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  1. BushBrit66

    1/72 between war Lewis guns

    Hi Looking for some 1/72 inter war Lewis guns for my Matchbox Heyford and Sreanraer. Now Aeroclub has gone, who does these with their mounting rings nosey? Cheers Sean
  2. BushBrit66

    F-84F Thunderstreak KLu, Kinetic 1/48

    Lovely job! Although this is a maligned copy of the Monogram classic, you have done the subject justice. I have built both and can recommend either!
  3. BushBrit66

    Has Airfix gone Hollywood?

    I guess shipping from Japan is less and there are local taxes? I actually think Airfix prices are Industry typical and less in the UK than say Tamiya. The quality detail and passion for the product is really imprestive these days. I think only Revell are better on price but in my view do not deliver quite the quality.
  4. I was lucky enough to go to a lecture by Airfix chief researcher in November. He made it clear that while they have a clear commitment to the pocket money market, their selection of new kits is aimed clearly at the enthusiast with disposable income. They will recoupe their tooling cost on these predicted sales. They know what they are doing!
  5. It's a great choice with all the export machines and I reckon a 9 will follow. Won't stop me building my Academy though as an F5 with all the amassed aftermarket! Airfix are really doing it for me to the point I have started picking all their new heavies in 72nd
  6. Duly noted. I am planning a very early machine. Perhaps a P in the early four colour splinter.
  7. Picked this up today in Antics. A bargain. Complete engines and bomb loads as well as optional armaments
  8. To be honest, there is enough interest in, and schemes for this machine to justify all three. I love the P51 and have all the kits since the Hasagawa. My personal favourite is Airfix but the does not mean good models cannot be produced by the other kits. IFor me it's about the model and not the kit
  9. BushBrit66

    Frog Sea Vixen

    It's a good kit really, some of the complex curvature is iffy around the engines but as has been daid different, but no worse than some of the more modern kits> Hopefully Airfix will scale down their superb 48th scale version. That is a fantastic kit!
  10. BushBrit66

    Scan Of Scle Models Vulcan article

    Hi could anyone scan me the old Scale Models Avro Vulcan build article from about 85 by Ray in his classic British Bombers series? I lost mine Cheers in advance Sean
  11. BushBrit66

    SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    I had a chat with one of the researchers. No new releases this year announced. there will be one in Jan. He assured me not a Vulcan. I heard a rumour of a 1/48th Hunter? Loved the built us sea Fury and concept model of the Blenheiim
  12. BushBrit66

    SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    A cracking SMW. In by 09:30 stayed to 18:00. Some cracking models on display and many bargains to be had. Scored an original issue unopened Airfix Vulcan for £20. Also Wonderland and Models for sale has some crazy deals on Airfix Revell and Hasagawa kits with! The queue in the morning is what you expect when 3000 members want to take advantage of the early in. The hands at the pumps are limited so fair enough. Also nice ot see so many young people there this year and it seemed crazy busy in general. Icing on the cake was the attention the Avon stand had with our 70 years since the start of the COLD WAR. It seemed to go down very well. All in all a sterling job as usual organisational team. Well done Sean Icing on the cake wa
  13. BushBrit66

    Vulcan B.2

    Nice job I am just finishing the Valiant and have a Victor to do next. Hoping for a new tool Vulcan to complete all three in AF White
  14. BushBrit66

    Airfix 2018

    I reckon reserved schedule dur to the Hornby issue. Has to be a 1/72 Vulcan. To complete the trio
  15. I heard now late November. Looks great and an earlier version than the still fab Monogram kits so I can build them all. Would be nice to see a Pedro