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  1. That's a very interesting tip about the 'nail buffers'. I've plenty of older kits in the stash that would be perfect to try it on, as opposed to always scribing. Scott
  2. I'm using Windows 10 and it just happened to me. A simple 'refresh' resolved the immediate situation, but that doesn't resolve the initial problem. It may be the first time I got that particular page, but it's not the first time I got a message about a server problem while browsing the BM forums. Scott
  3. FWIW, I'd have to agree with Chris (cngaero), especially with the angle of the photo he provided. The bulge of the blister appears quite clearly when one looks at the shadow cast by the collar of the life vest, on the pilot's back. Scott
  4. I know I read that somewhere, but since I can't locate it, I shall bow to both of your conclusions. By the same token, I would question if there was any difference in size/location between the bomb carriers as you suggest. According to accounts in the book "Typhoon and Tempest; the Canadian story, by Hugh Halliday, on one raid, aircraft of 143 Wing flew with 500lb bombs because their supply of 1000lb bombs was exhausted. That would imply the same bomb carriers were used - in the same wing position, would it not? Scott
  5. Not really familiar with the Hasegawa kit (1/48 isn't my scale), but one thing to keep in mind when arming your latest build … the 3-bladed Mk.Ib with the small tailplane's could not carry the 1000lb bombs, but the 4-bladed Mk.Ib with the larger Tempest tailplanes, could. Scott
  6. cherisy sez... When putting together various Lancaster projects for future builds, I discovered a very surprising issue - for me, anyway. I had always thought the 'cookies' in the Hasegawa and Revell kits were on the anemic side of things, until I looked into the stats for the bombs themselves. The most concise dimension information I found, came from "Belcher Bits 1/72 RAF 2000, 4000, 8000 and 12000 lb HC resin set" of which the instructions can be found here. In them, he describes the differences between the 4000lb, 8000lb and 12,000lb cookies ... the point being tha
  7. Beautifully done, Sir! I also like your tip re cutting out the kit's decaled seat harnesses and gluing them to the seat. Scott
  8. Work In Progress … you're quite right, My apologies. I should've looked to see if there was a special forum set up to post an inquiry like this, in the first place. Moderators please move this thread to the proper forum. Thank you Jackson and dromia. Now I have a bit more of a clue as to what I'm looking for. Inquiry answered! Scott
  9. I'm considering some future projects around the 1980's tooling of the Airfix Lancaster & I may decide to replace those rivets lost to sanding rather than to totally eliminate them … so I put it out there - what are your recommendations for a 1/72 rivet tool? Scott
  10. Jeff... I'd also be tempted to replace the fairing for the upper turret as the Revell part is IMO, of dubious shape. I believe the new-er Airfix tool for the Lancaster has this as a separate part, but in my case, with the 80's tooling … it's left to some basic x-kitting surgery - if I decide to use the Revell fuselage in the first, place. Scott
  11. Moderators: If this isn't in the appropriate place, feel free to move it. While I have no modelling interest in this time period, I thought that those that have might be interested in these forthcoming decal sheets, given the subject matter. I was looking through some of my bookmarked modelling sites the other day and decided to check out the Leading Edge Decal site to see what was new and found an announcement of two upcoming sheets for the 100th Anniversary of the Canadian Air Force, that might be of interest to those with a WW1/Interwar interest. I guess, technically, this c
  12. I plan to do a 1/72 400 Sqn. PR.XVI sometime in the foreseeable future and this can only serve as inspiration. Well, done! Scott
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