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  1. A bit like posh dining with the full array of cutlery - work from the outside in. (the serial reads from the wingtip to the fuselage)
  2. A Luftwaffe Transall just went over the top at about 200m agl. That bird has rarity value these days.
  3. Dunno about your build, but on the MR2 I'm slowly putting together, the marks on the back of the seats were simply thin rings of plastic that came off and cleaned up nicely without leaving a depression.
  4. Number 2 Stepdaughter just had her pregnancy confirmed and is at a similar stage. Everyone in the family is keeping their fingers crossed all goes well. Your good lady, you, and the boys have my best wishes, Edward. Steve
  5. Would the Shelf Oddity detail set be of any use for your build? https://shelfoddity.com/1-144-Missiles?product_id=208
  6. My Fokker Fokker order arrived today. The contents look absolutely gorgeous, and the engines are works of art. I'm sorely tempted to order again before stocks run out!
  7. I am mildly appalled to consider that the small, pink, and surprisingly fluffy little girl who would hold on to my right index finger as I told her a bedtime story turns 21 in a week's time and is doing a teacher training degree.
  8. So, first a Tiger Moth and now a Chipmunk. Does this mean we could expect a Bulldog in the next year or so? (And yes, I am aware of the Tarangus kits)
  9. Hallo Heinz! Willkommen bei Britmodeller. Schöne Grüsse aus dem Rhein-Neckar-Kreis.
  10. I think the trick here is to use clear varnish or Klear, to avoid fogging.
  11. Are you OK there, Edward? Hope all is well, or at least improving.
  12. I got the Eduard MiG-23BN kit a while back, and just took delivery of the Cold War Studio nose correction, which looks to be some lovely resin. However, the pitot is delicate and bent. Rather than me risk wrecking the thing in an attempt to straighten it out, is there a turned metal version on offer anywhere? The only MiG-23 pitots I've found in searches so far have been the common or garden tip-of-the-nosecone jobs. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  13. Schöne Grüsse aus dem Rhein-Neckar Kreis! Welcome to the forums; plenty of inspiration and good ideas to be found here.
  14. Oh, that's very nice indeed. Are the flaps in the kit separate, or did you do the required work and pose them yourself?
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