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  1. So, have you Googled '10 Squadron Halifax III'? I just did and found 3 images straight away...
  2. There is the Welsh Models multi media 727-100 available in Lufthansa and TWA markings
  3. The Hobbycraft kit was also released by Kitech. It has its issues, the biggest if the wing diheral, but it looks like a 'Bou and is the only kit around. I will eventually build mine as a RAAF aircraft.
  4. Correct, and it seems the moderator agrees with it
  5. Hardly, time to chuck mine and wait for the Kinetic kit I think. Such masterful work there podciech, I have been working on mine for 10 years and have not done half the things you have done with yours. Thanks very much for sharing!
  6. OK, here is the photo update Attack Squadron Harvest Hawk conversion Hole cut for IR countermeasures equipment and casing fitted both sides done and windows filled The tanks It pays to read the instructions, I thought the rear part on the kit tank replaced the rear of the drogue unit. I merrily cut off the rear of the supplied drogue and did not realise my mistake until I was offering up the rear section to the resin forward section. So I had to glue it back together and find a kit tank to chop for the new tail. So it pays to actually read the instructions rather than look at the pretty pictures!
  7. Hi Dennis, thanks for the offer. PM sent.
  8. I am tempted to join, though at the moment I have too much else on the bench. We have till September so I may jump in later. This would be my possible entry. Some scratch building would be required to the base kit for the exterior protrusions.
  9. Managed some time on the Herc over the weekend, funny I made an update on Sunday night and it did not stick. I have decided on a Harvest Hawk version using the Attack Squadron set. I will still need to scratch build some extras that were not included though. Well it also looks like the images I uploaded to my Flikr account are also not there. I must have been dreaming an update on Sunday!
  10. James, Rather than gluing the piece flat you add glue to the outboard edge and position it in the open position. The instructions are a bit misleading the way they have labelled part 31 in step 13. Te line should be going to the door to the right of the gear strut, not the closed door on the other side. See the correct position in the image below
  11. Looking the part now Phil, I have had a lack mojo recently and only just got a good session at the bench yesterday.
  12. Like I said with Hockeyboy's build, who needs aftermarket when the kit supplied cockpit comes up so well. Nice job Dermot. If I did not have so much cluttering my bench I would have a go at mine.
  13. Some progress! Internals fettled and painted, added some tape belts. The interior is a tad boring being grey and black. Canopy has been fitted, there was a huge gap under the forward edge which I filled with some painted rod, this will be puttied over once the future on the canopy is set and I have masked it. I also need to tidy the join around the other seams and fair them in with some putty
  14. Thanks guys, not much visible progress to report. I have added the control columns and primed it, which has exposed some issues. I am just about to paint the internals so I can get that canopy on permanently get onto the paint stage.
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