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  1. Welcome to Britmodeller from the other side of the pond. You will find the most generous of folks willing to help in anyway they can. I am looking forward to your builds. I am deeply into 1/48th aircraft but am open to do most any other subject and dioramas. Again Welcome! All The Best, Ron VanDerwarker
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    Hi all

    Hello Steve. Welcome to the forum from the high plains of New Mexico. I do believe that we all have encountered your dilemma a time or two, maybe , hmm plenty. You should find all kinds of information and tips to get you back building the Titanic. I do 48th scale aircraft but have had a bit of a go at ships. Large diorama is in the future plans. All The Best, Ron VanDerwarker
  3. Found this web site https://vistapointe.net/northrop-p-61-black-widow.html#google_vignette A number of different aircraft both overall black and OD. It does show the serial numbers in red. One aircraft in particular is (so the article says) number 3 off the line. Hope this helps. All The Best, Ron VanDerwarker
  4. A few months back I finally got the remaining F-4D Phantoms from https://www.hobbyeasy.com/ Every other web site I checked did not have them in stock. All so have a couple Aires early F-4D and 1 late F-4D cockpit sets. Have collected the Italeri and Hasegawa ground equipment sets over the last 10 to 15 years or so, One of the reasons I have so many figures. This is probably the last diorama I did and was a retirement present for an Air Force Major I had worked for. This is the 1/72ns scale Hasegaea FB-111A, F-111D/F and the equipment and weapons loading sets. 1995 was when he reti
  5. Glad you got them unbroken. Speaking of F-4 diorama, I have started quite a while back a section of Udorn RTAFB Thailand(in circle) were I was stationed in the fall of 1972. I have built up using polystyrene from evergreen products the revetment walls. The next picture is the layout on our dining room table. The walls have yet to be painted as I'm still working to get my workshop finished. The other diorama's that are planned are of a B-52D 7thBomb Wing, FB-111A 509th BW, F-4D 48th Tactical Fighter Wing RAF Lakenheath and F-111D 27th Fighter Wing. That sums up my 22 years in the
  6. Welcome and enjoy your self here. Tons of information for the asking. From the high plains of eastern New Mexico again welcome aboard. All The Best, Ron VanDerwarker
  7. Welcome Tom from the high plains of New Mexico. You will find more information and skill sets that one could imagine. Enjoy what you build and looking forward to your builds. From across the pond All The Best, Ron VanDerwarker
  8. Welcome Keith and I'm primarily 1/48th scale and pretty much anything classified as hobby. You will find more than enough help in your builds. All The Best, Ron VanDerwarker
  9. Welcome from the other side of the pacific pond. You will find a vast quantity of information on this site for the asking. Also looking forward to your builds. All The Best, Ron VanDerwarker
  10. Hello All, Something you don't see very often. A skinned F-86D for those who want to show what is behind the aircraft panels For the other side. Enjoy All The Best, Ron VanDerwarker
  11. @Ghostbase, I too would like to tag along for your build. The only B-58 I have built was in the late 60's from Lindberg, Aurora or LifeLike, I just don't remember the maker. Far to many decades ago. Monogram had not produced a kit as of say 1969. Just the B-52D. But I do have 4 of the Hustler kits from Monogram in my stash from 25 or more years ago. They were cheap as today's prices go. I have B-58 photos from Pima, SAC and USAF museums. The first is from the USAF museum Dayton, Ohio This next one from Pima Air Museum Tucson, Arizona. The last and just the nose are from the SAC M
  12. Yep, that is the game I play. Why I have collected near or over 500 figures in plastic and resin. This company Preiser Models does all scales and for the most part fits the bill. However, most websites that carry that line are out of stock for the scale I use. I'm 48th scale primarily but have done the other scales too. Another website I use is https://www.hobbyeasy.com/ I find most times things I'm hunting for on sale, somewhat anyway. Generally speaking as far as US prices go and before the covid thingy. May be worth while to see how Canadian prices compare to other websites. The o
  13. I did notice on Hannats website that 3 companies have some figure in stock. CMK, PJ Productions and Reskit have pilots and maintenance figures. Might have a look see what other figures you could file sand and apply putty to modify to your needs. Most are resin and not cheap. The other direction I go is to hit up model railroad site for O gauge figures and structures. I've used these mixed with 48th scale the same as some mix 1/32nd and 1/35th scale. So not to have a uniformed scene. Ron
  14. Good luck with your diorama. Quite extensive in detail and an interesting subject. I don't foresee using those two crewmen and their yours if you want them. Also have a great many ww2 crewmen from Monogram and the like. PM your address or email. All The Best Ron VanDerwarker
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