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  1. Tony: magnificent work. You've got a helluva big "cabinet" to put this baby in, though! What's the fuselage length? 22"? It would be ON TOP of my display case, rather than inside. Mind you, my case is big enough to fit two C-130K C.1Ps side-by-side.
  2. Ray: Greetings from DC, great to have you on board, and 7 F-16s (aka "Vipers" aka "Lawn Darts") is hardly cause for concern here. Some people in this forum have that many unbuilt C-130s! I think you'll find there are a great many returnees to this hobby in exactly your position. There once was a Squadron Shop in Detroit--I think it was the original. How is the situation, shop-wise, now?
  3. This looks excellent, and really captures the "look." Has anyone on this board flown as a passenger in one of these corrugated airborne wonders? I'd conjecture that the experience could be summarized as "highly vibratory."
  4. Welcome! Great to have you on board! Alex T.
  5. Nice job! So unusual to see a "bombed-up" Spitfire, too. Good to pay tribute here on/about the anniversary of Market Garden and to contrast our treatment (in the U.S.) of black airmen with that of the Commonwealth.
  6. Honestly, Moa, this model looks so good, you probably are better off omitting the decals entirely! On the other hand, the color scheme you envision likely won't distract much from the beautiful finish. Question: will you need to re-mask the clear parts before applying a fresh coat of aqua-gloss? Uh, we are still talking about models here, right?
  7. All: I know that the Canberra PR.9 could operate well above 48K feet, and its real service ceiling likely remains classified. My question is: did Canberra flight crews wear Lightning-style partial pressure jerkins, pressure helmets, and G-leggings for protection against rapid decompression at high altitudes? Did they pre-breathe 100% oxygen for 45 minutes before flights? If so, were the mission briefings conducted while they were pre-breathing, or before? I ask because our U-2C pilots and RB-57 crews routinely pre-breathed O2 for an hour or so before their flights, and wore mission-continuation partial-pressure suits (as opposed to "get me down" partial-pressure suits).
  8. Is this a water-based gloss or does it have a high lacquer content? Can you clean it with water? Probably others have answered elsewhere, but this piques my interest.
  9. Wow! Impressive work on this Brewer! What a strange-looking aircraft it is, but I guess its looks could "grow" on you. It is certainly a really pleasant change of pace. Alex
  10. Nice, Ray! Just a little bit of work needed around the cockpit, I reckon, starboard side.
  11. Impressive work on this, especially on resolving the turret window issue. I'll pocket that technique for later. Turrets, and the fiddly masking they require, deter me from building WWII bombers.
  12. Three Spits! Most excellent, and welcome to the forum!
  13. Wow! Yours is impressive craftsmanship. You've really turned this Mach 2 offering into a brilliant gem. How do you get a French (male) pilot into a cockpit that sits in the middle of an intake? Wine, women, and songs, probably in that order. Alex
  14. Very cool! Need to finish my Valetta, first! Lots of lessons to be learned from it.
  15. Nice!!! That's some really fiddly fabrication on the fuel tank holders. Really enjoy seeing this come together so well. Hope the camping trip was a blast!
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