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  1. V-P, Minicraft released a range of 707 based military aircraft including the E-3 and E-8. Minicraft and Roden also have KC-135s. The Minicraft kits have now been re-released under the Academy banner. You are looking at around a 30cm length for a 1/144 707/E-3 and 25cm for a 135.
  2. My trip on the Etihad A340-600 was in 2010 to Abu Dhabi and back to Sydney, I have the conversion and kit but no one does the decals. I was planning to use two A330 sheets with a little fettling from Draw Decal but never got around to ordering them.
  3. I will be there next year, we are heading overseas today and have been preparing for the the trip which meant no Expo this year.
  4. Lovely work there, it is great to see these military bizjets being built in model form.
  5. Thanks Pete, It is in this gallery as it was over 25% started as per the rules.
  6. Beautiful result Graham. I saw the pictures of you models at Expo. I would usually go to Expo but could not make it this year.
  7. While I got the engines painted they need further work, I am heading to Europe on Tuesday so it will not be finished in time. I will update the thread on my return in August with hopefully a finished build! Great to see so many awesome models finished for this GB!
  8. Lovely job on the A330 You have an impressive collection to boot!
  9. This is the Hasegawa P-3C kit built as a CP-140 Aurora of the Canadian Armed Forces and finished as part of the 75th Anniversary of NATO GB. It is painted as a Fincastle Trophy participant from 405SQN back in 2001. I neglected to add the observation windows in the lower fuselage. It might be done at a later date with some creative masking and some silver paint. Decals are from the Canuck sheet for the main markings and a custom sheet for the eagles head outlines. That decal did not conform too well and the wrinkles have been hit a number of times with setting solution, I suppose a few more doses are required to remove all the wrinkles.
  10. 1/72 CP-140 from 405SQN, Canadian Defence Force circa 2001
  11. I ended up removing the wonky decals and replacing them with slightly smaller versions. I am calling this one done. More images in the Inspiration Gallery.
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