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  1. It is not hard to convert the Academy C to an A. All you need to do is remove (or leave off) a few ECM/ESM blisters around the fuselage and tail and removed the 'birdslicers' off the nose and you have an A. Anyway, looking forward to your build. I am also a little confuse about this statement in the 'Chat' thread? Is hidecao a typo?
  2. I have some older 1/72 RAAF Hornet decals for 80s jets. Let my know if you want a set. I might even start one of mine!
  3. Tucking the wings is possible with a bit of surgery on the Hasegawa kit, here is a build from back in 2008 with wings folded
  4. Ron, This is a RAAF Official photo so copy away. I knew the photographer who took this and similar ARDU trials images.
  5. The GBU-15 was only trialled by ARDU on their test jet (A8-132) and never made it into service with the RAAF, MK82s and MK84s were the usual weapon load or LGB versions of those
  6. I am building the AMT/Esci F-111A kit as well at the moment, just need to finish the decals. It goes together nicely and has recessed detail. One plus over the Hasegawa kit is the canopy can be posed open (as well as the wing poisiton).
  7. I am still progress in this one (along with a C-130J-30), plenty of priming and rescribing action happening.
  8. Great progress Geoff, to 'dissolve' CA you can apply acetone to it.
  9. I have both of these kits on order, not sure how long before I have them but can let you know when they arrive @Mark S.
  10. Nice Job Deano, RAAF F-111s only flew with the light grey lower fuselage for initial test flights before they went back into storage. When they were delivered they had black lowers.
  11. Wow, looking great Tim. i think I need to break out on of my RF kits and join in!
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