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  1. Saw this and couldnt really resist,nice digital sculpt,figure is about 16cm,Did tone down some of the more explicit details,lets just say she looked really,really cold,came in about five parts,really nice detail on the suit and a pretty good likeness. Figure constructed and a small amount of filler added. No base included,So knocked up one useing plastic card and owt I had lurking about. Base and figure primed base in the process of being painted Working on the suit and flesh tones
  2. I cant count the amount of times I've put my Crotch armour on upside down Joking aside,looking really good,going to be a very impressive figure once completed.
  3. Greatwork on this,I have one from years ago on my shelf,it tends to "sag" after a while,I stuffed the legs with lots of paper which helps,not Hi-Tech,but effective
  4. I reckon a man of your talents could easily whip out the 3 or 4 back teeth and put some jaw ligaments in place,Oh,and watch out for the Lindberg Rex,he has a hell of an overbite
  5. Great job on the figures,was thinking about getting those Thunderball figures,are they any good?
  6. I have had this stash lurker for a while now,had painted the base,but the beasties remained in primed condition,having had a look at Gimme shelters and Mrs Plastiks builds gave me the required KUTA to get one finished,its a lovely little model and i may just get on with the Rex and Triceratops....................may. Went for a Impala,red deer paint scheme for the adult with flashes of electric blue for the adult. For the youngster went for a fawn countershade look. Tried to create a moment when the young dino has supried a nest building Hypsilophodont
  7. Looks great in that paint scheme
  8. One of my favourite designs from a show packed full of great designs,Great looking kit.
  9. First issued about 2011,which horrifyingly makes it about a decade old now,another kit that has been given a "spruce up" faces re-painted using oil paint,washes and extra details added,a very enjoyable experience all round. Removed the figures and added new washes to the base. Name plate given a semi gloss coat. The "Happy" couple The Bride The Groom B\W shots Thanks for looking in Andy
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