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  1. Airfix did the early U2 with raised panel lines. Academy did one which looked suspiciously like Airfix's but with recessed panel lines. Good luck finding the Academy kit I gave mine away many years ago and have looked for another for years, wish they would re release it. Regards Glenn
  2. very nice, how did you manage to re scribe some of hose more complex curves. regards Glenn.
  3. very nice, I notice the aircraft has the big 600gal tanks, did they and the weapons come in the kit. regards Glenn.
  4. lovely finish. How do you rate the kit, is it a big improvement on the Hasegawa offering. Regards Glenn.
  5. nothing wrong with that lovely finish. well done Glenn
  6. love this lit, you have done it proud.
  7. Hi Shashman the base started life as a shelf in my old kitchen. The wall is a little wooden quadrant cut to size faced this brick style plastic card and backed with modelling clay. a little loose grass glued on and a bit of paint and it was just about done. the grass has faded a lot in the conservatory over time. Hi kampatiger the kit is nice and would by another but maybe the twin stick next time.
  8. I don't usually make kits with propellers but I really enjoyed this little kit, There is a whole host of after market add on's to enhance this kit but this one is strait from the box.
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