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  1. Good morning, I Thank you for your compliments. I was thinking the same thing, Tony! I'm participating to a group build about Midway on a french forum, and it could be funny; a Monogram model is quite good against a SBD Accurate Miniature or Hasegawa! Plus the dive brakes can be opened, great! Michael, you should keep your Helldiver as it is; maybe make another one! You should take advantage of this group build to relaunch a construction; in any case, I will follow your assembly. Beware, Jean; nostalgia is the beginning of old age! But as we say when we are young: there is no photo. Today's glycero paintings suck because you have to make a choice between having fun or dying (very) old. All right. By popular demand, I'm going to push everything I have on the workbench to start an SBD Dauntless Monogram... ...Once I've finished a Kate Hasegawa, a Val Airfix, two Fouga Magister Kinetic, a F2A2 Tamiya... Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  2. Good morning, Here is My Curtiss SB2C-4 Helldiver from Monogram. Built with mainly the parts of the box, I remade the barrels with nested micro-tubes, the exhaust pipes, and I added Yagi antennas which come from another model. The marks offered by Monogram represent a Helldiver of the Marine Corps VMSB-244 in the Philippines in June 1945. The construction journal is here: Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  3. Hello, fellow modelers , I have finished building this Curtiss SB2C-4 Helldiver Monogram: I think that the age of the Monogram decals is the cause of some minor installation problems. I also found the strange consistency of the glue that makes a whitish milky substance! Brrrrrrr...! Unfolding the wings and ready to fly ! : Close-up of the Monogram engine, or what you can see of it: Close-up of a hydraulic hose and the barrel: I added Yagi antennas coming from a TBM Accurate Miniature box. "Hi Mum, I'm going to fly. Wish me luck!" My Beast Monogram now joins the TBF Avenger from the same manufacturer: Thank you for paying attention to my construction, thanks to Michael/Toryu who showed the pictures of his construction (it's motivating!) I could continue this group build, as I counted 24 boxes of Monogram models in my stash! ( SBD, TBD-1, T6, P38, P39, P51, P61, P80, B25 x3, A26 x2, B17G x2, mig15, F9F5 from Lt Brubaker, PBY, F84, F8E, F4D, F105G,... Nice collection, isn't it? ) Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  4. Hello, all; Thank you for your interest. I changed the moulded barrels with micro tubes that I nested inside each other: The model of the Beast is still a toy, but some improvements give it some nice details to look at. Should I also do the Aegis antennas under the wings? The weathering of the model is in progress. Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  5. Hello, Ray. Well done, nice repairs! You must have had fun jumping up and down on the model to get it into its box before the move! The wing-fuselage joints were really broken. Did you just glue the parts together, or did you use a putty to repair? Good luck with that. Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  6. Good morning to all. Here is my little engraving kit: I use sewing needles that I fix in a drill holder: I like them neither too thin nor too thick. Materials are not what they used to be, and I often break them. So to avoid too much overhang between the tip and the base of the needle, I shorten them. I especially engrave when I go on holiday, because the material does not take up any space in the car! I take up the engraving following the lines of the model, sometimes I follow a plan. Sometimes I slip up: I fill the line with cyano acrilate glue, sand and start again. I varnished a part of the model, I installed Aeromaster decals, but they have not aged well; they seem quite stiff to me. Monogram proposes a decoration of a SB2C-4 of the VMSB244. Here is the aircraft, photo taken in Squadron Signal n°54 p41, copyright 1982 Squadron Signal Publications The helldiver seems to have been repainted in some places, as if to erase the previous codes. I will start aging the colours, then I will add some fresh paint before putting the 702 codes and the baby II name. Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  7. Good morning, It is stupid, but I have gotten into the habit of engraving the structures of all my Monogram models. So I did a lot of testing and I don't bang my head against the walls anymore. I painted the model. I used a very old Humbrol Authentic Colour pot; I had bought this one when Humbrol was no longer making this series. I even bought the whole stock of this colour in the shop! (three pots of Non Spec Blue HU4); I really like this colour which is neither blue nor green. The pot has not moved for thirty years, the mixture is smooth, a treat that differs from the current composition of Humbrol pots. I will put the decals in place before I start the weathering. Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  8. Hello Mike, Really splendid! thanks for sharing. Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  9. Hello, Painting the white is not an easy task, especially for me. I have applied a good coat of Tamiya Matt White, because it covers relatively well, and now I am going to spray with Gloss White. Before that I will have to grind some sanding on the leading edges of the wings near the fuselage. Paint is a revealer of faults! Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  10. Good morning, My Helldiver is ready to paint now: For convenience I have already painted the underside in white, but I will have to do some touching up: I improved the exhaust pipes, as well as the cooling flaps of the oil cooler: to be continued. Regards, Erci-Snafu35
  11. Hello Ferrata, Oops, I only discovered your construction now!. Congratulations for your work, and especially for your self-sacrifice in resuming a construction that has been stopped since... This week, I'm taking back the Kinetic box of the Fouga CM170 in 1/48 scale that I had left aside for seven years. The reason? too many small parts, and a rather rough manual. I too built the Hobbycraft Cutlass a few years ago. So I take the risk of polluting your message with photos of my construction: I really like the look of the plane and built it almost out of the box. Nevertheless, the wheels are pretty crappy, and I had the same thought as you when I did the windscreen. This is the one that came in the box in my model, which I sanded. To cut the acetate canopies, I fill them with plaster. This material is not expensive, and the cutting is rather easy afterwards. I did a wash of black and brown in the structure lines, today I would rather use a Payne grey, so that the effect is less sharp. By the way, your ejector seat is splendid! Have a good holiday and I wish that you will come back strong, with the desire to finish this funny bird! Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  12. Hello, I thank you for your follow up. I assure you that I am not simpering when I write that I can do better in painting figures. I donot master oil painting, so I colour like a cartoon character, with the shadows marked. Sorry if I offended you. ! Anyway, the model is well advanced. Unfortunately I will not be able to bend the wings more than 90°, and the system is very fragile. I think I am not done sanding, when I see the gap between the wing and the fuselage: Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  13. Hello Tom, This is a very nice reproduction of this flying ray, bravo. The deployed scale gives an idea of the size, however this model must be very small compared to the others you have! Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  14. Good morning, all. Here is the continuation! An early Monogram model is nothing without its crew; so I put it together: the pictures look a bit overexposed, I'm sorry about that But that hides my incompetence in painting miniatures! I added an armour plate in front of the gunner, firing handles and ammunition belts on these weapons which look more like 20mm guns than 50' Browning : that's enough, and I closed the fuselage: Then comes the sweet moment of sanding. The parts are almost all ready, I also added a hydraulic line on each landing gear leg. I also found a bomb that armed the SBD Dauntless Monogram, it will fit very well on this model! to be continued... Regards, Eric-Snafu35
  15. Hello all The project is still on the table and unfortunately the summer transhumance and the many projects on the table are not going to boost the construction! I don't know if you can say that I am a better man! Crazier? certainly. Imagine the time I wasted making all those holes; This Helldiver is the spiker's hell! The parts are primed, I have started the painting operations: I want to find my childhood soul and rebuild this model like the one I had in the early years 80'. However, the design was revised in the 90's; a new propeller with spinner was added, as well as a cockpit for the pilot; the movable wing attachments disappeared, the bomb no longer leaves its fork. No problem, I will adapt. I made a quick aesthetic improvement to the wing folds, just to fill the gap: I think that will be enough. And then I have to move on now! Regards, ERIC-Snafu35
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