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  1. Looking good, I look forward to seeing it weathered, I noticed these had been re-released, I think I may have to buy them (if i can sneak them past m'lady) Andy.
  2. That's a beautiful job of a kit I was unaware existed, I love the little bits of carpet on the parcel shelf, so many little details. For the people unaware of the real cars provenance, former BL boss George Turnbull left BL to start Hyundai's first car factory and car, many of you will be surprised that this is actually a heavily revised Morris Marina... look at it closely it was even designed and tested by ex British Leyland designers and engineers, there is a documentary on it somewhere where they say it is basically what they wanted the Marina to be back in 72! So yes, in a w
  3. On Pendleton slot cars website, there are many resin reproduction bodies for long out of production Airfix kits, I recently bought a Marina shell, but they also have quite a few other bodies to build, might be something you like on there... Andy
  4. Brilliant to see all these old airfix kits being built, around this time last year I did a blue DB5 and this 1/32 Bentley. It's amazing how well they come up with a little patience I look forward to seeing what you do with this one. Andy
  5. I mean the 60s DBS and a mainstream DB11 that doesn't cost a small fortune! Andy.
  6. Hmm just off the top off my head, modern british cars that would have world appeal all in 1/24 Rolls Royce Phantom, Bentley Continental, Range Rover, New Defender, Discovery 1/3/4 (probably not 5), Aston Martin DB11, Any current Jaguar, but also S1 XJ6/C, XJ40/X300, Aerial Atom, Maybe some off the McLarens, I know revell do one that's good. Jensen Interceptor. I believe they would have popular world appeal, just as the real ones do. And a list for my personal wants that wont happen. Rover SD1-P6-P5-P4
  7. The real ones aren't. I'm doing all the metalwork on the 29 Mussolini 6C farina bodied one, finding propper detailed information on it is a nightmare, everyone has the wrong drawings argh!!! The chassis has had MAJOR work done on it due to years of mods and to get the exact specs has been tiresome to say the least and the body was a one off and we will have to work from pictures to get it right...ish. I wish I could post some pics to give inspiration for you but I can't, it's being filmed for Netflix After that Citroen, I'm so glad you have decided to build another big kit, you ar
  8. Stunning work here, having done loads of fabrication work on 2 Peking to Paris citroens, I can say that this kit really captures nearly everything on the real car, quite remarkable for Heller with the tooling limits of the day. Airfix Bentley is another vintage kit that captures (though not quite as refined) the real car well. It's a shame both companies haven't done more, like Airfix with a 1/12 phantom or Heller with a 1/8 Citroen SM... or even Airfix with a modern 1/12 2021 Bentley Continental to go with it. It's always a great pleasure watching your builds, I've been hooked si
  9. I think (though not positive) that one set of spark plugs are for starting, and one set for running, I think the Merlin set up was similar Absolutely stunning, I've had the privilege of clambering over a real ghost twice, and frequently deal with a custom P11, absolutely breathtaking the amount of effort and engineering that went into these vintage erollers. Andy
  10. Awwwww yeah, that looks stunning, I have this kit and am reluctant to build it as I don't think I'll do it justice ☹ if it came out half as good as this I'd be happy! That BVS one is bloody massive, and excellently finished, best bit of the film. Andy.
  11. I'm really looking forward to this, I've heard nothing but good things about it... it even has an engine yes? These slightly later car kits are actually brilliant, it's a shame they mainly push out the older worse kits, DB5 and E-type, if they sell well enough to pretty much constantly have them in the catalogue, why not update them? I think I will buy several of these (and a couple beach buggys),if it stays at £11.99 that's the right price to be. I have noticed Hobbycraft sells Airfix kits at a ripoff price, my local one is thinning out there stock. I'm not surprised
  12. I'm surprised no one mentioned this? https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/shop/new-for-2021/jaguar-420.html Very excited, this is a much fabled kit that I never thought I'd get, I will buy many! Also they are re-releasing the beach buggy... now for 2022 we need a 2020 Jaguar XJ and F-type and an aston DB11. Andy
  13. The more in progress shots the better I say! Looking fantastic indeed. Andy
  14. Hello Lars, Welcome to the forum, what an entrance! That is a thing of absolute beauty! It looks like a real car, breathtaking attention to detail, especially the 1/8 kit box on the back seat, would that be 1/64 scale? I look forward to seeing more builds from you. Andy
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