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  1. This looks intriguing,Shall follow with interest.
  2. Thanks guys ! A little update,figure primed,mouth parts masked off,and clear dome removed. I see a fair amount of filling in my future!
  3. Carts

    Tamiya Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Nice work on the major surgery,everytime I see that tamiya Box art,this is what I really see.
  4. Didnt realise they were solid,or that big for that matter,Will watch with interest,I see they have the forearms in the accepted(for now) position.
  5. I was aware that Neca had released these huge quarter scale figues,(they also do a predator ) and have seen them in a few specialist shops but the £100.00 plus cost,and toy like nature always put me off,However i was having a look on amazon and saw that they had heavily discounted this fiqure due to packaging damage (its the transluscent suit concept figure) so I took a punt. On opening the box its clear just how big the fiqure is,(Just shy of 2 feet) and suprisingly heavy as well,it stands well unaided and looks the part,The plan is to pose,glue ,fill and re-paint,make a display base,and bore you all silly with more Alien based shenanigans Planning on leaving the tendons and mouth parts clear(ish) when I re-paint Cheers Andy
  6. One of my all time favourite styrene kits ever,your doing a bang on job,Will follow with interest. Ive had mine for well over 25 years and lost count of the amount of times Ive had to re-glue the tail back on
  7. Thanks All,Really enjoyed this build.
  8. Not entirely sure how I missed this,but its bloody epic! Excellent skill on show.
  9. Love this kit,for a styrene kit the pose is incredibly dynamic,cracking start.
  10. Keaton and Nicholson's Batman and Joker from the 1989 blockbuster. Cheers Andy
  11. Carts

    1/72 FineMolds Slave 1

    Cracking build,Great lighting effects as well.
  12. Great looking "Skull crusher"
  13. Thanks,Batman compared to the Jokers a bit Model T Ford,You can have any colour you like,as long as its black. I used an enamel pin badge to replace the chest insignia,its a lot sharper and better detailled than the molded chestplate.
  14. Thanks all Added a cane(wooden dowling and a glue tube cap) and "electric buzzer" to the figure I really like the sculpt on the second head,i s certainly a more malevolent looking version of the Joker
  15. Gruesome goodness on show here great idea with the second shark,looks great.