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  1. Rob, love the engine--this is turning into an epic build--best, Erwin
  2. No sweat G, your builds are amazing--really appreciate all you have taught me--I think 1/72 is about the largest scale you could away with using decals--that said, I acknowledge that most would have gone the paint route--best, Erwin
  3. This update will focus on the exhausts and landing gear. Everything I have read on late model Typhoons like MP126 indicates there was a small seam/wld line on the exhaust tubes. In a few of the blogs I posted earlier & in Frank's book, the recommendation is to leave well enough alone go with the kit exhausts. I created the metal effect with a base coat of Tamiya AS-12, Bare Metal Silver, and then misted following Alclad 2 colors to attempt recreating the impact of high heat on the metal--Burnt Iron ALC 121, Jet Exhaust ALC 113, Pale Burnt Metal ALC 104, Hot Metal Sepia ALC 416. I then
  4. Johnny--thank you for the compliments--yes, the yellow decals went on nicely, although I will admit I used copious amounts of decal setting solution given the sharp complex curves on the leading edge--it made me sweat for a day or two--that said, I really liked how they came out--very impressed with Airfix's decals as of late--sometimes the kits are worth it for the decals--your BTW your Typhoon looks awesome--best, Erwin
  5. Valkarie, thank you for great compliment--much appreciated--apologize for the belated response--it has been busy lately--best, Erwin
  6. Johnny, I dont know what I like more--the shark mouth or the Brewdog--either way this build is moving toward an epic finish--best, Erwin
  7. Coming along nicely--really like the PE in this classic kit--best, Erwin
  8. Dov--this build is coming along well--really like the seat cushions--very convincing--of course everything else looks great--following with interest--best, Erwin
  9. Tony, these are looking great--really like the decal/weathering finishes... best, Erwin
  10. dogsbody, I LOVE this thread--I typically build in 1/72 and really appreciate the effort to achieve spectacular results you have so far--will following and learning with interest--best, Erwin
  11. CedB--those cockpits look amazing--I really like the cockpit green you chose for this build--on point for a B-17G--best, Erwin
  12. Giorgio, joining the chorus of accolades for this spectacular build--for some reason I am really drawn to the bomb trapeze and radiator flap actuators--in an epic build of a tough airplane, they really seem to make the technology of the era pop--well done best, Erwin
  13. Martin, coming along nicely! Really like how the spots are coming out--best, Erwin
  14. Opuss, as always thank you for your thoughts and compliments--FWIW, my technique may be more hazardous than yours, (I used silly putty jammed into the nose cone to mount a tooth pick and then dipped into a Tamiya yellow lid)--would you be willing to share your technique? Best, Erwin
  15. Johnny, exactly right--this is obviously a great technique you leveraged with spectacular results--I will be sure to use it on my next build involving a green or dark cammo color--this is a great Typhoon--cant wait to see where you go with the markings, the teeth and the exhausts--best, Erwin
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