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  1. Looks good Tim, glad the masking issues were sorted
  2. The latest work has been to start adding the antennas and other lumps and bumps. I could not resist a test fit of the tanks and pylons as well.
  3. My first entry is one the Herc builds that has stalled a while ago. I am converting an Italeri KC-130F to KC-130J Harvest Hawk with the addition of some aftermarket resin from Jen's Bits, Hamilton Hobbies and Attack Squadron and scratch building. As it stood before last weekend. r
  4. A lovely result Alistair, and a nice collection of BA retro jets, just the Landor 747 to go!
  5. These have been on the bench for a while, mojo lost and regained a few times. I am now calling them finished. First up is an Idea F/A-18B (early Italeri knock off) started for the Asian Arms of the 80s GB, It had some features of the prototype like the LEX slots and dog tooth wing. The kit fuel tanks were a terrible shape and were replaced with Hasegawa items. Decals are a mix of Aussie Decal and Hawkeye. It represents A21-109 early in its service, 1986 Next up is an Esci F-4E, started for the F-4 Phantom STGB. A nice kit where I added some Eduard etch in the cockpit and wheel wells and a couple of Verlinden Ejection seats. Decals from Hawkeye for 82 Wing A68-7207 circa 1971/2 The nose gear door needs to be fitted I just noticed. Finally is an AMT (original Esci mould I believe) F-111A as 6SQNs A8-113, I added a Hasegawa SU-20 practice bomb carrier. It is modelled early in RAAF prior to being converted to F-111C config. Decla from Aussie decal which were so so. The tail serials disappeared when applied so I used two sets, I also over painted the 6SQN flash with a different blue as it looked to dark.
  6. And it is now finished The nose gear door needs to be fitted I just noticed.
  7. I am sure I can find an old Revell kit in the stash to bring balance to the force build.
  8. Add me as well, I have a couple of B-52Ds that require some attention in the next two years or so
  9. A huge false start on this one I am afraid, I have managed to squirt some paint on the interior parts and modify some windows but the motivation has gone since I realised how many started kits I had around the modelling workspace and in other places. I am not sure I will get any more done on it and may well not even attempt any more before the end of the GB. I hope I am wrong and I manage to get this one built in time.
  10. The kit has been out less than a week, you will might find an OOB review in a few weeks on one of the usual websites like Hyperscale, Modelling Madness or others. Weren't there some test shots built on the Telford stand? I have yet to see any Telford pictures.
  11. The main visual differences are on the right side of the fuselage, the aircon inlets just below and behind the cockpit glazing and on the front of the undercarriage sponson. Also the C5 has 4 smaller pitot probes compared to the 2 longer based probes of the K. If you are using the Italeri kit then the undercarriage sponson need to be extended, they are about 6mm too short for a J/C5. There is a conversion set from Attack Squadron/Brengun for the extended sponsons.
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