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  1. Its fascinating watching this figure come to life,The Dogs pretty cool as well
  2. No matter how many times I see this absolutely brilliant film it always brings a tear to my eye, one critic described it as "The best Superman film ever made" This is a re-paint of the Diamond selects Figure ,Here it is as it comes out of the box. And in fairness its a pretty great looking thing, but I couldn't leave well alone:) Added a few more "bits and bobs" to the base. "No Atomo..........................................Superman A really fun project and very happy to finally have an Iron Giant figure in my collection.
  3. Unique subject with excellent execution,look forward to seeing your next diorama.
  4. Ann in the Hairy Paw Ready for his "close up" B\W PS Enhanced 1933 shot.
  5. A few companies have been reissuing the old Aurora Monster model kits and in a fit of near terminal nostalgia I have picked up these three, which funnily enough I never actually had as a kid. Atlantis King Kong,a film best summed up with the immortal review "Big Monkey die, everybody cry" Atlantis Godzilla Moebius Dr Jekyll as Mr Hyde Picked up a few resin replacement parts for Kong and Dr J. Might need a few fillings in the old gnashers Couldn't resist having a glow shot of Godzilla. Build up Work on Kong, the resin replacements take this kit to another level Added a spare Prehistoric scenes Tree from the Swamp kit I had to the base A fair bit of filling\retexturing required on Kong. Portrait
  6. Braver man than me with the greyscale,looks great, and building up the back wall makes a big difference to the whole presentation But what did they do after the footie
  7. "The Empire gets started" Great concept, neatly executed.
  8. Really catches the atmosphere and vibe from the film,top notch. As an aside I saw the film few weeks back at the Bridgewater hall in Manchester with a live orchestra, absolutely stunning evening.
  9. Cracking weathering and a really dynamic pose,its going to look so good!
  10. Looking fantastic,Looking forward to the completed shots
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