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  1. Really nice collection, and I especially love the diversity of colors and variants, as well as the weathering effects that show sun exposure on at least one of the bubble-top D's. Alex
  2. @remi: this is really impressive work on your part and much farther than I got with the kit before I misplaced all the parts trees (doh!). You've assembled this so neatly, and with great rapidity, that I'm very much in awe. Looking forward to next steps. Alex
  3. Nicely done. How did you cut that tubing (presumably for the landing lights) so neatly? Is that a dark art?
  4. Great job on this beast of a kit! I had my opportunities to build one of these many years ago, and frankly chickened out. You've done the thing proud. Your finish is quite good!
  5. Nice! Looking forward to seeing this progress. Operation BOLO was significant, because it really proved the efficacy of the "sensor-to-shooter" approach to air superiority. Unfortunately, there were too many "rice bowls" involved, as we would say (in the USAF), and it was not repeated, or at least not with the same degree of success. It did, however, lead the VPAF to conduct a "safety stand-down" for a couple months, and therefore had some strategic effect. I like your approach to the panel lines, and I'll be interested in how you lightly pencil them in later. The fuselage,
  6. High heat, followed by intense cold, can be one of the indicators of a failing pressurization system. Which airline were you flying on? LOT? They're usually better than that. Anyway, nice build! I'm glad you caught the difference in fuselage lengths before causing a "banana" effect.
  7. Handsome job on this, Tony! Your brushwork is hard to beat. I'd be hard-pressed to improve on it with an airbrush! Alex
  8. Really impressive detail work on those seats, which really make this thing come to life. What's the color of the underside radome? It looks to me like black on the RF-transparent part, and painted silver everywhere else.
  9. Impressive work on this so far--following with great interest, because I suspect the final results will be outstanding!
  10. Wow! Impressive work on this, and your interior details are amazing. Tell me how you intend to fit the cockpit "glass" and ensure it stays in place while you mask and de-mask it. Thanks! Alex
  11. I believe the BoZ-107 was configured for chaff and flares, depending on the dispensing program, or am I incorrect here?
  12. Excellent work here, and with beautiful results! I'd forgotten that Hobbycraft produced this kit.
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