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  1. Amazing work, the chipping is perfect and like others say the pose looks like its moving fast. Well done fella.
  2. Amazing build fella, well done.
  3. Finally done. Added headlights and tail lights just for something extra, made the build a little different and I'm getting into soldering and basic electronics now to incorporate into future builds. Turned out pretty well, but the LEDs are a little brighter than expected. Thanks.
  4. All I'll say is I feel a lot of relief about my build progress when there is still only 1 entry in the gallery with 5 days to go. At least we all seem to be in the same boat. Fingers crossed everyone manages to get something in the gallery in time (myself included)
  5. So there is still a lot of work to be done with setting compound, and I'm not sure I'll get them all smooth, but I'm so pleased with how well the gold decals go with the paint
  6. This is looking amazing HR. I really need to learn and practice a good chipping technique, I have a few Star Wars kits in the stash and you can't build em clean. Can't wait to see this finished, might inspire me to start mine
  7. That is looking real good, nice job.
  8. That steering wheel looks good man. I didn't have a problem with the first one until I saw the replacement, and it looks way better. Nice job.
  9. Yeah good save on the decals, and I don't envy you working on a 1/43 scale. Looks great though so far.
  10. OK, so paint take two went very well, and is the colour I was after. Starting with Vallejo gunmetal base Followed by Tamiya clear red All chrome parts were stripped earlier, and have now been airbrushed with Molotow, and will get a layer of gloss in a day or two after fully curing. All other parts have been primed in black ready for details. Couple of days for the body to fully go off and I'll gloss it ready for decals.
  11. Looks amazing. Kind of wish I wasn't building the same kit now, makes mine look a bit shabby
  12. So while re priming the body I rechecked the instructions and realised I missed the pieces that would have been chrome that go behind the head lights. They are only 1mm thick, but I still didn't want the headlights to look too sunk in without them. So I initially tried to drill them out to then glue in place. However, putting a 6mm hole in an 8mm disk of plastic 1mm think is not as easy as it sounds (and it sounds damn difficult). Predictably the first one snapped during drilling, so out came the plasticard. Drilled the hole first, then trimmed round it with my snips to get the bulk off, then patiently sanded it until it fit... With a new test spoon done I'm ready to retry the body, with hopefully the correct colour this time...
  13. Thanks Spiny, but apart from curing time pretty much all those bases were covered. Both paints were Vallejo water based. I often do a test or two over plastic spoons, but as I'm always working with the same type of stuff I've never tried sanding a test spoon, I just use it for colour mixing tests. Usually the Vallejo acrylics are sandable within 30 minutes, they have no real odour even when spraying so can't use the sniff test with them. I have just noticed though, the candy red is a water based acrylic polyurethane, and I think more aimed at RC car painting as its designed to resist impact and fuel spills so probably stays a bit flexible to avoid cracking. It doesn't say anything about drying time on the bottle. I had left it 2 days before top coating, but maybe it needs a lot longer. I'll try sanding the test spoon as thats been done for months, and isn't scraping off with my nail. Anyway, as much as I liked the colour for a future build it didn't work on the Mustang for what I'm planning.
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