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  2. A sincere Apology

    Welcome back, look forward to seeing your models Cheers, Stew
  3. The detail painting is absolutely faultless stix, superb, the crew'll look a treat
  4. Hi Libor This is a fantastic rendition of this fine aircraft and his pilot. A bout Pierre Le Gloan I can add he became ace in a day after shooting down 4 FIAT CR.42 and 1 BR.20 above The Riviera on 15th June 1940. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pierre_Le_Gloan Patrick
  5. Minicraft 1/144 737-300 Magni Charters

    I cast up the Daco U/C bay back last century, no idea where the mould is now, but well worth the effort. There were some intakes done by PAS models that suit this kit I think, probably gone now, but I'll bet you have some anyway
  6. Hobby Boss P38-L 1/72

    I got one of these for Christmas. I'm glad to see it builds up pretty well. Nice model.
  7. شيرمان فرانكشتاين (Frankenstein's Sherman)

    Hey Sgt. Hows this moving ? Haven't seen anything for awhile on it ?
  8. IDF M1 Super Sherman (HVSS).

    Super details, fine work
  9. 1/32 Revell (new tool) P-51D-5 Mustang

    Hi all, In fact, it seems that Shick Johnson seats started to appear with the D-15-NA, as suggested by this factory picture of F-6D-15-NA 44-15581 I had made a thread on the P-51 SIG about 7 years ago about P-51s seats, and posted this picture using a couple of NAA blueprints showing why the front of the seat had to be curved, and that the cockpit pictures show 43-12102, this plane had a very unique gunsight, which we can partly see on the pictures. Laurent
  10. Building the three

    Cheers @GrahamS feel free to tag along any help will be appreciated. Going to be making a start tonight and will hopefully have something to show in my first update.
  11. FS36081 Spray

    I agree with @RJP Sandwich spreads such as Princes and Shippams are popular in my house. I often use the empty jars for mixing larger quantities of paint for use over a couple of days.
  12. Will there be a 3 Blade prop option I wonder?
  13. A sincere Apology

    I guess someone has to be first, I never read those posts until now, one can only hope that your new found re-acquaintance with modelling has mellowed you So welcome back, and please post up your completions when you get done , love to see some quality modelling
  14. 28mm Samnites

    Thanks Homer,the only thing the chooks don't look as good with all those feathers missing Cheers.
  15. Škoda PA-II

    A most unusual vehicle, very well presented. Well done.
  16. 28mm Celtic Chariot

    Thank you Sir.you know that was the hardest part,just some fine brass and a bit of Ar**!! Cheers.
  17. The new deck fits perfect and looks really great. Plenty of the old plastic deck left to provide a solid glue base
  18. Hobby Boss P38-L 1/72

    Thank you for your comments, Neil. Appreciate your comments Corsair. Thanks Andwil.
  19. Cutting the deck into Swiss cheese. The photo etch comes with a very handy set of 1:1 drawings showing the cuts. The new brass deck fixes the incorrect Trumpeter plastic deck, providing a correct hole pattern
  20. Show us your modelling space / stash

    Don't like building aircraft by any chance,you have more than I have seen in some model shops down here?Hope your time away flys no pun intended and your back home and into those projects.Cheers.
  21. Nice work. I have a couple of these to build. Hope mine are as realistic looking!
  22. Today
  23. ANOTHER WNW - O.O.P.

    You do have more insight about it than I. I do hope they get some more Hannovers for folks that want them. I have 4 now so I'm good. As an aside I found a US retailer that was out of Pfalz DIIIa and the Jasta 5 trio but still had the Pup listed. I put in an order but not holding my breath.
  24. "In the year I was born" GB - anyone interested?

    Im in ... I can do something from 1971. Maybe Vietnam ? Maybe i can find an Apollo capsule ?
  25. Avon Sabre

    Definitely a good looking Sabre
  26. A sincere Apology

    Some of you may remember me. I am the mastermind behind classic threads such as "Are the idiots at humbrol color blind" or "who designed this forum". Well, as you can imagine I was a fairly young and emotional pubescent at that time. After 3 years away, (And I would like to think some maturing) I found myself looking at my favorite Airfix Spitifire model. I had reached a point in my life where I have very little to keep me busy and happy, so I figured I might as well give models a shot again. From the minute I started I am glad I did. I hope I can become a valuable member on this esteemed forum. Here's to many models to come!
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