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  1. I have the one, and only Mach 2 kit in 72nd scale. I think if I can't find the right decals, I'll have to make some by using decal paper and my printer/scanner! Cheers, WARDOG
  2. Thanks for the response Flybou72nd. I guess I should have said "French" Super Frelon decals in my inquire. I too did a Google search but worded it slightly differently and got different results. I would really like to know what the status is on those Flying Frog decals but alas, information seems to be thin concerning them! I'll keep watching and looking! Cheers, WARDOG
  3. Hi All, I was under the impression that "someone" was making some 72nd scale decals for the Super Frelon. Anybody know anything about these? Thanks, WARDOG
  4. Thanks again Spad64. The pics are excellent as is the info. WARDOG
  5. Thanks Spad64. I appreciate your help and experience on this matter and look forward to "picking your brain" on other subjects. Merci, Glynn
  6. Thanks guys, Appreciate all the inputs. The next phase of my IVP project is to get the E.C.M. gear on the wing tips (Agacette) , rear fuselage, and scratch the left wing pylon for the Barracuda pod. The decals are ready to go (Berna) and I have a resin cockpit and CT-52 from Pavla (which needs to have the middle circular camera hole corrected by moving it to the left side!). Cheers, WARDOG
  7. Merci Bien, Antoine. Most of the sites that I Googled have no interior shots of the cabin or they have British or French Air Force pictures. I specifically need the A.L.A.T. pics because there are some slight color differences and when I build my Puma, I want it to be correct. The good news is that I did find some nice pictures on the Prime Portal site that turned out to be what I was after. (I had to read the writing on some of the equipment to see that it was in fact, a French Puma!). All is well in the universe! WARDOG
  8. Hi All, I've been trying to find pictures of the interior of a French Army Puma but alas, no joy. I need pics of the jump seats, wall padding, etc. Are the colors the same as British birds? I know the cockpit colors are slightly different but have no reference for the cabin colors. All help appreciated, WARDOG
  9. Hello All, After seeing the very helpful post on the Super Etendard Modernise colors, I wanted to see if I could get some input on the gray/green colors used on the Mirage F.1CT and IVP. To my old eyes, it looks like Humbrol 116 is a good match for the green but the gray color seems to elude me. Any help or input on this? Cheers, WARDOG
  10. Sean, As I said before, she is an absolute beauty! Glad the decals were useful but your talent with the paint brush is what makes her look so good! The weapons load is correct, I've been contemplating using the better Italeri/Revell weapons on mine whenever I finally purchase a Pavla cockpit to get her started. I'll also probably convert her into a 2000-5 bird by moving the pitot tube to the vertical stabilizer. Lastly, I have a "Spirale" set to add on to make her a little more up-to-date. I only wish she looks half as good as yours does when she's done! Excellent work Mate, WARDOG
  11. Hi Phone Phixer, I'm not sure of the commonality either but at this point, any help will be useful. I'm at; glynnj@swbell.net Cheers, WARDOG
  12. Hi All, Just got the beautiful, very detailed NeOmega Buccaneer resin combo set which has the cockpit, intakes, exhausts, wheel wells, and gear covers. I can't say enough about the excellent details and exact fit to the Airfix kit with minor surgery. With the addition of Freight Dog's equally superb nose cone, tail cone, and horizontal tail, she should turn out to be a fine Gulf War Bucc. Good thing the Airfix landing gear are pretty sturdy, she'll be pretty heavy with all the resin details! Any way, I wanted to ask if anyone has the instructions for assembly of said parts? It seems that they only send some basic assembly photos to us here in The States but more detailed ones to my British friends. If anyone has a set of instructions they could scan or send, I'll be eternally grateful. Cheers, WARDOG
  13. Speedbird, Sorry I didn't respond faster but I found my Aeroclub Bucc seats and was going to make you a gift of them but I see you are using the final solution that I will be using for building mine; a NeOmega cockpit! Anyway, have a great build! Cheers, WARDOG
  14. Hi All, Just want to know if anyone has used Mr. Paint splinter colors for the Viggen? I saw them recently on the Rebell Hobby site and I'd like to know how accurate they are for this scheme. Any input appreciated, WARDOG
  15. Hi Mike, It sure would be nice to have an accurate -4B in 72nd scale.Are you referring to the latest news from Revell about a new -4B? I've been itching to build one for either the first black Naval Aviator (Jesse L. Brown) or the first black Marine Corps aviator and general (Frank Petersen, whom I happen to have met when I was a Midshipman years ago). I've read where there were a number of issues with some of the other manufacturer's kits so it would be REALLY nice to finally(?) get one that was correct! Always Dreamin', WARDOG in sunny Mesquite :-)
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