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  1. thnx but as ive told above i've no intention to let "dry" the superscale decals sheet i mention above: being in 32 sc for pf pfl fl mig 21s i need to find a mig 21 in those version in 32 sc,or i find pieces for pf even in mf revell 32 sc(iv e not understud if are included or not)or ive to barely find the old box ( numebr h 267) of 70's pf variant revell 32sc, nuttin else
  2. i need a pf version(in trumpy gamma there's not) and because is fastly explained:ive wonderful decals of 32 sc pf/fl version including the striped camo tiger stype of IAF in 1971 conflict and another choice in eyptian blue nile camo and insignia for pf/fl variant obiously i can't builf an mf as a pf but i was wondering if in the (or in wich one)box there are pieces for both the version even in newer mf kit with different artwork,as done decades ago when kits often had 2 versions ,often,and pieces for both i suppose my sole choice is to find on ebay the old box with pf version and 70's artwork
  3. aaww thnx,but in the box of the MF remain the parts for the Pf ?or there are not at all ?
  4. https://www.scalemates.com/it/kits/revell-04771-mig-21-m-mf-fishbed--208815 here above the url of the mig 21 32 sc revell-in no squares appears the script"new mould " or"different parts" ive to suppose the kit had/have the pieces for more versions or simply are not recognized the changes by the famous site ?ive seen pix of the pf old box h-267 assembled on the web and is a real Pf version,with different tail and canopy from the more modern mf version- How to explain? any info appreciated
  5. hi,anyone has shot pix taken by above showing the top of the turret of the chally 2 up armored with all those grids ( "rete"?)in the sand color that is said has anti ir capabilities? i've done the chally 2 up armored of trumpy,but lack of the checkering of the real thing,so i'm doing it with a hot cutter engraving-but some pic taken by above of the turret could work better properly-in the kit there are blank space/holes squared on top turret in the real tank are properly covered (not sure about)are covered when the grid is used any help appreciated
  6. ive seen in the recent past this books wqith hundreds of dramatic pcitures of B-24.b-17 amd maybe even some brit bomber damaged on german skies, since scheinwfurt to the final victory,all black and white pictures but of sure impact-....ive forgotten the name of the book..someone could help me?
  7. ok thank you giorgio-but the P variant was very similar to the J, hu?often i saw written "J/P variant"
  8. ok! thnx- -but the former version of sidewidner on usn supercarrier,wich was?G, H or E? surely not j or p
  9. do u remember the fist confrontation usa vs lybia in 1981? f-14A of vf 41 dowened the two su-22 in few seconds launchign toward them two sidewinder the verison was the at the time yet famous 9L or more ageing 70's version with smaller wings on the cone seen in some pic? for what i've seen usn never managed the more recognizable verison P/J versions, those ones that have spin very arrow type any help appreciated
  10. is this kit a rebox of someone else manufacturer or an matchbox original one of times gone ? i ask because Matchbox is out of the trade since a lot of time, and could be a new at lest for me the fact they done a leo 2 original mould years ago-or not?normal rebox of italeri or Esci kit ?
  11. guess....what, or wich one ... sorry for the poor quality of the nowdays pic in my lab ..stay tune!
  12. i see one camo in a kind of reddish brown + tan and another one in a reddish brown + a strange toned down green-am i right?
  13. -80's - airfix mould ? (surely the kit of adv ame out before the IDS version airfix kit,if i remember correctly) -revell (more near years,new tool i suppose? or rebox of the airfix?) -hobby boss (..even the most recent one?) -else manufacturer for the Adv in the 48sc ? any help appreciated nb: my cromatically simpaty goes to the old airfix box
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