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  1. Welcome aboard. I'm mostly 1/48thscale. Yours? All The Best, Ron VanDerwarker
  2. Welcome Steve from your next door neighbor. Well I think you'll be fine on the restart. Lots of advice is at hand and as you can tell that by the responses. I've been at this hobby off and on but never really stopped for the better part of 50 years. Airbrush is what you can afford and was just that when I bought one in the mid 70's. I ended up buying 2 Paasche airbrushes in 1991 and have not been disappointed with them. One is an H series and the other a VL. Not even sure if they are still available. I started with a Badger 200. It stopped working and could never figure out why. Wasn't dirty, seals good and just had me fit to be tied. I bought the Paasches. I don't have a real answer but I have a wife that doesn't mind my limited space for display. So if you have the room display them. I have also had car kits I've given to the auto dealership of the model. Ford Chevy and the like. I have also contacted the local and regional VFW and AMVET placed to see if the would like them on military models that is. Just my thoughts. All The Best, Ron VanDerwarker
  3. What I do is open my flickr account and go to the image to share. Click on the share and a window will change to a series of characters. I set my mouse to the far left and drag to the end of the line. Right click on the high lighted line and left click copy. Go back to your page and on the left and right click paste. That is if you are using a window platform. I have an I-pad but haven't used it to update any posts of mine. Sorry. All The Best, Ron VanDerwarker
  4. Speaking of thee F-4 Phantom, I've been in the planning stage for more than 10 years. Maybe closer to 20. During that time I gathered up the True Details F-4C,D and E weight on wheel set and the short exhaust they offered. Had a hobby shop once which barely held on. Most of the people who came in were those that had very little money but bought what they could. State and Federal rules changed and I closed my store because they had no extra cash. Anyway I have stocks of True Details, Verlinden, Xtra Parts SB Casting supplies left over. Over the years I still built for folks who wanted a specific subject. My F-4 supplies shrank. So the diorama. My first duty assignment after tech school was Clark Air Force Base. The unit was the 405th TFW 523TFS flying the F-4D Phantom. Within 9 days I was on a C-141 to Udorn Royal Thai Air Force Base. Found this photo on line of an aerial shot of the section In was assigned to. The circle is what I want to do in the diorama. This is the revetment sections I have under construction. Since Zoukei-Mura came out with their F-4 series I saved to purchase 2 of the 4 phantoms I needed. I think 3 years ago. Last year I bought 2 Academy kits at a large amount less than the Zoukei-Mura kits. I have the ESCI F-4C/D kit with most of the available aftermarket stuff at the time. The phantom diorama is just the start. Plans have been in the works for all the duty stations I have been with in my 22 years of USAF service. The aircraft I've worked or loaded bombs on are the F-4D, B-52D, FB-111A, F-111F and the F-111D. Counting petals was not an issue unless those in the kit were grossly misrepresented. All The Best, Ron VanDerwarker
  5. I have a number of 1/72nd scale kits in the stash and have 3 Hasegawa F/EF=111's painted and partly finished and are waiting for me to finish my workshop. The wife and I have been working on it and hope to be done or mostly done by the first of the new year. Barring any snow fall on the high plains of New Mexico. These are the Res-kit F-111exhaust. The first is for the F-111A,C,D,E, and the FB-111A/G. Quite well done I must say. During this direct company purchase also bought the F-111D module. The next is the F-111F exhaust. Again well done and worth the cost and wait. I have plenty of Academy tail feathers to work with for the others planned. Also planned purchase is the FB-111A cockpit module to see if it is a before or after the AMP mod. This will determine if I make an early FB-111A or a F-111G. I was assigned to the 509th BW from September 1975 to December 1976 then on to RAF Lakenheath for the arrival of the F-111F. All The Best, Ron VanDerwarker
  6. I can say I agree, but. Nobody likes the word but. I have 4 1/48th scale ESCI F-4's in left my stash. Two C/D. 1 B and an E. I knew when the aftermarket stuff started coming out I would be crazy not to buy some. So over the I purchased the early and late D cockpits and the wheel well and gear doors. The B I have the same except for the addition of the forward fuselage equipment bay. Only thing left is the exhaust. I'm saving for those also. Why I started saving for those is, in 1988 I ran into a fellow airman when I had a display at one of our open house air shows. To make a long story short he asked if I would build him a kit of one of our squadron jets from 1972. I did not like the way the Monogram intakes went together. So I built up a platform to cast the cockpit and panel for one of the ESCI kits I brought back from RAF Lakenheath. Seven months