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  1. Now all you need is a 1/72 Tu-22M to carry it! Right? It's called "domino effect," I think.
  2. All: does anyone know if a conversion set exists? I know that some of the aircraft's features can be duplicated with some off-the-shelf blisters, FLIR turret, and so forth, but has any manufacturer done/contemplated this mod?
  3. Nice work on a tough kit! If the FW200 Condor was the "scourge of the Atlantic," the Hudson was the scourge of the Condor!
  4. Ray, this is a tough model, and you're tackling it well! Lots of tough areas to negotiate on it, particularly with the look of the windscreen. Looking forward to next steps, but your finish (in terms of seam-filling) looks awesome.
  5. Welcome! Great to have you here!
  6. Very nice! I understand that during the Korean War there were rumored sightings of MiG-15s equipped with radar of some sort. Have you ever encountered references to this, or have any knowledge of how this was mounted? I can only imagine that aircraft without radar could only have acquired a gun-firing solution if the target was illuminated by searchlights or moon-light, or if its exhaust flames were visible. MiGs were dependent on GCI in any case.
  7. Looks great! Keep working at this one--final results should be sharp. I see you have a Mach 2 Viscount lurking in the background.
  8. Wow! Uh...Wow! I think I'm going to have to hand over my license to practice modeling and sell all my remaining stash, because this is stellar work on your part. One small observation: you probably are aware that on these particular Silver Plate aircraft, the bomb bay had a complicated tubular steel inner construction designed to bear the weight of the one atomic weapon, and I don't believe (unless you have photos otherwise) that the bay had racks for conventional munitions.
  9. Beautifully re-mastered! Amazing how fast you achieved these excellent results with the rehab.
  10. Gorgeous! This is such a small kit--and amazing results!
  11. Wow! That's really outstanding work on your part. You captured this airframe in all its bumpy splendor!
  12. Impressive! Well, I asked for a C-130, and you provided! I think the Indonesians had better transport aircraft than the British did at the time, but I doubt they had developed a plan or doctrine for how they would employ all their fancy Soviet hardware in time of conflict. I also don't believe their training was all that fabulous, either, so they were wise not to attempt to employ anything other than the C-130s (on troop-dropping missions) in their border conflict.
  13. Oh, so it's from Davis-Monthan AFB, one of the 354th's machines. Was it earlier this past year?
  14. Where in Maryland are you? Up in the Hagerstown area, with the former Fairchild plant? You could probably just use standard size national insignia. What codes are on the vertical stabilizers?
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