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  1. Thank you very much indeed - that is a real compliment!
  2. Gorgeous, beautiful, stunning and subtle. Superb work - take a bow.
  3. I think you have done an amazing job, both with the ship (it is stunning) AND with the sea setting - it looks fierce and dynamic. The ship is full of excellent details, great craftsmanship. Superb build - well done sir!!
  4. Thank you very much John. I did take some, let me see if they are worth posting. It started out as an experiment - I should have taken more pics along the way.
  5. Thank you Steve. The 'foam' is polyester stuffing from a fabric shop. I sprayed it white then teased it out and placed it. With a bit more skill it could be convincing!
  6. This is my first serious attempt at displaying a boat 'in motion' on the sea. It was a huge learning curve for me and I will admit I was relieved to see the back of it. However, after a few days I want to try something else and improve on this effort. Any comments, criticisms and advice will be gratefully received.
  7. Hi - I have just looked ay both of your reviews for the Agamemnon and Nelson. There does not seem to be much difference between them, would you agree? However, there is a difference to the prices of each. At the places I have checked, Agamemnon seems to be cheaper. Do you know why that may be? Great reviews on both. As a result I will be investing in one - not sure which.
  8. A great scene and a talented build - well done! Can I ask, is that polyester (fabric stuffing) you have used for the sea spume around the boat? Did you spray if white before final placement?
  9. That is a lovely build. I really like your weathering - well done!
  10. That is a superb build - well done sir!!
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