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  1. Nicely done! How did you bend the metal tubes for the exhaust without crushing them?
  2. Cool! Before you start painting this, you might want to do some more research on the color scheme. These aircraft were delivered in bare metal and likely remained so during the invasion.
  3. Nicely done--you've simulated the copper alloy leading edges well on these props!
  4. Don't bin it! Carefully remove the windscreen with a sharp Xacto blade and clean it, then reinstall! But wait a week before you do that. Cooling off period, ya know.
  5. Awesome job in replicating the awkward lines of this beast! It's a tough kit, I know!
  6. Thanks for the detailed explanation. Do I assume you have a flexible straight-edge to use that bends around fuselage curves?
  7. Excellent work in getting this into shape and weathering it just-so! As for weathering, my guess is that the aircraft saw extensive service in the Algerian War and thus spent a lot of time under the hot sun of the Med.
  8. Stellar work on this, and inspiring as always! How did you ensure the windows were "true" in size, shape (and for those you drilled out, spacing)?
  9. This is handsome work and most inspiring! I just picked up a Beaver, and your cautionary tale about the kit's windscreen is most welcome. I'll do my homework.
  10. Wow! You are a brave man to tackle this! Just think of all the brave pilots who had to fly this thing at the outset of WWII before transitioning to Dakotas....
  11. This is superb, and your work encourages me to start! I have this kit, and I'm so glad Airfix has gotten so much mileage from this redheaded stepchild of the RAF fleet. Along with the (1/48) Anson, it shows they are willing to take risks, and that is good.
  12. These are beautiful results, if whimsical! I greatly appreciate the floorplan, too, which I will scale up for my own use. How you managed to do all this in the timespan you allocated is beyond me. Do you ever sleep? Well, it looks great. As for my techniques, they are irrelevant to the results you achieved here, which I would be hard-pressed to copy. Best regards, and sorry for the tardy note! Alex
  13. This is totally awesome! If you decide on a passenger compartment, would you mind please sharing an illustration of the deck, complete with the dimensions you used? I want to crib from your example, so I have ulterior motives (up front). Also, remember that the wing main spar crossed through the passenger compartment, had steps either side for the passengers to negotiate, and a compartment divider right up top. Front-most seats faced aft at the next row, which faced forward.
  14. Excellent point. Are they correct for the Valetta, though? I'll need to doublecheck. Likewise I'll doublecheck the height, which is for the Valetta, and from the book The Valetta. I could be wrong, but this was an issue for me when I built the Valetta. I didn't fiddle with the fin height, by the way. While you're at it, @BrianBrachiopod, please check the aileron span to see if it checks out. It may be 1/2" too short. It certainly appears to have been on the Valetta.
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