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  1. Thanks LooseSeal - i think a change of brand for black primer is the simpler approach. I'm only frustrating myself trying to 'fix' the problem. All the best!
  2. Just found this. I am so glad that it is not just me. I have all three primer colours. The white and grey spray beautifully bit the black is a nightmare. I have shaken and stirred (using my adapted electric milk frother) and cranked the pressure up to 30psi - no improvement!! I will now try warming the primer. Main reason for this post is to ask LooseSeal - have you managed to achieve any improvements?
  3. Thank you all for your kind comments. I admire your work - it means a lot.
  4. I should have written some notes before submitting this post, sorry. The Biber is OOB build. The naval figure came with the kit. I added the old man and the boy from a MasterBpx set and I picked the 1:35 seagull up some time ago at a show.
  5. That is quite something!! Well done Sir!
  6. That is a lovely build - well done sir!!!
  7. I am looking forward to this build. Can I ask which PE set that is, it looks very comprehensive. W
  8. Oh interesting! I have this kit in the stash and was thinking about tackling it after I finish a few things on the bench. I can't give any advice, but i will be a avid spectator. Looking forward to it.
  9. This is a remarkable build! Impressive at any scale, but at 1:700 it is breathtaking. Superb piece of work.
  10. Thank you very much indeed - that is a real compliment!
  11. Gorgeous, beautiful, stunning and subtle. Superb work - take a bow.
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