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  1. Wow, I didn't realise those tip tanks were so big!
  2. Time to bite the bullet and get these finished. I removed the clear glue from the window openings on the CC.2 and have decided to fill the cockpit wind screen with Milliput and paint the panels, the cabin windows will be filled with clear cement ( for the third time) Decalling has restarted on the CC.3, it looks like a dogs breaky at the moment but I hope to make it look a little more respectable
  3. Masking coming off and final assembly commenced and finished
  4. I happened to have a stalled Learjet 60XR that I have just dug out, I should really get it finished but I am not keen about the decals. I wouldn't mind doing something with a more local flavour.
  5. Nice Neppie, I like the early darker scheme too
  6. Great work Alain, never seen so many of one type from the same Air Force together
  7. Thanks guys, it ended up being a chore near the end with other builds getting in the way but I am glad it is finished and I am happy with the result (it could always be better if I took more care!)
  8. 1/72 Revell MiG 21F-13 MG-76 MiG 21F-13, KoeLtue/IlmavV Ilmavoimat
  9. I finally got motivated to get this one done, masking and painting commenced. And then I noticed a few spots I had not filled and sanded quite right, so some rubbing and filling done. I also ran out of SMS Aluminium paint so off to the LHS to restock once the next round of sanding is done.
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