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  1. I was in my first year of culinary school after already working for 10 years in the business. By 2002 I was finished.
  2. Thanks Craig. I am looking forward to the 109 GB, as you might imagine.
  3. The Balilla is one of my favourite aircraft and this is a superb build on top of that. Really lovely work.
  4. My last for the GB for a spell...I have other things to do, other GB in which to lurk about... Italeri's 109G-6, รก la Finland, 1948...pretty much OOB except for a couple of bits from the AZ spares box and a bit of brass wore for the radio ring. EZ line for the radio wire...the WiP is here...I followed the directions for the night fighter/bat logo...not sure if they are backwards. Too late now! --John
  5. One thing led to another and suddenly I realized I was done! I had fun. Here it is next to an AZ Model Finnish Gustav from the same era. Obvious kit differences, but they make a nice pair nonetheless. More in the gallery! --John
  6. The decals are on! They took their sweet time releasing form the paper, but they stuck on alright. They have dried and been given a satin varnish. And then some dusty looking FloryWash. I will remove 98% of this and leave the panel lines highlighted a bit. Some small bits are ready. A comparison of tyres...the kit piece is on the left. AZ Model on the right. Is it my imagination or does the kit piece look like something that would be best served on an armoured car? Almost there!
  7. It's easy to do. Pandemic Panic. Quarantine Keeness. Lockdown Looniness. I'm there too.
  8. This isn't 'modelling'. I know your secret. You're actually very small and building this very real aircraft so you can fly around in it. Mind-boggling.
  9. I agree. Other than that, a superb build of a real beauty.
  10. Tell me about it...I think these guys are gonna make me build another helicopter...Iraqi Mi-24D anyone? --John
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