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  1. I saw this film a month ago and thought it was magnificent. Then I saw it again last Saturday to check (!), having reread the book in the interim, and it still is. Interesting how some of the dialogue goes to different characters than in the novel, but it works. And the soundtrack is excellent, I thought. I hope the cinema you watched it in had a decent sound system.
  2. Nice to see someone else raids the cosmetics section for multi-grade nail files!
  3. I just added the Hasegawa 305SQ, 40th Anniversary F-15J to the stash. I was very much taken by the markings and got the kit with MBK's 20th anniversary discount. The decal sheet is splendid, but I wonder if anyone has any information about the shades of orange and red-orange used, in case I need to make a touch up here or there? For that matter, is there a modern Japanese equivalent of FS or BS, or does the JASDF use FS specs for its aircraft? Any help much appreciated.
  4. Heat-shrink tubing also does the trick. Paint the bombs yellow, apply a ring of tubing of a suitable diameter and size to the nose of each, and shrink it to a tight fit. Then spray the bomb in an appropriate shade of green. If you're worried about seepage, spray matt varnish before the green to seal the ring. Then peel off the ring when all is dry and ready.
  5. Somewhat more than a year later after making a fool of myself, is there any news of a modern Martel/datalink fit for the new S2B kit, or do I have to source the things under wings from an older Airfix boxing off eBay?
  6. Very nice work so far. Going to have a go at PT879 next? https://warbirdsnews.com/warbird-restorations/the-russian-spitfire-completes-her-flight-testing.html
  7. There's already a B-52 pilot whose father and grandfather have also flown it. This could easily go to another generation or two!
  8. Just a quick thumbs up to Alistair - never mind the possible three weeks or so for casting, the Vulcan and Phantom goodies I ordered a week ago arrived in excellent order today (and I suspect a day or two of that was spent plastering the box with customs stickers en route).
  9. Aha! I meant my Harder & Steenbeck Infinity... I managed to damage the Quick Fix end of the airbrush and have just ordered replacement parts.
  10. Delivery October 2022? Ouch. At least I'll have the replacement parts for my Infinity by then.
  11. This is leading me into temptation! Back in the pre-COVID days, colleagues in the office next door commenced battle at each day at 12 with a range of Nerf weaponry, including a bowcaster for our resident Valkyrie. Sometime in 2022, when we are supposed to be able to return to the workplace, it'd be fun to storm office 37. I'd paint the thing in RAL 7013 first.
  12. Do you think someone watched Firefox back in 1982?
  13. Thank you for the welcome Steve. I allowed my feelings about Games Workshop paints to override basic politeness there. Please accept my apologies. Bertie

    1. Steve Coombs

      Steve Coombs

      Hi Bertie,

      No offence taken. We all have our opinions on this forum, and that's what makes it fun. A challenge to the routine is often an eye-opener.

      I've never sprayed the GW paints, so I have no experience of how well they perform through an airbrush. My go-to paints are Aqueous Hobby Color and Tamiya, though I find the Vallejo Metal Colors very useful too.

      I use a hairy stick to coax the GW Shades into assorted nooks and crannies, and I find the splendidly opaque white levels out nicely by itself as an undercoat for spraying gloss white, such as for missiles.

      All modelling for me is on hold for a fortnight or so. I am packing boxes and dismantling furniture before a move this weekend, and will in all probability spend all next week establishing order in the new flat. The new place has sufficient space for me to get glass cabinets large enough for the V-bombers in the stash! Not quite my idea of a typical summer holiday, but it'll do me, given the circumstances. I hope the pandemic is sufficiently under control in the autumn so I can visit the folks in the UK; I haven't seen them in person in nearly two years.
      Once again, welcome to the forums.





    2. Bertie Psmith

      Bertie Psmith

      Cool, glad you weren't bothered. It was more my tone than the opinion that bothered me.


      Aqueous Hobby Color and Tamiya are my best paints for spraying and I go with Vallejo for brushing, except their whites, which I don't like at all. For white I use titanium white from Schmincke Akademie Acryl range which has tons of pigment and is nice and creamy. I never thought of using it as an undercoat for missiles though, interesting!


      I prefer spirit based paint for 'panel-lining' figures (and everything else) because of its lower surface tension and crucially, the way you can wipe it off leaving the most subtle finish. Acrylic drying time is just too fast for me in that application.


      Good luck with your move. I'm refurnishing my flat atm, waiting for my new desk to arrive next week and meanwhile building IKEA kits of 1:1 scale furniture. It's warm weather here for that sort of work.

  14. Welcome to the motley crew! Games Workshop's Nuln Oil, Agrax Earthshade, and Athonian Camoshade are just the ticket to make various bits of airframe pop out, and Corax White is indispensable.
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