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  1. It is indeed most odd. In fact, I double checked the colour call out against the colour in my paint app and it is indeed wrong. I may, given the green on green camo, just paint in overall olive drab. I sense the colour callout should not be 155 but unless I figure it out, I'll paint her up as Olive Drab. Sounds like a good idea. Though I do have blue carpet tiles down which are slightly more friendly. Definitely lost a few pieces over time though. I've had more trips/calls to the vets to care for critters my cat brings in. The eldest will eat an occasional mouse but my youngest is a pain for catching birds and mice. I actually got bitten by a mouse whilst rescuing it the other day. My partner isn't the most observant but my regiment of "Daddy's Specials" usually means hands off and they understand. This encompasses my models, energy drinks, eliquids etc. Quite the motley bunch but alot easier to say This is one of Daddy's Specials than you can't touch this that etc. I recently built the £5 Aldi Spitfire for my eldest who has since forgotten we built it as I haven't sprayed it yet! Well that's the plan. Motivation through publication! And troubleshooting... If you stick around during the build then snacks are at the bar. Just don't tread on the cats or kids....
  2. The DC3 is definitely one of those aircraft that you can't ignore if they're about. Thank you for the warning about the tight tolerances. Could you explain more about the engines though? Aside from having to cut one of the spokes off each leg, I didn't see anything too obvious. Unfortunately I haven't seen one in a long time. Maybe an airshow about 14/15 years ago. Gotta love Dan Air. Big presence for them down here in Cardiff. Hopefully I don't disappoint. Snacks available at the bar! Sounds like an interesting read! I shall Googlejitsu it later.
  3. Hey there BM. Feeling inspired by the WIPs being posted by some of you guys but one or two really stick out for me. Those are the ones where the builder turns out 3/4 solid builds a year and the WIPs are beyond enthralling. I've had plenty of builds stall on me recently so I've decided to actually try and tackle a full WIP on BM. My last WIP has gone silent. The kit is back in the box and sitting on the shelf o doom. So what have we here then?.... Yup. That's right. The Douglas you always see in The Works. Obligatory sprue shots.... So as you can see. There's a fair bit of plastic for me to lose to the carpet monster, children, cats etc etc. The plastic looks well moulded and only a slight sprinkling of flash. So what are the options in this kit? Airfix have included a lovely A3 insert. Which will almost definitely end up stuck on the wall after the buld is done! I'm more drawn to the latter of the liveries here. Whilst I do like the Middle East communications squadron livery, I've never built anything from the Italian Theatre. There's even a picture of the exact airframe in operation here! The following data is available for this airframe from AVDB. Reg Owner\Operator or (Last) Transaction Date 42-93058 US Army Air Force 1944-04-03 KG523 Royal Air Force 1944-04-07 KG523 Indian Government 1947-01-30 B/U Broken Up; No Further History So where's the plastic? Well, I haven't quite started yet. I'm actually planning this build out for once. Tonight is reserved for going through the instructions to identify sub-assemblies, A or B parts etc. The aim of this build is to remember that I don't need to complete this by next weekend and burn myself out for another 3 months. Hopefully this taking my time method sticks! Cheers all!
  4. Looks like a good build is to be had on this one. For some reason, I've never been madly attracted to the Canberra but I think I've got a slight love affair after sticking my head inside the cockpit section at SWAM.
  5. Stunning build as always Spadge! Needed a mojo kicker and this was just what I needed. Have I ever told you it's your fault I got back into modelling (Lancaster build)? Lol
  6. Looks like a tasty build. If you haven't yet heard the song Night Witches by Sabaton then I would highly recommend it. If you don't mind hard rock of course.
  7. Glad to see that this build is still ongoing! Good job bud. And glad to hear you're recovering well
  8. Just twigged that this one is actually from the IL ANG I believe. Build looks fab so far mate
  9. Lovely build of the Fulmar there bud.
  10. Lovely work so far. I must admit that seeing the ill-fitting nature of this kit is enough to leave me content with the other sanding sessions in a box I've already got to build!
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