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  1. Fabulous! Just the right amount of shade and texture in the painting and beautifully understated weathering effects. Love that oil/fluid leak around the cowling join - what did you use for that, if I may ask? Thanks for showing! ATB Rick
  2. That looks terrific! Lovely Ford! ATB Rick
  3. Stunning finish you've achieved there Moa. A slightly more esoteric choice of scheme than the usual red or black/gold schemes (though I do love the Black Magic finish!). Nice to see the green one for a change though. Now I need to go and read the WIP thread. ATB Rick
  4. Fabulous work and such an intriguing subject matter. Loving it!
  5. @GliderGuiderNice one! I learnt to fly radio control models from the end of the main runway at Down Ampney where Lord flew from on that fateful sortie. We used to have to avoid the memorial which was erected on the very end of the runway - slap bang in the middle! Happy to report that nobody (that I am aware of) clobbered the memorial on landing! Be good to see yours coming along!
  6. That's really rather lovely. Great paintwork, all nicely understated in the weathering department. I find the model shots #3, 6 & 7 to be particularly lifelike. ATB Rick
  7. Lovely job - nothing like a nostalgia build every now and then, eh!?! Keeps the enthusiasm fresh! Definitely the Revell kit (dropped flaps, bouncing bomb, little square window behind the pilot's position) Love to see older models rejuvenated and you have certainly demonstrated some excellent hand painting skills with those markings! ATB Rick
  8. Excellent job! I hope the recipient of this model really appreciates the work that has gone into it. I for one love this kit - I built one when it first came out and would build another in a heartbeat. If I do, I hope I can make half as decent a job of it as you did.
  9. Thanks stevej60 - I've been told that this mould got butchered when Airfix tried to spice it (and some others) up for the US market and made a kind of hot-rod cum dragster out of it!
  10. Lovely build and all enhanced by some great back story info.
  11. Howdy all This is a build that I finished before Christmas but it was quite late on and didn't get to post until now. You all probably recognise it as the Airfix 1/72 Vulcan of 1983 vintage. A chap in the club was approached by the local Legion with a request to build Valiant and Vulcan kits that they had (sadly it seems thay already had a Victor - oh well!) As I have a Vulcan of my own to do and, knowing it's a challenge to build and that the Valiant builds quite well, crazily I chose the Vulcan as a try-out for my own. Wow!! All I can say is that Airfix's rating of Skill Level 3 is a bit keen! This is a late release of the kit (XH558 commemorative with paints etc) and the amount of flash and mould damage was remarkable. With the amount of sanding that I guessed would be needed I decided to re-scribe the kit and I am pleased I did. Good practice for me, yes, but I believe it really transforms the model - and it didn't really take that long, honest! A large scotch and sat in front of the telly saw it done in just over one sitting! The brief from the Legion was for a clean airframe and wrap-around camo, Tip - if you're planning to do this then put some sort of support behind the nose gear doors to keep them in the right alignment and spend some time packing and shimming the bomb bay opening to get the bomb doors flush and the same size as the hole the panel fits into. Once cleaned up the parts fitted reasonably well and I reckon the general shape is pretty good though the jet-pipes are terrible and most certainly don't match those of '558. As it was likely to be handled frequently by the Legion I replaced the FR probe with a length of brass rod suitable filed and shaped to create a representation of the probe. Remarkably little filler was used on the general airframe, the worst area being the intakes (natch!) and the forward fuselage horizontal join line. I used Xtracolor the hard edged camo pattern allowed me to practice with the Tamiya bendy masking tape. Nifty stuff but not as easy to create the pattern as I had expected. Another first for me was Mr Masking Sol R for the windscreen and canopy glazing - absolute doddle to use! Anyhoo, enough of this - on with the pics. Hope you like - Comments and criticism welcome! Thanks for looking! Happy New Year and here's to a more productive 2019! ATB Rick
  12. Excellent Hoonigan there Pat - nice work, one of my favourites I reckon! ATB Rick
  13. Spad

    Airfix Ford Fiesta WRC

    1/32 scale eh!?! Looks bigger than that so a nice smart job there! ATB Rick
  14. Spad

    Moebius Bat Pod.

    Nice work Pat! Very effective with the figure and scenery ATB Rick
  15. Spad

    Air Anglia DC-3

    The decals arrived from 26 today! Excellent delivery! Ready to rumble! G-AMPZ here we come!