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  1. thnx tony so well,the sole mode ive to do a pf/pfm/pfl /in 32sc is TO FIND the h 267 32sc revell,(unless i would have the sick desire to make some auto self scratch conversion)? nb: AFAIK is acronyme of...?
  2. revlel does/done 2 different version of the venerable fishbed in 32sc, an old mould code h267 for the Pf version (a variant loded of history,Nam,yom kippur,indo pakistan war and so on) and a newer box (or mould?)for MF /smt version questions,as seen ive never seen the open boxes: (but ive aftermarkets decals for a pf blue nile camo egyptian EAF / pf version,so i need the part for a box for the pf/fl A-moulds are similar but with newer parts ,the more recent at least B-completely different moulds c-differents moulds in different eras mainly
  3. difficult to find out! - who have this box in your own dreams? whose manufacturer was the original mould ? #debate
  4. not sure could not sell enough-great helo,and is 48 not 32sc- have been created (and in 32sc!)very much more extravagant subjects kinda bo 105, hh-43 huskie,Lama, and so on....
  5. i say is a little different:here is more than an half dozen of decents color pic of that era,but each one taken by sides,no one with the upper surfaces,aside the little palette above obtained i dotn know how
  6. omg! no upper surfaces' pix nor palettes,really ?
  7. hi, ive a decent amount of pix on the fg-1d salvadorean corsair during the fmaous soccer war in their typical tropicla camo/livery-but for the upper surfaces ive only the "poor" palette i post here in attachment any help?pix of better palette? thnx in ad
  8. thnx ,the one i said above appear in your first link.top of the page-let say that with the cold german weather more than a "yellow olive" really it appeared like a rotbraun ,i'll search for the pix on google and i will post about-the old italeri 72sc box in first 80's featured this camo and decals for on the rear of the box
  9. Luftwaffe german Tornados for what i recall had 3 major camo(included marineflieger,obviously,another air arm ) -first one,seen around in first half of 80's: very very light grey undersides -upper surfaces 3 colors: black, medium grey and a rotbraun (a redish brown) kinda that one of WWII:a camo probably proper for the condition of terrain at the border between RFt and ddr(i'm not sure because i went in germany decades ago when i was children but seems to me not so "woodland" as others areas-see below) -2nd camo, 2nd part of 80's:probably on the long wave of the u.s eur
  10. too..rainbow type....good for pacifist,i'm only peaceful, not necessarily politically peacifist
  11. thnx for the efforts,guys,i was thinking to zimbawe and rhodesian camo yea,even omani,but now i will turn to put eye on somali and abu dhabi camo
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