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  1. The use of Klear always baffles me. Sure, I'll buy 4 tubs of different brown powder at £6 a tub to use to dust tyres on my £30 1/48 Spitfire and 3 x the kits value in aftermarket. As well as 3 or 4 different brands of EGSG at £3 a pot to try to get the shade to the exact reg I'm building. But modelling gloss coat you need for most models? Nah, just use a flooring product. Modelling stuff is overpriced. Baffling.
  2. Looks like she's coming along quite nicely. Regarding the windows, whilst I haven't fitted this kit, single windows on an airliner are rather draining to fit so check the fit of each one before fixing. Fell into the "bugger it" trap with my Otter and well... They ain't pretty!
  3. She's a beauty alright! I've purchased some decals from 26Decals for my Twin Otter and I'm looking forward to trying them. The build is on hold currently though due to fitting issues. Shame I've missed most of the build so far. I trust there's still peanuts left in the snack trolley?
  4. Oof. An Acetate sheet.... I've not tackled one of those yet! Think I'll need another Leffe before I do...
  5. Don't worry lads, I'm here to stock the bar with fine beers and strong liqours. Self service only mind. Oh that lovely aroma? That's my beautiful 6.6% Leffe. Lovely beer but I can't promise you'll be sober enough to remember the build. Speaking of builds, someone said something about a helicopter?
  6. Looking, presumably, better than you feel bud! Good to see you're back though
  7. Test, test and test again. Then, just as you apply the glue to the sides of the fuselage, do another test! Looks good bud. Must admit, I'm becoming more and more fascinated with the idea of bringing kits to life with electronics.
  8. Looking good here Ced, carry on! Good news on the jab, even if it does have some side effects it's a step in the right direction.
  9. Don't think I've ever seen CC for sale either online or in a Hobby shop. Whilst it may be dry within 10 minutes, is it cured enough to be topcoated with other things? Unfortunately, I think CC are the exception to the rule in this instance.
  10. Great build there mate. Hope you don't mind if I start tagging along!
  11. I suppose it all comes down to circumstance. Given my limited time for modelling and existing familiarity with the medium, I well and truly committed to acrylics. Let me tell you a quick insight to what you can do with acrylics.... Thursday, my RLM78 arrived for a tropical scheme I'm doing. It was airbrushed on and the AB was then cleaned out in the bathroom sink. Nothing smelly at all. Handy when you've got to remain in the same room after but I digress.... Last night (Friday night) I sprayed the RLM 79 and 80. In the same session. Now that is something you can't do w
  12. This could be a fun build to watch! Beer and peanuts in the bar? Good. Looking forward to how this one progresses
  13. Is the lounge open for peanuts and beer? If so, then I don't mind watching!
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