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  1. TOPGUN88

    IAC EC-135 helos

    I dont know if this is the right place but I was wondering does any of the 1/72 revell ec-135 kits have the extended pointier nose part or is there a conversion part. I would like to make an IAC irish aircraft with winch attached.
  2. Hi diego. That's perfect thank you. Some really cool info there. Thanks
  3. Thanks Diego. Are the targets the same type that would have been used by the finnish air force machines il28 beagles?
  4. Looking at some early airliners I have I was wondering what were the aircraft that they used for training for such aircraft as the vickers viking, dakota etc and if any of them wore company logos.
  5. Couple weeks ago sitting in flat watched red s-76 royal flight take off, land and away again in perth north inch park. Princess anne was here for some graduation.
  6. Hi folks. Does anyone know if the trainer version of the il28 beagle EVER flew with wingtip fuel tanks. Enjoying making the bilek kit at the moment a wondered if any mascot would have been equipped with them. Also I have what looks like new clear bombs under the wings. Any idea what type of bombs these would be?
  7. I was wondering if anyone could help on what colours would be best to use on the uk armys later scheme dhc beavers. I have an airfix kit that I would like to paint in the colours used by the armys historical flight beaver. Also if there are any roundels, registrations above or below the wings of the aircraft and what size these would be.
  8. Thanks for the info gents. I see that the book Junkers 88 et 188 has on the front cover a missile under the wing. Can anyone help with the type of missile and the paint scheme for that particular aircraft. Also are there anymore photos in the book of this aircraft and the French navy ju188?
  9. I have read that the ju88 was used post war by the Finnish and the French after the war. Does anyone know where I could find photos of post war ju88 as the net doesn't come up with much results. Also did the Spanish use them post war?
  10. Ha did not read the start. Pitty as i thought it was such a nice scheme too.
  11. Hi mike. Thanks for the info. I have found what I was looking for. The plane was owned by Walter snook of snooks flying services and was purchased in 1950. Ex RNAF. Operated from Canada.
  12. Hi looking for some information about a civilian owned vought kingfisher used by a gentleman I think in the late 40s early 50s based in either Alaska or Canada? I remember coming across an article on line about the aircraft which was green and had the gentleman’s company logo on it to but cannot find anything about it again. Could anyone one shed some light on this.
  13. I used to love seeing the blue eagles displays with the gazelle and lynx helicopter and wondered if there were any decal sheets out there that might have blue eagles markings on them in 1/72?
  14. How about a set of markings for the up coming ITALERI (esci re issue) F-27 in military markings e.g. Finland, Thailand, Spain. The RNLAF had a couple of solo display schemes too.
  15. Thanks sabrejet. Very interesting indeed. Jonny yes I did see this on wiki when I was looking for any CG-4 that were used post war. I'm planning on building my italeri kit but wanted something a little different.
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