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  1. Spad

    Harrowing Hasegawa Harrier

    No educational content? Well I for one didn't know that about Bob Cheshire! Joking apart, very entertaining read and I like your Harrier. Take solace in the fact that Eric and Ernie ditched the comedy act later (for that is a very early kit from them!) and their later stuff is excellent. Trouble is, in 1/72 it's a bit of a lottery whether you choose an earlier one or one of the good 'uns. Either build 1/48 or take some advice/open the box before you buy. Good luck on the return to the fold and keep up the positive sense of humour - it comes in handy quite often I find! Cheers ATB Rick
  2. Looks very good indeed. Thanks for scanning and sharing.
  3. Spad

    Ferrari 330P4, Fujimi, 1/24

    Lovely job and yes definitely the best looking Ferrari in my opinion but I also go with the 917(K) as my fave! Simplified,,,,so an easy build?Hope so as I have one of these to go at sometime soon! Thanks for showing, it's a beauty - no need to go find the WIP Cheers Rick
  4. Fabulous and makes a nice change to the more usual military type. That is some rigging job you did there - the wire seems to have worked very well - has it added much stiffness to the structure? Rick
  5. Thanks Kapam - appreciated. The technique I've used is to apply a base of Tamiya Dark Yellow (XF-50 I think). I then applied oil paint by sponge, roughly dobbing it on all over the place. I think I used Burnt Umber then immediately dragged the oil around using a dry flat brush to create the grain effect. Once all dry an overspray of Tamiya Clear Orange brings the warmth out. As this was a fire truck I reasoned that it would be nicely maintained and polished so a final gloss varnish spray was applied to bring up the shine. None of the above is in any way fixed of course so mix, match and adjust the colours to suit your own preferences - this was my first serious attempt at it so I will be doing just that as I try to develop the results myself. Hope this helps and go have some fun! Oh, and don't forget to post pics! Cheers Rick
  6. Thanks Steve TBH the wing ones went on a dream, the tail planes a bit more of a challenge as they were a little prone to cracking/splitting. The fin ones were a bit of a handful on both kits. I wish you well with your next one and hope Emilio stays away!
  7. Just breathtaking - superb work!
  8. Hi Let me show you my other 737 STGB build. Similar to the Simpson's jet elsewhere in this RFI this is one of the exquisite little Daco kits - as I mentioned, the kit only includes a generic sheet with a huge range of stencils, windows, door outlines etc so one needs to provide the livery from another source and I chose another of Daco's own sheets for a WestPac aircraft. WestPac operated for only 3 years in the late 1990s and decorated their aircraft with huge logo-style liveries. They were based in Colorado and the jet I chose here was liveried up to promote Colorado Springs with a striking representation of the local scenery across the rear fuselage and tail. Unlike the Simpsons sheet, this one was an absolute pig that fought me every inch of the way (maybe it was an older generation sheet?). Yes, it is superbly engineered to fit the kit (14 individual items go together to create that scenery down back!) but the decals, albeit thin, are incredibly stiff and unyielding. Much use of various setting solutions (inc Daco Medium and Strong solutions) and repeated application of the hairdryer finally saw the decals settle down and, being thin, actually settled quite nicely into the fine engraved surface detail. The painting is undemanding with a simple white fuselage, for which I used Zero Paints Brilliant White and Pre-mix Lacquer. For the flying surfaces I used Halfords Racking Grey rattle can which the airliner regulars in the STGB recommended as an excellent match for Boeing Grey. Everything else is decal, including all windows. Really enjoyed the build and I can see a couple more of these in my future before the WestPac 737 itch is finally scratched! Anyway, here she is - hope you enjoy looking as much as I enjoyed building (except those darned decals!). C+C welcome in equal measure. Thanks for looking and also to the STGB for the support and advice. ATB Rick
  9. Allow me to present one of a pair of 737-300 models in 1/144 scale, built for the recent 737 Single Type Group Build on here. I normally build military aircraft or race cars but I do find the schemes on airliners interesting and this one was a long term ambition of mine after seeing the kit/decal sheet combo built somewhere. I tried for many years to get a copy of the decal sheet and finally I saw it re-printed and I caught the release before it sold out. For those unfamiliar with it, Daco is a brand owned and run by Danny Coreman of Belgium, maybe best known for F-16 and F-104 decals, upgrades and reference materials. He does however have a pretty sharp line in 737 kits and it is one of these I have built here. The kit is very detailed, seems pretty accurate and is offered with a generic decal sheet absolutely ram-packed full of stencils, windows and doors, and wing Coroguard and NMF leading edges etc. You need to source your own livery decals and here again Daco steps forward with an extensive range of sheets. Western Pacific (now sadly defunct) operated out of Colorado for barely 3 years but in that time brought some serious colour to the skies by turning their aircraft into flying bill-boards; with this one they were sponsored by Fox who lent the Simpsons characters to the livery. The decals were designed for Daco's own kit and I have to say these were probably the best fitting decal sheets I have ever used. The kit went together a treat though some fun was had with the wing/fuselage joint - easily solved with a bit of careful sanding and scraping. The Simpson's sheet also came with a small etched fret for the various aerials and sensor heads that adorn a 737. The kit includes a separate clear cockpit area which requires a bit of cutting but this is simplified by thinned areas on the inside surface. I took the opportunity to use this and scratch-build some cockpit detail - seeing the end result I am not so sure it was a smart move as nothing can be seen of the interior! Oh well, live and learn! Sorry if I got carried away here but, as you can probably tell, I was pretty impressed with this litte kit. Since my last experience of a 1/144 airliner was from the 70s with one of Airfix's Skyking range I was amazed by the detail and refinement - airliner kits have come a long way since then! For painting I used Daco's own Simpson's Yellow and WestPac Blue (produced by Xtracolor) and for the wings/tailplanes I took the advice of the regulars in the STGB and used Halfords Racking Grey as a good match for Boeing Grey Anyway, enough waffle, here are the pics - hope you enjoy looking as much as I enjoyed building. Comment and criticism welcome as always. Thanks for looking ATB Rick
  10. Spad

    Airfix provost decals nightmare

    Use a hairdryer gently on them, once placed on the model. It tends to soften the decal and appears to change the response to even the milder softening solutions. I have had good success with the thickest a stiffest of decals. Honestly, it's quite amazing but do proceed with care. ATB Rick
  11. Not the prettiest Ferrari in my opinion but that's a beautiful model. The wheels are superb and the grilles look most effective Nice!
  12. Spad

    Airfix B737-200 USAF T-43A

    Lovely! Really smart finish that takes me back to airshows at the local USAFE bases. Nice and a real shame you had the decal probs. Please post pics when you do get it finished!
  13. Thanks Jabba! Go for it - it's a complete hoot! I looked into the bottom of my teacup and see more Daco WestPac 737s in my future!
  14. Spad

    Airfix B737-200C Finnair Cargo

    Looking great Ray - Very clean and sharp finish, very fond of white as a base colour for trim. Rick
  15. Spad

    Airfix B737-200 Air Zimbabwe

    Love that scheme and a great catch on the paint demarcation - you're braver man than me! ATB Rick