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  1. We are all looking froward to a great show on Saturday at Abingdon. With 15 Traders and 16 Clubs in attendance, our usual competition and an excellent catering vendor; it should be an excellent day out.
  2. I have always found the search function very successful. Has it been changed recently? I tried using it just now and it does not seem to be able to return any results. I even replicated searches from Friday - no luck. Any advice?
  3. Superb choice!! A fascinating vessel which would make a graceful model.
  4. Hi Jon, thank you so much for this. You explained your method really well. It is so helpful to get an understanding of how results are delivered - everyone will now have a confident position from which they can ‘experiment’ and make their own changes. It’s advice like this that helps the hobby grow. Thanks again Wilson
  5. Well done Sir - you have delivered a superb piece of work. I echo everything that has been said about your paint skills on the woodwork and the sail. Maybe you'd be willing to share your method for each? I am sure we would all find it very helpful for our own efforts. Thank you
  6. If it's not too late, I'd like to participate. It will be my first GB. I have a few 1/700 waterline and a couple of 1/350 models on the stash that are applying for 'release'. Cheers!
  7. I have successfully airbrushed W&N Galleria Matt varnish straight from the bottle at about 25 psi. You may find that hard to believe as it is quite gloopy but, it works. It is a superb matt varnish and I have never had any issues.
  8. I will be watching this with interest - I love Cogges and have this very kit in the stash. As has been said previously, I am seriously impressed with the 'range' of your projects - truly excellent!
  9. That is a great call! I have just foumd some images of the Hoche, it is a spectacular looking vessel.
  10. A bit niche I know but... I would love to build a Calendonian McBrayne ferry in 1/350 (or bigger). Maybe such a kit exists...?
  11. Lovely vessel! Good to see 'working' boats being built. Well done on a super build.
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