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  1. Yep, Gloss White for the gear and wheel wells. It's easier to see fluid leaks on the gear struts and in the wheel wells. WARDOG
  2. Hi PhantomBigStu, As mentioned, those B-1B resin accessories are a bit costly but, if you want an accurate model, you will need them! It will also require extensive amounts of effort to put everything together to achieve the final results. A Dremel grinding/cutting tool will definitely come in handy! I ended-up purchasing all the mods except for their wheels and wing gloves. It means that I now have a kit that I purchased in the 80's for less than $30.00 that is now well over $100.00! Cheers, WARDOG
  3. Hi Phreak, I know I have some Cut then Add decals for a Thai Harrier (IF you need some!) but I'll have to check to see if I have any resin Stencil seats around. I heard that KP is supposed to be coming out with an Alpha Jet but I'm not sure if it'll be new or a re-box! I will soldier-on with my very old MPC (Airfix) kit with a Pavla cockpit, intakes and exhausts, Stencil seats, and a Master pitot. I'm also trying to modify the tail cone with the chaff/flares and E.C.M. bumps. All I need now are the correct Portuguese decals; all the ones available now have the rescue arrow in German, instead of the Portuguese over English details! Give me a buzz, (glynnj(at)swbell(dot)net WARDOG
  4. Hi Darthspur, The YOV-10D Night Observation Gunship System version used in Vietnam had a M197 20mm gun on the belly and a F.L.I.R. detector/laser target designator under the nose. It was successful but there were no funds for it. The old Airfix kit has these features and two Hellfire missiles, (which definitely were NOT used in Nam') one for each of the wing pylons. The proposed OV-10X would have used two Hellfires on each underling pylon, but again, funding never showed up. I don't have a lot of info on the OV-10Gs used in Afghanistan except they had a laser designator in the nose and the four-bladed Hartzell props. Trying to decide if I want to build my Airfix kit but REALLY want to complete my Academy OV-10 with Philippine Air Force decals and somebody's four-bladed props (COME ON, QuickBoost!). Please post some pics, WARDOG
  5. Sure wish that was in 72nd scale! WARDOG
  6. Hi Daryl, The first rendition of Helo Drab in acrylic, I believe, was by Testors Model Master. I like it and it is a much better shade than their enamel so I will be using it for my Army helos. Slater, Yes, the earlier, Vietnam-era helos were in FS34087 Olive Drab. It is a more brownish-green color than the later Helo Drab color. Cheers, WARDOG
  7. Also, For FS numbers, the lower the last three digits, the darker the shade. So -031 would be darker than -087. Take Care, WARDOG
  8. Ciao Luigi, I appreciate the information. I did compare the Dragon stuff against the Zvezda and ICM kit and as you say, the Dragon stuff is a little "smallish". But, I don't entirely trust either manufacturer completely. I trust Zvezda a little more but I have found differences in weapon sizes in different kit also! I sure wouldn't mind having some of the beautiful resin weapons that are out there but I fear the budget for them would be higher than the real weapons budget of Uzbekistan! Miller Grazie, WARDOG
  9. Hello All, Anybody have an opinion on which paints are more accurate for splinter AJSH-37 and/or two-grays JA-37 Viggens; Hakata or MRP? I need to get going on building and displaying my Viggens and want to do them correctly! Cheers, WARDOG
  10. Hi All, I have a number of Dragon air-to-air, air-to-ground, and rocket and bomb sets bought years ago to up-date my Soviet/Russian Kits. They are nice and while not quite Result quality, they do fit the bill at a (then) reasonable cost. My question is; Are their missiles a little "small" in length and diameter? Not having access to reliable drawings or dimensions, I'm just not sure! Any and all input appreciated, WARDOG
  11. Thanks, Steve. Pretty good info there. WARDOG
  12. Ciao, Giampiero! I sent you some drawings to your email that might be helpful. Salut, WARDOG
  13. Please disregard, I was able to locate the correct info on a RNZN site. Answered to question: FS36440 Light Gull Gray. Thanks All, WARDOG
  14. Hi All, Anybody know the correct overall color used on the later New Zealand SH-2Gs? I have the EXCELLENT 1/72 conversion for the Airfix kit and want do use the later, overall gray scheme. When searching on the net for decal sheet info, I only seem to find the standard, three color scheme as used on U.S. and Polish birds. All help appreciated, WARDOG
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