later I had an ESCI F-4D kit with a Monogram cockpit cast in clear casting resin. Also made a F-4J out of a C/D model for a friend of mine who was on the USS Independence from 1975 through 1978. He was a plane captain for VA-65 A-6E. I built him a Monogram A-6E with Microscale decals and scratch built the cockpit for the J. Also stole the long exhaust from the Monogram J. Seems a lot of work but yes it is and we do what we do. If I were 30 to 40 years younger I'd continue scratch building and such more. Such as it is I've had to convince myself to purchase the aftermarket items versus the US market price of imported products. Just my take on buying modern parts for an ancient kit. I enjoy the hobby. Been at it since 1960 and yes non scale kits were available at that time. All The Best, Ron VanDerwarker
  7. I've checked those Hasegawa parts in 1/72nd scale. The D/F kits is correct on the amount of (12 & 18) petals or tail feathers. The F model exhaust (sprue N X 2) is a separate sprue from the other kits. Where the pave tac and the D main instrument and anti-glare shield (sprue O) is also separate. All The Best, Ron VanDerwarker
  8. @Giorgio NTo add to your High Flight summation, their F-4B,C,D and N exhaust and tail feathers are the same count as their E,J and S exhaust with an 18 count. Came across an old set of Revell F-4E kit exhaust in 1/32nd scale from the 70's with a count of 22. Not sure where they came up with that count. So I'm going with my other 1/32nd scale kits would be incorrect whether long or short. Somewhere in my under construction workshop I have the new tool RF-4C and F-4E plus the F-4G from some years ago. Will have to put in long term memory to check. Out of curiosity, I checked the F-111 kits I have under construction and found near the same differences in the P&W TF-30 series engine. Academy is correct with 18 petals for all models except for the F model. One set of tail feathers or petals for all kits. Same with the weapons pylons, one style for all models. However, Res-kit is correct on all accounts. Their resin cast for the F-111A,C,D,E and FB-111A and or F-111G, EF-111A have the correct 18 petals. The TF-30 P100 resin cast has 12 petals which is correct. Hobby Boss as with Academy only molded 1 set of pylons and engine exhaust which by the way is incorrect with 10. All The Best, Ron VanDerwarker
  9. Quite the detail in those images @dov. Excellent references for painting the nozzles. Checked the Zoukei-Mura early version E model and the tail feather petal count is 16.
  10. Hello All, I guess I've never thought there would be any difference in companies. But have checked Academy, ESCI and Zoukei-Mura. I have the new E model from Zoukei-Mura but is buried in the stash, but the D has 24 petals. Academy C/D kit has both types of exhaust and have short 24 and long 16. ESCI C and D short has 20. My Monogram, Revell, Fujimi, ESCI E are all buried in the stash. I may have to check the F-111 and see if these follow the same. Here at home have a EF-111A and D model. Both use the same series engine but different model number. All The Best, Ron VanDerwarker
  11. Great photos and plenty of detail. Thanks for posting @dovand @Wang K L. All The Best, Ron VanDerwarker
  12. Hello John, I would probably try to show it in a aircraft phase with panels removed and opened. One of the F-111 dioramas I have in the planning and buying supplies stage is just that. A F-111D in a minor phase from the last squadron I was attached to. All The Best, Ron VanDerwarker
  13. Thanks for posting those John. I have a few kits from 1/24th scale Airfix original to the Tamyia, Hasegawa in both 1/48th and 1/72nd scale plus a Revell original 1/32nd scale in the stash. Great information for scratch building. Thanks again. All The Best, Ron VanDerwarker
  14. Greeting Bill and welcome to the forum. I've been here for a few years and you'll find this site has information for the asking. I'm fully involved in 1/48th scale aircraft but have done a few ships in the past. Looking forward to your posts. And again Welcome. All The Best, Ron VanDerwarker
  15. Apologies abound for not updating this series for most of the year. Some good has come out. Have a minor update in that the nose wheel well is completed and started on the weapons bay. Trimmed the nubs and bumps from the right side to make way for the ammo drum and hydraulic drive for the M61 gun. Filled the rear depression with sheet polystyrene to make the hydraulic lines for the gun and weapons bay door drive. Also removed the molded in drive assembly and drive shafts to make way for a more 3d drive unit. Got to work the left side of the weapons bay to make way for a scratch built MAU-12 bomb rack. I have a basic stub to be built up. Finally I modified one of the escape modules to make it a D model cockpit with the double huds This is as far as I got for the past year. The other thing that was great is my youngest daughter got married and in the same month received her RN certificate and Bachelors degree. I the interim my workshop I need to get with so I can get on with this series. All The Best, Ron VanDerwarker
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