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  1. At the moment it’s Monogram all day long. Steve.
  2. It did as RN colours but not as Ripple. No idea about the current stencils though. Steve.
  3. I’m doing P12 in 1/32 at the mo and it’s nearly finished having taken me nearly a year on and off doing it. Slightly repeating what others have said my library of research has revealed: Straight edged tail plane, but some had a little vertical winglet on the outer edge. Some had the vortex generators missing (added later). The fillet below the rudder seemed different on the Pre-production aircraft, so check which one your going to do. The intake as mentioned some were smooth, others had the vent (with 3 vertical supports inside them but can be seen). Also some had a hump profile 3/4 of the way down the upper surface of the intake. Underneath there seems to be two cable ducts (aka EE Lightning) on the early ones. Strobe lights of the period. RWR Antennas are a different shape for each country. So just check your references. Cockpit and noticeably the rear seat package is very basic and unique to each aircraft. This is one example where you won’t have to pile on the detail because there wasn’t any. Steve.
  4. He’s replied. They are opening up at 0630 for the early birds. Steve.
  5. Na mate, all I know it’s 10am to the public. I’ll WhatsApp my mate now, see if he knows. Steve.
  6. Just a bump for this this weekend.
  7. For the GR.1 or just GR.4? Steve.
  8. Photo’s 3 & 4 in this link. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/news/local/fife/833594/video-families-veterans-and-plane-spotters-among-crowd-as-hundreds-gather-for-final-tornado-flypast-at-leuchars/ Steve.
  9. Thanks Des I know what your on about but it’s not that, I’ll try and find a photo. Steve.
  10. I’ve noticed doing research of a small panel on the port side beside the canopy hinge, that seems to be open on the ground. what is it? Steve.
  11. I’ve started to occasionally get this message now, it’s happened twice viewing via the iPad. 85AAB789-5D69-49C2-9060-3D21C48C2565 by Stephen Priestley-Dean, on Flickr
  12. Ha what a blast from the past. My 1st posting was to Wyton in 87, great memories and we must have put millions into the Pizza place at St Ives. Great plane and a fantastic model. Steve.
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