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  1. I like it too so you're not alone Aaron. Good work on a relatively unusual subject - thanks for showing. Nicely done!
  2. Like @triumphfan above, I always use a hairdryer to get stiff decals to conform. Much safer than using boiling hot water as well. The hairdryer seems to improve the way decals respond to Set/Sol fluids - highly recommended! ATB Rick
  3. I forgot to ask when I commented earlier - I am not sure what shade of red is used on these aircraft - what red did you use, may I ask? ATB Rick
  4. Stunning! Beautifully observed paint, weathering and attention to detail! Big from me! ATB Rick
  5. Stunner Got to love an orange test aircraft - and a 101 to boot! Excellent work on an unusual subject - Nice! ATB Rick
  6. Quite spectacular and beautifully executed and finished. Never seen this subject before - got to be one of the most interesting and best looking schemes on a Starfighter Bravo! ATB Rick
  7. Superb! Great work and the patience of a saint! Very fond of this one as it hails from RAF Horsham St Faith (now Norwich Airport) just the other side of town from here.
  8. Excellent. Lovely paint job and very nicely executed weathering effects - nicely understated and very authentic and to-scale looking to my eye. Models always look better photographed in natural light - this looks terrific! Is there a polarising filter on the camera? ATB Rick
  9. @Adam Poultney Hi Adam, sorry for the delay posting this - it took me time to dig into the stash to find the matchbox kits in there. Anyway, I can report that the kit windscreen is incorrect in this area also as it does not have a clear centre panel - probably why so many people have made the error over the years. ATB Rick
  10. Spad

    1/350 Bismarck

    @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies Wow! that is a very detailed and complete answer! Thank you so much for that - it gives me a great insight into these things. As the kit has recessed planking joins I think I will give the painting route a go first - if that fails then I will take a harder look at the A/M wooden decks. Does any body have any suggestions what colour is good for the Bismarck's decks? Were they bare wood or painted? Thanks again Jamie - really appreciated ATB Rick
  11. Spad

    1/350 Bismarck

    Hi I'm about to venture into new areas with a build of Revell's 1/350 Bismarck but need some advice before I commit glue. I am quite attracted to the A/M wooden decks that are available. My questions are: Are they worthwhile? How easy to use? Which one(s) can be recommended? - there seems to be quite a variety out there for this kit so I'm a bit bewildered by it all! I'm a competent modeller so not really put off by cut/scrape/scratch kind of activities but I have no idea where to start with this one - help!! Thanks in advance Rick
  12. Found this if it helps jog memories....?? https://www.aviationphotocompany.com/img/s/v-3/p1650816002-3.jpg
  13. Hi all Some time ago I built the Fujimi A-4M in the colours of the NWEF test machine at the USNATC - you know, the one with the black/white scheme split diagonally (similar to the later F/A-18 "D-Skunk". I used the Microscale decal sheet 72-227. I would really like to try it again but in 1/48 - does anybody know if there is a 1/48 decal sheet covering this same aircraft? Google searches don't seem to be throwing up a result for me. Thanks Rick
  14. Love it! All the above is echoed here! There seems to be a bit of modelling of the older kits going on around here at present and I for one am really enjoying seeing such lovely jobs being made of this "classics" (maybe it's me age! ) and this is one of them - nice work and thanks for showing! ATB Rick
  15. Lovely job there. I recently did this kit (it's on here somewhere) and fully appreciate what you have done with it, all the extra detail inside the wheel bays and what looks like a rescribe of the panel detail - nice! Is that a set of resin tailpipes? ATB Rick
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