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  1. Lovely job indeed. Looks like it's been busy and well used but nicely understated. Excellent!
  2. Liking that a lot! Nice work indeed. Very fond of the Caravelle - do you consider this one to be the best rendition?
  3. Very nice work indeed! If I read you correctly, you're happy with the model OOB - basically good/accurate, the only changes you made were to update or modify to another sub-variant? Correct? atb Rick
  4. Very nice! Excellent decal-work there and love that base! ATB Rick
  5. Lovely job - seriously impressed. You've got those complex lines nicely captured. Dare I ask - this is from a single block, right? ATB Rick
  6. Lovely job. IMSA car? Really like the finish (big fan of yellow tbh!) and you got that one down nicely. Annoying isn't it when manufacturers skimp on such simple things as a basic rear drive - good recovery with the Lego brick! ATB Rick
  7. Thanks guys for the kind comments - it was a load of fun to do. It was created rather than built and a great diversion from my usual fare of scrupulously observed detail of aircraft and race cars. Very much doubt it Don! Mind you, it wouldn't have long in which to break them anyway! The SIG amazed me with how they took to this "theme" - if anybody wants to see any of the amazing creativity that went into most of the builds I will be happy to post or supply other pics. Those guys are geniuses! ATB Rick
  8. Nice job. What did you use for the NMF - looks very effective!
  9. Thank you Abandoned! Don't worry, they're not the kit decals (haven't done that for years except the very odd occasion!) No these are standalone sheets; it's just that they are produced by Daco for use on their own 737 kits. All the kits come with SimpsonJet markings - just typical after I managed eventually to get one of his sheets when the kits were generic only! Doh!
  10. Hi Jonners - pleased you like it! The inspiration was an actual car in Germany called Wildente (Wild Duck). https://auta5p.eu/lang/en/katalog/auto.php?idf=Citroen-2-CV-Wildente-Dragster-23939 I have a number of individual model shots but here's a general view of most of the display (we got Bronze in the Best SIG Display judging so well pleased we were!) IMG_20191109_090141 by Rick Smith, on Flickr
  11. Hello all - season's greetings. Bit late but just in under the wire for 2019. I would like to show you my bit of silliness built for the Car and Motorcycle SIG display at Telford this year. Our theme was 2CV based with the idea being 2CV s in unusual colour schemes - most of us ended up doing a bit of a kitbash and mine was inspired by a German funny car. Heller kit with engine and rear wheels taken from a Monogram Corvette kit. The body is mildly modded with forest arches on the rear to accomodate those wheels and a parachute pack from the Corvette kit. Scratchbuilt fuel tank and headers with Alclad II chrome, body support frame with kit chassis rails and front wheels Hope you enjoy looking as much as I enjoyed creating it. C+C welcome! IMG_4893 by Rick Smith, on Flickr IMG_4902 by Rick Smith, on Flickr IMG_4905 by Rick Smith, on Flickr IMG_4908 by Rick Smith, on Flickr Happy new year all - thanks for looking ATB Rick
  12. Hi all Just two little jets to slip in under the wire for 2019. Bit late as I had a bit of an issue with Flickr, but all good now - my finger trouble! Doh! Both models are the lovely little 737-300 kits from Daco under their Skyline range. The decals are also Daco, These are numbers 3 & 4 in my production line of WestPac LogoJets, Western Pacific was a Colorado based airline that operated in the mid 90s for 4~5 years and became well known for turning their jets over to advertisers. Normally it was a Colorado based sponsor, in this case the Crested Butte winter resort and the rather upmarket Broadmoor Hotel. For the fuselage colours I used Daco's own paints (produced by Xtracolor), purple for the Crested Butte and Peach and Maroon for the Broadmoor machine. Build was exactly as per the previous 2, but with the advantage of lessons learned, as they do have a couple of quirks. They will now join my Simpson's and Colorado Springs jets from last year. Two more in the programme for next year! Comments and critique welcome in equal measure! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Thanks for looking! IMG_4911 by Rick Smith, on Flickr IMG_4913 by Rick Smith, on Flickr IMG_4916 by Rick Smith, on Flickr IMG_4915 by Rick Smith, on Flickr IMG_4930 by Rick Smith, on Flickr IMG_4927 by Rick Smith, on Flickr IMG_4928 by Rick Smith, on Flickr IMG_4929 by Rick Smith, on Flickr Happy New Year all! ATB Rick
  13. Spad

    VF-74 Phantom in 1/48

    @YK GOHThat's fabulous info thanks for posting. If I can add anything (doubt it!) I will let you know. ATB Rick
  14. Spad

    Dry fit putty

    Micro Liquitape has always been good to me - not sure if it is still available but I guess PVA (as mentioned above by Bandsaw Steve) would do a similar job.
  15. Utterly superb piece of work. Beautiful weathering.
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