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  1. Such an interesting event it was! Plenty of small scale models (sorry for the amount of pics!), very nice meetings and brilliant (bright and spacious) venue. Once again a big Thank You to JBr Decals and Miniwing for possibility of having a joint-stand! Onto the pics (courtesy by lejgo_inc and myself). First a few views across the 144th scale contest table... ... and a glimpse of our ShelfOddity stand (with JBr's models on the horizon) : What exactly was on the contest and the club tables? A lot! First, two photos of the same F-14A: A super-detailed F-14D on one of a club stands: The newest Eduard 144th scale kit portfolio - MiG-15UTi in the livery present in the ticket-set... Its camouflaged colleague from East Germany: And an absolute gem - a Bulgarian machine (check the riveting!): Some more jets: Back to propeller era: A different kind of propeller: Of course passenger liners were displayed too: A lonely Tupolev... ...in the Boeing county: A tad smaller (1/200) but nevertheless interesting Lufthansa 737-200: The highlight of the displayed collections was this gathering of machines used in Czechoslovak/Czech AF: Best regards, Marek
  2. donalyah00

    Gatow Model Show 2018

    Hi all! We would like to present the models in 1/144 scale we have seen during different model shows. Let us start with Gatow event organised by IPMS Deutschland. The first weekend of September we had a really nice day of meetings with fellow modelers, looking at models and comparing them with their 1/1 scale counterparts exhibited in Berlin's Gatow Museum. Relaxed atmosphere, very friendly crew and brilliant surroundings – it is a place definitely worth coming back. Please find a couple images of models in our favourite scale (courtesy of lejgo_inc): Best regards, Marek
  3. donalyah00

    E-day 2018 news

    Thank you Vincent! The Beverley photoetch is planned for SMW Telford. During E-day a few more new decal sets were shown, this time jets: F-15E in various markings: A rather special Skyray... ... and a few early Tomcats: Available soon! Regards, Marek
  4. donalyah00

    E-day 2018 news

    Hello, Please see some new items prepared for coming E-day event - a propeller ones. A bunch of pitch-black Hurricanes... ... and a T'Bolts selection: In case the the markings are not enough we have a T'Bolt stenciles too: Available soon! Regards, Marek
  5. donalyah00

    Hughes H-4 Hercules 1/72

    An utterly amazing build! If one takes the sheer size of 1/72nd scale Spruce Goose into account, the attention to the detail is simply amazing! Skin wrinkles, hollowed and thin-walled air intakes, perfect glazing, realistic lights and a perfect paint coat! A museum quality model, congratulations! The build process photos are also worth looking at! I second that! Regards, Marek
  6. Hello there, As we mentioned in our sub-forum header we like our aircraft models to be a bit unusual. Our preferred scale is 1/144 but with time we may ourselves wandering into other areas too. Our main scope of activity are decal and photo-etched sets. At some stage we have combined those two areas and we prepared sets of the most popular air-to-air missiles. The 700th scale items are tad more different but we will keep that for later on. We are based in Poland but our webstore and Facebook profile are available worldwide. Please take a look on our aviation products released so far... ...and stay tuned for more as we are in final stages of new sets preparation! Best, Marek
  7. donalyah00

    German Type XVII B submarine 1/350 Mikro mir

    Just a small suggestion - there is no U-boat type XXIII in 350th scale on the market. AFAIK only this and types X ('cruiser') and XVI ('milk cow') are missing from WW2 U-boat portfolio. The documentation is widely available - would you consider preparing such kit by any chance? Regards, Marek
  8. donalyah00

    1.144TH Postwar Lancaster advice needed.

    Speaking of 144th scale RAF D-type roundels decals - Mark I comes to the rescue. Avialiable also at Hannants. Regards, Marek
  9. donalyah00

    1.144TH Postwar Lancaster advice needed.

    There is also a nice selection of Brengun Lanc accessories for 144th scale A-model kit: - bomb bay - flaps - vacformed transparencies Regards, Marek
  10. donalyah00

    North American B45: the RAF penetrations

    I think they did: http://www.anigrand.com/AA4046_XB-46.htm If you look at the usual bonus kits - B-45 is one of them. Regards, Marek
  11. donalyah00

    1/144 Scale AW Argosy

    Definitely. It is the same style as Argossy Warpaint. I have both books on my shelf. Regards, Marek
  12. donalyah00

    1/144 Scale AW Argosy

    Lovely! As the Argossy begins to materialise - may I suggest next subject? HP Hastings would be a welcome addition to your range. There is an excellent Warpaint book available too. Regards, Marek
  13. Scale Aviation Modeller Int Aug 2006 issue - you can still find it on eBay. Regards, Marek
  14. donalyah00

    GWH Vulcan & Anigrand Vulcan jet pipes

    The GWH kit has jet pipes for 200 series engines and they seem to have proper dimensions. There is one glitch however - you have to skew them a bit outside to resemble the original. I did that in my Vulcan (I stick to pure 200 series XH556) - I sanded down the outside part of the jet pipes base and delicately bent the outward pipe to the outside. As to the 300 series - you may try to sand down the business end of the respective jet pipes to shorten them. Regards, Marek
  15. donalyah00

    1/144 HP Victor

    I went through my books as well as through info published on the Internet and this is what I found about Blue Steel anti-flash Victors: - GWH kit depicts B.2R (retrofitted) airframe with correct longer wingspan of 120 ft (36.6 m), Kuchemann carrots and the largest fin root intake - the kit allows relatively easy build of the following airframes (of which I have found pics): XL158, XL162, XL164, XL511 and XL512 - the best photographed airframes are XL158 and XL512 - always with the missile underneath - Aug 2006 issue of SAMI magazine contains very detailed Victor drawings prepared by AL Bentley - there is an information that when the missile was not carried the bomb bay opening was covered by fairing stored inside of the bomb bay, there is also drawing of Blue Steel bomb bay fairing. - three photographs taken on the ground show this fairing being actually used: XL162 (Aerofax p.117), XL164 (Aerofax p.141) and XL511 (Warpaint p.15) - two Blue Steel related details are missing in the kit: heat exchanger fairing on the bottom of the plane and the ECM 'warts' on the tail cone. - in this thread there is an interesting info about covering the lower part of air-refuelling probe with pale blue paint - it is visible here on XL158 - several pics of XL512 in flight with Blue Steel missile are showing darker area on the bottom of the forward fuselage - a rectangle between dielectric radar fairing and the front gear doors. What colour could it be? Or maybe was it left in natural aluminum finish? This area is darker also on camouflaged Blue Steel airframes. - the air deflector in front of the bomb bay seems to be made of solid parts in case of Blue Steel airframes. The perforated parts are visible mostly on B.2SR camouflaged machines. - all the anti-flash Blue Steel Victors seem to sport only rear antennae mast on upper fuselage. It is usually dark (black?). The railing and the front mast are not present on period photos. - the decals supplied by GWH are unusable in case of anti-flash Blue Steel Victors. 26 Decals have anti-flash Vulcans and Valiants in their 144th scale offer. They also do have the anti-flash Victor but only in 72nd scale. Anyone has an info about possible 144th anti-flash Victor decals? Regards, Marek