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  1. Nice start Allan, I am working on this kit (though using a conversion to make it a Singaporean Twin seater) and found some of the fit to not be the best. Beware of the slat guides, they break off quite easily, I have broken and lost a few and had to make new ones.
  2. QANTAS had 4 ex-RAF/BOAC aircraft at one point, used on the Perth to Colombo service and then transporting spare engines for the Connies post war when they broke down. Only 2 ever made it into full QANTAS colours.
  3. Thanks Rich, Well spotted, you mean this one? RFI Thread here
  4. Thanks for sharing, I caught your build over on the RNZAF boards. I has turned out really well in that scheme.
  5. Oooh, I am liking this Dermot. The container looks rather good! I was a bit confused about the bump part of you title, but it is all making sense now. I'll be interested to see how the rest of the deck goes. Wasn't there some sort of 4 wheel drive that ended up under the Harrier as well?
  6. Your enhancements will make this build a gem Cliff, some nice attention to detail with the exhaust and tail plane there
  7. Nice work on the paint Cliff, I find this is the longest part of an airliner build, masking and painting all the wings and tail plains with their myriad of colours.
  8. Phew! Not a tail sitter round 3 of puttying on the underside and is will be time some more putty around the nose to fare it in, fortunately the resin sands easily and not much effort required to get surfaces matching
  9. Windshield attached and ready for fairing in, then apply masks and add fiddly bits
  10. Sourcing a windscreen decal is not difficult, I suspect the window panel shape is similar to other A3NN variants? Draw Decal in the USA does a range of Door and Window sheets for various Airbus Airliners (and others). Here is one for for the A300
  11. Some progress shots, as you can see a putty monster at this stage I realised after the surgery to make the open bomb doors fit that there were a second set of closed doors as well I also lost the rear lower fuselage panel and had to make a replacement. That's it under the putty mound behind the tail skid recess.
  12. I'd like to do the Catalina as well to go with my other completed one. I have decals for it, I just need to find another PBY kit. Slowly progressing on the Liberator (among another 4 projects at the moment).The fuselage is together now and tail plane and rear fuselage plug are attached and require fairing in. Wings will be next, I want to make sure this is not a tail sitter with all the resin in it. I have added extra weight under the cockpit but want to make sure it is enough before the nose piece goes on.
  13. The Tracer has been done by Mach2, RVHP (conversion I think) and there is a Tasman Vacform converson as well, I have the vac conversion in the stash but not enough Tracker kits at the moment!
  14. An impressive build, excellent detail and finish!
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