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  1. Disregard, Found the info with the correct search phrase. WARDOG
  2. Hi All, Anybody know if there is s manufacturer of 1/72nd "slime-lights" (low-viz aircraft position lights) masks? Something in Kabuki-tape or even photo-etch would work. I fancy making my F/A-18 and S-3 Viking with glow-in-the-dark painted slime lights for that little something extra. Cheers, WARDOG
  3. VERY cool looking build there Neil! Not very often you see a USMC AV-8A! I remember doing one many, many years ago with the Hasegawa AV-8A kit (my first Hasegawa model kit, in fact!) and hand-painting the camouflage a nd using a set of MicroScale Decals that cost just $2.50 back then! The Barriers were pretty new in the U.S. inventory and when I was a little older, I got to see how the Marines paid for them in blood with all the accidents they had while learning how to fly/deploy them. An outstanding job on an important piece of British and Naval Aviation history. Well Done, Sir! Glynn "WARDOG" Jacobs
  4. Hi Nokia, VER NICE work on this impressive helicopter model! I'm impressed with your abilities to make the doors able to open and close and look forward to seeing how you motorized her. I'm also glad you figured out the interior colors, I've been trying to figure those out and even was trying to contact AKAN to help me with those (with no success!). Still trying to figure out which country I want mine to represent. Keep up the good work, waiting to see more! Cheers, WARDOG
  5. Nicely done, Tom. You did an exceptional job on a kit that looks like it has the same issues as the old KP one. I try to avoid natural metal paint jobs, (I guess I need to work on polishing the plastic before painting to eliminate blemishes) but I love your paint job! We DO need a new MiG-19 series (and a nice F-7 with the cranked arrow wing too!). I will be building the Bilek kit with a Pavla cockpit, Master pitot and guns, and Bilek parts and decals as a Pakistani bird. Looking forward to seeing more of your work! Cheers, WARDOG
  6. MAGNIFICENT job, Andy! That seemed to be a labor of love for you. Very impressive, Sir! Bravo Zulu (Well Done!), WARDOG
  7. PERFECTION, Sir! Excellent work on a very nice subject! I intend on building a Mirage IIIRS from the old Revell kit and will use your article as a guide. I plan on using Humbrol's Mist Green metallic paint for the cockpit. Can you tell me the approximate length of the nose landing gear? I know it was lengthened to make the tail lower for the Swiss dispersal caves. Thanks, WARDOG
  8. Seems like a nice improvement on the Heller kit in SOME areas! Decent-looking cockpit detail and nice CT-52 pod. I have the 1/72 Heller kit and resin accessories from Pavla for cockpit and CT-52 (wrong middle camera positions!), Model Art for the BOZ-103 E.C.M. pod and pylon, and P.J. for French pilots, with Berna Decals for a "Gascogne" bird. All that's left is to get a Master refuelling probe, the CORRECT paint colors, and a Model Art CT-52. Now that we have the A&A kit, I wish the later IVP kit will include the Agacette E.C.M. bullets for the wing-tips and rear fuselage and the left wing pylon with the Barax E.C.M. pod. If not, I wish SOME company will make these in resin. THEN I can finally build my Mirage IV to a decently correct standard! WARDOG
  9. Jordi, I can personally testify to the fact that pitots can get very hot! I mistakenly grabbed one on a Huey helicopter when returning from working off-shore. I walked around the front of the Huey because I rode in the right front seat and while not paying attention when talking to the pilot, I grabbed the pitot. After a nice static shock, I got a nice burn in the palm of my hand. It was so hot that it turned the upper layer of skin into a white ash. It didn't hurt after the shock though. WARDOG
  10. Thank You, Aardvark. That is very helpful information! WARDOG
  11. VERY nice build, Derek! That is a smart-looking paint scheme! Marco, there are a few issues with the old Italeri kit because it came out before there were accurate drawings and information available. I have this kit and plan on using my L&M Resin set to correct the nose (wrong shape and length), horizontal stabilizers (too small and wrong "sweep" angle), fuselage (too short) plug extension, and ejection seats ( totally wrong type and shape, but hard to see in the small cockpit!). I will also make a few cockpit corrections (the gunner should be facing to the rear) even though you can't see much, detail the navigator's area, and make a few corrections to the landing gear, and the length and shape of the engines. A lot of work to make it more accurate but worth it, I think That being said, it's still a pretty good, reasonably-priced starting point for a decent Tu-22 and builds into an impressive model, as seen here by Derek's example. Cheers, WARDOG
  12. Well Done! Fresh blood keeps our hobby alive and the added benefit of Grand-father/Grand-son bonding is priceless! WARDOG
  13. Hi Apex, Yes, I am considering modding the Condor kit but MIGHT try to trade it off for a PD model with the under nose IR sensor. I'm getting farther and farther behind on my model BUILDING and need to get cracking on some of these piles! Probably need to do less nodding! I'm not getting any younger and I have kits I bought in the early 80's still un-built! WARDOG
  14. WARDOG

    EF-111A Colours

    Doh! Yes Delticfan, you DID say you purchased a 1/48th scale kit.
  15. Hey Smudge, I won't be using the decals for that scheme and I'll trade them for something from my Decal Wants List. I BELIEVE there are complete stencils for that scheme also, I'd just have to see if there are decals that are used by both types (main rotor markings?) but only printed once! The Mach2 decals are VERY thick and out-of-register. Also, many of the stencils are missing that are on the Print Scale sheet. I've been waiting and praying for some decent replacement decals from SOMEBODY for a LOT of years and am looking forward to trying these out. (Just have to get the correct colors for the camo scheme and work on the details and that dreaded canopy!). Let me know if you're interested. You can contact me directly at: glynnj (at) swbell (dot) net. Goin' cold mic! WARDOG
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