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  1. Gorgeous details here buddy. Why don't you build it with a cutaway? A modelling magazine this month (Im curled up to sleep so I can't find it right now) did a beautiful piece featuring a Supermarine Walrus with a cutaway.
  2. Well this looks like it could be fun!
  3. My seat in the bar is now filled. Pint of bloodweiser and a packet of jelly skulls at the ready!
  4. Quite inspiring. These 1/144 scale models seem to be quite the trick for a time-barren modeller! Once I clear the current 2 builds, I may just have a look at some 1/144 kits. On a side note, these little beggars are sods to dogfight against in IL-2. Always able to outmanouver my 109 and usually shoot me down! Deceptive but cool aircraft.
  5. Fab little build! Are you going to populate the stretcher pods per chance? A railway figure with a blanket over it maybe?
  6. Gah! I'm running late! The Horten looks stunning buddy! Any ideas as to the final paint scheme you'll be attempting? Also, a cheeky favour, could someone please pop me a link to the Sea Venom* build thread? I seem to of misplaced it....
  7. By contrast, a 7 or 8 step platform was required for viewing the Hunter T.7 pit but the Gnat was a bathroom stoolto see inside!
  8. I was grateful to see all 3 of those liveries in person at South Wales Aviation Museum on the weekend! The Gnat is deceptively small I must admit. Cracking job of the livery.
  9. https://www.militaryfactory.com/aircraft/british-xplane-aircraft.asp My usual haunt for xplane information.
  10. That looks like a stunning print. A date with a tamiya panel scriber and Rosie the Riveting Tool and you'll have a fantastic model. I always think of 3D printed models as more of a carcass that needs some love but you're going a long way to prove me wrong!
  11. Fantastic finish. Build quality looks great!
  12. That is one of my favourite builds I've seen this year. Stunning build, simple and effective paint job and a fantastic subject! Well done sir!
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