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  1. @Sabrejet, are the wheel wells on the FJ-3 interior green like the FJ-2?
  2. Spruebrothers just posted today that they are taking preorders for this kit, so you still have a chance if you want one. https://spruebrothers.com/zkmk30214-1-48-zoukei-mura-f-4ej-kai-phantom-ii-phantom-forever-2020/ oops, I just noticed that they aren’t shipping to the UK, so if you are in the UK I apologize.
  3. I asked them on Facebook about this yesterday or the day before. They said it is progressing and should be released this summer.
  4. Dropped flaps, open bomb bays, open cowls, four Crossbows with pylons all add expense to what will be an already expensive model. Each attempt to add a detail gimmick also increases the probability of fit problems and engineering complexity.
  5. Or how about fewer gimmicks and non operational weapons, and focus on accuracy and fit.
  6. Looks great Duncan, that turned out fabulous!! Corey
  7. Thank you so much for the technique, I will try that on my next Fury!
  8. Your slats turned out very nice with the Eduard photo etch. I couldn’t get the photo etch to look good so I ended up removing the photo etch and using the slats without. I attribute my issues to lack of experience bending photoetch. I tried annealing the metal before curling it, but it turned out looking messy. Can you briefly explain how you curled and applied the photo etch? Thanks!
  9. I wrote a two post build summary of my FJ-2 that may help if you get either the FJ-2 or FJ-3 kit. Scroll down towards the bottom of this thread: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/kitty-hawk-1-48-fj-2-fury-t520795-s40.html
  10. North American used this weird experimental cockpit color for their FJ-2’s (not sure about FJ-3’s). I guess it wasn’t popular because it wasn’t used in many other aircraft in the US. I used AK Soviet Cockpit Turquoise with a little blue mixed in. This ended up being very bright, so I knocked it down with a black wash and matte clear coat.
  11. That’s a good critique Sammy! I usually sand a bit off the bottom wheels but I think I just forgot this time. I didn’t realize it until you mentioned it!
  12. Will, I did it the old fashioned way, I used Tamiya tape laid out on a green mat, cut with a French curve and an xacto knife. It wasn’t hard, just took some time. It’s certainly not perfect, I feel I could have made the fuselage curve over the wing better, and the “swish” on the tail isn’t 100% correct.
  13. see if this works for you: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/kitty-hawk-1-48-fj-2-fury-t520795-s40.html the write up is towards the end of the thread
  14. if it takes you to a blue Tapatalk page, there should be a little white button at the bottom that says “continue in browers.” That should take you to it, I think.
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