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  1. Got the colour on, and I love it (well I would, it is my model ). Its a custom mix of Vallejo, 3 Royal Blue, 6 Aluminium, 2 White (I measure in drops). It will need a very light sanding down in some places, another layer of colour and a final buff before top coat
  2. One of the greatest things I've ever bought, and I've only used it once Very happy with my first sanding run, only one corner needs some minor buffing as you can still see the step slightly. Also I've gently run the 1200 sandpaper lightly over the surface and changed it from from a fine sandpaper texture to a smooth finish on the primer, so thats a new step to add to my build process on cars when I'm going for a glossier finish.
  3. As far as I know absolutely anything is allowed as long as it centres around the Hawk T.1 kit, IE involves the kit. I believe some are planning to raid the spares box and stick greebles and such to them to turn it into something else. So go for it fella
  4. I finally found some decals for my first choice of WHIF scheme, and they are spot on. Looking forward to this. Got my eye on second place, been eyeing that Tornado kit up for a while
  5. I was reading about that one only today as I fancied it too, and apparently in the box it comes with decals for either grey number 17, or white number 18, and the white looks pretty decent.
  6. Very nice build, and I think the colour worked out nice. I love the number plate decals, I have some inkjet decal paper for printing my own number plates but they never look as good as proper decals so I might try and pick some up. I'm interested in the quality of the kit, as I have my first Fujimi in the stash waiting. I saw that the detail and accuracy was very meh, but what was the actual fit like? Did everything go together fairly well? Paul
  7. Exciting times now, thanks yet again to very speedy service from @JadlamRacingModels I get a new toy to help with painting. Can't wait to get it covered in paint, but before that the body needs tidying up. The four corners being the worst culprits, but still not that bad The advantage of this kit being given to me, and not being a massive Ferrari fan means I willing to take a few light risks in trying new stuff to hopefully better my results. So this will also be my first time trying micromesh on the top coat, 6000/8000/12000 grades to see if I can get som
  8. Love it, the weathering is amazing, and nice inclusion of R2-KT as well
  9. Yep, my thanks also to @JOCKNEY @Col. and @Enzo Matrix, plus all who entered. I've really enjoyed this GB, it (and the Corsair GB before it) really helped me get my lost mojo back after lockdown and working all day from my usual get away from it all modelling space killed it. Next comes the bit I always hate about a GB, trying to vote for just one favourite. Paul
  10. Oooh, loving the green. I'll be following this, the Unicorn is on my ever expanding wishlist of kits I can't afford
  11. I'm in. Stunning work so far, puts my Gundams to shame. Looking forward to seeing the weathered gold.
  12. Amazing build and I love the colour, really works with the gold alloys. Also, the led lights is an awesome touch. Might try adding those to my Subaru build when I start it Can I ask where you got the industrial style background for the last two photos? I made a decent countryside one from images off Google for my classic cars, but I've really struggled finding suitable urban/industrial images of the road mainly, for the modern cars. Thanks.
  13. @CliffB https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-and-rare-unmade-Aurora-1-32-Ford-Mustang-kit/293777556767?hash=item446681c51f:g:flsAAOSwvIpfg05R
  14. Love it, can't wait to see how this turns out. Its looking great just in primer so far. Nice work on the custom 3D printing too, the knee armour turned out nice. I've always wanted to try something like this, but the thought of sacrificing one of my Gundam kits upsets me I might have to trawl Ebay for some spares or repair Gundams, or assembled gubbins kits that I can throw in the spares box for a project like this.
  15. OK, so the body went on much easier the second time, just needed to figure out where to flex and pull to get it over the arch liners. Looks like a tidy fit And with the bonnet up the engine seems to be in the right place and looking good to move on now
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