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  1. Giorgio, AWESOME work--just catching up--as many others have pointed out, your efforts on the tail's plastic surgery are yielding spectacular results with the paint! Best, Erwin
  2. Updating this build is going slower than the build--but sharing is still worth it! Over the course of the last couple weeks, I completed the wing and wheel well subassemblies. Most of my efforts were spent finishing the landing flap wells and using Microsscale Kristal Klear for the navigation lights. I am really pleased with how the wells, flaps and nav lights turned out. While I have seen better on Britmodeller, this is my 1st "heavy" photo etch project and I am very satisfied with the results. This is also the first build I have attempted to use Kristal Klear & I am also very happy with the results. Special shout out to @jrlx and his fantastic 1/72 Defiant build--anyone seeking to tackle Airfix's latest 1/72 Defiant should check out his work-- Next step is sanding the fuselage, wings and mating these sub assemblies together. Thank you all for commenting! Best, Erwin
  3. Jamie, even though it has been roughly a year, this build still inspires me as I work on my Defiant—step by step, I grow to appreciate even more what an awesome job you did on your Defiant—well done! Best, Erwin
  4. Thanks @dogsbody & @RidgeRunner for your thoughts/advice—I am now looking fwd to attempting the nav lights—Chris, BTW, those lights came out phenomenally well! Best, Erwin
  5. Was just thumbing through all the pages again in simple awe--really loved the reference photos you left for the rest of on the real thing and the awesome techniques you are sharing--finally noticed your yearbook--your builds are all spectacular!
  6. Wheel well walling complete. Very happy with the end result of the Eduard photo etch wheel well--I just bought another of this OOP set (I believe the zoom is still in production)--will save the full photo etch when I build a night fighter painted in RAF Night. Per recommendations from the forum, I airbrushed vice spray painted the wheel wells. I achieved what I believe is a pretty good "painted" aluminum finish with Alaclad Dark Aluminum, ALC 103--I airbrushed twice--once while on the fret/wheel well unassembled and then a once over mist to finish the job since these aircraft had an even color through out (you might be able to make out scratching/flacking in some of the pics before the final coat). I also closed up the fuselage--which felt very satisfying--i know there will be some groaning, but I am "crewing" this aircraft... only modification to the pilot was to cut down his boots due to some of sizing differences between the plastic/photo etch parts. I used the 1/48 Tamiya Spitfire instruction guide as a paint guide--all paints on the figures are Tamiya (I used Tamiya Khaki for the gunners jump suit--pics to follow during the turret build up). Once the pilot was positioned, I used Eduard photo etch to strap him in--it was very gratifying to see. I am now in the process of bending photo etch for the landing flaps--while the flaps look intricate, I believe they will look awesome when done. I also plan on making the wing tip lights out of spare sprue-- basically cut to shape and sand/polish with finer grits of sand paper/polishing cloth and finalizing with future--has anyone done something like that--I am thinking that I will CA glue the light to the wing before I start sanding the glass down, but am open to suggestions (in the back of mind I am thinking it would craze the plastic). Thank you all, especially, @billn53, @RidgeRunner, @The Spadgent, @dogsbody, @fubar57, @giemme, @Gene Kand @f111guru for your advice and guidance for over a year now--I do not think I would have even tried building a Defiant to post here, much photo etch back then. Best to all, Erwin
  7. Thank you @fubar57! Minor update tonight--pics below are of the surgery to the wings to support Eduard's landing flap upgrade. I found the "soft" plastic greatly assisted me in accurate cuts to complete this minor improvement. While I believe the Airfx kit is awesome, I am really glad I have the Eduard wheel well updates--as one can see the "roof" of the well is well detailed, but the "sidewalls" have a nasty seam--the Eduard set covers these convincingly--pics to follow later in the build. Also I included the period photo I mentioned earlier which drove the scoop color interior question--it appears to me the engine scoop interior is aluminum, but I could be off--in fairness it is not the rear radiator which is probably the underside color which I specifically asked about. Best and thanks to all, Erwin
  8. @Courageous—awesome build with awesome inputs from across the forum—see many folks I have a great deal of respect for providing inputs—like many others I will benchmark your awesome work for my future F-86 build—tracking now with interest—best,Erwin
  9. Martin, thank u for the info on the wheel wells—as I am getting ready to build a P-51D following the Defiant, my research has led me to believe you are correct that up through the -15 production block, P-51Ds had NMF Wells w/ a YZC spar through most of that block’s production—FWIW & to make it more interesting it seems there is a growing consensus that late P-51Ds were YZC overall due to corrosion issues (not sure if this started in late -15 or -20) production—apologize if I sound too authoritative than I am—I know there are plenty of experts who will nudge me in the correct direction if I am off—I think it is very reasonable to assume an operational post WW2 P-51D had wheel wells painted for corrosion control—your example and decision may be on point by my math for this particular P-51D build. This P-51D is a spectacular example that I will leverage in my build—as always thank you for pushing me to become better in this hobby! cheers Erwin
  10. @dogsbody that radiator looks awesome! I will leverage this info for sure on my build—best, Erwin
  11. Martin, yet another outstanding build—bravo—out of curiosity & sorry if I missed it, what color did you do the wheel wells in? Can’t wait for the next one—best, Erwin
  12. @Procopius—entering this thread way late but had to say well done!!! Really appreciate what you did with the Bomber Command camo scheme and weathering—another high bar set! Best, Erwin
  13. Thanks @The Spadgent—Ie Johnny I am leaning your direction regarding the colors for the radiator/air scoop interiors—it’s amazing how these little eccentric bits are sometimes hard to nail down—I am away from the house right now, but will try to post a few of the photos which gave me pause in both directions so at least others have a starting point when they tackle a Defiant—Bottom Line: I think you have the correct vector, the radiator scoop/exhaust seems much to large for the inside to be a different color than the overall underside—the front cooling scoop would probably mirror that—furthermore, the research I did for my 1/72 Hurricane, while not as extensive as your build ( I like to think I have gotten better in the last 3 years ) completely back up your painting of this area on the Hurricane—perhaps this was the RAF standard—cheers & thanks to all! Erwin
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