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  1. Welcome to the forum. Loads of help and reference knowledge on here. Steve.
  2. When we removed paint from areas on blades etc, we used M.E.K but we’re all gloved/masked up. In the old days it was Trike but that’s banned now.
  3. speedy

    Where's OzH?

    Yeah he’s alive. Thought you’d gone to the moon or something
  4. Wow I was at Wyton as my first posting after training in 87. Good time and memories which seem only yesterday. Steve.
  5. A new TV to replace our blotchy LCD jobbie. Paid the extra to have it wall mounted and it gets delivered next Tuesday.
  6. Just having a browse and found these coming up: 7th Jan @ 0830 “Farnborough 1966” 9th Jan @ 1055 “Streaked Lightning” - RAF recruitment in 1960 There was also a Treble One A Tribute on the other day which was brilliant. keep an eye out on this channel there are some gems of yesteryear.
  7. From my research doing P.12, I found that the underbelly pylons were different to production examples and the outer pylons were different on RAF jets on production aircraft. May not bother you doing an pre-production example though.
  8. That looks great, you just don’t see many of these about.
  9. I’m not a what if modeller, but that is great!.
  10. I do all my modelling in our unheated garage. Each year for the last 6 years I’ve said I’m going to make it more comfortable. As above I put all my paints in the airing cupboard along with my airbrush. The compressor stays on the garage floor and the water trap traps the water as designed. Perhaps I’ve been lucky as I haven’t had any real problems of note, and I thin my paints with warm water. Bit of a pain though when I go to wash my brush and the water in the cup is frozen!.
  11. It’s an Augusta 129?, post #17 https://www.secretprojects.co.uk/threads/agusta-a129-variants.869/
  12. Agreed. In your scale I’d remove them or trim them down leaving a trace of a line, as they’re way to big.
  13. Mmm not sure on those. I’m pretty sure they’re not wing walkways as they look wrong even in that scale. Could they be a representation of the uncamouflaged area of the slats n spoilers of the period.
  14. I’m sure we’ll all be patient as those that have theirs and started it are way off the decalling stage even if you know what you’d like to do.... For those of us waiting just gives more time to watch your build and be indecisive on the finished look. Although I’m partial to the West Freugh or a Ripple aircraft myself.
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