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  1. Finn

    Wellies in the CBI?

    Here is a bomb load: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Wellington_bomb_bay_India_WWII_IWM_CF_135.jpg Jari
  2. I think this should be in the WWII section, anyway from a Hampden manual: Jari
  3. In the second pic above if you zoom in just above the tail of the bomb you can clearly see the back end of the bomb door and it is indeed bulged. Jari
  4. The caption for this says it's LL725: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:RCAF_Lancaster_Mk_II_RAF_Linton-on-Ouse_WWII_HU_56276.jpg and says it was EQ-C lost 29 July 1944: http://www.rafcommands.com/database/serials/details.php?uniq=LL725 However another site has the one in the photo as LL720. either way you can clear tell it has a bulged bay, note the back of the doors. Jari
  5. Rob here is a German manual on bombs, scroll down for the SC 250 & SC 500, some nice drawings with dimensions and on pg 113 some different tail sections: http://www.lexpev.nl/downloads/dluft43001942.pdf from here: http://www.lexpev.nl/manuals/germanyold.html Jari
  6. Some early covers: Jari
  7. Here is a Mirage 2000 that crashed in Afghanistan: Jari
  8. Do a Google image search for: Avro Lancaster blueprint an engineering drawing of the forward fuselage, side and top, will come up. Look for worthpoint in the title. Jari
  9. Here is a drawing that may help with the canopy height issue: https://thumbs.worthpoint.com/zoom/images2/360/0615/18/avro-lancaster-bomber-ww2-blueprint_360_d69d173d89af159c3b51b944ddef08eb.jpg Jari
  10. A couple of F-15Es in the early days of the conflict: Jari
  11. Here is one with the flasher pod, pylons and a AERO 8 practice bomb dispenser: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/80/92/5d/80925d5235a850fd0d9830848e5447d2.jpg Jari
  12. Not to go off topic but my understanding is the first thermal coating was a rubber like substance applied internally to the bomb, then the explosive mixture was poured in. Then later they went with the external coating, which probably made it easier to apply. Here is an example of a Vietnam era thermally protected bomb: as you can see the body is mainly smooth. Jari
  13. Although they still had plenty of OD bomb bodies in stock, some grey tails began showing up in time for Desert Storm: Jari
  14. Here is a GBU-22 on the pylon: Jari
  15. Here is one with GBU-16 being readied for Libya 2011: and with GBU-22: Jari
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