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  1. Apologies, only just logged back in to BM. With Mr Surfacer, it needs to be built up in thin layers over gaps. Start with the thicker stuff and just gently build it up. Not much else too it. Fill, sand, fill, sand etc
  2. Lewis95

    Thunder Strike

    Excellent work
  3. Well seeing as this is having a spot of threadnomancy, time to throw my hat in the ring and say damn good job lad!
  4. If you follow the link and have a look at the Gallery on the Scalemates page, it's actually a damn cool model Not a B2 for sure but definitely good looking IMO
  5. Sounds an odd one, but is it definitely the right canopy? I spent ages shouting at my Arma Hurricane til I realised I was trying to fit the open canopy instead of the closed.... There's a guide that is pinned here for image linking. And it would definitely be worth uploading a pic
  6. "All art is subjective" You are creating art my friend. As far as the method you've used so far, it looks fantastic. Just remember to use light, thin coats over the top of it until you achieve the right level of contrast for you. Ultimately, this is art and you are the artist. I've seen some wonderful techniques but each has their own merit and at the end of the day, it will sit on your shelf, not ours. I'd also add, it's quite hard to critique a technique that hasn't yet gone full circle. The real "trick" to preshading is the coats over the top. THAT is when you will find yourself either going a layer too far, or a layer too less. Just build up lightly until you achieve your desired effect.
  7. Sub assemblies. When you get to the point where you think "this is gonna be a bugger to paint if I glue this in now", you've reached the point where you want to prime and probably paint the piece. Specifically for the Eindecker, I would do this in the following manner (Please note, I'm basing this off the instructions alone and there's a hundred ways to skin a cat. This is just my method): At stage 5, BEFORE joining the right fuselage half, I'd prime and paint the INTERNALS ONLY for the large subassembly you made for the cockpit and floor area. Also at stage 5, I'd prime and paint the visible areas of the INTERNAL WALLS for the fuselage halves. Keep the paint off of the mating surfaces however. Section 7, I'd fully paint the engine assembly before joining it to the model, including the firewall Section 9, I'd paint the visible INTERNALS for this sub-assembly before joining them to the rest of the model Piece A1, I'd personally paint the inside of the cowling before attaching. I'd also personally leave off the little fiddly bits such as the machine gun until the rest of the model was painted so I could paint these separately. I've found little parts end up messing with masking or end up buried under many layers of paint they really don't need.
  8. Looks much better than the shape she's in now as a vandalized wreck at Dulwich College. Beautiful build matey
  9. Came out very well if I do say so myself
  10. Absolutely disgusting.... in all the best ways! I love the way you've turned a near disaster into a fantastic centrepiece model matey. Impressive kit too by the looks of it!
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