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  1. Ghostbase

    2019 Airshows

    I am very lucky to have time to do what I want this year, first time since 2005, and I was looking forward to going to some kind of aviation event most weekends. However when I looked into it I was surprised at how sparse the 'big' airshow scene is compared to even 14 years ago (and we were moaning it ain't like the good old days even back then). Yeovilton is definitely on the list and I am looking forward to the arrival and departure days at RAF Fairford as well as the Friday 'short' display. Michael
  2. That is a very impressive Starfire! The foiling has worked much better than your previous F-80C however that was still a good looker by the time you finished it. It looks as though using the Bare Metal product has helped and next time I decide to torture myself I will give that a try based on your experience with this kit. I think you also played a smart move by choosing a paint scheme where some of the more difficult areas to foil were painted red! The Caracal decals look good too. Nice job! Michael
  3. A very nice result on one of Kitty Hawk's earlier kits. The Demon seems to have been quite a large aircraft for the time. Michael
  4. That is a superb result from Kitty Hawk's first kit (I think it was). The Starfire was also an interesting aircraft, sort of an F-80 on steroids as it were Michael
  5. Quick update, ready to get started, have started taking items off the sprues (those that had not already fallen off) and have made some light applications of primer. The question is whether to go ahead and break up an Eduard cockpit etch set for a TF-104G ie use the etch for the front cockpit of the twin seater on this much more basic model. Here is what I am working with: The first item of interest is that the cockpit contains two ejection seats. The first two issues of this kit were for USAF F-104C models whereas this one is for a West German F-104G. After a little searching on the web I learned that USAF Starfighters used the Lockheed C-2 ejection seat whereas most European models were equipped with the Martin-Baker Mk. Q7(A) to give more rapid ejections in high sink rate situations. Looking at the photo above I think the seat on the left is the Lockheed seat, the one to the right the Martin-Baker type. As I am still very warm towards a NASA F-104G I understand that the Lockheed seat would be the one to use. The Monogram cockpit is very basic indeed, apart from the control stick what you see is what you get! The use of even just a few pieces of etch would give it a great deal more detail though I might have to trim some of them to get them to fit. I think it is worth a try. Michael
  6. Just took a look at your build and that was quite a surprise, I never thought of the F-94B Starfire as a NACA research aircraft! I think that in comparison the F-104G was definitely the 'next generation' Michael
  7. Just thinking at this stage, which decal scheme to use on this F-104G. I did have a complete sheet for the Monogram F-104S 'Tigermeet '91' but Icarus beat me to it My main choice now is a NASA bird. I do have the decals from an old ESCI 'F-104N' as N820NA, they have been stored in a dry place and hopefully should still be usable: If this plan does not work I do have some of the ancient Microscale 48-43 which builds into F-104G N812NA: The ESCI decals are preferable because they mean that only the topside white and underside light blue have to be applied, the central dark blue outlined with yellow/gold is all contained within the decals. If they prove to be unusable then the dark blue has to be painted and outlined with the Microscale gold stripes. I am also considering whether to break up an old Eduard Zoom detail etch set for a TF-104G and use it to build two of these old Monogram kits, or maybe another ESCI kit. It would be fun to give it a try though I suspect that a 'Zipper' purist might not approve! I am trying to build some of my older kits to reduce the stash. I was getting a lot of bargains on eBay way back when and I really want to get them out of the way to free up space. Just have a Sabre to finish then I will get started on this old gal Michael
  8. Very interesting to see this choice and how she turns out, if the decals are good then she will be a looker Michael
  9. Sadly, not just in time. I visited the Lancing Model Show yesterday and decided to sit out in the sun in the garden this afternoon with a beer or two so I have run out of time. Yes, self inflicted 'tis true However, I am not disheartened. The Ejército del Aire F-86F Sabre is close to completion. Today I worked on the replacement undercarriage metal parts and have cleaned and primed them. I also started applying the major decals and she is definitely looking good. I hope to have her finished by the end of this week then I can get started in the Lockheed GB as well as completing my 1/48th Kitty Hawk RF-101C Voodoo. Many thanks to Col and Enzo Matrix for doing what they do to keep this GB on track. I am also grateful to exdraken and Artie for their expert input, thanks both Michael
  10. I would like to take part in this GB with the 1/48th Monogram Lockheed F-104G Starfighter. This is the 1986 #5447 version of this venerable kit that was first released in 1978 and last in 2013. This version was released as the specially painted "Buschel Canary" operated by Jbg 33 and was retired in 1985. I paid £4.39 for the kit on eBay 11 years ago and I almost sent it back, the box smelled of mildew and sadly the decals are unusable. Not sure how I am going to paint her yet, maybe a 'Tiger' scheme but I have plenty of choices. Whilst looking around in the stash I found some Eduard photo etch detail sets which must have been in a sale so I might use some of them on this build. Michael
  11. Saved by the Big H Have not worked with metal parts before, though I am used to etch. So, my plan is to apply a primer then top coat of aluminium paint. Then attach to the kit using Cyanoacrylate glue. Is that a sound plan? Michael
  12. Love the end result, the Seahawk tends to get ignored which is a shame. It was a capable jet for it's time and, in Marinefliger markings, very good looking too. Michael
  13. Helios16v I think your wording "Merely one option of several fixes to get it to the finish line" is much better and, for me, it is probably the metal replacements is the easiest fix given the time I have available and the skills that I currently have. I love the AM bits that are now available and this is a whole new modelling world to play with Michael
  14. I have taken the coward's way out and ordered some white metal replacements from the Big H. let's put it this way, I got the kit off eBay for £7.49 total (it was a while back) so this has more than doubled the value of the finished article. I can get everything else done - paint the canopy, add the decals, drill out the undercarriage mounts - so just a case of receive them in the post and then finished by the GB deadline next Sunday. I don't have any rod, have always been OOB, however we have a new model shop in Guildford so will go and buy some, it could be very useful as I get more ambitious in my builds Michael
  15. I swear I am cursed on these group builds All was going really well yesterday, decided to be tidy and put everything away, picked up the Sabre, fumbled it, dropped onto my lap. Artie's warning regards the flimsy undercarriage legs came true: The two main undercarriage legs have sheared off just leaving a small pair of stumps. The front undercarriage leg survived however the little pin that the wheel slips onto has broken off. So what to do? I was hoping to have this finished today. I could reattach everything but the main gear legs will be even weaker. Or I could just put the gear doors on and put her on a stand. Great! Michael
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