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  1. Great sculpt from British Sculptor Russell Robie,Joker bust,did it as a 21st Birthday Present for my daughter. I think she liked it
  2. I'd wondered when he would turn up well worth the wait,a real labour of love with a great retro vibe,it may even encourage me to have a go at sculpting.and a very enjoyable and informative build thread.thanks for sharing.
  3. I remember seeing this model kit in the long box in the very early seventies,in one of those weird shops that sold all sorts of everything,including pulp paperback books with lurid illustrations on the covers,with judicial use of tape on the more racy ones Loved the box art to this day,picked up the mongram reissue in the early eighties and he is still with me,but i also recently picked up the iluminators re-issue from the mid nineties and decided to have a go at replicating the original James Bama artwork. With his grandad did a photoshop mash up to try to replicate the original box. An absolute Nostalgia fest
  4. Excatly what I thought when I saw it Great build up and paint,another classic
  5. Had to check the date there for a minute,but Im strangely compelled to buy these.
  6. Perhaps the best "Man in a suit" monster before Alien,the Aurora creature dating back to the late sixties,this is a monogram re-issue from the early nineties.
  7. Having been inspired by Kallisti's excellent build I managed to get hold of the gonzoid resin APC that is in scale with the Halcyon dropship,unfortunatly I had already built up the drop ship in a clean configuration,which is wrong for this scene,but as Hudson put it,"game Over Man" Fun project,I do like building these Alien bases
  8. I do like,very pleased Son I should imagine
  9. Beyond excellent! Love it. Blue stuff is great ,Ive used it to make lots of little bits and pieces.
  10. Love this kind of project,cracking modifications.
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