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  1. The kit may well be vintage,the finish is superb
  2. Thanks all, its finished and in the gallery, had a few crappy weeks, Lost my beloved Dog to cancer, she had a good innings,15 years,13 with us, but it really knocked the wind out of my sailsSo apologies for lack of feedback.
  3. Had a few real life issues crop up,but managed to get this finished,Big thanks to the mods and group members Revell 1/48th scale Do217 E-5
  4. Looking absolutely fantastic,lovely paint work
  5. Thanks all, been working on weathering and detailing, just about 90% done, hopefully have her in the RFI section soon.
  6. My router decided to give up the ghost and shuffle off to internet heaven, Having been without the distraction of the internet, rapid progress made on the Dornier Getting masked up Getting some paint on As of this evening.
  7. Everything is better with a Raquel Welch in a fur bikini
  8. Great paint job,he's an unpleasant looking chap isn't he
  9. Has a couple of these knocking about, So decided to build up the un-boxed one, a bit "Dino old school" but at least it doesn't have teeth(And yes I'm looking at you Jurassic Park 3) Box Art tribute
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