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  1. You need to upload the image to a photo hosting site and then link it to the thread. Instructions in the linked thread
  2. I have an Aussie AS1 that needs and excuse to by built, add me to the list Craig
  3. I have been slowly working on the E-3 and boy it is fighting me! The fuselage went together with little fuss and I decided to assemble the rotor dome legs to its dome mount to avoid issues when mounting the dome to the legs later. So far so good Next was the stand mounting point, I drilled a hole in the centre wing part and glued the tube and support structure in place Here is the assembled dome temporarily attached to the fuselage to get the correct angle for the legs (still going OK) I also made up the
  4. Looks good, I actually went to the trouble of adding the rear flight stations to my last build, not that you could see it! It will start to com toghter very quickly once you close up the fuselage
  5. Thanks Col, I have been getting stalled on little technical issue with this one, slowly sorting them and I realised I need to drill more holes for yet another two doors just behind the wing roots, so another update will be on its way soon.
  6. Yes, scrubbing up very nicely Julian
  7. That looks very nice Chris, great to see it going forward again
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