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  1. Ooh, this looks absolutely amazing, I bet you are proud of this beast! Andy.
  2. Looking great Roy, that rear section really captures the look of the real thing Andy
  3. Yes please, 2 e-type builds are better than one because... maths Andy.
  4. Absolutely beautiful job here, I look forward to the next update! Andy.
  5. Yay, I will grab a drool bucket for oggling the impending greatness Andy.
  6. I second Dave's method, I have also used oil paints carefully applied and blended. Andy.
  7. If you are willing to do a bit of extra work, this website sells resin body/chassis/window kits of many classic cars intended for slot car racing. https://www.pendleslotracing.co.uk/slot-cars/resin-body-kits.html?p=2 Andy.
  8. Good to see you back Roy, lovely job of this kit, I bought 1 issue then was put of by the total price, I'll have to struggle with the revell one! Do you have any scratch builds in the pipeline? 1/8th XK8 per chance Andy.
  9. Luuuurvley, that colour really sets it off, and as mentioned above, such a neat and clean build! Looks better than the real one, I always thought the wheels on it looked too small and in-board on the real thing. Andy.
  10. What a fantastic job you have done with this, I love seeing all you clever people working some magic on these large scale beasts, I look forward to your take on the GT40! Will there be a WIP? Andy.
  11. Perfect result as usual, this version of the quattro looks much better than the lwb Andy.
  12. Coooor! Yes, even betterer than before! Coincidentally had a beautiful drive out in mine today Andy.
  13. Stunning job on this, never new about this kit, everything about your build is exceptional! There has been a few 1/32 builds on here recently, great to see Andy
  14. Brilliant result, I love the wire wheels, makes all the difference! For the number plates, I use cheap homemade waterside decal paper from Amazon, go on a number plate making website, type the plate you want up, copy and paste into word or something scale, print and apply! You can get clear or white paper, if you use clear you can paint the area silver and it appears like a metal plate! Hope this helps, Andy.
  15. Looks amazing, I've never seen one built this well, one slight thing, the chin spoiler scoop lip thing should be satin black as it is on the real car, apart from that PERFECT, what's next on the line? Andy.
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