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  1. A rather expensive couple of weeks of model purchasing Valom vickers valetta c1 revell A109 rega k2 and older issue military release special hobby hiller hu-12 - rare kit but still only paid 35 quid instead of 80-100. Need to fix slight yellowing to canopy. condor mig29 two seater az models Royal Navy tiger moth revell v-22 osprey - said I’d never get one but there’s just something about it. and 2 RC models both foam based on the F-22 and DA-62 diamond star. Diamond star will be so much fun as i have to fiddle with wires, batteries and fit the whole thing together.
  2. Looks a great deal better than the shake and bake maquette Viking kit.
  3. thanks for the help guys. much apreciated.
  4. I don’t know if this has been asked before but are the drop tanks on the Royal Navy skyraiders the same kind as on the ww2 corsair? I have the sword and aero club conversion kit. Any help would be much appreciated
  5. Thanks to all that have replied. Andy thanks for the offer. I already have the airfix CH-53G. I would like to have made the air fix one with dayglo patches like the revell one released in 1993. I have bought a Wolfpak sheet that has the numbers on it that I can turn around and use for the pave low that I had seen at leuchars air show around 2005 from mildenhall.
  6. i have an italeri MH-53 pave low and wondered if there were any special/anniversary schemes that these helos wore. also anyone know of any decals available for a british based helo in 1/72. internet results are very little.
  7. whilst working at perth morrisons outside heard first aircraft for a while and it was an A400. Noisy at its level. usually see anything from virgin balloon to the DA-42s they use at scone airfield. a few weeks ago at almost rooftop level was a red biplane. think it was a stearman?
  8. Lovely build of the herald. I bought mine at £60 a couple of years ago. A bagged kit that represents the Malaysian Air Force transporter. Sadly the decals look like they would crumble if I used them and don't know if or how I could save them. Tried looking for Malaysian Air Force decals but no luck.
  9. Looking at the original boxing of the B-57 by italeri. The box art shows an all black aircraft that shows the rockets and what looks like silver drop tanks. The kits itself has bombs but are these silver items these bombs or are the drop tanks which are not supplied with the kit? Any help would be gratefully recieved.
  10. TOPGUN88

    Perth show.

    Looking forward to this years show. I always bump into my fellow aberdonians from the model club and an old work colleague from the model zone days.
  11. TOPGUN88

    IAC EC-135 helos

    I dont know if this is the right place but I was wondering does any of the 1/72 revell ec-135 kits have the extended pointier nose part or is there a conversion part. I would like to make an IAC irish aircraft with winch attached.
  12. Hi diego. That's perfect thank you. Some really cool info there. Thanks
  13. Thanks Diego. Are the targets the same type that would have been used by the finnish air force machines il28 beagles?
  14. Looking at some early airliners I have I was wondering what were the aircraft that they used for training for such aircraft as the vickers viking, dakota etc and if any of them wore company logos.
  15. Couple weeks ago sitting in flat watched red s-76 royal flight take off, land and away again in perth north inch park. Princess anne was here for some graduation.
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