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  1. Quang hare are some more RF-101 pics, click on the image and then the > at the right of the screen for a few more: Jari
  2. Not from Nam but a few pics can be seen here: http://www.weasner.com/A-7D/356TFS/hawaii.html scroll down a bit. Jari
  3. Finn

    Wellington Mk III

    Here is a video showing the cleaning of a Wellington's guns: as well as other details that may be of use or interest. Jari
  4. Here is one with a larger type rocket (100mm?) pod: Jari
  5. Larry here are some other pics: https://www.escadrilles.org/histoire-et-histoires/pirate-dans-les-balkans/ Jari
  6. Larry check here: http://www.ffaa.net/aircraft/etendard/etendard UPG.htm mention is made of doing some shots with AIM-9Bs, and there is one photo with rocket pods. Jari
  7. Check here: https://www.navysite.de/cruisebooks/cv62-65/index.html Jari
  8. Yes i know, the caption comment was for the pic in Post #157. Jari
  9. The caption for the above pic says Captain Donald Beck climbing down from his RF-101C after his 100th mission, 1965. Then later in the 60's they went with the tubular ladders: Jari
  10. Here is another ladder pic, note it looks to have hinges on it, most likely for easier stowage and transporting: also in the first ladder pic i posted there is an Andy Capp character to the left. Jari
  11. Quang here is another video of the RF-101 in Vietnam: https://www.criticalpast.com/video/65675038914_Phantom-II-aircraft_cockpit_F-4_Air-Force-personnel_entry-ladder check the 1:20 mark and you can see a group that seem to be discussing some antennas on the bottom of the fuselage. Jari
  12. Quang here is a nice video of RF-101s in SEA, the Voodoo comes up when you click on it: some shots show the belly mounted flash pod and wing ECM pod. Jari
  13. Finn

    HP Halifax question

    Here is a close up view: https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205212940 Jari
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