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  1. @Sabrejet, sad to see your photos missing from the early part of this thread.
  2. I see Quickboost has released a turret for these kits. It’s a direct replacement for the kit parts. It might be helpful as the kit mantlet is loose fitting, but what would be better is if they created a slotted gun turret as found on the Korean War Invaders. I wrote them a suggestion email. If anyone else is interested, try letting them know through the link found here. Maybe we could convince them to do one.
  3. I hate being the bringer of bad news. I’m hoping for a K too. Also hoping for a JD-1 boxing too!
  4. I think what you are looking at is two halves of one rudder and two single piece elevators. They are not two two-piece rudders. sorry
  5. Caracal decal release coming in August. Photo of one main sheet and the common markings sheet found here
  6. Good to see the Duck back, it’s a nice little kit. You have to wonder how they came up with the name of the new model company.... Perhaps????
  7. The radome change is not well covered. There are some basic drawings in some of the Squadron Walk Around and In Action books, but I don’t think they are very helpful. I’m afraid I’m not aware of any easily obtained drawings that provide an accurate reference to the older type radome. Maybe someone else does? I’m thinking your choices are: develop your own drawing to the best of your ability using the available photographs (unfortunately there aren’t any G/H’s on display with the early radomes you could measure and photograph.) Or, try archival research to find Boein
  8. Yes, when the G/H’s received the EVS’s they received new radomes. This is barely mentioned in any secondary sources, but compare profile pictures of the nose and it becomes obvious. On page 50 of the Aerofax 7 book the radome change is briefly mentioned.
  9. This had been posted on the Kitty Hawk Facebook page several weeks ago. Their Hind release may take a little while. “To all our friends; Thank you all for your attention and support. Considering the spread of the Covid 19 virus globally, in order to protect the health and safety of all our employees and agents at home and abroad, and follow the recommendations of WHO, after careful consideration we have decided to slow down the production progress until the epidemic slows down world wide. At the same time, the factory will not be closed, and our staff will provide service whe
  10. This page may be helpful for you. Scroll down to the Sabre section. Unfortunately it hasn’t been updated since 2005, but I’m not sure the Sabre has been released with new boxings since then, just rereleases of the same kits. https://modelingmadness.com/splfeat/kr/has48e.htm
  11. I think I remember reading that they taught William Holden to actually taxi the Panther around for that scene.
  12. THAT would be fantastic! I am really excited that the F-82 is actually happening!
  13. Yeah, It’s a shame that the -3 kit is delayed, that’s the one I was really excited about. I am enjoying the -2 despite the Kitty Hawkisms (improved over the Banshee.).
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