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  1. Hi I am cracking on with a 1/48th Monogram B-24D to be followed by an H with a Koster conversion (BTW the Monogram seems more accurate than the new HB, although as a kit that is really nice) Clearly there are many variations in exterior configuration (Consolidated Mess) for the later machines and the same seems similar with the interior finish. Do people have a view on perhaps the typical US green for the D and something more like Republic dark green for later machines or am I barking up the wrong tree? Regards and thanks Sean
  2. That's a reasonable idea Dennis. Having said I don't like etch, It could be combined with Reheat ammo belts? Any other ideas out there? Cheers Sean
  3. Paragon did a series of 48th Recce conversions. The G was the big bulbous one I think Regards Sean
  4. Hellcat is a sound choice with one eye to the American Market but also FAA and French use
  5. Hi guys I have a pile of the Monogram heavies and want to add the flexible feeds that re very visible in the noses and other areas. not so keen on etch so any advice on methods for scratching the? Cheers Sean
  6. Hi Peter I chanced across your build. Outstanding and pleased that the decals will adorn such committed work! Please post a final when complete Regards Sean
  7. I am pleased with this announcement. However, I found the Monogram kit to be very good also and found the fit to be very good indeed, especially the wing joints. The detail of course was excellent I am sure many of us will do a couple of both
  8. Borrow the Classic Publications book if you can. Definitive work Sean
  9. The 48th kit includes one piece and open parts with the bomb load. As you say not called out for use. sorry, I could have been clearer. I have the kit. I know the Finns had variations cheers Sean
  10. Himall what bomb doors does the new 48th Afix Blenheim use and hod do they align with Finnish versions? Cheers Sean
  11. Cheers Chaps. Took two mins to find a pdf. Cockpit was black and the seat was an MB6. BM helps again! S
  12. Hi anyone have some oils of these machines cockpits in Argentine service? Also, re the Kinetic kit? which seat and optional panel part are used? The instructions are a bit lacking for theDdagger option cheers Sean
  13. Cheers I will hunt them down or put out a BM request Cheers Sean
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