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Romeo Alpha Yankee

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  1. Romeo Alpha Yankee

    1/72 Boeing E-8C 93-0597 (Ex QANTAS B707 VH-EBU)

    I have been tinkering with the E-8 and managed to install the wing tip HF antennas. I also splashed some paint over it only to find I needed to do some touch-up filling (spitfire for size comparison) [ Parked on the shelf of doom after I noticed the paint issues Since these shots I have knocked the nose gear off twice and a couple of the antennas which are back on. Time for a final sand and repaint of the base colour before masking up the engines, canoe fairing, and landing gear
  2. Romeo Alpha Yankee

    Airfix E-3D 8/23(R) SQN ZH103

    It is indeed an E-8 Andy, I have the Wolfpak markings for an Ex-QANTAS airframe for it. I have had the Fligthpath conversion for some years. A build thread is here: Almost 12 months to the day since I last updated that thread. I have done some more work to it since so I will have to add some updates there. Back to our regular viewing.... The engines were attached (as you could see from the last picture I posted) I had also tidied up the seams but after some paint I found I need to do some remediation work I added the wing HF antenna mounts but they did not look right to me So off they came and new ones manufactured (I had them glued on really well too!) [ Old and new antennas and mounts I also noticed the instructions would have you position the antenna mounts too far outboard, so the new ones will be placed closer to the correct position as per the above picture. There are covered putty at the moment which will be sanded down before permanently fitting them.
  3. Romeo Alpha Yankee

    Airfix E-3D 8/23(R) SQN ZH103

    After dropping this when putting it up on a new shelf I had just assembled I have managed to repair a broken refuelling probe (twice), broken nose gear leg ( thrice), two broken antennas and a split wing root seam and splash some paint on most of the model. I also installed the wing mounted HF antenna spikes only to notice the mounts are of a totally fictitious shape. So they will be removed and new ones will be fabricated. Might get it over the line one the weekend
  4. Romeo Alpha Yankee

    Eduard 1/48 F-14A Tomcat

    Looks great Bruce, I like the kneeling nosewheel stance of the build.
  5. Romeo Alpha Yankee

    1/144 MicroMir McDonell-Douglas MD-11

    At the moment the kits issued by both MicroMir and Eastern Express have the GE CF-6 engines. Later releases will have P&W. The easiest way to tell the difference is that the GE engine has a 'spike' in the tail cone and the P&Ws don't have a spike but the rear of the cone is stepped
  6. Romeo Alpha Yankee

    New Zealand joins the P-8 club

    No such arrangement, but I believe that a P-8 depot serving centre for the region's P-8s is to be set up in Australia
  7. Romeo Alpha Yankee

    1/72 Revell Concorde

    Perhaps, try and find the Airfix or Heller instructions online for the colour callouts? I have the Airfix instructions, I assume Heller would have Humbrol colour suggestions as well. Edit: Here is a link to the Airfix Instructions
  8. Romeo Alpha Yankee

    Airfix DC9 twin build

    Nice progress Graeme, I suppose I should start something airlinerish for the GB to keep you company
  9. Romeo Alpha Yankee

    Revell Airbus A319 British Airways A319 1/144

    Nice to hear you are back into all forms of the modelling. I am not sure how long to leave the white, if it is still tacky maybe leave it the 2 weeks to be sure. I have made a mess when not leaving paint to cure long enough. Best to be better safe than sorry.
  10. Romeo Alpha Yankee

    The Boeing B-17 STGB

    I am not sure what issues the replacement cowls fix, I will have to take a better look at them. Picked them up on a whim at Model Expo this year. I already had the engine fronts from some time ago. I will have to make a comparison when I can get to the stash again. I also have a mask set, but can't recall which version (or manufacturer) it was for. I will have to review my AM for my B-17s to see if some 'supplementation' is required before the GB starts.
  11. Romeo Alpha Yankee

    The Boeing B-17 STGB

    The C models are not that well presented for AM stuff, plenty of F and G sets around. COuld you not use one of the available mask sets for Academy for the common parts? I had to do that on a PBY5 build I did last year. I have a set of fronts and cowls for one of my Academy B-17s. Not sure which I will finish for this GB, currently have 3 Academy and one Airfix kit in the stash.
  12. Romeo Alpha Yankee

    American Airlines A319 Build & Questions

    Greetings PSA, and welcome tot he forums. Firstly, this question would have probably been more appropriately posted in the 'Civil Aircraft Modelling Discussion by Era>Modeen' forum where us anorak wearing airliner modellers hang out Weathering depends on the airline, reference pictures are your friend, most airlines try and keep their airplanes pretty clean, the wings and lower fuselage will show the most dirt and grime. There are etch detail sets available for the A320 family with replacement fan blades, antenna and pitot tubes, not sure of the manufacturer. There are few airliner guys here who will most likely chime in with other suggestions. 8aDecs (in Mexico) do the AA scheme, perhaps you could talk to Jon about a custom sheet, unless you are up to designing your own. If you paint the cheatline then you will need to find white decals for the registration number and door outlines. Good luck with this, it's a nice scheme and I look forward to seeing how you go with it.
  13. Romeo Alpha Yankee

    Revell Airbus A319 British Airways A319 1/144

    How's this build going, did you finish it?
  14. Romeo Alpha Yankee

    Minicraft kit price lunacy!!!

    Our local LHS has had a bunch of Minicraft kits on the shelve for years at silly prices. They are all in the half-price bin now and the KC-135 is going fo about AU$25 which is quite reasonable. I picked up an E-3 for AU$20 the other week from the same sale.
  15. Very nice Ian, those detail bit certainly set it off. Love the scheme as well.