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  1. I think the story for Solo could be a good one, but I'm still trying to get past the lead who, to me, only kinda looks like a young Ford. Minor quibble in what could potentially be one of the better films of the series. When I first heard they were making a Solo movie, my first thoughts were Disney's picking the lowest hanging fruit for tons of cash, and in light of that why bother? We'll see.
  2. iSteve

    "Lost In Space" on the Netflix

    Watched the first episode last night. It has potential so I'll watch a few more. That robot is going to be an interesting story arc all by itself.
  3. Thanks for the heads up. I think I'll stick with my Blu-ray, but this is mighty tempting.
  4. I should have written, "The best perspective of this movie, in my opinion...." Thought I did, actually, but alas.... I just found that Doogs, et al perspective was one that I could embrace that pointed to few things I hadn't considered but were actually floating around my head when I was watching the movie. For me, it articulated those things well. I didn't read what you wrote prior to your edit, Thud, but what I do see is fine by me. Every movie is going to have its fans and detractors - it's simply the nature of the beast. What I like most about Britmodeller is that I can escape the folk who only see things black and white and express themselves similarly, whether we're talking models or movies. It's why I now frequent this modelling site more than any other - and why I rarely post now on another site.
  5. The best perspective of this movie, curiously enough, comes from a fellow modeller. Go to Doogsmodels and read his review. After reading it, I just had to watch it again. Your impressions, of course, may vary.
  6. I bought both and built the Mobius version. Nice kit, very nice pilot, but the decals are garbage. Bought the Revell kit just for the decals. The pilot looks ok, but I didn’t really look that hard at it. Because the Mobius decals basically disintegrated, I bought JT Graphics decals but they are very thick and had poor resolution, so my two cents are if given the choice, I’d buy the Revell kit.
  7. I bought the comic series The Star Wars, based on the original script. Other than bringing the original story to life, it has few other redeeming qualities. The story itself is as dull as dry toast.
  8. I dunno. If someone were to take a photo of the top of the Tamiya Tomcat and compare to the photo of the AMK above, I don't think there'd be that big a difference. If any.
  9. iSteve

    1/350 K'Tinga

    Yes. Yes you will.
  10. iSteve

    Kai Scissors

    Bought the Kai scissors and couldn't be happier. Razor sharp, clean, straight cuts and small enough to handle a variety of situations. Highly recommended.
  11. What's the finished length?
  12. I'm still wondering the same about Stamets too, but his behaviour seems to indicate otherwise. Of course, I liked Lorca too so it doesn't say much about my judgement of character I didn't get past the first After Trek episode because of the host. Nice to hear he's become more palatable. I wished they had a clearer shot of the officers in light blue standing behind Burnham at the end of the episode. They looked like they were wearing the classic style uniform seen in The Cage pilot.
  13. I've heard June 2018, but it could just be a rumour. I'm champing at the bit too to get it on Blu-ray or 4K.
  14. Just bought the Dolphin. I'm so weak. But with the sale and using Ebay bucks which would expire tomorrow, the total came to $102.72 CDN shipped. So I had to buy it.
  15. Good point! And right now I can pick one up on sale for $108 CDN shipped. Sheesh, I was going to hold off on the purchases for a couple of months, but noooo.