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  1. @Tail-Dragon Thanks for the compliments. Besides being a big kit itself being a problem sometimes (e.g. some of my usual clamps would not fit) there were no serious issues. Even with the wing spar the heavy wings had a tendency to sag and cause gaps at the wing joints, so be careful. I enjoyed the interior detail, unfortunately you hardly see anything of it after completion The HS 293 are from the CONDOR "German Missile Set 1", the FuG is from Eduard. To fit the guided bombs I had to adept the engine gondolas (lot's of putty). I kind of winged it there (pun intended), strict measurement might show the model not being exactly up to scale, but I was pleased to manage it to look the way it does.
  2. @Greg and Gary I posted more pics of the airfield under WIP:
  3. @ Alpha Delta: thanks for your support. In the end: what is worse - an a/c that carried a Nazi bigwig - or planes that drop bombs? It is all historic, and either you decide on building models of that kind or you don't
  4. @Toryu Vielen Dank That's what I did to the flag. Normally I google for the appropriate flag (in this case the flag of Lw HQ) print it back and front and wrap it around a plastic piece or a thread. Sometimes I use MS Powerpoint tools to make the flag more realistic/used etc. In this case, it actually looks better in reality than on the pics. Problem is that for such a small flag some details get lost in the print quality. I actually like doing the research, sometimes you stumble over the most interesting pictures ... Examples: the all clear flag (Starterlaubnis) at the tower national flag (and actually also the curtains in the window) the national or the danger flag at a truck same trick also works great for carpets, curtains, magazines, newspapers towels sign posts etc ..... (the only problem is that most printer ink will fade after the years
  5. @Andy I waited many years with the build because I could not decide on the scheme. I like this one quite a bit, but as a German I was reflecting if it was crossing some borderline building an a/c that Göring used a lot. But the main thing was that I had no idea if I could pull off these curved lines over the corrugated material. It came out ok, but not perfect.
  6. @fubar yes I did. I am not sure if that was because I cut out the front of the hood or just in general. In the end I could only fit the canopy in without a gap on three sides, whenever I closed it on one side it opened up on the other. But I was not ready to blame Eduard (rather my own lacking skills) until I read your question That was partly why I lost interest a bit ... It would have needed much more work.
  7. I have not yet decided whether to close the roof permanently or leave it as is to look inside. Therefore there is still a visible gap and no antennae ... It's one of the rare models I did not paint with brush but I used rattle cans (unfortunately, it shows at some spots) Thanks for looking
  8. It's the Eduard Weekend kit straight out of the box - I didn't even add seat belts (on most pictures you don't even see them). I just opened up the hood .... Not one of my best efforts, I have to admit, but it was one of those kits where during the build I just wanted to be done. (I don't know if you know the feeling) Thanks for looking
  9. Mission accomplished with a beautiful finish
  10. Nice compromise between new and looking used (from transport and storing). After all those were one time use! I think you nailed it!
  11. I think you're referring to me I probably don't have to tell you, but : dry fit!!! I had a hard time fitting the cockpit in. (Also, you doing a way better job of detailing, but I decided with a closed canopy, you really don' see much, so I just had added the seat belts and also replaced the gun barrel... Oh, one other thing I just remembered, tell me how you fit the temporary undercarriage. For mine, the scate seemed always to be in the way of the axle, so I finally just glued the wheels to the outside of the frame
  12. Finally, if people think this was the wrong section to post, maybe one of the admins could move it to where it is appropriate ... Thanks for looking and bearing with me. Oh, I called this a test center of the Luftwaffe, as to explain all the weird a/c in one place.
  13. and just some random stuff, starting with the men and women without I could not have done this:
  14. protected stand: check points: one of them got converted for more urgent needs
  15. A workshop: A garage defenses: same flak redone
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