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  1. I guess the desert mk1. I assed the interiors, were identical.
  2. Hi Chaps Is anyone able to scan me the instructions from the Valom Wellesley please seanwalsh1966@yahoo.co.uk I am looking for inspiration for my Matchbox kit. Cheers S
  3. As with most of the Monogram kits revisited by Trumpeter, although the newer kits have nice engraved lines, I eventually stuck with the original kits as more accurate generally.
  4. That mush have been amazing Chuck. I love the old Monogram kits, (especially the heavies that when I was young in the late 70s/80s were exotic and expensive here in the UK where 72nd scale predominated then. When I got back into the hobby in the early 90s (ironically after a summer in the USA) Monogram kits be acquired cheaply in Europe so I stashed multiples of all of the good ones-a wise move. The B-29 is to be reissued this year by Revell Germany. Its about 140 dollars equivilant. Good luck with your B24.
  5. Thanks Guys, really appreciated. Will break out the Koster set. The old Monogram is a fab kit BTW. Cheers Sean
  6. Hi guys I believe she has a ventral turret currently but that was a retrofit. However, are there any contemporary pictures showing if she had one operationally? Thanks in advance Sean
  7. Still the best pic I have to dat. Thanks! S
  8. I have a couple of these in the stash with one started. The base cockpit is a useful atart in terms of the lumps bumps and panels if you take them back a bit and re build the detail. Harold seats and wheels are great (I have them) and make life a, lot easier as the kit ones are truly awful. The problem seems to be that the various versions of Sea Veom were signifigantly different inside. BT W does anyone have any interior pis of Venom NF3, especially the seats?
  9. I love this old gem. Loaded, with detail the only other thing worth getting is an engine and cowl set to replace the on show engine. It's grear. Enjoy
  10. Yep. The KMC upgrades for the Monogram actually fitted this kit better. They did a, whole range of versions. I have four of them. Slightly less accurate that Hasagawa, but great decal options/quality and massive range of weapons in the box.
  11. While the Hobbycraft early models are a bit wide around the canopy, their later mark does have a different fws fusualage for the M/N variants.
  12. If you can't get a Hasagawa, the Hobbycraft kits are reasonable as is the older Monogram kit
  13. Not sure how expensive it is now, but Airies did this set some time ago and iti included the twin mount. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/aires-4214-sbd-3-dauntless-cockpit-set--122267 Or if someone has a GWH Midway (or possibly one of the other boxing) Devastator, that includes both mounts
  14. All Thanks for this. Lots of great help. I am thinking dupont equivilants to RAF DE/MS/AB. Are there any views on good model paint matches for these? I understand they were close but distinct. Cheers
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