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  1. Thanks, I hadn't noticed the panel trenches. The macro photography exaggerates them somewhat, but they are quite bad. I feel like I should fill and re-scribe them shallower, but I'm not that good at scribing yet even with my Tamiya scribing tool. Maybe this will be practice though. Something to ponder while i wait for the paint to arrive...
  2. @AltcarBoB The black bit that the lenses clip into slides forward and backward as well as the white bit tilting up and down, so I would say yes as you can position it quite well. I also wear glasses for astigmatism, but however found these to be spot on without my glasses. I did try it with my glasses, plenty of room, but it was uncomfortable (excuse the face, its been a long day) However, I found it much more comfortable if I switched the arms for the included elastic strap. This is lens in the furthest position away from the eyes And this is the closest The instructions state that the optimum distance from the eyes is around 55mm. Also after the headband pictures were taken I found its more comfortable to have my glasses in front of the magnifier, but still cumbersome with the arms. HTH
  3. Well the cockpit is finished. Well happy with the results using my new magnifier headset. And I'm glad its turned out as well as it has, as the cockpit is surprisingly exposed when in place
  4. Using my new headset magnifier thingy, I painted the instrument panel detail last night. Well happy with that, even up close on a photo. Just awaiting its clear coat now.
  5. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07DN9XY4S/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Currently on offer at £11, and they are the best £11 I have spent in a long time. Lightweight, and razor sharp lenses. And bonus, they make you look awesome too
  6. Well I made progress. In the end, I went with some spars to left the top of the wing slightly, which has pretty much closed the gap up And, with thanks to @Troy Smith I have in place two tabs to seat the wings properly now, and then a sliver of plasticard to try and reshape the dodgy bit that nowhere near conforms to the wing. Will try sanding it to shape tomorrow when its dried and hopefully properly bonded...
  7. Got a bit side tracked on the Corsair, as the wing roots needed some work to close some bad gaps. But I did get the cockpit pieces clipped and sanded last night, and primed tonight
  8. I'm hoping I didn't, but I will check this. I probably should have thought of that, luckily in the images they are dry fitted and it was a PITA to get them central and square, they keep wanting to slide to either side. So tabs it is
  9. Well, thats horrible Filling isn't my strongest skill, but we'll see how it goes...
  10. OK, so even though there are no pilots with this kit, and I have no spares to fill the seats, I feel like this kits needs to be in flight. I think it will look rather cool on a stand with the nose tipped slightly forward. So if anyone asks, its a highly classified drone version of the Comanche Gonna make a start on the cockpit tonight.
  11. Fuselage all glued up, ready for the seams to be addressed. And almost visible in the background the wings awaiting glueing. The air intakes that go inside the wing are painted, just need a coat of satin to protect them first.
  12. Yay! Told you this would be a slow build, no rushing. My PE might have finally arrived now my local sorting office is back open (was shut for nearly two weeks due to staff testing positive for Covid), but I still have to sort the display case and base before much more progression can take place. Going to look at getting the hull together and inside painted next, or inside painted and then together. Not sure which way will be best yet...
  13. Damn, I'm just gonna give up mine, can't compete with that. Just kidding I'm not giving up, but I still can't match weathering like that. Very nice work sir.
  14. OK, this is beginning to progress now, I made an attempt at the engine. Had no idea if it would work, but I'm happy with it. First I primed it black. Then I gave it a fairly heavy dry brushing of gunmetal Then a light dry brushing of alu to add highlights Then painted the centre a mix of gunmetal and alu to make a sort of steel colour Happy enough with that, at this scale I'm not sure how much you'll see inside the cowling. Feedback and advice always welcome.
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