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  1. As a resident of St Athan, I'm following this build with a vested interest. It was only Wednesday that I went poking around that shuttle car park with the big debris mound opposite BAMC to try and photograph the BOAC. Mission failed however as the hill was overgrown! The build so far is absolutely stunning. And it's convinced me to go a buy a tin of appliance white for my Otter build too.
  2. A very intuitive way of letting it dry! The kit is looking good so far bud!
  3. Enjoying how this one is coming along. I watched Ben designing this over in the 3D forum and whilst I'm not into biplanes, though I do enjoy a good build, I was fascinated to watch this kit come together.
  4. Loving the detail. Picked up several rolls of Kanthal vape wire the other week specifically for some inspired cabling! I blame you.
  5. Stunning work so far. Very good interior and she's taking shape beautifully.
  6. Lovely looking bird there bud. One of the few Italian warbirds I actually like! The scratchbuilding is great. What card are you using BTW?
  7. The inside looks very different now! The seats on the left hand side have been removed but the 3 starboard side along the desk remain.
  8. Indeed I have and indeed they do. You're not wrong in saying they have 2 Sea Princes, albeit, 1 belongs to Horizon and lives with them as well as your chariot (as pictured) above. I always thought the Sea Prince was a variation of the Pembroke til your comment made me look it up! I've had it backwards all along! I still remember seeing 740 flying over Barry a few years ago. Her Airworthiness Certificate is expired now though I believe.
  9. Looks good bud! If I remember later, I'll share the image of the inside of the Sea Prince I was in earlier.
  10. Looks like a stunning build. I've actually just seen 4 various Pembrokes this weekend! Are you going to do an interior?
  11. Goddammit Johnny! Check your patrons have left the bar before locking them in! I've just spent goodness knows how long locked behind that door with the Horton! I demand a free drink, front row seat and peanuts. Good work so far by the way!
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