2, but the Michelins were £177!. She's been asking me every time I go around to check her tyres which when done so have loads of tread left, but that seed has been sown in my mums worrying brain that the world will stop spinning if she doesn't get these changed. They advised her last Nov that they needed changing. I looked last night and got her branded tyres (Avon or Yoko) for less than her unbranded offerings, even though telling her they've still got life in them. She lives 6 miles away from Amesbury so I'm inclined to tell her that the Russians have infiltrated Amesbury and best not go. My Dad thinks it's hilarious.
  5. speedy

    AugustaWestland Wildcat info please

    Which is where I work.
  6. My wife, she said she'd gone shopping with her mates
  7. speedy

    Appliance a white, Airliner modelling

    I'm a seasoned rattle can user. GAW is brilliant stuff and as above with Steve Noble I put on wet coats and never get orange peel or runs but it has taken practice over the years. As already said it's got to be warn though, I keep my GAW &a primer in the airing cupboard. You can really get some flawless results but be patient you have to let it dry thoroughly, not a problem in these current temps. Steve.
  8. speedy

    Typhoon tranche differences wanted

    Chris, you could you you say that Typhoon tranche is the equivalent to F-16 blocks' Steve.
  9. Hi folks, is there somewhere that lists the tranche differences for the Typhoon if I wanted to modify the 1/32 Revell kit (twinseater) Steve.
  10. speedy

    If not Modelling.. Then What?

    Sharpening my psychotic thoughts and adding to the ever increasing kill list when the civil war starts, if the big wave one day doesn't come. alternatively I seem to have become a gardener, I haven't got the foggiest what things are called but people seem to comment on what a fantastic garden we have, I'm also very lucky it's big enough to loose myself whilst something is drying or pretending I can't hear my wife calling. I think I may be turning into my Dad. Steve.
  11. speedy

    Lynx HMA8 nose art help please

    Hi there, well firstly i must must apologise I simply forgot until last night when it struck me to look for you. Today I had a look at it is not in the Hangar. Sorry again. Steve.
  12. speedy

    another Airfix J.P

    That looks great, can we have some low level shots please. Great dio by the way. Steve.
  13. speedy

    Hercules c.1

    Hey that's a great model in a rare colour scheme. Steve.
  14. speedy

    Lynx HMA8 nose art help please

    I'll have a look in the Hangar tomorrow, I know there is an 8 with a woman on the nose. Steve.
  15. speedy

    Modelling on back burner

    Wow tuff times years ago we wouldn't have talked about it but it's a good thing and a bit of release for you. I watched a programme called 24hrs in A&E and an elderly gentleman went in for an operation and didn't make it. The piece to camera was by one of his sons who said he'd written a letter to his dad saying thanks for the childhood etc, this knocked me for six and I thought it was a brilliant idea. I was inspired to write to my mum & dad (now in their late 70's) and wrote on decent paper with a proper ink pen. I actually got carried away and completed several pages probably saying more than what I would have done so in a conversation. It had my dad in tears and subsequently he wrote back at Christmas about his life and I thought I knew my parents but the letter revealed so much more, I still have it now. Do something similar if you think it's appropriate and if your reading this post don't start that next kit do it, it's very humbling. Steve.