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  1. And I must. I am going to Leeds on June 8th for a long weekend so I have a few that need wrapping up before then. Back on the 16th and it always takes a coupe of days to back into the swing of things.
  2. We can all breathe now. That's a sharp looking bird. Lovely artwork. It's on the list.
  3. I'm back and I want to dig deeper into this build and really make some headway.
  4. Now that I'm home I make some headway on this one this weekend. This is not the first time I've heard this. I make scarp the resin. Thanks Tony.
  5. Back home now. I'll get back to the bench tomorrow and play catch-up with what's happening. That is, I'll be scrapping this one and beginning a new thread with the Airfix kit... I might try to salvage something.
  6. Yes...me too. All of those "In Between the Wars" conflicts are interesting if only for the wide variety of aircraft used, many of which were terribly obsolete or used for purposes other than for what they were originally designed.
  7. Thank you @Andy350. Trust me, I don’t take it for granted. Also living here is very different than visiting for a few weeks. I’m off to Leeds in about a month for a big convention and I’m looking forward to that. I hear there’s good curry up there…
  8. Thanks! I'll get back to it too...I am off-island for a few days as of this morning.
  9. Thanks Andy. Me too! I was so busy yesterday I wasn't able to get to the masking, painting, etc...It'll have to wait a week or so. I am off-island for a week as of this morning. Some time on the mainland...
  10. I agree. Sane in some ways, other ways--happily somewhere out in left field. I'll bin it and start anew when I return from Athens next week. I'm off-island as of 10:45 this morning...
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