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  1. Thinking ahead...I don't have a Mig-25 in stock. The ICM Mig-25RBT seems to be a decent kit. Anyone recommend it? What other options in 72nd are worth building? https://www.scalemates.com/kits/icm-72172-mig-25rbt--1123405
  2. I’m not unhappy with my result. A bit persnickety but it works. Btw…just looked at my MiniArt Croatian T-55A. It’s incredibly daunting in its level of detail. It would be a good, months long, side project. 96 individual links per side, each link needing assembly. Yikes!
  3. Ok...I was able to convince the track pieces to all cooperate and stay together. A little arm-twisting, some threats...CA for anchoring, etc...I found an interesting aspect of this kit which is obvious in this situation: the moulding is so tight that any kind of paint prevents easy connection. Reminds me of the current Eduard aircraft kits. A bit over engineered, but that's ok. So some filing here and there was needed. As it is, it is not perfect, but it will look fine once the touch up brush has been applied, some weathering, and a little slight of hand... Not terrible. The trick is to synchronize the front section links with the drive wheel and work your way around, tacking with CA until the larger sections on the bottom half can be attached, then swing up to the rear. I will follow this procedure on the other side. Oh...and I secured the bogies with CA also. Annoying how they move about when you want the thing to stay still. --John
  4. I agree. I found a good tutorial on Youtube as well. this fellow advised glueing all the tracks together as a whole with thin cement, allowing them to dry until they are set but still flexible and then wrapping them around, etc...I might try this, however, it seems to work best with no fenders. We shall see... --John
  5. Good advice on the mathematics... Possibly. It would be a sticky process with individual links...doable...Thank you... I'd rather not fool with tarps. I'll try around the curves first and see how she goes... Thanks!
  6. I was thinking along those line: glue the lower long track piece to the bogies, glue the upper track piece on top, and then work my way around the curves. Does that make sense?
  7. Decal time... The other side, front and back, were taken care of as well. I will let them dry overnight then coat them with some matte varnish so I can handle the model. Next step--tracks. I have been supplied with a small template that helps me with the top section of the track, with the slight curve on the top. It's that little grey strip in the photo... This is a difficult section. I am not sure if it would been easier to build it earlier or not. --John
  8. The exhaust pipes needed to remeasured, re-bent and fitted... I'll clean up the glue marks and touch up the paint later, but for now they look ok. Flipside is the same. --John
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