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  1. Thanks all,final hurdle now,ship all done and ready. Base all done Both together. Should be RFI soon. Cheers Andy
  2. Brilliant,Love Marvin! Nice to see the Cathode disintegrator ray in use.
  3. Wish I'd thought of that before I buttoned it all up Progress so far,ship built up and given a coat of Silver. Ship after a few coats of thinned Sage green and burnt umber ink In true"Jumping in before learning to swim" fashion I thought the base looked a bit "Weedy"So to bulk it up and save weight,I cut out a couple of polystyrene sheets as support and built up the edges with clay,it gives it a bit more "Heft"
  4. Thanks Guys,Little update. The teeny space jockey,soon never to be seen again! Some base work The ship starting to take shape.
  5. Scale solutions resin model of the Derelict from Alien,a fairly hefty chunk of nicely cast resin,No air holes and a reasonable fit,Have been watching this kit for a while,However the company is based in Australia,so,with the initial outlay,along with postage and tax,it seemed unlikely I would ever get one,However a partially built one came up on E-Bay and I was the proud owner of another "Grail " kit.The seller was grand too,chucked in some miliput and styrene wire as well. As you can see,the two main booms had been already built. A little space jockey figure can be built into the main hull. You can build one of two versions,the intact version as seen in "Alien",or the damaged version with a collapsed beam as as seen in "Aliens" An extra base piece is added to lay the collapsed beam on. As i was building the alien version this base piece was not required,but I hate to see good resin go to waste,so ,with a bit of flipping and modelling clay I have joined the two together. A bit of minor surgey later. And all blended in. And given a coat of primer. I think the Derelict is an iconic design,and really sold the idea that it was designed by an Alien culture,Giger at his awesome best,hope to do it justice. Cheers Andy
  6. Sorry Pete,massive brain fart...again,its by Product Enterprise.
  7. Love the SPV,Got the 21st Century die-cast,but this is in a different league altogether.
  8. Another repaint of an old model,Given the subject matter I decided to go "full gore" on the scratch built base,body parts will be present,but not in the right order! This is a big figure,about 18 ins,came with a packet of pins to stick in his head,which was weirdly theraputic. "No supper until you tidy your room,The floors a disgrace"
  9. Have occasionally checked out the Eaglemoss 1/16th scale Alien figures,but Ive not really been that impressed,however I recently took a punt on a broken Alien 3 creature going cheap,so thought I would have a look,When It arrived it had snapped off the base,was missing a couple of fingers and the tail had snapped off in to three seperate pieces,Once put back together and primed I was pleasently suprised about what a good little sculpt it is. Now its all painted up I may need to have a hunt for a few more! For scale
  10. Another cellar dweller gets a re-paint,Got this from Thunderbooks in Blackpool back in the very early 90's,Have altered the right arm so hes giving the classic "Vulcan Salute" "Live long and Prosper"
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