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  1. Nikola, Great looking start on the base paint. Should really show the change in color hue during the process. Similar to the sun baking the color and bleaching as it ages. Dazzling start as always. Ron VanDerwakrer
  2. Nikola, I'm miffed as to the shrinkage (if that's the word to use) on the front canopy. I haven't bought a new release in ages. I'm guessing around 1990 the last time I bought the P-61. I do know the 3 that I built for other folks had zero problems with the canopies. I should have bought up a few vacuform sets when they were available. But then again I saw no need. So here I am wishing and wanting. Anyway, the paint is looking great. I'm liking the shading your doing and the hues generated from those tones on the final colors should and would be different from the black preshading. All The Best, Ron VanDerwarker
  3. f111guru


    Rob, When I was stationed at RAF Lakenheath I bought a can of color back polish from our Thetford car parts place. I use it to polish canopies and the like using a soft rag. It takes the scratches out and gives a good sheen to the plastic. That was in the mid 70's and still to this day am using whats left in the can. That's all I've ever used that can for is models. All The Best, Ron VanDerwarker
  4. Welcome to the forum Billy from the Land Of Enchantment New Mexico. I agree with most of your narrative. Always seem to increase the stash when visiting hobby shops. Happy modelling, Ron VanDerwarker
  5. f111guru


    Welcome aboard Rob, and you may very well get loads of information on weathering. I too am at the a level far from the professional. But as you say do your very best with what you have and learn from it. Again welcome! All The Best, Ron VanDerwarker
  6. Great method to make the swaybraces. Made many in the past but just clamped them into a mold and hoped for the best. Definitely agree with the above. Ingenious!!!! All the best, Ron VanDerwarker
  7. Hello David, Welcome to the forum from the Land Of Enchantment New Mexico southwest corner of the United states. Agree with Chris on both accounts. The plasti-diction can bend you in different directions. My first model was an aurora 707- KC-135 on a stand and decals that were stenciled into the plastic mold. No doubt you will find all kinds of information and great modellers on this site. All The Best Ron VanDerwarker
  8. Dave, Great finish, can't go wrong with a sharks teeth grinning at you. Have an old ESCI kit with tons of extras lined up in a future build. Hope that turns out half as great as yours. Happy Modelling Ron VanDerwarker
  9. Great finish and agree with the above. Not enough CBI subject matter. All The Best Ron VanDerwarker
  10. Chris, These 2 examples are as close as you'll get to the color. The color hasn't changed as long as I can remember. Loaded LGB's in Thailand in 72 and both guidance unit colors I've installed. GBU-10 mounted on station 3 pylon and a GBU-24 on a stand below. Hope this helps. I used at one time was military brown and experimented with tones to get near the color. All The Best Ron VanDerwarker
  11. Mike, Yep way to young for the 17th FW and saw the F-101B's on alert at Griffiss AFB when I was in the Civil Air Patrol. F-111's for sure. Was assigned to the 27th Wing 524th AMU February 1980 and retired in August 1993. December 1990 formed the 428th AMU awaiting the FB-111A for conversion to the G model. Before all this I was at RAF Lakenheath with the F-111F/ F-4D and backing up some more the 509th BW Pease AFB NH FB-111A. Finally back up to more tours with the B-52D and before mentioned F-4D 405th TFW 523rd TFS. Thanks for the link and most I've seen. Here are a few aircraft that were our gate guard for years before the now powers to be had them disappear: Happy Modelling Ron VanDerwarker
  12. Mike, Thanks for the find. Doesn't mostly work that way. Look for one thing and find something else interesting. I am an 27th FW, 523rd FS retiree. Odd occurrence is my first duty assignment as an A1C was with the 405th TFW 523rd TFS 405th MMS (Muntions Maintenance Squadron) Clark AFB. Don't think that happened much. But! Wonderful pictures of the early war 27th FG A-36 Apaches. Have a couple Accurate Miniatures A-36's in my stash. Mid 90's did a consignment for the 523FS aircraft model display. Built a A-36, F-100D, F-4D, F-111D, F-101A and finally an F-111F. Had a great time researching through the base historian. Thanks Again, Ron VanDerwarker
  13. Mike, I do understand that and have lost a number of my squadron folks that never made it back from a mission to the north flying the F-4D. I've built a number of kits for an individual whom distributes to the proper place. Sad part is, I never knew who I was building for. I can say that all the photos I have of those flying in SEA had solid wheels (mostly metal unpainted) and a 1 image as a spoked wheel. All The Best Ron VanDerwarker
  14. Faraway, To be honest, I've never dipped or clear coated my kit canopies. I've always buffed them out with a mild rubbing compound such as color back. It takes the imperfections out and gives a great shine. I've also used it on the kit to take out any sanding marks and helps at least for oil based paints to adhere. Just my thought, I'm very old school. Sorry this doesn't help on your question. All The Best, Ron VanDerwarker
  15. Hi Mike, You sure know how to throw a monkey in the wrench, stir it three time, toss it in the air and hope the answer falls into place. I do not have an answer and am as confused as you. Quickly scanned a bunch of photos (1.12G file) of my insanely heavy skyraider references and have found both types of wheels on both USN and USAF A-1H/J's and AD-5/A1-E. So if @Tailspin Turtlecan advise as to who, when what and where will remain a mystery. My thoughts have and will always be accompany a photo of your finished subject to silence any bad remarks. This is one of maybe many aircraft I don't have technical references on. All The Best Ron VanDerwarker
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