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  1. Hi Eric, I was wondering when will I receive next notification from this thread. Great stuff with those landing gears. Have you been thinking about installing kind of running sushi conveyer belt for the sake of mass production? I am glad that you were at least able to source aftermarket wheels after the incident with solvent bottle. Modeling composite wing is really nice addition to the Intruder fleet. I wish you speedy recovery. Cheers!!! Rade
  2. Hi I will try to build HMT Olympic in 1919 dazzle scheme out of Revells 1/1200 Titanic kit. Since model has full hull, start has been made by water-lining. Here are some photos during the process. Next steps involve lot of sanding and creating new waterline plate... Cheers!!! Rade
  3. Thanks! I am glad you like the finished result. Few more things I would like to address to people having or willing to build this kit. 1. Nose section with two spherical turrets is wrong in the shape and antenna placement is wrong (if you are into scratch-building or modifying kit parts skip to point 2 ). These parts were moulded in separate frame for this kit. The good thing is that nose section from original kit no 7216 was part of the main sprue, and I went with these parts (hassle free). 2. Zvezdas decals performed great, unfortunately they are not correct. Ka-50 nev
  4. Hi This was my entry in KUTA X GB. Model is by Zvezda (kit no 7272), built out of the box, painted with Gunze acrylics. More about the built can be found here... Cheers!!! Rade
  5. Zvezda Ka-50 SH 1/72 Cheers!!! Rade
  6. Hi I was lucky enough to find missing part and glue it back here is photo with rotors installed (will not be glued) and overall blurry one which concludes this GB for me Proper (it is subjective) photos for gallery I will have to make in daylight, hopefully tomorrow. Cheers!!! Rade
  7. Quick update Antenna is finally there, unfortunately it is not horizontal - if I accidentally knock it over I know how to fix it... Engine exhausts have been drybrushed with aluminium and glued One overall view I have managed to lost one of the handles which I installed on the intakes during handling of the model. SAR mission is ongoing Cheers!!! Rade
  8. Wings, canon & handles attached. Gluing setup for front antenna is shown on photo - gunze bottle opener + plastic card shimmed with toothpick in order to hopefully get it right (sorry for the LED blue effect). Remaining parts are engine exhausts and rotors... Cheers!!! Rade
  9. Hi Here is another quick update, to summarize whats have been done since last update. - All decals applied and after unsuccessful attempt in panel washing flat coated, - Handles have been added along the way, some of them several times (three remaining - one on the canopy and two on engine intakes) - Red antennae in front of canopy and two on the rear fuselage added, - Canopy unmasked, - Front antenna painted in cream tone and with help of spare decals two black stripes applied. Here is photo showing remaining parts (minus rotors). Not much left to
  10. Well done Anil!!! Cheers Rade
  11. Hi, Progress has been made. Since last update, I have gloss coated model and applied most of the decals, they performed very well, however they are not representing real air frame. If you want to build real thing - buy aftermarket decals. Landing gear has been installed as well; wings with weapons finished (but not glued) Few things left to do, with mayor one being reattaching nose antenna. If anyone has any advise how to do it, please let me know... Cheers!!! Rade
  12. Thanks Cliff, there is still lot of small jobs to do... Hopefully I will be able to finish before end of GB. Cheers!!! Rade
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