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  1. Have taken the sprues out of the plastic bag and applied Halfords grey primer. I love this stage of model building 20210515_163105 by Ghostbase, on Flickr
  2. The 'Lead Sled', 'Super Hog', and 'Mechanic's Nightmare' were all rather unflattering nicknames for the Republic F-84F Thunderstreak which was notorious for using a LOT of runway to get airborne when fully loaded! The Thunderstreak was quite advanced for her time being of the first generation of swept-wing fighter-bombers and able to carry 'special' weapons. Over 3000 were built and it could be described as the original NATO fighter preceding the F-104G Starfighter in many European NATO countries. This is the 1984 initial issue of the Monogram 1/48th Republic F-84F Thunderstreak ki
  3. I have been waiting for this GB, am sure that I have a few kits hiding in the stash which would qualify (and be fun to build). Just a question; several of the old kits that I would like to build have very poor decals and the effort in building and painting them would be negated by the very poor quality of those decals. I do have a decals spares box so can I use some decals from that box eg national insignia, air force titles, generic stuff like that to give a better presentation? Would the 20% spares box apply here too? Thanks Michael
  4. On the 10th May 1961 Convair B-58A Hustler msn 59-2451 named 'The Firefly' set a world speed record of an average of 1302.07 mph for more than 30 minutes, winning her crew Majors Elmer E Murphy and Eugene F Moses, and 1st Lt David F Dickerson, the Bleriot Trophy outright. On 26th May she flew from New York to Paris in 3 hrs 19 mins 51 secs averaging 1089.36 mph winning the McKay and Harmon trophies. On 3rd June 1961 this stunning aircraft took off from Le Bourget and crashed shortly afterwards, killing all three crew members. When I was a teenager the Convair B-58 Hustler was my
  5. Great build and I love the F-101B in a SEA camo scheme. Not entirely a 'whif' though, I do remember the 1986 Alconbury airshow where they had an F-101B Voodoo in wrap-round SEA used as a BDR training frame, although that one had black stencilled 'star and bar' markings. Michael
  6. My very first decent build back in the late 70's was the 1/48th ESCI F-104G Starfighter, I still have it now; severe lack of detail though. I recently built the old Monogram 1/48th F-104G and the fit of the two fuselage halves - upper and lower - wasn't good and I would think carefully before trying one of these again. One kit mentioned above is the Revell 1/32nd F-104 which contains parts for both the 'C' and 'G' models and I built one of these three years ago and finished it in foil and I was very pleased with the end result. I would be very tempted to try another one but this time with a re
  7. This is a really helpful topic because I am currently building the original Hasegawa 1/48th F-4J (the P1 kit) as a USAF F-4C 64-0748 using parts from the kit, also spare parts from an Academy F-4J as well as the spares box. I thought I had it all covered until I read this; I forgot the wheels are different and I need to check the nosewheel door too. I did find that three dorsal antennae need removing as does one under the nose radome. As #Hook points out, care needs to be taken selecting the correct IR housing, or even lack of. For a kit first issued in 1982 it goes together very nicely indeed
  8. I just noticed that I forgot to paint the dorsal anti-collision beacon red! Michael
  9. Have been wanting to build the Hobbyboss 1/48th Vought A-7K Corsair (nicknamed the 'Twosair') for some time now, completed this morning. She is marked as A-7K 81-0077 operated by the 124th TFS / 132nd TFW, Iowa ANG out of Des Moines IAP, Iowa, May 1988. A-7K 004 by Ghostbase, on Flickr Model - built OOB. Paints - Vallejo Model Air for main grey colours (airbrushed), Vallejo Model Color for detail colours except Tamiya XF-4 for zinc chromate. White applied by Rust-Oleum surface primer spraycan. Decals - mixture of kit decals and Speed Hunter Graphics 48-008 'US
  10. Ghostbase

    Covid Jab

    I had the AZ jab on Wednesday at the Epsom Downs racecourse vaccination centre at 12.45pm. Was OK until after midnight when I got the chills and everytime I went to sleep had vivid nightmares and woke up again. This continued all night. Thursday I felt down and fatigued however some of that was due to lack of sleep. Went to bed 7pm and slept through to 7am! Again some weird and vivid dreams. Feeling much better today, odd thing is for a few hours I had that musty taste/smell which I have had in the past after a bout of 'flu - that's proper 'flu, not man 'flu BTW My arm was very sore yesterda
  11. I purchased the kit in May 2010 and Modelzone ceased trading in 2013, I didn't realise that it was nearly eight years ago! I counted the parts in the kit, fifty three in total so no head start needed If I recall correctly Revell were re-releasing a lot of their old kits around this time under the 'Limited Edition Classics' label. Many ended up being sold at half price in Modelzone. Michael
  12. Still have a week to decide but this kit is sparking the mojo, the ancient Revell / Monogram 1/32nd Hawker Hurricane I which was originally released in 1969. The kit was revamped as a Hurricane II C in 1986 and this 'Limited Edition' release of 2009 contains the parts for the II C. IMGP4142 by Ghostbase, on Flickr The connection with Africa is that I want to build a Hurricane II C operated by No 11 OTU out of Waterkloof, South Africa, from January to April 1945. Specifically I want to build "H" 5268 as flown on 25th January 1945. HurricaneIIC307Waterkloof45D
  13. Just thinking aloud really, possibly looking at one of 1/48th Tiger Moth, Harvard IIA, or a Hurricane II; all 1944/45 Commonwealth Training Plan in South Africa. Or maybe a 1/35th Crusader III from Second Battle of El Alamein 1942. Would any of these be permissible on this GB? Michael
  14. Very impressive build! I have that kit in the stash and have been meaning to get it started but also a little bit nervous about it, this build is definitely motivational Michael
  15. Love the build and the paint, I am very impressed that you got that standard out of a kit that was first released in 1978 Michael
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