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  1. I have AK's RAF MTO colours and I find that their Azure Blue is very nice, More over, it matches my 2 remaining bottles of AeroMaster's Azure Blue, (still perfectly good, even though I've had them since the 80's) which I've always preferred due to their tendency towards 'a more scale appearance' as opposed to 'an intense factory fresh appearance'. FWIW, I also discovered that AK's Middle Stone (brushed) matched the Compucolour Middle Stone (again. an old tin, but still remarkably useable) when touching up a Hurricane's canopy framing. Scott
  2. I would also seriously question the short 'Texan' style exhaust on both 2564's and AJ733's profile. While my copy of Dave Fletcher's book on the Harvard is in storage (and thus I couldn't give you the exact date of the modification), Harvard II's - at least in Canada, sported the longer style exhaust as shown by Geoff McDonald's Harvard Mk.IV model in Wm. Beckley's post. Also, without Carl's photo in hand, I'd question the use of the diagonal black stripes on AJ733 for a trainer. As Wm Beckley pointed out, the stripes were used on target tug or gunnery trainers, - not trainers. Scott
  3. Again, thanks for the links to the sprue shots and instructions ... but what I'm really looking for is a shot of a dry-fitted or assembled wing from the UF-2 boxing, taken 'head-on' to outer edge of the wingtip, thus leaving no doubt as to the airfoil and thickness of the kit wing at that point. This would have to be done by someone who has the kit as no sprue shot or drawings in the instructions will show the wing from that angle. Scott
  4. Hugh, you mentioned that you were open to doing an RCAF Canso A (PBY-5A)? Aviaeology does a full 72nd sheet on RCAF Canso A (PBY-5A) covering the sub-killers from 162 (BR) Squadron ... all in RAF Coastal Command schemes. Scott
  5. Thanks for your suggestions, but I've recently had a link with the instructions PM'd to me. Looking at hem, I can only say it's a far more impressive kit than I first thought. Scott
  6. I'm looking at a future build of a CSR-110 Grumman Albatross (RCAF) and with that, I have to decide if I'm going to get the new Sova-M UF-2 or stay with my Monogram HU-16B Albatross. I've seen/studied the sprue shots of the Sova-M SA-16A & UF-2 in the old Rumormonger's thread about their impending release, but you can only determine so much from overhead sprue shots. I've yet to find an online source that will allow me to download the UF-2 instructions to get a better understanding of what the kit has to offer or what still has to be corrected/converted. If anyone has the UF-2 kit and would be willing to scan the instructions for me, drop me a PM. Thanks.... Scott
  7. Once again, I'm turning to the BM community for the answer. Currently, I'm inquiring for a Hurricane IIc that's finished in desert cam, circa 1942, but I'll be looking at the same question when I do a UK-based Hurricane IIb, circa '41-'42. a) What colour was the decking immediately under the windscreen (above the IP). Was it in the adjacent cam, RAF Interior Green or something else? b) For that matter, what colour was the housing directly behind the seat - that bit of structure hidden by the last clear frame of a closed canopy. Again, was it in the adjacent cam colour, RAF Interior Green or something else? Thanks for even considering the questions. Scott iic
  8. Quick question: I'm currently working on the Arma Hurricane IIc and I was wondering if anyone could tell me the colour of the single ID(?) light on the fuselage underside, just to the rear of the radiator. The kit provides a clear piece (T8), but no colour/tint callout. I've a feeling that this should be an amber lens, but thought I'd check here first. Any thoughts? Scott
  9. The European-based RCAF CF-100's were all MK.4B's in which the de-icing vanes were standard. The Belgian CF-100's were all Mk.5's and therefore were not fitted with the vanes. I emailed Chris and pointed out that the Obscureco wheels were basically copes of the Hobbycraft plastic. - and he agreed they should've been changed. In comparing the two resin sets mentioned and only going by online images of the Flight Engineering set, I would go with the Obscureco set for the cockpit interior as it gives that critical structure between the crew while the FE set didn't appear to offer it. However, if I may, give a bit of warning as the OP mentioned that he intended to apply the resin to the Astra CF-100. The Obscureco set says it was intended for the Hobbycraft kit and they meant it! It does not fit well with the Astra kit ... ask me how I know. Intending to do the Astra kit with the Hobbycraft as a donor, I ended up with Hobbycraft plastic as much more than just a casual donor. It supplied both halves of the fwd fuselage while the Astra kit supplied the wings, canopy and the entire rear portion of the airframe. Hobbycraft incorporated certain location assists in the fwd fuselage that made using the cockpit interior and the MLG much more challenging than I was prepared for. Fortunately, Hobbycraft did an excellent job of cloning Astra's fwd fuselage and externally, both are virtually identical. If you're interested, my summary of the build & RFI can be found here. Scott
  10. Colin, would it be possible to post some comparison photos of the bomb doors between a B.XVI and a TT35 along with an explanation of the differences , for those unfamiliar with the type(s) - like me (at least where the TT35 is concerned)? If I manage to snag one of the new releases, I'd want to think abut doing it as a 400 Sqn. PR,XVI. Scott
  11. Looking at the sprue shots, as well as the instructions ... that 'step' is (in this case) present on both the fuselage and the 1-piece canopy. Scott
  12. Thanks for bringing that bit of footage to my attention, XV571. It may be only contain a small portion of useful footage, but it was informative, Thanks. Scott
  13. Unfortunately Carl only published two of the books in the planned Canada Wings series - the Blackburn Shark and the one you have, on the Liberators & Fortress. I'm not sure of the backstory as to why only the two were published, but there you have it. Scott
  14. Like wschurr said, check your references, especially the fuselage vents on the wing roots . I know Canada's Voodoos came from US stocks, but for whatever reason, those vents were visibly different from U.SA.F. Voodoos and to how Monogram (1/48) and Revell (1/72) tooled them. Did KH follow their lead? I dunno. Scott
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