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  1. Cheers I get the principle but never knew a land base aircraft did that!.
  2. As above with plaster, but for the scale effect use a cube of sponge and dab it. You’ll use all 4 sides as it will clag up, so make sure you have some more available. The painting will make it though
  3. Looks great. Not knowing about the type why would the nose gear be extended?.
  4. Hi folks, I’m looking at doing a motorcycle and it’s completely left field for me. Dangerously searching 1/6 or 1/12 scale it’s coming up with the 2 manufacturers. Thoughts on both makes please for those in the know.
  5. I was doing a start one day on these with an experienced instructor who was flying a solo. There I was standing to one side and indication to start the noise was repeated. Speed starts to build up and there was this almighty flame out the back (some 6/7 feet) and I nearly pulled the fire extinguisher pin, but it went away. Pilot and I looked at each other (he had the door open) and the wide eyes and raised eyebrows look we exchanged was comical. He continued to go flying. When he landed I spoke to him and said you should have seen it from my view. He said the EGT went from 0-650 degrees in an instant. Strange how you remember these things!.
  6. Hiya, yes I used some decals and they were fine. I even used Micro soft/set with gritted teeth but they took it. The only issue I had was with the under wing letters from my spares stash which did crack, but that added to the wear.
  7. Sorry for your loss and keep going. It’s actually a bit of mental medication in a sense.
  8. I know the point of modelling is to make a replica, but blimey that’s good.
  9. Absolutely brilliant. I’ve built one of these some 11/12 years ago and it still sits well. A great kit you’ve made out of it and in any form you just don’t see many of these anymore.
  10. Thanks everyone, this was always on my wish list as it’s the only game in town. Growing up locally to Boscombe I remember this flying about and in the circuit. It was being rebuilt when I worked there so didn’t see it and left before it returned to flying status.
  11. Thanks everyone, I thoroughly enjoyed building it and it’s all part of my BD fleet of BD aircraft. And now onto the next one……
  12. As per my Sea Fury just posted this was finished only a couple of weeks ago. This is the 1/32 scale FGA.9 kit made up to be 601 in the proper colours in my view. This is how I remember it when working at BD and I never felt it wore the ripple paint scheme very well. So it was my intention to build it up as a TWCU aircraft with some nice shiney SNEBs, however soon as I started those voices said otherwise. The kit is as has been mentioned with the usual pit falls but mainly it a very underestimated kit and super value. The cockpit had the extra couple of instruments added and all along I intended to add a pilot (courtesy of PJ) and in this stance. I wanted to imagine that engine is running just prior to leaving the line. The Porton tanks were made using extensive references and I used my 3D printer for the flat noses. First time I’ve used it in anger and they were mated to the kit tanks. Then the very visual weld lines and the filling cap above the nose was added. The spray tube from round tube drilled out. I then added 10 thou plasticard wrapped around the body of the tank. I left a small join line on the sides and used decals to replicate the tightening braces on the sides. They were both then sprayed Gloss appliance white. The fuel tanks sprayed red and a little wear on the noses added by using the dabbing of a sponge method. Aircraft was then painted and some sun bleaching added to some panels of the red spine. The badge on the fin is of A squadron which they added on some of the fleet occasionally. The square non standard item under the cockpit in leu of the gun compartment is a TACAN system added some time ago, but over the years it had various colours added to it. Oh the worn white outline on the fin flash is on purpose!.
  13. Hi all, I finally managed to take photos this morning of a build I finished a couple of months ago, having got a decent base which I received yesterday. The base is 45 x 45cm and is my generic base for Boscombe Down a/c in the 70/80’s. The colour is actually quite sandy and was sprayed with various shades of browns and some dirtying up. Equally of the period there are no follow me white line, just the white spots. I found a photo on the internet of the Swiss hunters parked up from the IAT, so took my join line references from that. I purchased this kit from a very good friend on mine that I’ve known for yonks and has always helped along the way. I built this as a therapy build having dislocated my knee cap whilst gardening. So whilst waiting for a operation this was to stop me going mad whilst mobility was restricted. it’s the Fisher Item and I’ve built his Hunter T7 conversion but this was my first full resin kit. Overall I enjoyed the kit with some fit issues but we got there in the end. Made up as the A&AEE aircraft (pre-crash) using reference photos from the internet and old colleagues from Boscombe Down with additional antenna on the upper wing and period RBF tags made up on a word document and scaled down. Not much else to say as others have already done so.
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