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  1. speedy

    Avro Vulcan B.2

    Very nice indeed. Silly as it sounds that stand also suits the kit as most are wheels down. Steve.
  2. speedy

    Tornado OSD....

    I read somewhere as above 31 March. There has to be somebody on here close to Marham & Lossie (if it’s still open). Steve.
  3. speedy

    What are you reading?

    Jaguar Boys, which I received for Crimbo. Steve.
  4. speedy

    The song YOU want played at your funeral

    I’m actually diagnosed with suffering from Acrophobia but most don’t know what it is, so I just say Vertigo and people them seem to be familiar with it.
  5. speedy

    The song YOU want played at your funeral

    Vertigo by U2, as I’m scared of heights. Always looking at the lighter side I’m having on my stone “couldn’t go to heaven as he scared of stairs” Steve.
  6. speedy

    Meteor BVRAAM

    I remember some years ago these being tested at Boscombe Down, being fired over the North Sea from Tornado F3’s. A good friend of mine showed me photos from the period with impressive results apparently. Also a SAAB Gripen came across to do the same. Seems years ago now. Steve.
  7. I’m with Virgin if that makes a difference?.
  8. Just in case your on the look out. It’s on today and +1 TCM channel. Steve
  9. speedy

    Anybody else 'obsessed' with one particular aircraft ??

    Me too I was in utopia when the BBC Fighter Pilot series in the early 80’s. I was going to join, fly the new Tornado. However not enough O levels being interpreted as “thick” ended that dream
  10. Absolutely stunning, especially with your background of choice. If that wasn’t real i’d Have said that was 1/32 all day long. Brilliant Steve.
  11. speedy

    Still buying 2nd hand kits at model shows?

    I’ve got 7 1/32 kits and I’m a slow builder, but I have always tended to buy 2nd hand of the subject I’ve chosen. They make 1000s’ of these things and they’ll be about for a bit and in my experience I save cash, as it’s only a hobby and I keep it in check plus life dictates what and how much. From memory the only new kit I got was the Italieri Mirage and even at that it was through my wife’s work colleague who owns a model shop = mates rates. Steve.
  12. Yeah my wife’s got an email today saying it’s up for grabs at £250k. Steve.
  13. 1/24 scale Lightweight Land Rover from kit form services. I’m not really a vehicle modeller but I saw this and had to have it. I also bought the 1/24 Bloodhound which looks absolutely top draw quality resin. Steve.
  14. speedy

    Lost topic

    Changed Greenie found serviceable
  15. speedy

    Anybody else 'obsessed' with one particular aircraft ??

    For me it’s the EE Lightning. As a kid i’d Spend the 6 week school holiday at Boscombe Down and watching the Lightning doing vertical take offs. I was fortunate enough that my first job was at BD and I used to strap the pilots in on all the fast jet fleet and do the starts. Stood in front of the Lightning with the engines running looking at the intimidating radar cone gets your attention. I loved all the ETPS fleet but if I had to pick one....... Steve.