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Romeo Alpha Yankee

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  1. Romeo Alpha Yankee

    Trainers GB

    Add me, I am sure I have something run of the mill in the stash and I hope to find something 'out there' as well. I assume twin seat fast jets like the Mirage and Hornet are acceptable in training unit markings?
  2. Romeo Alpha Yankee

    The Boeing B-17 STGB

    Too many B-17s and schemes and not enough kits!
  3. Romeo Alpha Yankee


    Some sheets are printed to order, he has the white backing decals screen printed elsewhere. So am unsure if the whites are in stock at the moment. I can ask him, I chat to him every week.
  4. Romeo Alpha Yankee


    Hi Chris, you are doing some detail work on your build. I finished one of these a couple of years ago and did it in the last camo scheme for an ex- maintainer who looked after them. Anyway, are you aware Hawkeye Models Australia have the decals for the scheme you are after, the sheet is RAN12C
  5. Romeo Alpha Yankee

    Spelling error

    From another image I have seen the aircraft has NO in the nose gear door, so that would make the subject rego B-HNO, a Boeing 777-367
  6. Romeo Alpha Yankee

    DC-9/MD80 STGB anyone?

    I checked my stash and have a started MD-80, another unstarted and 2 Airfix/MPC DC-9s. Going back to @zebra 's suggestion about including other Douglas Airliners, perhaps a broader Douglas/ McDonnell Douglas GB would be the go, you could include military and civil Douglas products. THere would be much broader interest for the BM community I would think. I am not suggesting this GB would morph into the bigger one, but perhaps food for thought for a 2020 GB
  7. Romeo Alpha Yankee

    DC-9/MD80 STGB anyone?

    I'm in, I agree with CLiff, keep it to the DC-9/ MD-80 airframes. I assume the 717 would also be included?
  8. Romeo Alpha Yankee

    C-130 Eggules from Freedom Kits

    Me too!
  9. Romeo Alpha Yankee

    1/600 HMS Fearless

    I was just after some colours to break up the grey/green of the build Chewy. Boat colours, fittings, doors, cranes, etc. There may not be much of a variation but from the box art there are a few things that have colour that the basic instructions don't mention.
  10. Romeo Alpha Yankee

    MPC Boeing 747 - 1971 Issue

    Thanks Dave, yes too many projects and an attention span of a 2-month-old puppy. I might finish some of those background projects one day!
  11. Romeo Alpha Yankee

    1/600 HMS Fearless

    Thanks Ray (I am also a Ray S ) I built this one on the mid-70s as I recall. I think I am doing a slightly better job this time around. I just need to do some detail painting on a few bits to spice it up a bit. not sure of the colours to use though.
  12. Romeo Alpha Yankee

    MPC Boeing 747 - 1971 Issue

    Here is a catch-up of my slow progress, filling and sanding of the fuselage mostly done, I still have to add the windscreen which may need some attention. Some nose weight went in before the fuselage halves went together for the final time Sink marks to be attended to Cabin windows get some putty Some sanding done Wingtip HF antennas replaced Engines still being worked on and all the bits being worked on
  13. Romeo Alpha Yankee

    1/600 HMS Fearless

    Almost near the end. I have been doing bits in the past week and it is almost seaworthy. I had time at a local club display to do some work. The local model shipwrights had their display and us plastic guys came along for support. I spent most of Saturday arvo filling, sanding and touching up the bost and other bits. Some more filling of sinkholes, helos this time More work on the superstructure Landing craft cleaned up and paint started More work on the superstructure A lot more done, boats, cranes and boat hanger offer thing started to be fitted. Using the box top for reference
  14. Romeo Alpha Yankee

    Hughes H-4 Hercules 1/72

    Impressive work John Really Michael? I look forward to seeing the lovely variety you folks manage to put together in your display.
  15. Romeo Alpha Yankee

    MPC Boeing 747 - 1971 Issue

    Slow progress on his one, the fuselage is together and window filling and sanding underway. I need to turn my attention to those flap track fairings so I can get the wings finished. I am not sure if I will rescribe, there is not much to do, but I am sure I will make a dog's breakfast of it.