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  1. Carts

    Kill Team/Space Wolves

    Lovely paint work,looks outstanding.
  2. As I appear to have finally exhausted my Alien collection(Stop cheering at the back) I was casting about for a project,my old monster models were looking a bit tired,so I cleaned them up and did various degrees of paint up work on them,First of the block was geo-metrics lovely Son of Frankenstein vinyl model,really good likeness of Boris on this one. Next of the block,a Monogram reissue of Aurora models Dracula kit. Possibly one of my oldest models a geniune Aurora Wolfman,Missing the knot on his belt and rat,the skull is a resin replacement Another original,the Hunchback of Notre Dame,Imagine trying to sell this kit to eight year olds today! Another monogram reissue Ive had since about 1983. Another Monogram reissue,The Phantom of the Opera,with rat chewed prisoner....its amazing we turned out so stable And finally a repaint of a Creature from the black lagoon action figure with scratch built base. Right,Think Im "Monstered" out Cheers Andy
  3. Excellent,The wall really enhances the whole scene.
  4. Brilliant all round,love that back wall.
  5. Very inventive,Will follow with interest.
  6. Carts


    Thanks Pete,I dont thinkd Ive ever chucked a model in the bin,came close with the Mach 2 Valiant a few years ago mind
  7. Another repaint from under the stairs,Horizons fairly large and chunky ED 209,Was never very happy with my initial paint job,and actually found it boring at the time,However I have learnt to be patient and not rush these things,So nearly 28 years later its back on display.:) U Used some spares from the decal bank to add a bit of detail,dont look to closely its mainly in German! The OCP logo is a fridge magnet off E-Bay Drama shot Cheers Andy
  8. Carts

    Salamander's Primaris Captain

    The Lava effect is excellent,as is the rest of the figure.
  9. Thanks all for your kind comments,Having enjoyed re-booting Robocop I dug out another Horizon kit to update. Working on the final details " Can you tell what it is yet?" ;0 "You have 15 seconds to comply"
  10. Carts

    Starbuck... what do you hear?

    Absolute cracker! Love the lighting and weathering.
  11. Carts

    1/4 scale C3-P0

    From zero to hero! Nice save
  12. Fantastic dino fest!
  13. It was initially given a grey acrylic base coat then,if memory serves i used enamels for the silver and black,for the repaint i added ink washes of purple and blue green,thinned with klear,repainted the face and added dark washes to certain areas.