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  1. cardiff guy

    Spangdahlem '87 : 1/48th

    blows me away. i would like to do this in 72nd scale, but that's a pipe dream at the moment.
  2. cardiff guy

    Bedford Tactical Refueller 1/72

    Love this little kit, you have done a nice job. Now we need a Harrier gr3 and a hide diorama. Regards Glenn.
  3. cardiff guy

    Colours for JASDF U-125A

    If it's the darker of the two it is the same colour as the Mitsubish F2 and some Phantoms and rescue Black hawk's. Sword have the picture on the box upside down. It's called deep ocean blue on the top and shallow ocean blue on the bottom. Mr colour do them C375 and C372 I have only found these colours in a three pot box from Mr colour called JASDF oceanic camouflage colours. regards Glenn.
  4. nice work well done. Glenn.
  5. We don't see enough of this lovely little kit, well done I love the diorama. Glenn.
  6. cardiff guy

    Nick's builds for 2018

    a good year love the way you display the finished product.
  7. cardiff guy

    BIG X's year in miniture

    a good year especially loving the diorama. Glenn.
  8. cardiff guy

    good start could do better.

    The year started well enough I had my model building mojo firmly in place. I put the finishing touch to the big Revell hunter, this kit was for an old RAF liney who worked on Hunters at Valley. Next was the Mitzi and the first time I used Mr Hobby paint. Then the Wing Commander of no1 Welsh wing Air Cadets asked if we could get 100 model RAF aircraft together for our annual wing field training day. Not one to disappoint four of us managed around 130. the Harrier, Provost, Hercules and Argosy were finished before the show though the F 35 stalled due to waiting for the paint to be delivered. This was the high point of my modelling year after that illness took a hold of my family which unfortunately brought my modelling year to a close, as a foot note the worst of my family woes I hope are behind us and I have already started looking for next years builds. I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, I look forward to any constructive comments. revell 32nd hunter hasegawa 72nd Mitsubushi F2a airfix 72nd Harrier gr1. airfix 72nd Jet Provost T.3 hasegawa 72nd F35 esci 72nd Hercules mach 2 72nd Argosy RAF 100 display old and new, not all my work, Hope you like them. Glenn
  9. A Hercules in 1/72 would be nice, lots of scope for colour schemes.
  10. cardiff guy

    Italeri AC-130H Spectre 1/72

    Gota love the Herk, is this the old Esci kit or the original Italeri offering ? Glenn
  11. very neat great work well done Glenn.
  12. very, very nice well done. Glenn.
  13. cardiff guy

    RAF F35b

    Hi All This is the RAF's latest, Hasegawa's 1/72 kit all buttoned up as I was trying to finish it ready for an RAF 100 display we did a few weeks ago but I never quite made it. The kit is really nice and goes together well. I used Hataka's have glas paint which went on well, though a little delicate to constant handling. Most of the decals came from the box other than the RAF markings that came from Xtra decal. Hope You like it Glenn.
  14. cardiff guy

    UK Air Defence Grey - Airbrush

    These colours are also available in the Mr Hobby range. Worked well for me. Glenn.
  15. what a dog, sabre dog that is very nice work as always well done. Glenn.