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  1. I wrote a two post build summary of my FJ-2 that may help if you get either the FJ-2 or FJ-3 kit. Scroll down towards the bottom of this thread: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/kitty-hawk-1-48-fj-2-fury-t520795-s40.html
  2. North American used this weird experimental cockpit color for their FJ-2’s (not sure about FJ-3’s). I guess it wasn’t popular because it wasn’t used in many other aircraft in the US. I used AK Soviet Cockpit Turquoise with a little blue mixed in. This ended up being very bright, so I knocked it down with a black wash and matte clear coat.
  3. That’s a good critique Sammy! I usually sand a bit off the bottom wheels but I think I just forgot this time. I didn’t realize it until you mentioned it!
  4. Will, I did it the old fashioned way, I used Tamiya tape laid out on a green mat, cut with a French curve and an xacto knife. It wasn’t hard, just took some time. It’s certainly not perfect, I feel I could have made the fuselage curve over the wing better, and the “swish” on the tail isn’t 100% correct.
  5. see if this works for you: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/kitty-hawk-1-48-fj-2-fury-t520795-s40.html the write up is towards the end of the thread
  6. if it takes you to a blue Tapatalk page, there should be a little white button at the bottom that says “continue in browers.” That should take you to it, I think.
  7. Thanks! Your Fury is going to be fantastic! I can’t wait to see it! Any idea which markings you are going to choose?
  8. Here is my recently completed Kitty Hawk 1/48 FJ-2 Fury. The markings are from Caracal's second FJ-2 sheet. Paints are MRP International Orange 232, Gunze Mr Color Insignia White 316 and Insignia Red 327. From Hypersonic Models I used their ejection seat and cockpit details and nose gear. I used CAT4 resin wheels.
  9. Very nice work @Sabrejet, I’ll be following your build with interest. I’ve finished my own FJ-2 build last week and now I’m awaiting my FJ-3 kits from Hong Kong. I’m excited to get started on those!
  10. I posted some photos of my finished FJ-2 here and also a short two post write up of my build. Write up Photos @Sabrejet you might find it interesting. I’d like to hear your feedback too! Corey
  11. @Sabrejet, sad to see your photos missing from the early part of this thread.
  12. I see Quickboost has released a turret for these kits. It’s a direct replacement for the kit parts. It might be helpful as the kit mantlet is loose fitting, but what would be better is if they created a slotted gun turret as found on the Korean War Invaders. I wrote them a suggestion email. If anyone else is interested, try letting them know through the link found here. Maybe we could convince them to do one.
  13. I hate being the bringer of bad news. I’m hoping for a K too. Also hoping for a JD-1 boxing too!
  14. I think what you are looking at is two halves of one rudder and two single piece elevators. They are not two two-piece rudders. sorry
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