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  1. That is interesting. Are these common threads used in needle work? Thanks for this, I like to make use of items that are readily available.
  2. I am also impressed with the additional railings. Can I ask what you used: thread, wire or something else?
  3. Superb work - well done!! Please do not abandon WW2 ships just yet, your talents are needed for these characters.
  4. I love it!!! It makes such a change to see something so colourful. Well done - lovely finish.
  5. You are correct! Gregor Fisher was Para Handy in 1994.
  6. Thank you for posting this video. I do not understand a word of Polish but the story speaks for itself. To see these villagers laughing and enjoying themselves is a joy. This barge has significant historical and cultural importance and it is wonderful that the film exists archive and testament to what humans can achieve in the name of artistic endeavour.
  7. I bought this last year and was thinking about making a start soon! I will be following with interest. Love the progress thus far - very good indeed!
  8. Lovely build with a gorgeous sea - excellent work!!
  9. Superb model on a very impressive sea. I think the sea is wonderful. Well done sir!
  10. Thanks LooseSeal - i think a change of brand for black primer is the simpler approach. I'm only frustrating myself trying to 'fix' the problem. All the best!
  11. Just found this. I am so glad that it is not just me. I have all three primer colours. The white and grey spray beautifully bit the black is a nightmare. I have shaken and stirred (using my adapted electric milk frother) and cranked the pressure up to 30psi - no improvement!! I will now try warming the primer. Main reason for this post is to ask LooseSeal - have you managed to achieve any improvements?
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