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  1. If I can solve my issues, so can you! This is looking just fine, by the way. Some bumps along the road, but the end result will look superb I am sure.
  2. Aaarrrrggghh! I hate that. Otherwise the Kittyhawk is looking superb Dennis. (Posted before the most recently seen images) The decals seem to have worked out!
  3. Thanks all for the comments. Bits and bobs on the aircraft, what I hope is the last of the PE and resin. And finally, a commitment to primer! The prop took some fettling and a clear head. The spinner is poorly moulded. The Vac-U-Form canopy is masked and attached. The undercarriage, flaps, etc...all on now. And primed. I feel better about this one now, as if the headache is going away and perhaps I will find great joy in the shallowness of the external visage. This means I am looking forward to pa
  4. I have been so distracted by this home renovation...My modelling has suffered. I truly feel bad about this. Yet I plod along. The top wing is on. I had to substitute some Evergreen for some struts. It looks twisted. It is not. I can begin the rigging now. --John
  5. Interesting...and far too much work to do for this! I have moved beyond it already. I will insert a piece of card to complete the frame. They are of different sizes, btw...
  6. Thank you Ozzy. I have finally come back to this build and added the darker 1930s French Green (my own designation). Obviously there will have to be some touch-ups with the hairy brush, but at this point I think I might be able to attach the top wing. This means that rigging is just around the corner for all you enthusiasts! --John
  7. The resin cowling is nice. Glued together...so you all know, the exhaust manifold 'ring' did not survive the test fit stage. If I were to have used the whole resin piece, the cowling would not fit on the fuselage. What I ended up doing was cutting the pipes off of the ring and painstakingly attaching them piece by bloody piece to the cowling, then to the fuselage, etc...pain in the you-know-where! And here I am now...stabilizers on too! Looks like an airplane to me! --John
  8. Back at it! Oy vey...I mean...all this PE is driving me mad. I think it is one thing that is keeping the Enthusiasm Scale at mid-range. In any case, it looks good when finished, I hope! So I dive in... Rear rotor...drilled holes for security. Teeny little pieces of soft plastic. Assembled with its required piece of PE... The main rotor assembly begins with the attachment paint on the fuselage, which doesn't actually fit. So a piece of plastic card is substituted. Also, note that the two up
  9. Yet another definition of insanity!
  10. I have become so distracted by non-modeling activities that I am a bit overwhelmed. I think I need to finish the 3 builds I have now and then dive into new projects...
  11. That was quick Adrian! And a nifty build to boot!
  12. This one snuck up on me. I'll get into it soon enough.
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