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  1. The difference a week makes, as they say. I’ve been doing 10mins here and there each night. The seats have now been glued in place then the pilots tacked in place so I could set the arms and head with superglue its there or there abouts. The pilots have been primed with Halfords primer and then what seemed ages of mixing paint to the right shade, the pilots flying suit and camouflage jacket were painted. The pilots helmets had a paper mache roll to replicate the visor cover. I’m going to add a disc on the harness lock at their waists and then fit then into the seats. The arms will then fall to
  2. My son bought me the Haynes manual for Christmas and this was never on my build radar, so it now is and watching to be educated.
  3. Thanks mate. It’s not only my effort with advice from others giving valuable info, so it’s satisfying to see it’s helpful to others. However I think you could build 10 of these by the time I finish mine.....
  4. I wish mine would go together that quickly, keep going.
  5. Scalextric mini cross for me
  6. An excellent example of a BD aircraft which has come out really well, we’re seeing a few of these Javelins now. If you choose, there is a single ejection triangle close to the port aileron where that cone is. I’ll try and find a photo..... I’m told by folks who worked there in the 70’s that the orange animal like sticker was reference to a particular foreman nicknamed as snifter for his excessive very particular standard of doing things......
  7. Hello folks and here we go again for 2021. I didn’t do anything mentionable over the festive season as I tend to focus on the occasional. Anyway back on it and this report is on the warped rotor head and Aircrew, which arrived from China. They are US crew but some judicious filling and sanding they’ll pass. I filled in the trousers and arms to hide the rolled up sleeves and high leg showing boots. I sanded off the visor and created a more appropriate one from 10thou plasticard, I’ve yet to do the visor arms though. The rotorhead was not tall enough, so I cut off the fluid chamber and gave it h
  8. Hi mate, well done on this one and it’s looks absolutely brilliant.
  9. I worked at Boscombe in the 80s and have records of movements and not once has it been seen with inner pylons fitted.
  10. I’m very out of touch nowadays. E3s’ leaving!, blimey I remember them turning up; where do the time go. So 51 Sqn what do they operate now then?
  11. Wow that’s quick and the first I’ve seen, it looks tremendous.
  12. Yes. It’s all painted up and in the built pile with the wheels. I’ve got the ceiling around the doors to do yet though.
  13. That’s quite alright and thanks very much. This is going to be a flyer, so research showed yesterday the clear housing on the extreme top and the 4 clear pots (same as Gazelle) and the associated plumbing. I was experimenting with blurry blades yesterday evening and I think I’ve found a viable solution (oooh the anticipation). This is ongoing so bear with while I continue, although the build is naturally going to slow down at this time of the year. To be continued........
  14. This will definitely be finished in 2021
  15. Well this seems a while since I’ve posted. I’ve focused on the bent mast and no end of heating in hot water to try and straighten it was successful. So I cut it off and drilled it out, adding a new mast from plastic tube and I cut off and glued on the original top mount for the head. The blades have been glued on. Pilots have been ordered so will wait for them to arrive so I can finish the cockpit. 349B1E05-B498-4D01-85BB-99B42C519D7A 94E47BA0-3D90-4F3D-9F57-24F891834B07 Steve.
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