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  1. i noticed that MBK had some more stock in today ......... but almost all of it has gone already.
  2. i've seen reference to 'Shipping 15th October 2020'.
  3. Late last night the DHL tracker updated to say that my package was in the destination country. When i tried to check This morning the tracker was not working but at that very moment there was a knock at the door and there they were !
  4. i too ordered two last Friday, they were dispatched quickly but according to DHL tracking they are still in Germany. i ordered a further two the next day and they are being packed today. i now have three Camels ( BR.1, Le Rhone & USAS ) two 'invested' for my grandsons and one me to build. I'm trying to decide which one should remain mine :).
  5. 24 months at £49.99 per month (okay the first few months are less expensive tempters) comes out at nearly ..... £1200.
  6. Given 2020 hindsight (and a little patience) ....... it's now in stock at a UK retailer for £153 plus postage.
  7. Thread already running here:
  8. The first really successful use of disk brakes on cars would have been by Jaguar on their C Types at Le Mans in 1953.
  9. I might be a day early posting this progress report as the kit is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. The story so far: I ordered it from Plaza Japan on the night of Friday 15th. By Tuesday 19th it had been dispatched via Japan Post EMS service. It arrived in the Coventry UK the next day (20th) and then spent two days in customs. Since then it has been held at a local delivery office which I wrongly assumed was my local Royal Mail delivery office. Today I did some phoning around and discovered that it was being held at a Parcelforce delivery office awaiting payment of the customs charge - no card has yet been sent to me informing me of this. I've just paid this charge over the phone - 20% VAT as expected, no duty as expected, but an outrageous Parcelforce £12.00 handling fee!!!!!! The total of the kit, EMS shipping, VAT and the handling fee came to £159. ETA. IT'S ARRIVED !
  10. I see that Meng are bringing out a 1/12 version of the Denny Hulme & Ken Miles 1966 Shelby American Le Mans car . https://www.spotmodel.com/product_info.php?products_id=53136&language=en&utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=mail&utm_campaign=391 I'm looking forward to this release, however, I don't have an interest in Military models for which Meng seem to be known - are Meng's kits generally good?
  11. After a few phone calls to UK retailers none of whom had any idea of when stock might arrive (it could be months!), I've been 'forced' to order directly from Japan ........ watch this space .
  12. Quite right .... I've found two UK sellers whose websites showed stock, and I could successfully put the Camel into my basket. However when I telephoned them before checking out, neither actually had any stock ........ VERY frustrating.
  13. Good idea! I wanted to see what HLJ would charge for shipping and so I put the item into my cart; however it then said that as they are waiting for stock, my order would go straight into the Private Warehouse. BUT - as far as I can see, they will not give a shipping quote with Private Warehouse until payment is made.
  14. Thanks for looking Paul .... I'll speak to some UK retailers and see if they have any idea if they might get them in the foreseeable future and if not I'll have to go down the Japanese route.
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