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Little Timmy

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  1. Little Timmy


    Well..... My first name is Timothy. And , if you overheard my mother yelling at me, my last name is .... GET IN HERE NOW !!!
  2. I'm currently on a jobsite ( location withheld due to security ) My company is pouring Concrete for the new runway. When suddenly, the hanger next to me opened up, and these started to appear... And, this guy kept "Buzzing us ... all day...
  3. A few year's ago, I "attempted to build a Zeveda sailing ship. The ratline's were molded in Vinyl and were too short to mate with their attachment point's ! Just try and stretch them into position ..... after breaking the main mast ( and a few other bit's ) I shoved the whole mess back into it's box...... and "Invented" a few new curse word's !!!!!
  4. I would love to see this. This is also a "Must see"
  5. I have been a truck driver for the past 20 year's . Before that, I was a general manager for a chain of movie theater's for 7 year's ( yea, you get to see movie's for free..... over, and over, and over, and over, you get sick of it pretty quick.) Before that, I floated between several Steel mill's ,and foundry job's. ( I cant tell you what I did through High School..... Law enforcement may still be looking for me.) My "dream job" ..... ( is my wife looking ? ... no ? ...) Backstage costume fitter for the Victoria's Secret model's !!!
  6. Something to do with the Smoke generator's ????
  7. Little Timmy

    The Weather,

    Little Timmy's "House of Miniature's .... under 4 inches of snow ...... The problem is , ... I live in the DESERT !!! In ARIZONA !!! I like heat, so my wife told me "let's move to Arizona. It's a desert, and stay's about 90 to 100 degree's all year round" .... I DONE BEEN LIED TO !!!!!
  8. Wouldn't "One of our Submarine's is missing" by Thomas Dolby be better ?
  9. Little Timmy

    Sheds .

    We do have Black Widow's here, but it's the Wasp's that are the problem. ( They like the Taste of the wood my shed is made out of ) The AC only work's when the Generator is running ( We live "Off Grid". I don't pay "Robber Baron's " for electricity ..... NOPE ! .... wont do it ! ...)
  10. "Somebody Calling" First song on side one of the album " In City Dream's " , by Robin Trower.
  11. Little Timmy

    Sheds .

    Yea .... I "weathered" it myself. It took 47 three oz. bottle's of Flat Black, and about 50 paint brush's Why, YES ! The workbench. My "Pile" of research material. ( above the bench.) The airbrush station. What's currently on the bench... ( and has been sitting there for the last 11 month's ...) Left of the bench, Paint storage. This trunk ( AKA "The trunk of Death" ) is full of kit's , and it double's as my paint booth. Next to the paint booth, more stash storage. I'm currently sharing the shed, with a pile of tool's, and other junk. My workspace is 12 feet by 6 feet. This is what the other end of the shed look's like. I will eventually be clearing all this stuff out, and building a train layout here.
  12. Little Timmy

    Sheds .

    Didn't Monty Python do a sketch about Arthur "Two-Shed's" Jackson ? It sound's like you enjoy working with wood. I saved myself the hassle's of piecing together bit's from everywhere, and just bought a shed big enough to do what I wanted. This is "Little Timmy's House of Miniature's. 12 X 20 If you dont mind spending a few week's building stuff, your plan sound's , well , ... Sound. If you can afford it ( I know that money can be scarce ) you would save a LOT of time if you just bought a bigger shed. I realize this may not be an option, so as long as you deal with the Rain issue, you should be fine.
  13. I live in a remote area...... how am I supposed to grump ...... when I cant get there ??? !!! ??? So now I have to "Drive there " ??? Surrounded by all the other idiot's on the road ??? You think I'm grumpy now ....... just wait till I merge onto the freeway !!! You'll see ....!!!!
  14. I too, believe the "Golden Age" was the mid to late 70's. Tom Daniel's design's made Monogram the "Must Have kit's . ( And I had a lot of em ! ) But, growing up on a farm, we didn't get to town a lot. So I had to "Improvise" with some of my tool's ,and supply's..... ( like using Gasoline as thinner ) Now, there are Hundred's of item's available for my "Addiction", that I never would have dreamed of in my youth. And, with the re-release of all the older kit's coming from Round-2 ( and other's) and all the new release's, it truly is a NEW GOLDEN AGE !!! ..................................... ( sorry ...... had to wipe the drool off my chin ......)
  15. Glad to hear from you. I was concerned , and "FULLY PREPARED", to hunt down those responsible for your absence ! ( I will send you an electric "Probe - O - Meter" to fend them off ! Feel free to Grump Profanely as you use it !..... ALSO: Could you post some picture's of those you use it on ? You know , Before / After , kind of thing...... )
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