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  1. I'll play! Got one or two - I'm sure I can hold myself back on one of them! ATB Rick
  2. Now that is truly stunning work! I have never seen such a faithful representation of the real thing. Congratulations!
  3. There is a logic to plain zinc chromate as well - why top-coat paint an intake when all it does is add weight to what is designed as a very light airframe. That's 5 votes you have there now, Rob!
  4. Hi I'm looking for some guidance on the colours for the checker pattern on the tails of many of the VC-5 aircraft. I ask because I am really keen to build the checker-tailed DP-2E "128342". I spotted the Caracal Sheet 72057 "P2V Neptune PART 2" and bought it as it included that very machine. I have always believed it to be red/orange (aka International Orange) and yellow (Orange Yellow?) so was a little surprised when the sheet arrived and had red checkers (to be laid over a yellow fin). Any thoughts? ATB Rick
  5. Stunning! I am otherwise lost for words. The NMF patina is superb,. What do you do to the metal tape - is it scuffed and abraded after application? As Farmerboy says - I also could be looking for quite some time!
  6. Matchbox!?! Well I can safely say that the only thing that hints at Matchbox is the windscreen framing! You have totally transformed that kit so that not only are the kit's roots pretty much unrecognisable, but you have produced an excellent F.3 into the bargain. I salute you, sir! And I fully understand your views on re-working older kits - loads of fun! Nice one.
  7. Great build there Pete - Love it and can only echo the other's comments! A little smaller than most of your Soviet stuff! Love that little gear on the front of the engine - I guess that must be a power take-off to initially spin-up the rotor? I see you deflected the ailerons - is the stick displaced accordingly!?! All the best chap! Rick
  8. Magnificent! Very sympathetically weathered and a superb job with that squiggly camo!
  9. Excellent job - never seen that before. Nice work indeed!
  10. Great job - love a nice "Spad"! Restrained but effective, sympathetic weathering - good to see! Pleased to see that the Airwaves etch set worked well (I have the same set ready to go) - you really had me searching the internet for the Aires set! I would pass-off the wing code thing as a new outer wing panel from a "hanger queen" Must look into that QB stuff you have used. Nice job - like it! ATB Rick
  11. Hi Pete -so you're still at it with the big Russian stuff!?! Lovely job (as usual) on the Moss - always like seeing your builds! Hello from Norfolk and welcome to the forums - looking forward to seeing some of your other stuff posted (Mil-10, could it be?) ATB Rick
  12. Lovely build - looks spot on to my eye! Brings back some great memories of Mildenhall Air Fetes. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Great result and love that tip. Interesting info on the camouflage inaccuracies - I had no idea. Thanks for sharing and posting this most excellent Storch!
  14. Excellent work and particularly impressed as you are doing it away from home. Lovely job, great paintwork!
  15. Lovely job indeed. Looks like it's been busy and well used but nicely understated. Excellent!
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