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  1. And now for something completely different ,Avia's at Prague\Kelby air museum, the display area is massively crowded, but well worth a visit, pictures taken in 2018. Two seater trainer Single seater
  2. Nice work on the pit, looking forward to more
  3. Due to the lack of room, it seems like it sometimes Picked up a few more letters\numbers, but messed up the measurements ,So its a G rather than a G-6
  4. Been working on a base for the "Gustav" needed something fairly hefty to avoid the kit going from O mph to 100 small plastic pieces with a careless swipe from either my clumsy self or the dogs tail A big chunk of wood looked about right but was a bit featureless, picked up a few pre-cut numerals and letters from the local art shop, then dusted off an old 1/16th scale Tamiya Luftwaffe pilot figure I had knocking about. Not sure how to finish of the base, might just stain it. Cheers Andy
  5. Getting to the finish line with the "Big G" still got all the Ultra-breakables to fit, and the canopy will need fairing in as a few noticeable gaps are apparent, and I need to source a base that will support the thing And no doubt a ton of little tweaks and weathering ,but getting to the endgame stage. And did I, at any point feel the need to run around the house going "Dugga Dugga Dugga" Why yes, yes I did.
  6. Well I tried to source a 1/24th scale unit badge, but was unsuccessful, So in the spirit of "Necessity is the mother of Invention" I thought why not paint the design on to a round decal of a similar size and see if that works...................................and it did, sort of,need to do a bit of a re-touch but the build is back on.
  7. Looks great, love the desert colour schemes. Your colours look "Bob on"
  8. Nada,Nowt, the bottom half broke of into thin slivers
  9. Spinner all done Gloss coat applied for decals(It was all going so well by this point, little did I know the Horrors in store) It would appear I must have blanked out previous reviews of this kit that the decals are an absolute Nightmare to work with, because they are, without doubt the worst decals I have ever tried to apply. The eye decals just fell apart on the model, the JG51 unit badge actually shattered like a cheap wine glass in the water! A re-paint of the eyes later and not looking as bad,but God knows what I am going to do about the unit badge Just have to soldier on I guess
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