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  1. Argh. That's frustrating! It's happened to me on other projects, and I feel your pain.
  2. Beautifully rendered, both. The rivet detail, though sometimes unwelcome, seems to add to the "feel" and "ethos" of these tough machines. I never built the old Heller kit, but I can only imagine what you had to work with. Outstanding!
  3. This is really beautiful in every respect. The photo of the stern quarter makes the plane look like it's raring to get airborne! I have not seen pictures before of this version or paint job, but one thing strikes me as quite different besides the obvious mod: the VHF/UHF antenna fairing on the vertical fin is painted over. Usually it was left in radio-transparent green, or am I wrong?
  4. This is great, and so glad that ICM surprised you! The first word in red is "Mstit" which is "to avenge," so the women being referred to in the white lettering are the fallen pilot and observer from another aircraft. This is cool.
  5. Hoooo--nice! Kudos to Valom! Pity that the film-makers of "Darkest Hour" did not at least TRY to mimic a DH-95 in their depictions of PM Churchill's multiple Channel crossings. Instead, they used a lend-lease C-47, which was not even in use in 1940. Ahem....must have this! I'd say this augers well for releases of other British multi-engine types. Please, everyone, do your part to support Valom!
  6. Beautiful conversion! I had no idea the RAN used these. You did a great job with the Airfix kit.
  7. Great job on this conversion! Ach, the Bordurians! They're at it again...
  8. This is looking really good! Regarding paint, I'd for whatever makes you happy on the underside. If it looks silver-grey, then mix the two and see how they look. I'll keep in mind your work as I modify my own into a PR.7.
  9. Didn't we only just celebrate the 30th anniversary? Oh....how time flies. If they go that route, I imagine Airfix will dust off their tried-and-true retooled Sea King, the rather crude Gazelle, and the actually quite good Lynx. I've never attempted their Sea Harrier FRS.1, so I have no idea whether that would be worth reissuing. Yes to a Black Buck Vulcan B.2, and possibly a reappearance of the Nimrod MR.2, but with wing-mounted sidewinders? No French, Soviet, or Israeli-built jets of French design, I imagine. Sorry.
  10. Well, since @TEXANTOMCAT started it, I think we're due for re-tools of the following in the One True Scal: B-24D or later versions B-26 Marauder (possibly) the Canberra B.2 or B.6. That puts only one British design out there, unfortunately, but I think high-quality, reasonably-priced WWII aircraft will always sell. Like Texan Tomcat, I would love to see a V-Bomber support set, but I think it would sell only if some of the equipment were suitable for smaller tactical aircraft too, like a retooled Land Rover in real 1/72 scale, or a Hippo Refueler. Still that's a lot of risk on Airfix's part. Unfortunately, we won't see an Anson from Airfix, possibly ever, especially a postwar version. Like @cngaero, I yearn for a Hastings, but Airfix simply won't bite on that: no guns or bombs. We'll start barking up Valom's tree on that one. Yes to a reissue of some more classics! Doesn't matter what they are!
  11. I'll be certain to read the bio now! Great job on this little bird, and amazing that it's only 1/72! The Polish soldier is wearing Horizon Blue, so he's probably one of Jozef Haller's troops. Also recommend For Your Freedom and Ours (the first part of which deals with the foundations of this squadron), and White Eagle, Red Star, which does a good job of describing the machinations of all sides (including struggling Ukraine) during the Polish-Bolshevik War.
  12. Watching this build with interest! Do I understand correctly that the Airfix Wellington II contains only some parts for the Mk.I, whereas the MPM kit of the Mk.II contains parts needed for both?
  13. The other rule of thumb is the Nomex suit should be hot and uncomfortable in the summer, and really cold and uncomfortable to wear in the winter. Then you know it's providing protection! Just kidding. I don't remember how many washings were allowed--not many.
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