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  1. It did look very nice. As I have an 83 original boxing, with some a/market, I haggled a bit on the Wolpack stand and got a decent discount on the wheel well and intakes upgrades. I plan to finish just in time for the new one. I was advised the new kit will include the Bla k Buck fit, so I will build both.
  2. I think Terrences partner died tragically young and she was a modeller also. I assume he is still around and we'll I hope? His models were of a style that some loved or hated. He detailed, often using effect rather that strict accuracy leading to the odd howler. I remember a Finnish Buffalo that was based on the Tamiya kit, completely un converted and therefore the wrong sub type. He did not own an, airbrush and up close it was workmanlike. However, the presentation and"everyman" techniques he applied were great
  3. Jon It was Steve Di Nucci, a member of IPMS Avon (my local branch) and long time SAM contributor who said something a few years ago that me realise why the mags did nothing for me after 20 plus years of really enjoying them. No one builds anymore. He was right. The old Jim Howard or Terry Marriot articles built kits, pointed out faults quirks, inaccuracies and improvements and how to tackle them and resulted in inspirational models. From there we somehow got to10 pics of a beautifully weathered model, with one line saying it went together OK and this is my 50 stage painting process. No probs with the latter except it was the same process as last month. I buy mags to be informed inspired or warned about a given product and to admire the resulting model. Chris seems to be getting back to that. If you don't want to add all the stuff he does fine. You can mix and match. A new process for finishing is only part of the story.
  4. So surely the answer is to write to SAM pointing out the error in a helpful manner. Its all about sharing knowledge and modeling magazines, often via their readership are a source of correcting long standing "truths". No one is beyond error so, why not help. Personsonally, I have started buying SAM again after a long hiatus. There is modeling in it again after years of look how well I can paint!
  5. Loos that way. Oh well. Should work out.
  6. Are all the parts (sads DECALS and slatted stabilizors of course) in this boxing to do a Navy FGR1?
  7. If they were Canadair built, probably black interiors.
  8. So I want to do an earlier Bucc in the grey/white scheme. However the new kit has the later fairing moulded between the intakes and fwd. Fusulage. Were these fairings fitted post the blue/grey scheme, did any fly with both or do I have to try sanding them off for an earlier machine? Cheers Sean
  9. I got it in Aldi. Just says Gorila Glue and that it is, waterproof. There is isocryates in it and it's a brown colour. I always assumed it was mega PVA.
  10. Any good for scale aircraft modelling?
  11. Thanks chaps. Yes it ws 87 so still 32 years old. Also using the Freight dog resin nose and the intakes
  12. Building the Mbox kit with Freight dog upgrade. Nothing in my refs shows where the unique underside intakes below the cockpit re positioned. Anyone have a scrap view plan or picture. BTW this 40 year old kit is extremely accurate!
  13. BushBrit66


    Thanks Chaps. Much appreciated Sean
  14. BushBrit66


    All Looking to do a either a Netherlands campaign or Crete machine using the Special hobby 48th kit. Does anyone have any details around C&M. In Crete they seemed to have light upper wings but solid dare uppers. In Holland they seemed to be an overall pale colour. Anything new emerged? Cheers Sean
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