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  1. Here are some bombs, and Cookie, being prepped and then loaded on a Lanc: Jari
  2. Finn


    Some O-2A pics here showing a few details including things they carried under the wings: https://366th-tfw.net/index4.html Jari
  3. Hi Rob, here are a couple of HAS pics from Bade, this one was taken in 93 just before the base was shut down: Here is another one, going by the config probably 1985 and it's a 409 Squadron a/c, note the napalm skirt on the HAS door, they were added around '85-86: these were the ones that were there when i was posted to Baden 83-87 none were earth covered at that time. Jari
  4. Here are a couple of F-4Cs in Vietnam: Note how faded the greens are. Jari
  5. Finn

    F-8E Shrike

    The F-8 could carry AIM-9s and Zunis at the same time on the Y rack: Jari
  6. Finn

    F-8E Shrike

    This video shows a good head on view of a rocket pod on the wing pylon with single Zuni launcher on the fuselage: https://www.criticalpast.com/video/65675024125_F8-Crusader_ground-crewmen-wear-headset_ordnance-men-loading-bombs_plane-in-parking-area It looks to have lots of clearance, other videos at the site show the Y rack loaded with a rocket pod on the wing. Jari
  7. Here is another early Thud: looks like the panel by the door is a different material compared to the rest of the fuselage sides. Jari
  8. Finn

    F-8E Shrike

    Now we know why Trumpeter included the AGM-45 with their 1/32 Crusaders: it would make for a nice What If project with Zuni launchers on the fuselage. Jari
  9. Finn

    Hampden bomb bay

    Is that a rack under the right wing root for flares or even small bombs? Jari
  10. Finn

    Hampden bomb bay

    A bit too dark for details but a Hampden getting loaded: http://www.adf-gallery.com.au/gallery/455-Hampden/P00753_003 http://www.adf-gallery.com.au/gallery/455-Hampden/SUK10120 Jari
  11. Here is an early D with almost new SEA camo: Jari
  12. Here are a couple more, not as faded as the others, possibly when the a/c are washed the doors prevented the area behind it from getting cleaned: Jari
  13. Finn

    Hampden bomb bay

    There is this one at the Canadian Museum of Flight in Langley BC: Edit: deleted pic that already had been posted but while searching I came across this of a 50 Squadron Hampden: Flying Log Entry August 26th, Aircraft, Hampden: No. P1317. Pilot; Self+ 3 Crew. Ops LEIPZIG 6x250lbs: 60x4lb: (33) (Crash No.1) Stbd engine shot up over Emden-2hrs on one engine-port engine stopped 2 miles E of Hemswell. I'm guessing 3 x 250lbs bombs in the forward part of the bomb bay, 1 x 250lbs in the rear with a SBC with the 60 x 4lbs beside it. Plus 1 bomb under each wing. Jari
  14. Finn

    F-104 question

    Hi Rob, on the trailer is a Mk/B28 (L) and a Mk/B43 (R) and on the MJ-1 is a Mk28EX (EXternal) which by my guess is the load trainer version since it has the folding fin options, nose cover for the radar antenna plus probably other features a real one would have and being painted silver. The "sensor" fwd of the front lug is the cover for the electrical connections, you can see it in the video i posted above of a Mk/B28RE being loaded. The ones they dropped for bombing practices had the lower fins removed thus the tail config was _I_ rather than X. I don't recall what the designation of the practice bombs was, i vaguely remember seeing them when i went thru initial training 45 yrs ago but they were phased out by the time i loaded the MN-1A with BDU-33s and the Mk-106s. Jari
  15. Here is one being istalled on an A-4: and a manual on another JATO: https://www.docdroid.com/twaJCv5/aerojet-general-15ks-1000-a1-aircraft-rocket-engine-operation-service-instructions-oct-1963-pdf Jari Jari
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