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  1. And my live resin stuff has arrived. 3662BF2A-9372-4D2F-84F8-3C5EE26E0D56
  2. I’ve got theses in 1/72 if it helps? 1ACB9415-E5C1-44AD-BD1A-4F2ABD2B09FC info my my mate is that those markings from earlier were fitted 22-6-85 and still on 30-7-88. More to follow perhaps…..
  3. Just to pick this up again. I haven’t left you in the lurch, I’ve asked one of my nerdy mate to ask his circle of knowledge, so waiting on his reply.
  4. Bored and waiting with intent, so I made the 3 small tie down eyelets on each side. I think they’re a tiny bit big but it’s the smallest I could make them. I’m starting to think on the Nightsun figment. If anyone has decent photos on how it attached to the cab it would be greatly received. C9CFE2A7-0581-4932-8E54-234B3E2629BD
  5. Just thought I’d drop you all a line. Whilst waiting for the live resin stuff to arrive all I’ve done is add the white GPS(?) disc on top of the Wendy house and I wasn’t particularly happy with the dirty wash to fill in the holes of the PIPs, so I’ve inked these with my fine pen and wiped away the excess which has darkened the dimples quite nicely adding definition. Then the base has been made using a bit of Oak which I’ve then oiled with my Cuprinol decking oil (great stuff). 82908532-7F44-43E9-BCED-F3908CA1797F F6CAF34B-E6C5-458F-8786-8754E32D5014
  6. I was at Boscombe in 85/86 during the filming of Test Pilot. I’ve got photos and if I remember correctly I just don’t recall those forward of the roundel, all I remember is the ETPS ensign. I’ll see what I’ve got. I did the 1/32 conversion which is currently in the BD museum in the cabinets.
  7. How on earth did I miss this. Fantastic.
  8. Hey looking good and I’ve missed this one. I used to be on the line back in 85 when they were making the BBC series. Good luck and keep going.
  9. Well there must be Football on as I’m making an update. Since the last post I’ve added the two antennas underneath in front of the cargo hook hole. My 1/32 crewman has been started by modifying the helmet and painting. I wasn’t happy with the visor gloss so I ended up using good old enamel and that came out wonderfully well. The smell though, to think that was the paints of choice as a kid, phew. I’ve ordered a couple of bits from overseas so the build came to a natural halt. Not one for idling around I chose to press on with the blades. Now in my mind and what skills turns into reality are two different thinks. So I cut out 1mm thick plastic and measured up the main blades and widened them by eye, not percentages or arithmetic here. Again the tail was cut and I measured the tail rotor hub and cut a hole to marry the two up together. I searched images of the blades in movement and this was an acceptable compromise and I’m happy with the out come as a representative approach. The main blades are a thin shade of green above and black below and the tail blades are green with a fine edging of clear red. I am going to affix a thin rod below the main blades to eliminate the droop. The rotor disc nicely tilts forward but will be more apparent once the droop has been adjusted. 70D098A1-B9C6-4B57-A668-5506A5B6ABDE 568A98E7-46E8-4A0B-8BFD-95AF249F536E 4F05A82E-0920-4870-9214-437F97E0FC78 3B40D598-6E98-4329-B1BD-EC05A4169595 765A733D-B433-4B80-8574-ED9D700E191C 449C5128-0BD0-40E9-9766-AC268DA4A4AD 9AC1ADD4-EFD5-4582-8C02-E10D1FC13DA0 A1C65813-586B-4F15-91D9-E96679A6F017 E05B2A62-2D42-42BC-AC9B-4BD119459C8E As always thanks for sticking with it. I’ll be going a little quiet with the build for a mo until my orders arrive. Steve.
  10. Very inspirational. When you see builds like this I’m sure it puts the prices of kits up, for those of us that then have a look to buy a kit. Dam you
  11. Hi PiL, Towards the end of my builds I make a to do list. Door handles 2 x white aerials underneath landing lamp blades crewman pole + base re-weather after handling colour in the holes black on intake filter ( i dark washed it but I’m not convinced) wendy house handle ez-line, port side aerial gun NI fit antenna etc……. I’m informed the disc is - Circular removable transparent disc. This disc is removed only for the removal of a flight control push rod that is apparently too long to be manipulated through the fuselage structure. I too thought it was the thermostat.
  12. So just before the football starts. The masking has been removed and all the glazing re-kleared. I had quite a bit of bleeding so some gentle scraping and re-coat was needed. The circle above the starboard pilots head was added. The 3 windscreen wipers have been painted and added. It’s at this point that I’ve noticed the centre rib across the centre canopy panel is moulded as an exterior frame. Looking at photos this frame is actually on the inside. So I painted it black and matted it off. Shame but given the quality of the glasing on my kit I wasn’t scraping it away. The cabin doors have been fitted, but they bowed out way proud of the fuselage, so glue was added at the 4 corners to keep it down. I’ve then painted the red squares on the edge of the doors as per reference photos. The hand rails have been added, not 100% accurate, I may come back and revisit them. The warning tabs on the crew doors have been added and I’ve painted the black stripes. The undercarriage has been glued in placed. The load pole installed. Still got a bit to do yet but it’s coming on nicely now and looks the part. 90E198DA-6D94-4C15-952C-95CCE3035A1D 38F558E6-3805-4405-9F63-494DB3CB17F7 681C87E1-6E26-4436-9209-749662E6E52A EB106E21-072D-44AA-97FE-49AD8E0E8BD2 884BA048-38EC-4928-AA2A-9FDB325E172F AB3371A6-5706-44E8-A1B6-8C791D625DCC 53565A49-2542-410A-987F-138C381542F2 Thanks for looking in.
  13. Yep like that, the best scheme I think.
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