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  1. Good morning, I'm still doing a foolish thing, because I'm scattering over another diorama project. This slows down the construction of the two forts: I have completed most of the painting of the first B17; The photo does not show too much the different shades of the sunburnt drab olive: I didn't pre-shade; I highlighted the panel seams with the base color, then I colored the inside. Of course, there is still a lot of work to be done. I started the decal application session and I really want to perforate the ailerons to simulate th
  2. Good morning, Ced. What consistence in the construction!, And you also start decorating a child's room! Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  3. Good morning, Rob, Well, I think that we are a number to build B17 models on Britmodeller right now! I have built three Academy flying Fortresses: Here are two: I really like this kit, which is a good base. However, there are things to improve. First, some air intakes are to be dug at the leading edge of the wings: personal photo Between the two engines are two oil cooler air intakes. Here is a picture of the cooler air intake near the inner engine of the starboard wing: personal photo I repr
  4. Hello, Oups again! I definitely don't control anything anymore, now... Sorry! ( By the way, if a coordinator could delete my previous second mistake. ) Thanks for yours comments and appreciations, gentlemen. Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  5. Good morning. this roller howitzer looks quite pleasant to watch: I added an M8 trailer offered by Mister Modellbau: this photo inspired me: and here is the result: Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  6. Bonjour à tous. Oups, mishandling...
  7. Hello, Thanks for your comment, Thom. It's the kind of detail that you no longer see when the model is closed, but it pleases the model maker, and me in particular. I build bombers for pin-ups! I hang around a bit on the subject, because I am at the same time building a diorama with the theme: refueling. And I build test shots of US 600gal trailers that I made for a craftsman. Stay tunned! Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  8. Good morning CedB Your work is progressing well, faster than mine! About wing tip vents, I am certainly not an expert, however I have noted some informations for my own builds. These hatches allowed the gasoline vapors contained in the wing tanks to escape into the atmosphere, and thus avoid explosions in flight. These vents were tested on B17Gs of the Fifteenth Air Force, then they were available in kits which allowed modifications by the air depots. Sometimes the mechanics only installed one per wing. The installation in production was at the rat
  9. Hello, gentlemen. I closed the fuselage of the Revell model. I grafted an Académy astrodome cast instead of the transparent piece proposed by Revell,because the shape of the fairing leaves me perplexed: I cut out additional windows to conform to the version I chose. I started painting: I didn't do any pre-shading; I first painted the structure lines with the base color (here gunze H304), Then I crayoned in each panel. Color depth also varies. I then sprayed a veil of base paint with the addition of brown and sandy yellow, to represent the
  10. Good morning, Ithank you all for your nice comments. It is a fact that logistics are not well represented. But it may also be due to the fact that this kind of vehicle recently arrived on the model market. Hello Ian, These are my models. As you can see under my avatar, I'm a bit silly of a B17. Here is a part of my collection: I admit that I avoid (too much) drinking when I paint ... The Airfix US refueling box is very good, and allows you to do a lot of things. Regards, Eri
  11. Good morning, all. It may be time to show you the progress of my work. I have practically finished the interior layout of the fuselages. Starting from the front, here are the offices of the navigators and bombardiers: I hesitate to add documents in the top post (Revell model), because the crew must have destroyed them after the crash, or the Germans already had a raid the day before. (The Miss Ouachita was shot down on February 21, and Heinz Bär came to inspect the wreck the next day. I will represent the B17 as in the photo, so
  12. Good morning. These picture inspired me: copyright photo: B17 in action, Squadron Signal publication n°63 p39 I used the model of the Airfix 1:72 Chevrolet M6 bomb trailer, and here is the result: And the last one: Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  13. Hello, Cadman. It's too big for me, but it's beautiful! Well done, the snow is really convincing. The work on your film is remarkable, too. I'm going to lift my head from my steering wheel to go see your other videos ... Have fun in modeling! Regards from France, Eric-Snafu35
  14. Hello, Thank you for your interest in my jokes at the bottom of the garden! This is a M2 Cleveland tractor. The M2 High-Speed Tractor (or colloquially M2 Cletrac) was an aircraft tug used by the United States Army Air Forces from 1942. This miniature is a resin short run that a friend lent me. I made a mold, did prints and improvements. This accessory brings life and realism to the scene, as you think . The trouble is that this scene is set to be in February or March 1945, and the driver has bare arms.
  15. Hello, all Thank you for your appreciations. I found on the net an Italian craftsman who makes 1/72 scale figurines: Here is the link : https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Personal-Blog/Top-72-123904284943484/ These figures are very good for the 1:72: I await the continuation of your construction!. Regards, Eric-Snafu35
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