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  1. NOICE! I am inspired to build my F-5E and F-5N kits as Air Force and Navy birds, respectively. GREAT Job! WARDOG
  2. Hello and Happy New Year, Old Friend! I agree on the lack of modern 1/72nd French weapons availability (especially air-to-ground weapons) but your information is pretty good. I would like to add that if I recall correctly, the Academy F-8P kit has some decent Magics, others may no better though! One buddy did give me some spare Special Hobby Mirage F.1 missiles and bits and I can use them on my Hasegawa F.1CT and Heller F.1CR kits. One slight disagreement on the Academy Super Etendard kit though. If you want to rob it for fuel tanks, etc., it's OK but the
  3. Hi Franky Boy, You might want to look up some Mode Decal sheets for the F-104s. If I'm not mistaken, there is some color info somewhere on one of their sheets. Hope this helps, WARDOG
  4. Howdy Mike, Yeah, I've seen these colors called-out for the later scheme before but they just don't seem to quite fit the bill out of the bottle (at least to these old eyes, anyway!). I will either mix something up or see if somebody out there makes something close for my 72nd SuE, Lynx Mk. 4 (FN), and Super Frelon kits! I also think the SuE is a pretty cool bird! Just waiting to buy a nice cockpit to go along with the correct paints so that I can get mine on display! Take Care down there, WARDOG
  5. No disrespect to your post, but I'd settle for the correct camouflage colors for one in ANY scale! WARDOG
  6. I'm in for a nice Revell kit too! I became interested in the Shilka because of it's use in the Arab/ Israeli conflicts years ago and have fantasized about having one in God's Own Scale! WARDOG
  7. Yep Des, I have been eyeing the 116 too for my M F.1CT kit but have s little struggle with the "bluish-Gray" shade. WARDOG
  8. Hi Paramedic, If I may hi-jack this conversation, those Humbrol colors look pretty good but I sure would like to know what the Gunze and MRP paints would be! Thanks, WARDOG
  9. The problem of getting the correct French colors is the bane of my modeling existance! I have a Mirage F.1CT, F.1CR, 2000C, IVP, IIIRS, Rafale M, Super Etendard, Crusader, Puma, Gazelle, Lynx Mk.4 and Super Frelon that are just WAITING for he correct, definitive colors to be built! Just about EVERY different source of information, from decal sheets to reference sites, has a different color or mix and so far, I'm not too convinced of their accuracy! For instance, I believe the Mirage 2000D colors are slightly different from the Mirage IVP colors! I'm counting on MRP to
  10. Hi Neil, I too am building the Hasegawa kit (as an Indian Navy FRS.51) and the Italeri kit (as a Royal Navy FA.2 with Maintrack conversion set) and will be using Pavla cockpits in both, as ACDC mentions. They will both require some modifications to get the best results bit there really isn't any other options for the cockpits! I'll be posing progress reports whenever I start the builds. By-the-by, I am also using the Master pitot and AoA probe and they are BEAUTIFUL, a must for the FRS bird! (IMHO!) Cheers, WARDOG
  11. Well, as it goes, it goes! I wish I had seen this post earlier and saved you a few quid! I've also been in your situation before when someone had an item for me AFTER I bought it on-line! The Airfix kit's decals SHOULD be of better quality, certainly a lot thinner! Happy Hunting, WARDOG
  12. Hi Harry, I believe I have those Matchbox decals if you're interested. WARDOG
  13. Hmm...Isn't this the ICM kit? I already have the Zvezda (after switching from the ICM) kit and some KoPro decals so all I need now is a Master pitot, some AKAN paints, and for SOMEBODY to make a nice resin cockpit! Come on, NeOmega, Pavla, anybody! WARDOG
  14. Even more annoying is the fact that NO manufacturer has made a resin correction/ replacement! I believe the Hasegawa kit is decent and with a little extra love for the cockpit and some other details, makes a nice edition to your collection. WARDOG
  15. Hi Blimpboy, Appreciate the assist, I already have the pictures shown though. A pity too, as the Prime Portal pics are a mix of the regular SH-3H and AEW birds and they show the right-side of the cabin for the REGULAR SH-3! Oh well! Thanks Again, WARDOG
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