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  1. GrahamB and Chris … You were wondering what 'flatted' Humbrol #11 looks like? Since Chris specifically mentioned that he was looking for a silver for the underside of an Airfix (rag-wing) Hurricane, I thought I'd post a shot of the one I finished a while back. This is Humbrol #11 Silver after a final coat of MM acrylic, Clear Flat. Scott
  2. I finally found your RFI, Tony. Beautiful 'Clunk'. Gotta love that NMF! Scott
  3. Meatbox8: You were partially correct. 415 Squadron did fly all-black Fairey Albacore Mk.I, from Oct.'43 - July'44. Lovely build, btw. I've always thought that Airfix did a great job on the Swordfish. Only wish they'd do the same for the Blackburn Shark Mk.II/III, so we have an alternative to the ancient Frog kit Scott
  4. I echo 72modeler's suggestion to contact John Aero. Back in the day when Aeroclub was at it's peak in LHS's all over, I got several of his T-6 props for the same reason you're looking for them and can attest that they have the hub detail you're looking for. Scott
  5. fubar57; These Canadian-based RN Swordfish were not RCAF, but only maintained by the RCAF. The quote you furnished even confirms this. "...an agreement was signed giving the RCAF management of all RCN shore-based air activities and this included air stores, supporting services, major aircraft repairs and maintenance" , not flying and certainly not transferring the aircraft to the RCAF inventory in any way, shape or form. These were always ex-RN aircraft transferred/loaned to the RCN, but in the care of RCAF 'ground crew and related admin. personnel' because the RCN at that time didn't have enough people trained within their own ranks to do the job on shore and at sea with the RN. Scott
  6. MeatboxB: Are you thinking of the Fairey Albacore? The RCAF never operated the Swordfish. Scott
  7. Thanks for those comments, gentlemen. I really appreciate them. Lightningboy2000: The kit isn't too bad, but there are places for 'improvement', but what kit's perfect? Keep in mind, when searching for a kit … Hobbycraft released two CF-100 kits - the Mk.4 and the Mk.5. Mostly the same plastic, but with version specific parts … that being the overall span of both the tailplanes and wings. (the Mk.5 was larger). However, I would strongly recommend that you get the Obscureco resin for the CF-100, just in case you do find the kit or a new mold is released. (I'd be real surprised to see one) It does take care of multiple flaws in the Hobbycraft kit(s). Also, if in the event a new tool does emerge, you never know how much of that resin may prove useful. Besides, one can never tell how long a resin set will remain on the market and Obscureco have had this listed for some time now I look forward to seeing those, Tony! :) Scott
  8. Thank guys... Your comments are appreciated. kapam: … a 'pure labour of love', that was ... Scott
  9. Thank you, Bangseat. You're welcome. PM me if you have questions and 'll try to have an answer ready, even though the build was "a while ago". Yon mentioned the Voodoo is on your list,. If you want to do a CF-101B sometime in the future and need decals, Leading Edge has a reprint of the sheet I used, currently listed on their site … but don't wait. Past experience with them has shown that when a particular run is sold out, Dave's not adverse to shelving that sheet for a indeterminate period. Just looking out for the welfare of all us modellers crawling around with our cameras., in search of that ultimate detail shot. My guess is that the purpose of the red l/g doors was not unlike why the USN and other services edge their l/g doors with red or some other very noticeable colour. Still, I agree … it's not a scheme I'd choose for the living room, but you got to admit … it's festive. Scott
  10. Thank you, gentlemen. Your comments are very much appreciated! Claudio: I have 2 more Sabres to go - a Mk.2 and a Mk.4, then I'll have each of the 4 Wings represented and with the CF-100, that pretty well will cover the RCAF presence in Europe in the 50's … in terms of the fighters, anyway. OOTB, the Hobbycraft kit looks like a CF-100. My 'flaw' is that I'm the type where if I know of a flaw and can reasonably correct it with the skills I have, I will … or it'll eat into me everytime I see it. Originally, my plans always called for me to use the Astra kit as my primary kit and the Hobbycraft only providing a few of the minor bits, like landing gear, pitot, etc. Since those plans also called for the mandatory use of the resin and that demanded the Hobbycraft plastic, the decision to use the fwd fuselage halves of the Hobbycraft kit was made for me. It's use really simplified things and there was really no loss of detail - except for the x-section flaw which I fixed (which is easier than it sounds using the Astra rear fuselage) and some less serious ones, the Hobbycraft kit is pretty true to the Astra kit. My build just avoided most of those with x-kitting the two kits. PM me with your