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  1. Lovely vessel! Good to see 'working' boats being built. Well done on a super build.
  2. WOW!! That's taken things to a new level! Great work - well done.
  3. Lovely diorama with subtle weathering, excellent piece of work.
  4. Gorgeous build - I need to read your 'work in progress' log in detail. Sea scene with figures too - Well done Sir!
  5. Great model and the lighting takes it to another level. Excellent!
  6. A gorgeous build! Love this tractor - excellent work.
  7. I love this scene! I really like the vinyl roof - it really takes me back! Great work.
  8. I've just meandered into AFV for a look and found this. Amazing work! Well done Sir!
  9. but under the cloak of darkness
  10. How fascinating! I will be following this with interest - especially as I am from the far North. In my home town, Thurso, we are very proud of our Viking heritage. What do mean by "fray stop' glue?
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