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  1. Airfix Hunters are nice and easy builds
  2. I was at Cosford with some friends on a quit weekday. One of the staff let us sit in the rear turret of the Lincoln
  3. Thanks John great stuff. Cheers Sean
  4. Cheers John Really appreciated So little on the interior of these machines Sean
  5. That's great. Thank you. There is very little on the Venom NF Cheers Sean
  6. Hi John could you post the Venom NF seats here please? Cheers Sean
  7. I have built two. Fit a challenge for thfus but there is a pinned fix on here somewhere. Resin or brass cockpit a must. Neomega is best but Pavla. It's a much maligned kit in my view and not too difficult if you plan your build
  8. My kit arrived from Lucky Model today. Well produced and detailed, well packaged and good value at about 36 quid posted to UK. Looks relatively simple.
  9. Ordered. 39 quid posted. What am, I, likely to get nailed for these days in terms, of customs/tax when it arrives? Been a few years, since I ordered from the far east. I assume 20% VAT at least.
  10. Sorry Victor. Did the doors open on the ground for subsequent two, seaters or was it the same. I want to model my Arrow with the bays open if it's possible to do so accurately Thanks Sean
  11. Mine arrived today. EBay 26 quid. Really impressive and the good news is that there are closed options for the bomb bays. It also has the open air intake and the air filter as, options. Two types of top nose deck, ejection ports and rear wheel fairing. I don't think you need to build the engine if you want to do it buttoned up. Looks very impressive in the box and is about the same price the AM kit was in the mid nineties when it arrived. I still rate that kit family (its about the model not the kit for me) and I have a pile. However, assuming this fits well, it's the best thing in 48th out th
  12. I, see. So the bay doors were there but did not open on the ground. I understand
  13. Thanks Victor. Will pick it up. One point. You mention no small bomb bays for single seater inboard of the wheel sponsoons. However you drawings seem to show them. Or am I misinterpreting so thing? . Cheers Sean
  14. Victor, can I ask, is your new profile book different than the MMP. vol or is it just the illustrations from the original? Cheers Sean
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