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  1. This a great build of an unusual subject. Well done for a great job and bringing this vessel to our attention.
  2. Thank you David and Beefy. Great to get feedback from respected modellers - i really appreciate your words. Cheers!
  3. I really enjoyed this OOB build. Good kit - no issues.
  4. I have both books by David Griffith and Mike McCabe's book also. I have found all three very useful; the books compliment each other well. Both authors draw upon a huge amount of experience and offer great advice.
  5. Just saw this kit for Pre-Order at £99.95 https://www.jumbliesmodels.com/plastic-kits-c3/car-kits-c35/very-fire-1-350-ijn-aircraft-carrier-taiho-model-ship-kit-p18877
  6. Here is a completed Aida - it makes a magnificent looking ship. Perhaps the builder might share some views on the kit with you?
  7. That is interesting. Are these common threads used in needle work? Thanks for this, I like to make use of items that are readily available.
  8. I am also impressed with the additional railings. Can I ask what you used: thread, wire or something else?
  9. Superb work - well done!! Please do not abandon WW2 ships just yet, your talents are needed for these characters.
  10. I love it!!! It makes such a change to see something so colourful. Well done - lovely finish.
  11. You are correct! Gregor Fisher was Para Handy in 1994.
  12. Thank you for posting this video. I do not understand a word of Polish but the story speaks for itself. To see these villagers laughing and enjoying themselves is a joy. This barge has significant historical and cultural importance and it is wonderful that the film exists archive and testament to what humans can achieve in the name of artistic endeavour.
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