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  1. Thank Hewy. Please get one. It is a satisfying kit if only to deduce building priorities. It's a bit pricey though... Tomorrow I'll investigate shimming and so forth...
  2. Thanks Craig. It is. Certainly a nice change from the Mil-10... Meanwhile, back on bench...this was no problem. Ooops! Famous last words...it's a clean break and will be an easy fix at the end of the build. There were some very noticeable and ugly sink marks on the landing gear doors--and the tires. They needed some filling. The tires, btw, are very nicely detailed. And so... Here I am right now. It's a quick build for sure. Some very narrow gaps in the wing root--easy-peasy. I think I will get the engine cowling on tomorrow and give it a coat of aluminum or silver and let that set well. I'll get back to the Mil-10 then... --John
  3. A bit of SOP here...Chromium Zinc Oxide Green interior...nice little decals for the IP and arm rests...I might add some tape harness later before I close it up. No issues with fit. It's a tried-and-true Hasagawa kit. Figured I'd get the wings together while I was at it. Clean fit again. Most of the interesting and time consuming work will be the paint job. The kit itself is quite basic...well engineered, but no frills. --John
  4. There is so much to chose from in regards to the Glorious Soviet Revolution and Mother Russia!
  5. She's a beauty! Excellent use of the hairspray Dennis. I will follow your path in El Salvador...
  6. Nicely done Dennis. I just watched the pilot of Black Sheep Squadron the other day and was pleased to see the Corsairs flying. Yours is very nice too!
  7. Love that green plastic! The decals don't look terrible either.
  8. Blue Rider has a set of postwar Fokker DVII... https://www.scalemates.com/kits/blue-rider-br525-international-fokker-dvii--1109398 https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/BR212 Not shilling for Hannants, but this is where my search for you led me... The Scalemates link shows the 1/48th scale set. I have them in 1/72nd.
  9. Worse places! Excellent build and, as others have remarked, superb paint and weathering. Very realistic.
  10. I’m in. I have some railroad wheeled armored cars in the stash somewhere...
  11. No doubt! And now that I am at a certain stage, I will set the Beast aside for a few days and work on the Corsair. Thanks!
  12. I thought it best to get this going lest it disappear beneath the Russian behemoth... From what I have learned here: the red primer was fazed out in 1943. Switched to yellow zinc oxide primer forever more, except for the cockpits which were interior green and the wheels wells which received a final coat of light grey over the yellow zinc. Right? Is this true for the F4U-1D in El Salvador? --John
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