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  1. Aargh! Disaster! Just as I thought I had the topside of this thing I have to leave it for a week - overseas trip beckons (and, no, I can't take it with me before anybody asks!) Oh well, managed to get the glazing masked off and some primer and gloss white onto the cabin roof. Tamiya white primer and Tamiya TS-26 spray decanted and airbrushed. I might be able to get some masking done and a base black on for the Alclad lowers - have to see how packing and travel arrangements go. Blast it - thought I might actually finish a GB again! I'm back on the 11th so may get some more done before the deadline but I don't believe I will finish it in time - sorry guys! Rick the p***ed off (believe me!)
  2. Thanks Paul J appreciated! Actually the doors are not mine - I was very kindly supplied them by Janneman36. Depending how I get on with them I may have something spare so if you can hang on I'll pass on whatever I have left (subject Jan's blessing of course!) Re the fin, I was referring to a faint step change in panel lines with a change in the leading edge directly in line with that - approx level with the top line of the lower rudder hinge. Cheers Rick
  3. Seriously enjoying this build! Loving the attention to small details and the execution is, to me, an object lesson in building a well observed replica of a very hard-worked aeroplane. Bravo! ATB Rick
  4. A fair bit of progress has been made recently. To be honest its all about boring assembly and fill/sand cycles so not really much to record so nothing to show during that lot really. However, all assembled and ready for masking. I guess most fun was had around the three new windows to make the 8 each side configuration. Glazed with Evergreen Clear Styrene so it glues in nicely with normal cement. A couple of pieces of microstrip were added inside the aperture to stop it all dropping inside. IMG_20190428_003615 by Rick Smith, on Flickr Also occupied myself with a hollowing out the ends of the exhausts as they are pretty large and look really odd with solid ends Masking then paint next. See you later!
  5. I have to say that there is some excellent work being done here and I must echo what was mentioned above in a couple of places- some beautiful weathering plus the overall attention to detail/accuracy is outstanding. Great work!
  6. Looks good Patrice - nice! Always love seeing invasion stripes! ATB Rick
  7. Ooh! That's confirmed my worst fears I was wondering if they were opaque enough or going to be a little see-through. Looks like it's not just you that will learn from you - though I wouldn't exactly call that a mistake - just a fact of life with these decals, surely? Looking good though, all the same!
  8. So there I was mentally prepping to close up the fuse and I kept returning to a pic which showed a cargo net in the rear space behind that galley. Shall I, shan't I!?! Well you know the outcome - of course I had to have a go! Tamiya tape painted same blue as the seats. IMG_20190419_181326 by Rick Smith, on Flickr Blimey that was a testing little job! Pleased I did give in but I hope never again - all it wants to do is stick to itself! Anyway all closed up now so I can't fiddle anymore and full steam ahead with airframe etc
  9. Has anybody noticed this odd characteristic on the fin of their Airfix kit? IMG_20190402_191625 by Rick Smith, on Flickr. If you look really closely you might make out some changes in the vertical panel lines along a horizontal line roughly in line with the top of the lower hinge. There is also a small step in the leading edge at the same point - almost as if the mould was damaged and that's the repair insert. Nothing serious as a quick pass or two with a scriber and sanding stick and it's more or less invisible. Just thought it interesting....
  10. OK so life has got in the way a little and I am dropping behind on both the build and the reporting. Here's a couple of pics from just before closing up the fuselage. Front end - not much detailing as little to be seen. I could have sworn I had a set of 1/72 seat belts so made do with painted tape (no time to ait for a set from Hannants!) IMG_20190419_143510 by Rick Smith, on Flickr Here I've added a couple of scratchbuilt seats to give an impression if viewed through the open passenger door. IMG_20190419_143455 by Rick Smith, on Flickr Next stop, assembled fuselage - or so I thought!
  11. Terrific! I absolutely love the R4D colour schemes - I reckon I need to learn how to print decals!
  12. Nice subject - hope you can source some decals!
  13. That is looking good! I was looking forward to seeing this come along as I love the show - you're doing a grand job of replicating one of their machines. This wouldn't be Joe's own favourite would it?
  14. Gorgeous looking little thing! I am rather fond of 737s and having been born in Singapore I might be just a tad biassed, but that really is a lovely build! ATB Rick
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