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  1. In modelling terms i would say about 1/48th scale,off the base about 3.5 cm.
  2. Thanks Chaps Added three legendary Marines and half a Bishop to the squad
  3. Little update,some of the human\andriod figures,added some hydralic lines to the Power loader
  4. I reckon the paint would by an Acrylic? It was generally advised when building vinyl models,something to do with enamels not drying correctly on the PVC. Done a couple of these over the years,like yourself I made a wire armature to give it a bit of rigidity ,If you choose to sell,I reckon the advice Chris gave is about spot on,if,however you decide to give it a makeover you will end up with a very impressive replica.
  5. Little update,was getting a wee bit bored with the Alien production line,so thought I would have a go at the power loader,its a fairly neat little minature. Last time I painted figures this small was when my lad was having a Warhammer phase ,about 20 years ago. Added the antenna from my spares box,it was a tool from a german halftrack,and added the wire mesh,cut from a washer for the roll cage. Still needs a bit of a tidy up,but couldnt resit setting her up with the Queen. And for scale
  6. For a supposed Alien fan I must have been living in a cave for the last few years,these didnt even appear on my radar till just before XmasIm not a Gamer,mainly bought for the figures,but once done will give it a go,My Wife is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO looking forward to that fun packed evening. Bit of progress on the Alien army Queenie With some of her babies When all done will tidy up the bases.
  7. Another Droid masterpiece Andy,Outstanding paint and execution.
  8. Got this game for Xmas,mainly wanted it for the figures,which is just as well,because reading the rule book nearly made my head implode The base game contains 16 Alien warriors and 6 human figures,Ripley,Newt,Hick,Hudson,Frost and Vasquez .They also sell figures as stand alones,so I got the Alien Queen and the power loader set(includes Ripley in the loader,Ripley and Newt,Bishop standing,and half Bishop after encounter with the Queen),plus a assets and hazards set(Eggs,facehuggers,computer terminals ,senty guns and storage crates) The Warriors come in four basic body p
  9. Blimey,thats tiny,As you say,awful movie,but i did like the updated T-Birds.
  10. These look amazing! Just embarking on some minatures myself,Aliens,naturally,and will troll your threads for tips.
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