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  1. Mille Grazie, Georgio and Serge! That is (part of) the information I was looking for. And, as my old friend Andre said, that should have been "Hasegawa FRS.1 converted into an FA.2 with a Maintrack conversion set". Cheers All, WARDOG
  2. Hello Mates, Can anybody tell me if they have used Pavla's Sea Harrier cockpits in other than the Airfix kits for which they were designed? I fancy a build of three Harriers; A Hasegawa AV-8B with an AiRes cockpit, An Italeri Sea Harrier FRS.51 with a Pavla FRS.1 cockpit and, A Hasegawa Sea Harrier FA.2 with a Pavla FA.2 cockpit (and Maintrack conversion). Any and all help appreciated, WARDOG
  3. What do you expect from a man who puts Father Ted above My Hero Thanks for the info! Glynn "WARDOG" Jacobs
  4. Hi Exdragon, The fuselage color of FS36492 DOES extend from the lip of the intake all the way to the first-stage compressor blades. Now, I just have to decide if I'm going to use one of my old tins of Xtracolor or Compucolour paints! Hope this helps, WARDOG
  5. Hi Mike, Thanks for the fast response! I actually got a response from Mr. Vark himself and he definitely answered the question with beautiful photographic evidence. Cheers and Stay Well, WARDOG
  6. Hi All, Anybody know how far the light gray (FS36492 Dawn Gray) extends into the intake trunking of the EF-111A? Good walkaround pictures are hard to come by and it's hard to tell. I know it's not like the white used on the say, Aussie F-111C which begins at the intake cowls and goes to the first-stage compressor face. All help appreciated! Thanks, WARDOG
  7. I sold my Falcon vac and Fujimi kits a while back because I just didn't have the time/skills for the project. And then, I would have had to source some decals too! I took a hop on one from Korea to Japan back in 80' when I was a Midshipman and wanted to model one since they were an important part of the fleet. A noisy, rearward-facing ride but nice to be headed home on! I REALLY wish Hasegawa would make a nice, new C-2A along the lines of their excellent E-2C. It sure would cut down on the price of buying a kit AND a conversion set! WARDOG
  8. Hi All, Can someone steer this old plane-builder to the correct size and the maker of the chains used on Merkavas as anti-missile gear? I would prefer to (probably going blind!) fabricate them with real, scale balls and chains than use the unrealistic, plastic kit pieces. All help appreciated, WARDOG
  9. I would REALLY like to see SOMEONE produce a new 72nd U-2S/TR-1 kit. I'm ready to put some money down for one! WARDOG
  10. BEAUTIFUL job on one of my all-time favorite birds! What paint colors did you use? Cheers, WARDOG
  11. Hmm...hard to say what the colors are, one of the banes of my model building; getting the colors correct! SOMEBODY makes a Free Kuwaiti A-4 kit (Fujimi?) and others (Colorado?) make Kuwaiti and Qatari decals for the F.1, A-4, and F/A-18 so a search for Kuwaiti or Qatari scale models or decals MIGHT be helpful for painting information. Happy Hunting, WARDOG
  12. Wow, I too have the "Desert Hawk" version and will just use what I can on the Hasegawa kit. Sorry to see this from Italeri, they were once the very best in 1/72nd helo models (OK, maybe that UH-1N nose was offensive!), both in subjects and accuracy. I hope they come back from this! WARDOG
  13. Thank You Jonathan, I've been trying to figure out which colors to use on the landing gear and wells. The pics sure do contribute to getting me closer to that goal. Appreciated, WARDOG
  14. Thanks Antti, I appreciate the extra info. Yes, Tonyot, I am aware of the (what looks like an) aluminum colors in the far-rear area. Now for the pesky landing gear and wheel-well colors! WARDOG
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