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  1. Great work and persistence on the kit. Thought it might be a total pain in the ....! But with all good intentions it's coming together. I do believe we all have been there once or twice hmmm, maybe more. Ron VanDerwarker
  2. I use both the Micro Scale Micro Sol and Solvaset by Walthers. Walthers is a model train manufacturer and distributor plus a online retailer. I think I may have a few bottles of Micro set too. Thinking back over the years I had an issue with micro scale, super scale and a few other companies that made thin decals. These would dry out or loose there flexibility and fall apart when hit with water. What I found was I would coat them with either gloss or semi gloss overcoat. Just as you would before starting to decal. For the most part it worked fine for me. I think but haven't gone through my stash, have 2 maybe 3 Scorpions. I bought an estate sale and the stash of a dear friend who lost his eye sight to cancer at a very early age. He had 1 also. My original kit I started but the fuselage was so badly warped I cut the engine doors out to make it with engines. Hoping to ease the warpage. It's still in the box that way and will get back to it sometime. Similar to this: Keep up the great work Ron VanDerwarker
  3. Fantastic work on the decals. Very impressed with the outcome. Looked real orange peel on the paper and transitioned smooth when set. Ron VanDerwarker
  4. Well done Deano. Great finish. Adds a bit of color to your other kits. Looking forward to your next project. Ron VanDerwarker
  5. Deano, Looks great despite the bad angle of the pylons. A few pages or posts back I was seeing on the internet that many web sights had showed the FB-111A had a longer fuselage than the other models. Where those sites got there information is of course unknown. I can tell you for sure that there is not any length difference between the models. Got back last night from a weekend at the Wings Over The Rockies and the 25th anniversary of Lowry AFB closing. So the only difference between any of the models are the wings. Except for the F-111B which has a short nose. Here are 3 swing wing beauties. The museum may have in the future another swing wing aircraft. A MIG-23 or MIG-27. I've seen the wings and aft engine cowl. Ron VanDerwarker
  6. Outstanding progress!!! Nice and bright. You've done wonderfully on the seams. Should be quite a looker. Ron VanDerwarker
  7. Now I see it. Was going nuts trying to figure out what was going on. Multiple browsers changing setting and changing from computer to cell phone. What ever you did worked. Thanks, will watch with interest. Ron VanDerwarker
  8. Good information to know Rich. Did not dawn on me the direction the RAAF kangaroo goes like that. I would imagine then the Kiwi in the RNZAF emblem is similar. I do have the ADF-Gallery website saved in my favorites and have copied quite a few images for my build reference. I also use these websites: http://www.joebaugher.com/ http://www.ukserials.com/ http://www.rwrwalker.ca/ to find information on certain aircraft. Joe Baughers site also tells where US aircraft ended up, I.E RAAF, RCAF, scrapped etc. I have also in my grasp a new 6 sqd patch gracefully given to me for helping gather information for the F-111.net website years ago. Another odd thing and there have been many odd things with the F-111 is your retirement of the F-111C was on my birthday 3 Dec 2010. My first active wing and squadron in the USAF was the 405th TFW 523rd TFS and my retirement was the 27th FW 523rd FS. So every bit of minute information that comes out in this forum is stored for later projects. I always say I learned something new. Great work on the Vark Deano. Ron VanDerwarker
  9. I have 3 of the Airfix Buc's and do not have any after market parts. As with most I don't use a lot of resin parts but will if the feeling moves me. My early pre F-111 series I'm drawing out the cockpit side walls because I don't like the metal etched. Frames not deep enough. Your finished kit is amazing. Nice quality work. Ron VanDerwarker
  10. I see zero zip nada. Not even a broken link Ron VanDerwarker
  11. Looking great there Deano. Excellent recovery on the silvering in the decals. The weathering would be an awesome touch. Ron VanDerwarker
  12. That is it in a nut shell. Couldn't have said it any better as what @trickyrich passed on. Have done that for years except when I put the decals down I put solution down first add the decal and let it set for a few seconds and gently remove the excess. If I think or see that there not setting the way I would like I add a slight bit more and let it set. Doesn't happen over night but took quit a while to get a pattern down. Ron VanDerwarker
  13. Not sure if this will ease the confusion on the colors within the frame of the F-84F, but: These are from 51-1810-30-RE. It's a gate guard at Cannon AFB New Mexico. All of the frame work including the wheel wells are painted overall aluminum. However the pictures I took of the wheel wells show some chipping and interior green behind it. Officially one would have to look at T.O.1-1-4 for the painting guide or if you have pictures of your subject, paint it as it is in your reference photos. My 2 cent thought. Ron VanDerwarker
  14. Looks good Ray. I haven't done mine yet, let alone in 72nd scale. I do have planty of both and more than likely the ARDU will be in 48th scale. All The Best Ron VanDerwarker
  15. Deano, Looking really great despite the hiccups with the decals from Hobby Boss. Here are a couple of reference pictures that show 2 different tones of blue. A8-130 I'm sure is the resurrection for a display at the Pacific Aviation Museum Hawaii. So There you have it. It depends on your test subject for your build and do your best with what's at hand. We all know companies try to get it right, pause pause pause hmmmmmm, I may have over stepped on that thought. There images are three different time periods. Again absolutely gorgeous aircraft. All The Best, Ron VanDerwarker
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