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  1. I have recently bought 1/72 decals for a falcon 20 Cobham/FRA aircraft and wondered are there any after market sets for the EW pods that are used on these aircraft or some other suitable stores.
  2. Hi guys. Thanks very much for the help. It is much appreciated.
  3. Hi 71 chally. Colour photos not necessary it's just the colours as the instructions don't give much indication. Cheers.
  4. I’m looking for any colour photos or information of the interior of a German Air Force Pembroke cmk 54. I have the SH kit and would like to fit it out with the radar screens that come with the kit.
  5. I was thinking of building my xtrakit hunter t7 into a late overall green colour danish Air Force aircraft. Does anyone know if this was dark NATO green or a different shade. I have read that different countries had different shades as NATO green But wondered what would be a close match in humbrol/Tamiya/ revell aqua. Also would this have been the same shade as their draken trainers?
  6. nice build David and thanks for the info. I picked it up for 7 quid on evilbay so just wondered how it went. I did buy it thinking it would be for the airfix kit as I have an FGA9. Modelldoc. That is also a nice hunter. I have made a matchbox, revell + odds and ordnance conversion which I still have a T8M in my stash with more revell kits. also going to have a go at the xtrakit which I know is a bit tricky. I just wanted something to work with my airfix kit that I've had for a few years.
  7. Good evening folks. I found the above conversion kit and just wondered if anyone knew if this was for the airfix FGA9 kit. Also is it a yes or no for a good representation of the 2 seater?
  8. Thanks Trevor. definitely not the homer fairings. Looked at the model again it was definately not the homer fairings, on each wing has the fuel tank pods, a sea eagle and last ones are AN/ALQ 101 and sidewinder. Just thought it looked cool. I am guessing this is in 1/48 as the model is the same size as the shack
  9. I was walking past my local art shop today and someone had done a nice wee display of model jets on window ( Harrier trainer, Shackleton AEW, leuchars tornado and lossie buccaneer) now on the buccaneer the gentleman has put 6 different stores under the wings and I was curious, did the buccaneer ever have a total of 6 hard points or was it only capable of having 4 as I thought it was very interesting to see this as I have seen no pictures of the extra stores.
  10. A rather expensive couple of weeks of model purchasing Valom vickers valetta c1 revell A109 rega k2 and older issue military release special hobby hiller hu-12 - rare kit but still only paid 35 quid instead of 80-100. Need to fix slight yellowing to canopy. condor mig29 two seater az models Royal Navy tiger moth revell v-22 osprey - said I’d never get one but there’s just something about it. and 2 RC models both foam based on the F-22 and DA-62 diamond star. Diamond star will be so much fun as i have to fiddle with wires, batteries and fit the
  11. Looks a great deal better than the shake and bake maquette Viking kit.
  12. thanks for the help guys. much apreciated.
  13. I don’t know if this has been asked before but are the drop tanks on the Royal Navy skyraiders the same kind as on the ww2 corsair? I have the sword and aero club conversion kit. Any help would be much appreciated
  14. Thanks to all that have replied. Andy thanks for the offer. I already have the airfix CH-53G. I would like to have made the air fix one with dayglo patches like the revell one released in 1993. I have bought a Wolfpak sheet that has the numbers on it that I can turn around and use for the pave low that I had seen at leuchars air show around 2005 from mildenhall.
  15. i have an italeri MH-53 pave low and wondered if there were any special/anniversary schemes that these helos wore. also anyone know of any decals available for a british based helo in 1/72. internet results are very little.
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