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  1. Another 3-D print, bought as a 6 piece kit, stands about 20cm tall
  2. Thanks all, sorry about the late reply ,its all been a bit hectic of late and a Happy new year to all
  3. The robot Maria from Metropolis, kit is by X PLUS : Pretty much snapped together straight out of the box,one thing to be wary of,the sprue lugs are massive, and leave a raised part on the seams ,so that was a bit of a pain. The paint scheme for the robot says gold,but she would just end up looking like C3POs Mum, so went for a brushed metal and steel industrial look, added some lighting to the base. Very Happy to have this iconic design on my model shelf, The lovely box art
  4. Thought I fell asleep and woke up to Thunderbirds ,Brilliant,
  5. This is really stunningly brilliant,as an avid Alien fan I am literally dying of envy
  6. Spent about 12 hours in total for the paint job,as you say a very effective mojo restorer Thanks,it's a cracking film,especially after that last abomination Cheers HR
  7. Mojo went walkabout, so required a mojo restorer, One of them there new fangled 3D printing jobbies of the main character from Prey. Really nice print with very little clean up required, FYI I didn't print it,I bought it as a kit.
  8. Wow, that looks incredibly impressive, all your hard work has really paid off
  9. Thanks all, its finished and in the gallery, had a few crappy weeks, Lost my beloved Dog to cancer, she had a good innings,15 years,13 with us, but it really knocked the wind out of my sailsSo apologies for lack of feedback.
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