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  1. Nah not a memorial, they jus really love their dog, so i made this for their office desk!
  2. Thanks chaps, I was at the Wembley gig, amaaaaaazing! I might do a few versions if this comes out OK, I actually think this could be the trickier one to do, as it'll be paint work dependent on how good it looks, the other colourful ones would be easier to disguise the shoddy work I'm going to do some cut outs for the electronics in CAD, maybe a bit more surface work and some assembly location points, then I think I can make a start on building the proper one Cheers, Andy.
  3. First test prints for the upper Hull. This is half the size it'll end up, it'll make it easier to route the electronics, I'm very happy with this, slight tweak needed on the tolerances. I will make all the greeblies separately once the main ship is done. I'm looking forward to trying the clear blue resin Cheers
  4. Ooh, I'll be watching this, I almost bought one today Andy.
  5. Beautiful car, I have had the pleasure of driving one of these, as well as doing quite a bit of metalwork on it. The colour was a slightly tweaked version of the gold with a little more warmth to it. Looking forward to see what you do with this beast! Andy
  6. Slow progress due to work chaps! I now have a new 3D printer and have tentatively begun work again. just re-calibrating where I got to with it! updates soon hopefully. Cheers, Andy
  7. Hello, I have made this over the last few days, it's for a friend. I downloaded the dog and Teddy from CG trader, the collar and base I did in fusion 360. I'm actually really pleased with how this has turned out. Hope you all enjoy it Cheers, Andy.
  8. No argument here, Time is absolutely excellent, I love em' all... except the first album with Roy Wood, it's crap, best thing he ever did was form wizard and leave Jeff to it. Indeed, I got to see a private first ever live performance of when I was a boy and also living thing for TFI Friday (trade secret... it's not all live at the same time) I was stood about 6ft from him and Richard playing was the closest you could get to seeing them play a small club. As I'm enjoying doing this, I may well do a few of the different versions, maybe even the ELO2 album cover. Cheers, Andy.
  9. Slight hiccup, my printer screen has failed, so no physical version for at least a week, oh well at least o can fiddle with the CAD. Cheers, Andy.
  10. There will be an interior on this, I plan on the final ship being 200mm in diameter for extra texture. Your lucky you were there in their heyday, that album was the acorn at the start of very big things to come. Andy.
  11. Hello Chaps, This is my first post in this section, not technically space or Sci Fi but at the same time it is... As you can probably tell from my name, I really like ELO, the first album I bought was a little known masterpiece called 'ZOOM' when released in 2001, I think it is one of the best relatively unknown albums ever produced. What I was drawn too was the fantastic album cover as a 12 year old it was great and I've been hooked ever since. I am going to attempt to model this particular beautifully grungy version as a display, modelled in Fusion 360 and printed on the elegoo mars resin printer, I have spent around 2 hours fiddling and I have the basic shape set, still a lot of surface details and greebles to add but it's a good start, as you can see I am having to add a little bit of artistic licence to the engine area. I will attempt to print the blue glass in blue resin and ad some illumination. I am printing one of at 1/4 of the intended size as a test. Lets see how this goes Cheers, Andy.
  12. Thanks chaps, it also was a great mojo restorer Cheers, Andy.
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