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  1. My dad has bought this for me to build for him, can't wait as I love Tamiya builds
  2. I even gave them a fresh batch of bleach a few days ago, looks like I'm sanding
  3. So yesterday I was dying jute twine in various shades of very watered down Vallejo paint. Nothing is final yet, but I quite like the middle two, the earthier green and the yellow. The yellow might be too yellow, will see what it looks like thinned out into fibres. Probably just use the untouched stuff for the brown dried grass. Then today I had a go at painting the grass on the base. Very happy with it for a first attempt, but if you have any feedback or advice it is more than welcome, I won't get any better without it First was the base grass green, m
  4. So much for a relaxed OOB build to chill out with. I decided I didn't want the fuel tanks chrome, and previous Revell chrome stripped in less than 5 minutes. The Kenworth however, this is the result of 2 days in bleach And another box component has its open bottom closed off And a poor fitting join filled and sanded Will clean it up and give it a coat of primer to see what else needs attention, as it looks a bit ropey in the macro photo...
  5. I've made some real progress on getting a better gloss finish for my automotive builds, within my limited parameters of using acrylics. I airbrushed the Pledge Revive It floor gloss I used for dipping the windows on the Ferrari Looked pretty good already compared to my previous efforts with the Microscale MicroGloss which didn't like being sanded/polished, but it still felt a bit rough. However this is much more hard wearing I imagine, as its designed for floors. So I gave it a buff with the the Micromesh pads that ruined the bonnet on the Ferrari when I tried to polish it
  6. Thanks @Hunter Rose that looks spot on, and the twine will have many other uses I'm sure. A roll has been ordered from Amazon
  7. Ooof, I want a Delta kit at some point. One of the greats in both looks and performance. Also on the classic rally list of mine are Escort Cosworth, 6R4, 99 Impreza, Celica etc Some day when funds and stash space allow
  8. Thanks for the comments so far. Umm yeah, starting to wonder if I have bitten off more than I can chew right now. But time will tell. Anywho, a few images but not a lot of progress. Random square nubbin on the sole of one of the feet to sand off With that done I began assembly and this is as far as I've got I'm thinking now is a good time to do most of the filling and sanding of joins before attaching the right arm with the delicate bow on. The base arrived from Ebay Quick mock up to get the position o
  9. This is looking ace and I love the colours. Another name to add to the list of people inspiring me to go rogue and scratch build something instead of following instructions all the time.
  10. Late to the party, but boy do I love these scratch builds from the depths of your noggin RPC. Its looking ace so far and the "comet propulsion system" is genius. Between you, Pete in Lincs, and others whose names escape me I was inspired to keep a very rapidly growing junk box of not just model left overs but all kinds of gubbins that looked like it might be useful for scratch building. I have a basic plan, using the wings from my first Gundam model (the Deathscythe) as the base for some sort of alien fighter craft. If it turns out half as good the stuff that you, Pete, and others knock ou
  11. Looks ace, love me a Subaru and you didn't disappoint
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