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  1. G, loved catching up—the burner cans are a great highlight (along with everything else )—best, Erwin
  2. Dennis, thanks for the offer, I am a bit ahead of what I’ve posted on 3x 1/72 Hellcat build and am near done with the main construction phase on my Eduard -5 in 1/72. This will be my 1st USN GSB, so I am very interested in primers, psi and thinning ratios. I will be using Colorcoats enamels—thanks for your kind offer and again, great work! Best, Erwin
  3. @giemme, came to Dennis’s build for inspiration and got the mix up—I am honored for the confusion though— @Corsairfoxfouruncle is an amazing and accomplished builder—will be using his builds for reference as I move through my Eduard 1/72 F6Fs—-best to all, and wow, amazing work! Best, Erwin Thank you G… Erwin ? I think my name is Dennis ?
  4. Great work—really like you sorted out the metallics—best, Erwin
  5. Bill—really enjoyed catching up on this project—I particularly liked how you sorted out the ductwork—I too am looking forward to the pilot’s moving arm best, Erwin
  6. Thanks @tempestfan—-maybe we will see a re-release by Revell of the 1/72 F-105s—I did note they released the F-4J—who knows maybe they have 1/72 F-4C/D tooling as well (understand both F-4s were boxed Accurate Miniatures)—circling back to the Thud, maybe we will see a new molding of this important aircraft soon to compete with the current Trump/Revell stable—best and thanks to all—Erwin
  7. @Luka, thanks for starting this thread— @Rick Tsujimura & @e8n2 useful info—Monogram’s F-4s/F-105/F-101 really seem to have stood the test of time, though the F-4s have been superseded by some other manufacturers (IMHO), they are still great kits—just like this thread—great info all around, best, Erwin
  8. Coming into the great thread over a year late. My vote is the Monogram F-105 in 1/72. Reference the 1/72 F-105D, any words if Revell has the molds for re-issues down the road? Best, Erwin
  9. Aligauld—oh wow—put a background on this and it would pass as the real thing—it’s a replica not a model—thanks for sharing this incredible work and journey—looking forward to the Mosquito—best, Erwin
  10. @opus999, @mark.au, @giemme, @The Spadgent, @SaminCam and all who liked-thank you all—means a lot coming from experienced builders like your selves—best, Erwin
  11. I really like the Dominican Republic P-51D. I also really like the contrast between the YZC wells and the underside on this model—it’s even better that it is the most likely color combo this late in the P-51’s career. Well done! Best, Erwin
  12. Opus, this turned out great. I really appreciate the great result given the rapid move through the interior which is a stretch to see—it’s great to see the best come out of this one! Best, Erwin
  13. Bill, just joining up. Lots of fond Monogram memories and I have the Tamiya 1/72 Razorback in the stash—will be following with interest—best, Erwin
  14. Johnny, that interior looks incredible!!! I think you are right about printed parts versus resin. The Flory wash really kicks this up a notch too—you got me hooked on this stuff—thank you Best, Erwin
  15. Its been a while, but I got some forward movement to report on the Academy F6F-3 which I am building as VF-21's White K 21 aboard CV-10. Inspired by @elger's & @SaminCam's amazing heavy WW2 bombers and the internal framing they put into them, I decided to stretch my abilities a little and build the bulk heads, framing, armor support and water injection plumbing that will be slightly visible through the rear windows. Barely visible means my first try results will be mostly hidden, but I would have moved the ball a little further beyond photo etch--always a bit nervous posting given the awesome scratch I regularly see from @giemme, @billn53, @opus999, @The Spadgent, @elger and @SaminCam but you got to start somewhere. My hope is to use these lessons to eventually put some framing into my Academy B-17, B-29 and Hasegawa B-24s that are in the stash (not in cue). For my first shot at framing on the late F6F-3, I intend on using flattened .025 wire, paper clips for the plumbing and sanded down resin copy of the Eduard F6F cockpit are bulk head drilled out with the hole for the water injection pipes. First up is flattening wire and then aligning them with plans in the Airframe and Miniature book. I also used Academy's parts to help align the framing without impacting the fit of the cockpit. I also used flattened wire for framing that potentially be visible in the cockpit. I then black based my work for further painting. I sanded the resin casting of Eduard's cockpit bulkhead (it is significantly smaller than Academy's) and then drilled in the lightening hole which also allows the piping for the water ejection to move toward the engine. Finally I used Mission Models paints for the base coat as I learn this paint system. I thinned these about 60 paint/40 thinner--while I like the fact Mission Models paints to dont produce a lot of odors/fumes, I do find they get very finnicky if you are airbrushing them very thin. I do use their poly and thinner, but I think it is just the nature of their paint. The Eduard PE parts meant for their kit dropped in into the Academy kit fine with Microscale Krystal Klear for lenses. Here are some pics of how it built up Black based initial cockpit Colorcoats base coat and Eduard sills, instrument panel and modified Academy parts ready for weathering/drybrushing. I did not paint the plumbing on the side. According to Detail and Scale these were typically NMF until the aircraft was returned to depot maintenance and then frequently moved to training units. Since I am building an operational aircraft, I left these in the natural PE color expecting to tone it down with weathering. Weathered cockpit Reinforcement struts Plumbing in place For me it is better to build the Eduard Photo etch cockpit as an assembly and then put it in the aircraft--no belts as I intend to crew this aircraft Resin copy of Airfix's P-51D pilot painted to Tamiya's F4U 1/32 instructions worked great Here are the Tamiya paints for the figure I assembled the photo etch oil cooler and then assembled the wings--I agree with Airframe and Miniature, the oil cooler area is a weak point of the kit. Covered the oil cooler top with foil painted underside color Its beginning to look like a Hellcat with a gunsight Next up will be detailing the engine and painting the F6F-3 in the tri color scheme which is really 4. All thoughts welcome and thanks for looking! Best to all, Erwin
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