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  1. Quick question for anyone who has built this. Does any weight need adding towards the front when building it gear down, to stop it tipping backwards easily? I'll have a search of the forum and on Google anyway, but sometimes its just nice to have a little chat
  2. Slow and steady, the air intakes, fans, and exhaust inners (correct me if my terminology is wrong, I'm still learning planes) were painted yesterday and the fuselage glued and taped over night. For some reason the nose cone didn't quite sit tight so there is a very fine gap to fill and sand, and a few bits to tidy where the two halves meet, and I didn't glue the exhausts in place yet as I'm unsure of the correct seating angle right now, so waiting for more parts around that area. All those with experience will have to bear with me because I'm relatively new to aircraft building, but I'm still blown away by the fact that these two jets are the same scale...
  3. Well thanks to a friend at work who amazingly gifted me these four kits, my un-started stash has just doubled!!! He's had them for ages and will never build them. Double win for me, as I love Star Wars and love building models
  4. Bit of progress last night, got the seats painted and assembled Then the cockpit had a bit of detailing added and the decals applied, then fully assembled
  5. Also, might be a daft question this. I know kit + extra/replacement decals + PE/resin upgrades must be less than £10 in total per kit, but where do we stand on paint? Say I buy a kit for £9.99, then need to buy a new paint colour for it, is than an issue? Or is paint considered a generic consumable?
  6. Under £10? This sounds right up my street, count me in I have the smallest stash around (judging by what I see others posting on here), so I'll just trawl Ebay for a bargain, and if all else fails my LHS sells the 1/72 Airfix planes for £7.50 or less and always has plenty in.
  7. Welcome to the family my friend, I look forward to seeing some of your work. For image sharing I use Imgur it seems to be faultless and easy to use, especially with the Community Extension for the Chrome browser, which makes uploading and linking pictures super easy. And its free. Paul
  8. All cockpit parts trimmed, nubs sanded, and primed ready for colour.
  9. Finally got around to getting some decent pictures of my recently completed Gundam Strike Noir Partial WiP thread, and this was halfway through when I joined the forum... Thanks for looking.
  10. Thanks Martian. It shouldn't be daunting to be honest, its just the amount of either/or parts to be figured out during the build. But I'm set now, as I've realised there are no pilots I'm going wheels down canopies up. First open canopy build to add to my list
  11. So, I might use artistic license a bit, as the No.92 Squadron scheme requires almost none of the weapons fitted according to the instructions, compared to what is available for the other two schemes...
  12. Lets have a look at this bad boy. While this is my 4th aircraft, all in 1:72, this thing is huge compared to the others (P-51D, Curtiss Hawk, and Red Arrows Gnat). When I first looked through the instructions, and saw the decal sheet I questioned whether this would be a fun and relaxing build. Thankfully, I bought this from my LHS for the blue scheme on the front, and that one requires only a fraction of the decals to be applied I don't claim to be an aviation buff at all I just love building models, and embarrassingly I only grabbed it because there was the blue option and I don't want a display case full of grey (one or two will be OK, but if there's an option for colourful I'll take it). But its apparently No.92 Squadron of the RAF Wildenrath, from 1992, for those interested. Obligatory sprue shots... Now to read the instructions a few times and familiarise myself with the build. Still to decide whether to do it wheels up or down, and if down whether to do the canopy up or down. I'm swaying towards wheels and canopy down for this one...
  13. Wow this is incredible, nice work on the rigging, what did you use for it. I plan on building the 1/700 version as a gift for my dad, as he loves Titanic. Would love to do the 1/350 version, but I don't think he'd be able to display anything that big. Your lighting looks spot on, I plan on lighting mine and was going to go with a warm white as well, which is more in period I think. You've done a great job.
  14. Not so much modelling, but I was servicing a friends PS4 controller, dropped one of the little case screws on the floor. 15-20 minutes of crawling around with a torch, then gave up and thought I'll just take one out of my controller, stood up and it jabbed me in the foot, was in my slipper the whole time. With my Mustang kit, I dropped the canopy frame while cleaning the gates, without thinking I rolled my office chair back with gusto, and ran over it. Took a while to repair it, but it worked out in the end. I still whip the chair back when I drop parts before I know where they landed, gonna run over something else soon I can feel it. Back to your model, loving the metal finish, and its taking shape nicely.
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