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  1. Thanks Mike, Appreciate the help. That's the color I was leaning towards. I'll give it a go as I need to build SOMETHING this year! WARDOG
  2. Hello All, Can someone here tell me if the cargo bay color for the C-160D Transall is RAL 7028 Dunklegelb or RAL 8020 Gelbbraun? I have the beautiful Revell kit but it uses Revell paint (which is not readily available here in the U.S.!) mixes for some of the colors. Any feedback will be helpful, WARDOG
  3. I'll chime in and add my vote for the Airfix kit. I just like the detail and shapes of it. Building (Yeah, sure you are, Glynn!) mine as an Israeli Ya'sur with the beautiful Wingman conversion set so I'll have to modify the kit and/or some of the parts to fit correctly. All-in-all, it was a pretty good kit for it's day, as time has proven! Cheers, Glynn "WARDOG" Jacobs
  4. Thank you All for the excellent photos and information! Very close to getting this one done as a Hip F. Cheers, WARDOG
  5. Thanks All, Yes, I meant to say 12.7mm vice 12.5mm. Also, that is the correct weapon in the Hip photo. Just hoping SOME manufacturer makes the gun and/or mount in 72nd scale a leading (perhaps in Russia or Eastern Europe?). Thanks, WARDOG
  6. Hi All, Anybody know if one of the after market producers make a 72nd KV-4 machine gun as used on the early Mi-8s? I want to build my Hobby Boss Mi-8 as a Sandinista bird and need one to mount in the nose. Cheers, WARDOG
  7. I purchased the F-4EJ "Aero Dancing" kit because it has all the parts for U.S. Phantoms (slatted wings and stabilizers, correct wing and vertical stabilizers, chaff/flare for pylons, etc.) and it was pretty inexpensive. Got some Hi Decals for an Iranian Phantom and a nice resin cockpit. Now just need the XMM seamless intakes to bring the cost of the kit back to what Hasegawa wants for just the F-4E "Iranian Edition". WARDOG
  8. Hi All, If anyone has the Wolfpak Decals sheet 72-105 who can give me the color call-outs for the Saab J-35 Draken splinter scheme, I would deeply appreciate it. Trying to see what colors they say are used to try and narrow-down my color choices. Thanks, Glynn "WARDOG" Jacobs
  9. Thanks Meindert, I LOVE your site and highly respect your modeling skills! I have been using your information for years, especially for making my SuE. I WILL be using it again and for some time to come. Cheers, WARDOG
  10. Thanks Jure. Yes, the intakes are designed to change length/shape to handle the air-flow requirements are different speeds. I appreciate all your help! Cheers, WARDOG
  11. Hi All, Can someone get me the assembled length of the Tu-22 Blinder kits's engine nacelle, please? I'm attempting to improve the accuracy of the Italeri kit (I know, I know, but it's the bird in hand!) as much as possible. Modelsvit or Trumpeter measurements are OK. Cheers, Glynn "WARDOG" Jacobs
  12. WARDOG

    NATO Green Paint

    Then, let me ask this question again, what might be a good paint match for French Gazelle and Puma helicopters? I can't seem to match that color! Glynn "WARDOG" Jacobs
  13. Disregard, Found the info with the correct search phrase. WARDOG
  14. Hi All, Anybody know if there is s manufacturer of 1/72nd "slime-lights" (low-viz aircraft position lights) masks? Something in Kabuki-tape or even photo-etch would work. I fancy making my F/A-18 and S-3 Viking with glow-in-the-dark painted slime lights for that little something extra. Cheers, WARDOG
  15. VERY cool looking build there Neil! Not very often you see a USMC AV-8A! I remember doing one many, many years ago with the Hasegawa AV-8A kit (my first Hasegawa model kit, in fact!) and hand-painting the camouflage a nd using a set of MicroScale Decals that cost just $2.50 back then! The Barriers were pretty new in the U.S. inventory and when I was a little older, I got to see how the Marines paid for them in blood with all the accidents they had while learning how to fly/deploy them. An outstanding job on an important piece of British and Naval Aviation history. Well Done, Sir! Glynn "WARDOG" Jacobs
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