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  1. I have a magnifier lamp clamp to a table in front of a South facing window. One bright sunny day, after I had adjusted the lamp to look at something-I looked and went back about my business. About 15 minutes later I smelled something burning. Yes the sun had aligned perfectly with the lamp and was tracing a line across the open book that was below the magnifier...
  2. A very nice build of a somewhat historic period. It's worth noting that during this time period, while this and a few other types were the top line fighter of the US air corps, the Beechcraft Staggerwing was faster than any fighter the US had.
  3. Thats a beautiful model-love the paint scheme. I will never cease to be amazed at how much stuff they were able to hang from the bottom of an F4.
  4. It is an awesome kit-you will enjoy it. I am an MFH dealer in the states and my advice is to buy any 1/24 or 1/20 kit you may want sooner rather than later. As MFH build 1/12 kits they seem to be phasing out the 1/24 kits. Many of my favorites are no longer available, and the 917s are getting hard to find. Cobra Daytona Coupes seem to be all gone as well as the Lotus 49 which are two of my favorites.
  5. A beautiful collection of some of the most rare Pochers. I am envious. Poachers are rare anywhere.
  6. Wow! I used to fly the CL-44. The tails were always stained by the exhaust just like you have depicted.
  7. The Starship uses P&W Pt6 engines. They are always feathered when not running.
  8. I also use the Iwata one, which looks just like the one in your second link. I am very pleased with it. It does a great job of cleaning the brush, and comes with (here in the States at least) a sealable container (plastic jar with screw on lid) in which one would place the cleaning jar (good thick glass BTW) when not in use to contain the fumes. I am an Iwata dealer here in the USA, and could not compete with the price you see in your link.
  9. Archway Ford was a Ford dealer in Baltimore Maryland. They bought an "R" car from Shelby and raced it in SCCA (Sports Car Club of America-I was once a proud member) in the B Production class. They were very successful, very well known, and put forth quite a good effort. I will look in my books to see who drove it-more to come.
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