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  1. Since the last update I have been adding detail on and off between playing Elite Dangerous, and things are going OK. Pretty happy with the Tamiya carbon fibre decal sheets, they play well with Microset/sol. There a few minor creases, but I'm happy as I was a bit lazy and did them in one single piece with no cuts to try and retain the pattern. I'll get some close up shots when I've finished detailing and begin assembly
  2. Cracking finish mate, loved following this one.
  3. Near enough. I didn't have enough wood so I use the little bits I had to make 45 degree angle brackets for some thin strips of perspex sheet which the led strips are glued to.
  4. After the previous image the interior did get another coat of light grey primer. And this is the colour leather I've gone for. Rather happy with it, goes with the blue body quite well
  5. As far as I'm concerned its never too late for a compliment. In other news, the body/bonnet and accessories have been resprayed all in one go now. Normal service is resumed
  6. Now Christmas is over and done with, I did finally return to this. I still can't bring myself to deal with the body just yet. I know its nothing major in the grand scheme of things, I just can't be bothered to mask all the fiddly bits and I don't really want to repaint them. So while I muster up the enthusiasm to deal with the body, I made a start on the interior. The seat backs are carbon fibre, paint guide says to mix black and gold (9:1), but I ordered a couple of sheets of 1:24 scale carbon fibre decals from Jadlam instead which should be here soon. The rest is going to be light brown
  7. This looks ace, great job on the decals. Those wheels/tyres are a strange setup though. But I still want one now Paul
  8. I do that with my phone for better shots of models. Also, from a general photography point of view, moving back then zooming in to give the same field of view (roughly) results in a much better picture with less distortion than close up
  9. This is looking incredible, I hope you get the fit issues sorted mate. I can't offer any advice I'm afraid, its the sort of thing I'd have to see in the flesh to figure out by messing about with it until I could see the best way to resolve it. I love the colour.
  10. So is the one I got https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-07242-shelby-mustang-gt-350-h--111536 and I expected it to be moulded in black. Nice as I'm not doing it black, but not sure what yet. Hoping to still use the gold decals though, and I've got an idea already...
  11. Welcome to the forums Paul, good strong solid name there Paul
  12. I did think about that, then I started wondering if there was another main colour that would work with the gold decals. I've got plenty of time to brainstorm
  13. Well I got the Revell Shelby Mustang GT350H kit of my list of various different Mustangs I would be happy with. Probably wont do it black and gold though, for a bit of variety
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