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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I checked mine and it correct. Probably would not have noticed if there had been an issue.
  2. Lol. A combo of lazyness and a typo. Yes Airfix
  3. Hi have a hankering to get an Affix Beaufort. Can you do a 1A or II from the current boxing not including decals of course? I am thinking, is there the later turret or nose etc Cheers Sean
  4. Thanks guys. All details provided. Regards Seaa
  5. Thanks Walter. PM sent Thank you so much
  6. Thanks Vesa, that's very kind. I live a few hundred yards where the initial batch was built in Filton, so I would very much to get my models as accurate as I am able. Cheers Sean
  7. Nope it bounced back. Anything you could find for me would be appreciated. Regards Sean
  8. Hi Vesa Thanks for this. I have now tried GMail Cheers Sean
  9. Thanks for this. I tried the email and it bounced back. It was the inscale one. S
  10. Hi I am aware of the six series of Finnish Blenheim's, along with the verbal discriminations of bomb bays etc. Are there any drawings out there that show the differences, or even a book. I seem to remember SBS did a book (not in English) perhaps that has something. Cheers in advance Sean
  11. I have all of the 48th IL-2 kits and they are all decent and will build great models. The original machine was simple, so in terms of cockpit detail, they all do well. The best overall IMO is the Zvezda series that give you bomb bays and engines, however they have not yet delivered the definitive swept wing two seater yet. The Tamiya is very nice, but overpriced and the AM , are still decent. TBH , I struggle to see the alleged errors around the spinner and cowling top as completely offensive and they can be fixed. . It's one of those rare situations where the subject is well served. BTW Learstang's book on the IL-2 is well worth picking up.
  12. Hi guys Does the VIf have all the bits for the bomber with chin turrets and bombs etc Want to do the Free French machine Cheers Sean
  13. I have the Italeri with all the XTRAPARTS/NEOMEGA resin parts as follows Burner cans with reverse thrust buckets Fin base correction Boz and Phimat pods Pylons Flaps/slats Wing seals Also the Neomega cockpit. I also have the comprehensive weapons set from the otherwise ropey Airfix GR1 and to support that lot Aeroclub metal legs. Will get around to it one day
  14. I tend to work with older kits and you can't go far wrong in 48th with Monogram and SOME but not all Esci kits. With Monogram most are still best in class andit's easier to say which ones to avoid. Their SU-25, Mig-29 and Mig-15 are ropey and the F104 has been superceded. Pretty much everything else is great. Personal favs are the F-84F, Voodoo, Crusader, A-37 F-100 and both F-89 kits. The Airfix Sea Harriers are good with some aftermarket help.
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