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  1. Nice start, it took me a while to figure it was 1/48, cockpit detail looks great
  2. I had thought about it Alex, I have the kit and there are some great What-If profiles out there for RAAF and RAN machines.
  3. Great choice Reini, We still have a couple of airworthy examples down this way and I have seen it a few times lately, this was taken back in 2018 thought I have seen it flying a couple of times this year and as recent as a couple of weeks ago here in Canberra for the Air Force's 100th Anniversary flypast.
  4. Thanks Alex, Rob and John. At the moment it is on my 'just finished' display location in our study sitting with my Washington and Viscount and if is a tad bigger than either of those. It will find it way to a shelf in the cave when I get more finished.
  5. I shall be joining with this nicely moulded kit It is mainly resin but included white metal gear legs and 2 nicely detailed vacformed windscreens I am familiar with these types of kits as I have started a King Air B200 form the same manufacturer, I just took a look at it and can't recall why I stopped on it, maybe the masking and fairing on the windscreen put me off. Anyway I think I will carry on with the B200 build while I work on this one. Here is the state of the B200 at the moment.
  6. That is a nice start Lex, I always remembered the troop seating being red in RAAF C-130s. Some lovely detail going in there
  7. Nice work Tim, just caught up on this one. It came together very quickly.
  8. Awesome job Mathy, the weathering looks very effective
  9. Intakes are the biggy, the C had Triple Plow intakes while the F had Triple Plow II intakes. TP intakes had a large splitter plate and TPII did not. I also believe the exhausts may have differed though later in life when the RAAF got the G models the engines in the Cs TF30-P-103s were upgraded to P109s along with the Gs which went from 107s to 109s. There will be those more knowledgeable as to if the exhausts were different on these engines.
  10. With these low vis schemes the RAAF has omitted the fin flash, it has been replaced with the Australian national flag on some older types like the classic Hornet and VIP jets. The newest aircraft in the inventory do not have it.
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