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  1. Nice to see you back at it Martin, which reminds me, I should get back to my build!
  2. Looks great, it been a nice journey following along
  3. I have done this conversion twice, the first time I pretty much did the above. The second time I just glued the vertical stab straight to the cut out area with superglue. There was enough plastic for the glue to take hold of (it is still OK BTW)
  4. Thanks Jeff, It is coming along nicely, most of the major mods are done, just some tidying up and the antenna farm can go on. As for the number of builds, I loose interest quickly or am distracted easily The Il-28 is finished now and the other Gulfstream and the P-3 and progressing slowly. I managed to add some putty to the nacelle generator humps and rear fuselage. And first pass with sanding
  5. I managed to eventually get the windscreen transparency fitted. I had no end of issues fairing the part in without getting crap inside while sanding. After the third attempt it is on and the masks applied I also started on the generator bulges on the engine nacelles and finally started to add the ribs/cable ducts from the rear fuselage up to the rear radome assembly
  6. I see the Panzer is going well Steve, did you get any more done on this one?
  7. Impressive scratch building T-D, how did you go about making these?
  8. Thanks Julian, this is P-3 No. 9 for me, with this and another still two in work. Well actually, No. 11 if you count the kit I butchered trying to convert to an Electra (bad resin in the conversion set) quite a few years ago.
  9. Thanks, sorry missed your post, the G-IV is the Welsh kit and was being built for the Turning Japanese GB, it was almost finished and I was not happy with the paint so it has been stripped and reprimed. might finish it one day
  10. I have the JSTARS kit but it lacks the slab antenna fairings on the sides and the tail sensor pack I just made for this one, maybe one day
  11. Just catching up with the latest updates Rob. Looks great and am loving the extra detail going in. Did you use a replacement cockpit set/update set?
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