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  1. Hello everyone, the P-40E is progressing & the paint/decals are complete. The DK decals went on great as you can see--issues are all mine. Once the flat lacquer was applied, I removed the masks and was rewarded with an awesome canopy frame--thank you Johnny @The Spadgent & Giorgio @giemme for the assist on my 1st vacume canopy--now I am going to be a snob and probably use them more frequently. The other good news is my marriage survived the tone shift from flat to gloss to flat --thank you all for the support! I was also very happy with how Microscale Krystalclear attached the rea
  2. Opus, I believe you are on totally on target--about the only thing guaranteed when if comes to Mustang wheel wells is controversy--for your P-51B, I hands down endorse the YZC spar and potentially stringers. As I understand it, on Lopes Hope, Air Corps Aviation's research led them to paint the entire bay YZC (albeit P-51C vs the B you are building). Eduard's P-51D instructions & OLeary's book building the P-51 seem to indicate YZC was used in the entire well starting on the D-15 and fwd. That, said on the D's (block 1 - 10) the concesus seems to be NMF roof with a YZC spar and stringers
  3. Johnny, this is looking great--I really appreciate the photos of how you you created your amazing paint job! I will use this on my next build--well done... Best, Erwin
  4. This is a great build—I am going to join the crowd and follow along, best Erwin
  5. Opus, your vector may be more accurate—really appreciate you sharing your info—best, Erwin
  6. Simon, great work on your Defiant—really liked how you sorted out the intake—can’t wait see what she looks like under paint! Best, Erwin
  7. Simon, great work on your Defiant—really liked how you sorted out the intake—can’t wait see what she looks like under paint! Best, Erwin
  8. Opus, coming along nicely—really great work on the color matching for the cockpit. Question, as I always learn more from folks, what drove you to go with interior green for the wells? I have seen/heard of YZC, NMF, variations of the 2 and completely understand that there are valid colors I am not aware of—I could always be crossing P-51D info into B build as well. Regardless, you are doing a simply spectacular job with this kit—given what you have done so far, I am sure it will turn out to be a masterpiece—best, Erwin
  9. Giorgio—nice work scratching the seat—this build will be special—cheers Erwin
  10. This is looking really good—your wheel wells are awesome! Best, Erwin
  11. Really liked the work Carlos did on the tail gunner’s seat—Giorgio, great work on sorting out the instrument panel best, Erwin
  12. Well done! Really liked how you squared away the antennas--best, Erwin
  13. Thanks Jackson--I completely agree--thank you for the airplane compliment--best, Erwin
  14. Opus--I am in the same boat--I am really glad folks like you make time drastically improve my skills... best, Erwin
  15. Few other than those on this forum understand the emotional impact of what you speak of --I think my wife thinks I am going nuts when I relax watching a finish go from a dark gloss to the intended flat hue-- Best, Erwin
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