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  1. I spray a coat of clear gloss over the "primer", the clear coat is harder than regular paint and resistant to the moisture for longer so it acts as a barrier protecting the "primer" whilst allowing the topcoat to be worn away, I also use a child's toothbrush rather than anything more aggressive, works well, but the technique needs some practice! Granto
  2. All those little goodies are paying off, nice work, the detail is really popping out with that weathering! Granto
  3. TSR 2 in USAF livery? Now you`re talking! Granto
  4. I have successfully used Mr Surfacer dissolved putty applied by stippling with an old brush cut down to about 5mm, stays workable for several minutes so it`s easy to mess about with, got to be worth a try! Granto
  5. I don't know whats more impressive, the hoofin` great box at the top or all the other little bags and boxes of goodies! All laid out in accordance with modeling law and forum etiquette! Excellent, i shall enjoy this! Granto
  6. Mega! Really nice work, it might even inspire me to do a "waterline" model of a block ship, just a couple of masts and a funnel poking out of the oggin! Granto
  7. I like that! a quiet chuckle before work! Granto
  8. Here are a couple of fots of my 16 Squadron FR IX. I have only seen images of "X" and "V" consequently the choice of aircraft was limited! The kit is AZ model from the joy pack IX/XVI , three kits in one box, no decals, I had bought a set of vallejo paints earlier in the year and the PRU pink looked interesting, desperate to use it, I did a bit of research and thought a MK IX kit would be a good starting point, so one saturday on a diversion to the LMS I found the joy pack languishing on the shelf for less than the price of a weekend edition Eduard IX, I have an AZ model P 51 B/C in the stash which is IMHO a delightful and delicate little kit so I parted with my doubloons and trotted off home with three Spitfires! I was not disappointed! I think the AZ kit is a cracker, lovely detail, tiny and delicate and captures the look of the Spitfire. The only thing I added was seatbelts from the spares box, which you can hardly see but they are in there none the less! So this is the first of the trio, a FR IX, C wing, five spoke wheels, the camera window was drilled out and a circle 2.8mm diameter was punched from some clear plastic and fitted using acrylic crystal paint on the inside to seal it since my Gators grip had not arrived in time. There was minimal filler required although I did have to use a couple of shims to close a couple of gaps in the starboard wing root and port leading edge. the cockpit is adequately detailed if a trifle tricky to fit, the second of the trio, a high back XVI has had a different approach in this area with the seat bulkhead being fixed into the fuselage prior to painting as opposed to after! Primer was Stynylrez white with preshade done in grey, then Vallejo PRU pink, invasion stripes for late 44 when the squadron was operating from France so only on the fuselage, masked and sprayed with Vallejo from the same set, decals are Blackbird model, the same aircraft as AZ have in their FR IX kit (I subsequently found out!), Flory dark dirt wash and some Tamiya pastels for exhaust and gunstaining and a bit of filth on the port wing root, hopefully I have not overdone the weathering, I read that some of the recce aircraft were pretty minging in service late 44! So thats my fourth RFI since my conversion from the dark side in the summer! Forgot to unmask the camera window in this shot! That's better! Ta for lookin` no "G" Granto
  9. Here is my latest "Bench Blocker"! There are a LOT of things I`m not happy about with this example of my ill spent leisure time! However, I have learned from this experience, and my enthusiasm and Mojo are still intact! I think the basic kit is above average for under £8, but not say £10+. There is some nice scale detail but there is an amount that needs improvement, there are some baffling omissions from a "New" version of an existing kit, for example, FAA specific fuselage vents, correct prop, correct drop tank and I would have liked more than one choice of subject on the decal sheet, with a bit of thought the manufacturer could IMHO, have included a couple of bombs or launch rails for the rockets that late Mk IV Corsairs were capable of carrying and that would have covered Mk II and Mk IV aircraft, but for the price, I suppose it is par for the course. The other failures are down to me. The aeroplane should be gloss sea blue, but I just couldn't get a good gloss finish with my choice of acrylic gloss varnish, so after half a dozen fails I flatted everything off and started on a Spitfire! I tried the hairspray weathering method for the first time on this kit, which I actually enjoyed, and I will use it again where appropriate, I overdid it, experience again, one minute it was like trying to remove excrement from a blanket and then "Bang" and the dirt was gone, back down to bare aluminum! I cracked the very fragile canopy, my repair is not invisible! Never mind, there is always vac form AM available. I used stretched sprue for the antenna wire, it looked thinner than a human hair on the bench, on the kit it looks like they are putting up scaffolding.............I could go on and on pointing out where I could have done better, but, I now have two more of these in the stash, along with vac form canopies, and I didnt use my AM decal set, so I can, in the best "quantum leap" tradition "go back and put right what once went wrong" Anyhow, here`s the fots.................... F 15 c Aggressor getting a look in! Ta for lookin` no "G" Granto
  10. Well I finally got this bench blocker out of the way, I`ll try and take a couple of decent fots for RFI, but she`s done. I`m not happy with the finish, she should be gloss, but I had some issues with spraying a decent gloss finish, I put that down to my inexperience with acrylic paint, so I flatted her off and forgot about it! I cracked the canopy and my repair isn't as invisible as I hoped. My stretched sprue antenna wire, while it looked extremely thin on the bench looks like a scaffolding pole on the aeroplane, she`s too weathered, BPF Corsairs in GSB finish all appear to be in apple pie order, mine looks like shes just been used as a stand in for a flight 19 avenger from "Close Encounters", I could go on and on and on.........However, I have two more of these in my stash now, with vacform canopies just in case, and I also have my unused AM decals, I learned a lot with this baby, and at £7 a pop it`s well worth a second or third attempt! Ta for lookin` no G! Granto
  11. Nice finish Spookytooth, looking forward to the Jug! Granto
  12. Ahhhhh.........all my kit lives in my shed, and although it is very well insulated it got very cold last winter, very cold......I don't know if it got cold enough to freeze but that could have contributed to some of my related issues, the plot, like the primer, thickens! Granto
  13. I don`t know if you are doing anything wrong, having said that I have been using stynylrez for the last couple of years, initially on 1/35 scale armour kits, I don't recall any issues then, but following a loss of armour mojo I started back on 1/72 aircraft and that`s where my problems started, continual clogging of the gun, flecks in the paint, poor coverage, I use a sparmax gp50 for priming with a .5mm needle. I tried adding a few drops of water but although it thinned it slightly the results were not terribly impressive, I varied the pressure, put the gun components through the ultrasonic cleaner, I had been using the grey primer so I tried the white and the black, but there was no consistency in my results. I even called "everything airbrush" where I bought my kit from, but they couldn't really diagnose the problem or a solution other than continual experimentation. So now I keep the gun spotless by regular sessions through the ultrasonic cleaner, I never let paint even get vaguely dry in the gun, I use the recommended cleaner from badger, I mix the primer for ages before I spray and I have to rack the pressure up to 35-40 psi on my regulator to get decent atomisation of the paint (I don't know how accurate my regulator is). I use a Harder and Steenbeck ultra for painting at about 20-25 psi with vallejo air paints as a first choice which in my opinion sprays like silk, lovely paint! I have resolved the issues to a degree, but I am going to give the vallejo primer a go, it is also a polyurethane self leveling filler/primer so as Barry Norman used to not say, you pays your money and takes your choice! Good luck! Granto
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