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  1. The Italeri is on the way. Yes, the shape is good, hence the fundamental aspect. Lots of room for improvement. I might try to re-scribe the cooling flaps on the cowling to give them a bit more character.
  2. Thanks Col! Thanks MM. This is a good fundamental kit and begs for some additional parts. This is what i did last night... Then into the fuselage half it went... And a very easy job closing it up! No problems there. Next up...the wings! -John
  3. This morning before I went to work I did this... And this... And primed all of these... So that when I came back from work an hour ago, I was able to do this... And I started in on the wheel wells too...just copying stuff I have seen others do! I'll get out the airbrush later and do the zinc chromate for the interior/cockpit, etc...The wheel wells will be the same colour as the underside so that is later. --John
  4. That's an excellent story. Thanks for the information. I like the spiced Corsair. That would be a good build sometime...
  5. That's very helpful--thank you Dennis. So these are open holes or exhaust pipes of some kind? I'll be sure to add some smoke weathering there... Thank you Steve. I have read about this with this kit. I think the design is there to "facilitate" folding them up. I won't be doing that on this aircraft. Yes...I agree. I might be able to leave it open if it looks alright.
  6. Great photo. Looks like a black nose, 4-colour lozenge on the fuselage. Albatros built?
  7. I think what I might try to do is tone down the brightness of the blue with some kind of wash. It'll have to go on after the decal is in place, etc...
  8. I couldn't leave well enough alone... Updated cockpit. It'll look better once it is all painted up. From what I have seen and read, the late war interiors was Zinc Chromate Green and the consoles/instrument panel was anti-reflective black. The PE harness is leftover from the Eduard Spitfire. I drilled the lightening holes in the bulkhead too. New stick, pedals...Hmmm... Now...how about these? What can I do to fix this? What are the three round things? Are they lights? I guess I should look at the wheels wells too and see what can be done about them... --John
  9. OK...some parts assembled. I guess OOB is Out of the Question on this one. The Twin-Wasp, for example, is barely recognizable. And there is little cockpit interior personality either. Here are some progress pics... Something had to be done. So I did all of this, but just on the front Wasp. It will be the only visible part. The 'cockpit'. This will get a makeover too. More research needed. I started the wings. the cooling vents needed a bit of thinning to fit into their slots. The outer wing halves were not a problem. And I leave it there for the night. --John
  10. Check out the cowing on image PR6755 in that link. Multi-coloured, or made up of parts would be my guess.
  11. Not to worry. By the time I am finished it will be a semi matte/satin finish. Me too...3 or 4 colours?
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