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  1. Hi, these are basically the same kits with different decals. Both build oob (with some changes to the decals) without real problems ... As always: thanks for looking!
  2. Beautiful - I admire all you guys who are able to build something like that from scratch
  3. they look beautiful - what's the scale?
  4. I always love a one tone paint job that does not look boring - great work
  5. Thanks everybody again for the kind words - really appreciate it. I guess it was lot of work, but the base work (sawing wood etc.) was done some time ago. The landscape was done bit by bit when I felt like it - or rather felt not like doing anything else. So it#s not like a giant pile right in front of you. And I tried to treat every segment like a vignette or something, i.e. giving a small area as much detail as I could and than proceed to the next area when I was ready to . If I would have done everything at once I would have given up
  6. @Toryu that's actually not a bad idea - I like how you think
  7. You guys make me blush. But I am glad you like it. It sometimes seems a bit silly to put all this effort and time in when no one looking at it here at home really appreciates all the work and the ideas. But I guess that is why we post! @JohnT As to the animal world: there is the owl and the mouse that you already found, altogether 5 dogs (including a puppy), two sheep, two goats, 1 snake, 1 pig, 1 piglet, three cows and two bulls for pulling planes in case of lack of fuel. There is also a butterfly on the Opel Blitz Küchenwagen (and obviously the dead animals, aka
  8. @Toryu I have no idea why some pics don't show... when I had this problem before, it was because the online folder (Google photos) where they are stored in, was not set for public viewing. This one definitely is, so .. no clue, sorry about that. As to the dust: Most of the sand, grass etc. is glued down (white glue solved in water sprayed on it). So theoretically you could vacuum... In real life I just brush the buildings and kits off with a soft make up style brush, the rest gets dusty
  9. Thanks for all the praise @PLC1966 as to the P´47, that might have worked ... or it might have shared the fate of the P-51 that tried --- or the Yak 9
  10. It's finally done ... for the third or so time, after having to remodel due to moves or new ideas ... Before you judge to harshly: - it was meant to be a display for photographing models - so it needs to be somewhat variable and have nothing in the foreground that blocks the pics - it was also to place my larger kits that don't fit in the shelves - so it needs a lot of free space - it was supposed to allow me to build all kind of aspects of daily live on an airfield: maintenance , hangar, refueling, fire trucks, all kind of aircraft weaponry and so on - so a l
  11. I like the idea, althouigh I prefere the Dauntless without the frames ... I have hung up a few 1/144 planes in a frame (underbelly to th3e wall style) and I was always wondering about doing a race car with all the parts apart (like an explosive drawing). Whatever: I praise your courage to try something different!!
  12. Thanks everybody! @IanC I used some "dirt" on the belly. But I agree with you, it would probably be much dirtier when used in wintery/muddy conditions ... But, as you noted, the airport is all snow free - so no mud (I will take some pictures outside if we get snow this year) @Adam Poultney The blue nose is supposed to replicate the bow of a "regular" Ju88 bomber (i.e. the windows) to lure in enemy fighters and then surprise them with the firepower ...
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