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  1. Thanks for the link @vppelt68. That is a very grubby looking 109. I think the supplied decal has some faint printing that replicates some of the 'under markings'.
  2. Some inside bits. I am not sure how much energy I will give to the scratch building aspect of this aircraft. This is what I built today... A full-scale, working model of a solar water heater... And some cockpit bits...much smaller. --John
  3. Not to worry @Torbjorn. I knew what you meant. I think this aircraft is quite famous for flying in one direction only-V-P has mentioned! Speaking of which...Some touch up will be needed around the canopy, and I need to add a little grey violet to where the fuselage roundel will sit. --John
  4. The RLM70 went on, then I remasked for the red tail and the yellow wing tips and the underside of the nose. Not bad. The yellow (RLM04) covered pretty well without looking too thick. I like the muted effect. And with the canopy uncovered I can see some touchup spots. No big deal. --John
  5. It'll be covered with the decal, so to paint it seems pointless. I didn't have any issues wit the PE pieces. Snug, but it fit well.
  6. Gotta get a move on with this one. I'll tidy up the paint tonight and get the wheels and landing gear painted.
  7. Ok...I really have to out some fire into my model building. I have become so distracted by other, less important, projects that days go by and I have done nothing! Here is the Simon with some primer. I will work on the interior this evening I have some screenshots of some excellent scratchbuilding somewhere so I use that as a guide. I will also take some time and spruce up the Otter... --John
  8. Grey Violet is one and I'll mask parts of that for the splinter camo...fuzzy photo, but you get the idea. --John
  9. Black bits masked. The hard parts were the nacelles, especially beneath the wing. White from the Vallejo Primer White can... With the masks off it looks very black and white. The nacelles need a lot of touch-ups and also the leading edges. Easy stuff. --John
  10. I do love those aircraft from between the wars. Such a strange combination of old and new, so to speak. Yours is a fine example, as others have said.
  11. Yes...well, my masochism only goes so far. And you went that route if my memory is correct? With excellent results...
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