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  1. I was surprised and dismayed when I saw Revell was releasing that. Pleasantly surprised because it was out of production for so long and dismayed because of the great hunt I had trying to get the early Type VIIC. Oh well It was the Das Werk kit that put the bug back in me to get a 1/72 Revell U-boat. So now I'll have two huge kits in the stash and looking forward to building both.
  2. Thanks Grant. That was my primary source of information that begged the question. Other than a slight difference in length and no other proportion changes, the IXB and IXC are identical. The conning tower that came with the kit is also standard on a type IXB, but not for U-66. So it looks like I'll be building U-103. Thanks for the link - I'll check it out. But, as you pointed out, there were a lot of variances even among the same types, so photo references are the best source. This build won't be for a while yet. I'll be doing U-96 in 1/144 scale before I get to the 1
  3. I just picked up Revell's 1/72 IXC U-boat (U-67/U-154) and was considering converting it to make U-103, which is a IXB. I thought I had read somewhere here that all that was needed was to replace the conning tower. Is that so? Anything else? Is there an aftermarket conning tower available for this conversion? If the above isn't feasible, I was originally thinking of making it U-66. In that instance, I shouldn't have to change anything except the emblem, correct? Thanks for your help!
  4. Yup. I had been putting off shipping from my private warehouse as long as I could in hope all postage methods would become available, but still no change. It's becoming prohibitive to ship from HLJ, which used to have some really great rates.
  5. Beautiful work Bill! I hope one day one of the major manufacturers will come out with a decent sized VIIB, but until then we can ogle yours. Wouldn’t it have been easier to modify the Amati conning tower than the Revell since it’s a B and the Revell’s is a C?
  6. Any word if they'll repop the 1/48 Columbia & Eagle with opening 3rd stage?
  7. Hi Paul, Never mind - I see the cart automatically shows no VAT for foreign buyers. And I should have read your post less quickly
  8. I think the story for Solo could be a good one, but I'm still trying to get past the lead who, to me, only kinda looks like a young Ford. Minor quibble in what could potentially be one of the better films of the series. When I first heard they were making a Solo movie, my first thoughts were Disney's picking the lowest hanging fruit for tons of cash, and in light of that why bother? We'll see.
  9. Watched the first episode last night. It has potential so I'll watch a few more. That robot is going to be an interesting story arc all by itself.
  10. Thanks for the heads up. I think I'll stick with my Blu-ray, but this is mighty tempting.
  11. I should have written, "The best perspective of this movie, in my opinion...." Thought I did, actually, but alas.... I just found that Doogs, et al perspective was one that I could embrace that pointed to few things I hadn't considered but were actually floating around my head when I was watching the movie. For me, it articulated those things well. I didn't read what you wrote prior to your edit, Thud, but what I do see is fine by me. Every movie is going to have its fans and detractors - it's simply the nature of the beast. What I like most about Britmodeller is that I
  12. The best perspective of this movie, curiously enough, comes from a fellow modeller. Go to Doogsmodels and read his review. After reading it, I just had to watch it again. Your impressions, of course, may vary.
  13. I bought both and built the Mobius version. Nice kit, very nice pilot, but the decals are garbage. Bought the Revell kit just for the decals. The pilot looks ok, but I didn’t really look that hard at it. Because the Mobius decals basically disintegrated, I bought JT Graphics decals but they are very thick and had poor resolution, so my two cents are if given the choice, I’d buy the Revell kit.
  14. I bought the comic series The Star Wars, based on the original script. Other than bringing the original story to life, it has few other redeeming qualities. The story itself is as dull as dry toast.
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