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  1. You're building up quite a Spitfire collection Hadzi! Very nice again...
  2. Wow! This is lovely...and one of my favourite aircraft too.
  3. Thank you and only to happy to inspire. And just when I thought it was safe...I see the Unarmed GB has begun. I should wrap up some builds before starting something new.
  4. Thank you Martin. Now I want to build the 1/35th scale kit with the resin and PE...later.
  5. I have neglected this kit for a week or so...but I a back at it! In retrospect, the warped fuselage caused me no end of trouble. I should have warmed it up in some hot water and straightened it out. Ultimately it behaved, but only after a lot of blue language, clamps and glue. I was able to get the engine mounted, the cowling on an the top deck with the guns attached. Any white stuff you see is PPP filling in the very small cracks. It's really quite smooth. The underside required some fettling... I have drilled all the rigging
  6. OK....just so you know I have not been distracted by other, more injected, items elsewhere in the forum... Tonight I took care of all the little pieces: the struts, the landing gear, the radiator, guns, etc... My precious Contrail Strut...I've had this since 2006 or so and have been chipping away at it sloooowly...some brass rod and thin Evergreen too (cabanes). Each of the struts supplied in resin is 25mm. I cut each of the Contrail to 26mm so I could smooth off the ends. I can always make them smaller, to fit, if needed. I gave the
  7. Sounds like a busy bench! Excellent! I am off to make some struts for the LVG...
  8. Nice work on the interior detail and engine bits!
  9. Very cool indeed. I wonder if he and Bruce Dickinson get along? I imagine not...
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