email and I'll scan you a few things that may make your CF-100 project a little less frightening - things not requiring the use of the Astra Models kit. However, I would strongly recommend that you try to secure a set of Obscureco's CF-100 resin (they're online), it'll make life sooo much easier. Also, find some weights that will fit in 4 places … the nacelles (in front of the wings); the gun pack and the extreme front of the nose (in front of the nose gear). It can be a real tail-sitter. Corsairfoxfouruncle: Unfortunately, you'll need to rely on the secondary market or another modeller who wants to part with one. Hobbycraft closed-up shop some time back. The same can be said for Astra Models. If you do find a Hobbycraft kit, keep in mind that while they 'cloned' the Astra Models CF-100 Mk.4/5, Hobbycraft issued the two versions as separate kits with version specific parts. Scott
  11. Subject: 419 Sqn. CF-100 Mk.4B, s/n. 18378; 4 Wing, Baden-Soellingen, Germany - 1958 Kit: Astra Models 1/72 CF-100 Mk.4/5 vac-form with some help from Hobbycraft's 1/72 CF-100 Mk.4 Aftermarket: Obscureco's CF-100 resin update intended for the Hobbycraft kit (cockpit interior, ejection seats, MLG wheel well, intake faces, Mk.4 gunsight) Decals: Canuck Decals CF-100 Pt.2 (419, 440 and 445 Sqn.) - OOP Aviaeology 1/72 generic 'Silver Maple' RCAF roundels and their 1/72 'Red Ensign' flag sheets Paints; AK 'Real Colours' RAF Dark Green; Model Master Dark Sea Grey and Compucolour Light Aircraft Grey BS381C/627 (still good after all these years) As a way of background, Hobbycraft is only an injection 'clone' of the Astra Models CF-100 Mk.4/5, except Hobbycraft as per usual, missed with several shape errors. Fortunately, the two halves of the fwd fuselage were near identical to the Astra kit, so the deciding factor to use the Hobbycraft parts was the resin. When Obscureco says it's intended for the Hobbycraft kit … that's exactly what they mean! Where Hobbycraft messed up was the contours on the underside half of the fwd fuselage (it's split horizontally). At the point where the front and the rear fuselages join, the actual x-section is perfectly circular. Unlike the vac-form, Hobbycraft's version of the x-section resembled a circular balloon, gently pressed down onto a table top. The rear fuselage assembly for the Astra kit had the correct x-section. OOTB, Hobbycraft's shape error had a domino effect on the kit's rear fuselage, giving it a 'bloated hunchback' appearance, hence the decision to use the Astra rear fuselage assembly.. The big challenge was to beat the Hobbycraft kit into submission and mate it to the Astra rear fuselage. After some filing, filling and sanding (repeat as necessary), the Hobbycraft kit succumbed. The images below show the breakdown between the two principal kits and the resin. Purple = Astra Models White = Hobbycraft Blue = Obscureco resin Orange = 'parts box' or scratched Hobbycraft also supplied the following: landing gear; the pitot tube; flaps, MLG doors (re-worked and thinned). Astra also provided the following: the canopy (Hobbycraft was far too thick and has slight shape issues); some of the landing gear doors (comparative 'scale' thickness); the exterior of the cross-fuselage flap was cut from the Astra kit, while the flap structure was scratched; the kit's large fuselage scoop was replaced with a smaller version from the 'parts-box' (what it's origin was, I dunno) as the kit supplied part was far too large when compared to photos and the wing-tip rocket pods. The Hobbycraft equivalents proved too short. Final notes: - The exposed portion of the excessively thick Hobbycraft exhaust, was removed from the nacelle and replaced by 'collar of equal length to the removed exhaust (2mm) , cut from the exhaust of a Heller Sabre. Logical if you think about it. The Heller Sabre 'is' a Canadair Mk.6, powered by the Orenda14. The CF-100 Mk.4B was powered by two Orenda 9 and later Orenda 11 … same jet pipe/exhaust. - - - The de-icing vanes on the intake 'bullets' are small lengths of styrene. - The gunsight (the Mk.4 had still had a gunsight) was scratched to replace the resin offering - Wing-tip navigation lights are from the CMK navigation lights set and the tail light is shaped from clear sprue. - small aux. intakes either side of canopy scratched from hollow Contrail rod and putty. - flush scoop on lower port nose cut out and 'boxed in' - flying surfaces repositioned as commonly seen on parked aircraft Scott
  12. Thank you for your comment, Antti_K. That comic book sounds kind of interesting, but I don't recall seeing or hearing about it, sorry. Scott
  13. Thank you for your comments, everyone. Dennis: Your comment re. 'the change summary' made me think a bit more and as a result, I've re-edited the original post to include a couple of 'Construction Tips, that are not specific to a CF-101B … but would apply in general to either the Revell 1/72 kit or the Monogram 1/48 Voodoo. Scott
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