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  1. Thanks chaps, glad to get it across the line
  2. USS Ranger was the first US aircraft carrier I saw in the flesh on my first trip to Hawaii, so in my usual way of 'I've seen one, gotta build it' I decided to have a crack at modifying the Forrestal kit. The move is stall, SA won't let us in Will be trying again in the new year when 'CoVid Norm' is in effect hopefully in all states.
  3. 1/72 Airfix Hawk Mk51 Finnish Air Force Aerobatics Team - Midnight Hawks
  4. Yep, I have used them a number of times now and thought I could get away with it. Second time around all is good setting solution doing its thing All decals on And done
  5. I suppose so, but I have started to cut plastic to modify her. So I will push on! Good luck with this very ambitious project Rob, oh! and how's that prototype A300 going BTW
  6. Two steps forward , three steps back. I decided the blue was too dark and tried to repaint the flag markings Which was a disaster so I sanded it all back (also note main undercarriage failure ) This has been repainted back to the base scheme Fortunately the decal sheet comes with enough spares for 2 attempts. So this time I will lay down the extra whites first.... fingers crossed
  7. And we are back! Nice to see it has progressed after your move
  8. Interesting idea Rob, I think my conversion of Forrestal to Ranger is a lot easier. At least I only have to muck around with sponson locations rather than moving elevators (mine's not 1/600 its the box scale 1/542, I can live with 10 percent difference).
  9. Nice shots Sven, 36SQN was based at RAAF Base Richmond when it operated C-130s. The move to Amberley happened when they went to C-17 operations.
  10. Noice! Love the Korean war B-29s, a lot more interesting schemes to build for that era.
  11. Nicely done Steve After I finish my Finnish Hawk I think I will dive into the stash to find one of my Hornets
  12. Thanks Rich, I have been struggling with mojo lately and have picked quick builds to keep my interest going. Just finished a RAAF UH-1B in a couple of weeks which was nice. With a possible strip I don't think this will make it to the gallery this arvo, but with rain forecast you never know
  13. Thanks for keeping me on the rails AaCee! The decals have settled pretty nicely but I am not happy with the blue in the 'flags' on the intakes, it looks to dark to me. I might have to remove them and paint them.
  14. Decals going on, setting solution doing its thing, hop the wrinkles settle down.
  15. No AaCee I am not, I did not take any notice when I fitted them. I have turned them around, thanks for pointing it out. I have finished assembly now and some paint has gone down.
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