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  1. Thank you for the welcome Steve. I allowed my feelings about Games Workshop paints to override basic politeness there. Please accept my apologies. Bertie

    1. Steve Coombs

      Steve Coombs

      Hi Bertie,

      No offence taken. We all have our opinions on this forum, and that's what makes it fun. A challenge to the routine is often an eye-opener.

      I've never sprayed the GW paints, so I have no experience of how well they perform through an airbrush. My go-to paints are Aqueous Hobby Color and Tamiya, though I find the Vallejo Metal Colors very useful too.

      I use a hairy stick to coax the GW Shades into assorted nooks and crannies, and I find the splendidly opaque white levels out nicely by itself as an undercoat for spraying gloss white, such as for missiles.

      All modelling for me is on hold for a fortnight or so. I am packing boxes and dismantling furniture before a move this weekend, and will in all probability spend all next week establishing order in the new flat. The new place has sufficient space for me to get glass cabinets large enough for the V-bombers in the stash! Not quite my idea of a typical summer holiday, but it'll do me, given the circumstances. I hope the pandemic is sufficiently under control in the autumn so I can visit the folks in the UK; I haven't seen them in person in nearly two years.
      Once again, welcome to the forums.





    2. Bertie Psmith

      Bertie Psmith

      Cool, glad you weren't bothered. It was more my tone than the opinion that bothered me.


      Aqueous Hobby Color and Tamiya are my best paints for spraying and I go with Vallejo for brushing, except their whites, which I don't like at all. For white I use titanium white from Schmincke Akademie Acryl range which has tons of pigment and is nice and creamy. I never thought of using it as an undercoat for missiles though, interesting!


      I prefer spirit based paint for 'panel-lining' figures (and everything else) because of its lower surface tension and crucially, the way you can wipe it off leaving the most subtle finish. Acrylic drying time is just too fast for me in that application.


      Good luck with your move. I'm refurnishing my flat atm, waiting for my new desk to arrive next week and meanwhile building IKEA kits of 1:1 scale furniture. It's warm weather here for that sort of work.

  2. Welcome to the motley crew! Games Workshop's Nuln Oil, Agrax Earthshade, and Athonian Camoshade are just the ticket to make various bits of airframe pop out, and Corax White is indispensable.
  3. A belated report, but I've only just got back! About an hour ago, I was sitting in the market square enjoying my habitual lunch outside the Trattoria in the middle of town, when I heard a plane approaching. Hang on, I thought to myself, that's a Merlin engine. Then a P-51 (bubble canopy, D model?) flew overhead, heading north. I wonder what that was about? Warbirds and other exotica usually fly to or from Speyer, which is west of here. Hah! My powers of observation did not fail me. I just looked this up on Flightradar24. P-51D N51ZW, heading to Egelsbach (between Frankfurt and Darmstadt).
  4. Any opinions on the Reskit Paveway II (UK) bombs?
  5. From personal experience, you need to sand down the roof of the undecarriage bay to the level of the side pieces. Fortunately, the roof is so thick that you won't sand all the way through it and ruin the detail in the undecarriage bay itself.
  6. Absolutely. I still remember the Vulcan at the RAF Abingdon Battle of Britain Display in 1980, when the weather could generously be described as overcast. The Vulcan came in fast and low under the cloud at what couldn't have been more than 300m agl and vibrated everything within range. My jeans fluttered (and they were not flares). That was also the year I got into the cockpit of one of 44 Squadron's machines in the static display. With permission, of course. I found it a bit cramped for my lanky frame. Not as svelte these days, alas... Some years later, I was allowed into the cockpit of one of 55's Victors. I doubt very much anyone's allowed on board the Valiant at Cosford. Does anyone know if there is entry to the Valiant cockpit at Brooklands, so I can notch up the trio of V-bombers?
  7. These are very nice indeed. I've got a couple of boxes of them in the stash, which is all packed up ready for a move in a couple of weeks' time. No active modelling for me now until I'm settled in to the new flat, but I can lurk with the best of them in the meantime.
  8. You are now giving me flashbacks to the summer of 1986, when I spent what seemed each weekend either visiting friends from university days or attendings airshows, with the windows down, the roof back, and Victorialand blasting out of the customs speakers on the back shelf as I motored around the UK. Glorious! I also remember a couple of years earlier, when This Mortal Coil's take on Song to the Siren was played over the PA in Sefton Park in Liverpool just before a fireworks display and reduced spectators to entranced silence.
  9. I've had the Nimrod, Valiant, and both Victor kits in the stash for a while, and shall soon have the wherewithal to display them once built! I don't like to leave my finished builds out to become dust magnets. And I am eagerly anticipating the new Vulcan. My mate Chris the Smurf built a couple of the 1980s kit about the time it first came out, and that was an orgy of filling and sanding. I expect the new one will be user-friendlier.
  10. Alas, Emilio, AKA the Psycho Kitten or Miu, is no more. He had breathing difficulties, which a trip to the vet revealed to be water on the lungs and in his abdominal cavity. To cap it all, he had a heart tumour too. Nine lives were not enough, and he rests at the end of the garden with his friend Clarence, who had the dubious distinction of being run over twice.
  11. I'll be moving to a new flat with room to swing a cat more space for my finished work in a few weeks' time, and can forsee an IKEA SYVDE or two on order once I've unpacked everything. Each one could comfortably house 10 1:72nd Vulcans, Victors, Valiants, Nimrods, or Shackletons. A generous depth of over 40 cm makes this feasible!
  12. It's a muched vexed question. If Dora is exploring something new, she is an Entdeckerin (discoverer). If she's investigating something in more detail or doing a recce, she's an Erkunderin. If she's doing research as she explores, she's a Forscherin (for example, polar explorer - Polarforscherin). This is probably why Dora the Explorer is simply titled Dora on German TV - nobody can agree which is the best noun for her...
  13. Looking forward to the further adventures of Dora die Forscherin.
  14. That's what their Facebook page says. Kitty Hawk/Panda to close down.
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