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  1. Wow, I'd love to see some sprue shots of this beauty, rare as rocking horse droppings! Andy
  2. Brilliant and original, nice build on an unusual diorama! I like the bathole on the door too Andy. p.s. Did you make the lights for this or are they bought as a kit?
  3. This looks like a lovely kit, im quite impressed by them wheels, have you built any of their model T's? Andy.
  4. I have thought some more about that one, heller must already pay JLR to put out the E-type and are releasing the BMW 328 therefore must be paying them too, BMW own RR therefore must be able to obtain licensing. Revell have just released the Land Rover S3 and are releasing the E-type but also have an old tool e-type in the lineup, therefore must have a licensing deal, same for tamiya with the DBS, revell also release BMW and Audi/VW products who own... Bentley and Bugatti. Airfix/Hornby also release Audi/VW/bugatti/BMW/Ford/JLR/Aston Martin and more, so I don't think Licensing is the Issue because they are already doing so, I think its probably lack of demand possibly. I for one would love a kit from any of the manufacturers of a new Range Rover or any of the Discoverys, or the new XJ or I-pace, manufactures used to release current vehicles more often, revell recently released the BMW electric car, I wonder how well that sold?
  5. Beautiful workmanship there dude, I'm sure you are putting much more thought into this build than there would've been originally! Andy
  6. That's what I was guessing too :( im sure one day one of the main manufacturers will wise up and make modern toolings in 1/24 of very desirable cars with mass appeal... DB5, V8 Vantage... well almost any Aston, jaguar F-type... Bentley Continental etc.... veyron, new Rolls Royce etc (pocher maybe?) I'm sure their is a perfectly reasonable answer as to why we don't have kits of cars like these but we get things like Trabants and such. Anyway, grumble over :)
  7. Good point, obviously the management aren't 'in sync' I have the Heller coupé and it is a lovely kit, as with a lot of Heller toolings it's very dainty and 'in scale' I'm sure Revell also had a new 1/24 DB5 listed either last year or the year before, I wonder what happened to that? I do hope Heller does well and is not mismanaged
  8. Looks awesome, you have got that stance nailed, flawless Andy
  9. As mrmustang1989 said above, flawless paint, very nice colour too :) Andy.
  10. Bloomin' weather, nothing that can't be saved, anyway, it's true to the car you are basing it on, as we top coat, fully wet sand then top coat again to give the paint extra depth your model should look lush in that colour combo Andy
  11. Lovely stuff, I always enjoy your vehicle builds (well and planes and the apollo... and the yellow submarine) because you always make such unique looking things that really could be real, I'm looking forward to the next one Andy.
  12. Thanks, the speedster is nice, but there are a few things I would have done differently, also the speedster was missing sooo much, I even had to fabricate things like the door cappings and window frames, I had to fabricate all of the throttle pedal assembly and what not... I think it's because it was a nightmare to get together why I like it less lol, I look forward to more updates Andy.
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