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  1. As mentioned I think it is a Fujimi knock off. A mate of mine tried to build one of these and had trouble getting the glue to hold the plastic together, he was using run of the mill styrene glue. He was getting continual seam splitting, not sure it has been finished to date Good luck with yours Tim
  2. Just found this thread, I am starting the Airifx kit soon for the Australia and NZ GB, converting it to a -500 using the long OOP Hamilton Hobbies set for a 'LADS' aircraft, I will definitely use @Antti_K's correction tips as well.
  3. My other attempt for this GB will be the Airfix Fokker F-27 converted to a Laser Airborne Depth Sounding aircraft operated on behalf of the Royal Australian Navy. I will again be using a Hamilton Hobbies conversion as well as some replacement white metal under carriage legs Decals are from Southern Sky this time around From Wiki The Laser Airborne Depth Sounder (LADS) Flight was a unit of the Royal Australian Navy. Unlike the rest of the flying units of the RAN, it was not controlled by the Fleet Air Arm from HMAS Albatross (NSW), but
  4. I did make a start on the surgery the other night at a club build night, I managed to make the cut in the fuselage for the plug, not too much work done before the start date.
  5. The antenna fit is finished Including the wing tip HF antennas, which are being faired in with some putty Work on the engines continues with the continual filling and sanding after finding bits not filled enough. Though as that was coming to a close I realised I had to added the IR counter measures sensor the the back of the pylon, so out with the saw, some tube and more putty. and finally a shot with the fin and radome dropped on, almost ready for a lick of paint. more sanding to go in the mean time.
  6. I will be joining in with the much maligned Mach 2 Vickers Viscount. I will be converting the kit's -700 airframe to a -800 by way of the Hamilton Hobbies conversion set. It will be marked as one of two aircraft operated in the VIP role by 34 Squadron at RAAF Fairbairn during the 60s, decal form Hawkeye models Australia
  7. The 2 aircraft were both C models, A8-148 dropped the LGBs while was A8-145 a airborne spare just in case 148 went unserviceable.
  8. I don't believe the G was ever clear for the maritime strike role, I have only seen images of them carrying LGBs and slick bombs. The C models were configured though and I have only seen 2 harpoons carried by operational F-111Cs, the ARDU )a8-132) jet did carry 4 in trials. The Hasegawa kit of the F-111C does not include the recon pallet, the pallet replaces the weapons bay doors and is a resin aftermarket part. I believe you are talking about the the Pave Tack targeting pods which looks pretty good. though it is portrayed in the deployed passion, on the ground it was stowed and pi
  9. Nice to see 'some' progress, weather seems to be a pain for you. While the weather is fine here (nice 27 to 32 degree days and high 30s coming up for the weekend) I am having trouble to motivate to finish up the E-3, little bits at a time. I am at the same stage as your sorting out the engines and getting ready for the final prime and paint.
  10. John, having worked on the two RAAF 'VIP' versions of this aircraft for about 2 years (they were retired to 32SQN when 34SQN got the Falcon 900s) and spent around 100 hours down the back end of the 'NT' version throwing my guts up as failing as a Navigator trainee, I will be watching with interest One of the 34SQN 748s
  11. Blackburn? mixing eras and companies there Pat? I'd say a Blackbird would be eligible
  12. Looks great, I would not be fussed about the upper/lower demarcation, every picture I have seen of this aircraft shows it to be a touch ratty
  13. So you are running a thread here, I have been following on FB and another forum you are posting to. It is great to see this being knocked into shape, nice to see the kits issues are fairly easily addressed so far
  14. More filling on the engines, the basic shaping of the back end is complete and the intake cowlings have been modified and filled, more sanding to come. I also added the kit antennas above and below the fuselage and marked out where the extras need to go, which will be made up and fitted next.
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