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  1. I must have had shares in Matchbox with the amount of these I’ve badly built, great fun though in the scheme of things. Steve.
  2. speedy

    Tornado - What’s behind the panel?

    Thanks folks, I’ve got more info here than hours poring over reference books and the internerd, BM to the rescue again. I’m doing a 1/32 aircraft GR.1, currently just about to finish the Airies cockpit. I’m at the point where the tub will be fitted to the kit. So it’s decision time on what to open up before it all gets closed up. My plan is to open up a couple of panels with flaps down, air brakes open + ladder and refuelling probe. But I like to be different with my builds so it will have pylons fitted but no ordinance and I’m going to have a go at intake guards (not FOD covers). With regards what Sqn I’ve no idea, initially I thought a 27 Sqn cab but having asked the question on the TornadoSig there aren’t any, so we’ll see; TOEU or an early production cab, wrap around either way. There is a guy in work who is ex-Tornado in Saudi but he also has memory fade and isn’t available in the evening/weekends. Steve
  3. I’ve watched a video where it shows the ground crew opening 2 small panels just below and aft of the cannons, on a GR1. The Starboard side looks like ground power and the port side looks like telecoms. Can somebody confirm this and has anybody got photos of the inside. Steve
  4. speedy

    Red Flag 81-4 - 118th Tac Fighter Squadron

    An A-10 in proper colours!. Look at all those F-15s’ in the background. steve.
  5. speedy

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    This morning on the way to work at about 7am a Wildcat going parallel with the A303. On the way home an A400 with the ramp down in low cloud/low light going around imber village. Steve.
  6. speedy

    Where are the seat pins - Tornado

    Des thanks very much for that, I’ve only found one photo so far which has a pin on the aft of the headbox, so perhaps these modern seats that’s it. Steve.
  7. speedy

    USAF F-5 Aggressors Part 6

    When I joined up my first posting was to RAF Wyton in 87, everyday these would fly over on there way into Alconbury. Great memories thanks for posting
  8. Morning all, i’m doing a 1/32 Revell Tornado with the Airies cockpit, can somebody tell me where the seat pins are on the Mk10 early headbox please. Steve.
  9. Now that’s just brilliant, very striking photography and as said if that was black and white........ Steve.
  10. speedy

    Typhoons back to Leuchars

    There used to be a saying that if money was being spent then that probably meant it was going to close!
  11. speedy

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    2 grey B-52s’ have just flown over going South West at about 4-5thousand feet. Steve.
  12. speedy

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    I’ve just had 2 Strikemasters fly over at 3500ft going north west. Flight tracker shoes one of them as G-SOAF. I haven’t heard that sound in a while. Steve.
  13. Hi chaps a little more info. I’m doing the 1/32 Airies cockpit at the mo and I’m looking for a rearward facing photo of a GR1 Nav position preferably withe the seat removed. This is to get the colours of the moulded pipe work of the airies offering, as well as the long box type thing on the port side of the panel. I seem to have done google to death and I can’t find what I’m after in the walk arounds. Steve
  14. speedy

    Driving in France

    As mentioned above, if there is one piece of advice to take is stick to the speed limits. They let you know about the cameras with a symbol, but if you get flashed expect a letter from le fuzz. Steve.
  15. Hi Tony, great pair of jags, I do prefer the wrap around to grey but modern thinking and all that mumbo jumbo. I actually prefer the jag with everything down. I wish there was a 1/32 kit...... Steve.