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  1. Kudos for sticking with this despite all the problems the kit throws up. Whoever signed this project off at Revell as 'QC PASS - fit for market' should never be put in charge of a kit design project again. If this were a new model company's first effort and venture into the art of plastic kit tool making then you could understand it, but with over half a century of experience, what's their (justifiable) excuse? Gary
  2. +1 to what Mark says. I would buy a set that fitted the Roden 1/32 Alb kits for my DII. Gary
  3. Fabulous all round finish and complimented by great photos. Gary
  4. Excellent and thanks for the reply Pete - I must get some. Cheers mate. Gary
  5. The GSB looks spot on - what paint did you use please? That's a really nice job on the model. Gary
  6. One of the very best models I have seen on BM for some time and that is saying something given the standard on this site; a superb build and finish! Gary
  7. Brilliant model and photography. In all respects - 10/10. Gary
  8. Kudos for having the courage to tackle it mate and get a good result from it . Gary
  9. Very nicely built and good subjects - thanks for the pics. Gary
  10. Having spent months around Chieftains in BAOR both in garrison duties and on exercises, I found that Tamiya XF-65 (Field Grey) with about 10% of their Olive Drab added just to make it more towards the 'green' spectrum worked perfectly in scale at 1/35 for the green part. For the black, in sunlight it seemed to have a 'purple' (ish) hue from some angles and so I used flat black with about 15% white and 5% purple added to provide the scale black. Straight out of the bottle, Tamiya's NATO Green is way too 'green' for 1980's era Chieftains and other British Army equipment like Land Rovers, M-109,
  11. Excellent result and very nicely finished. Thank you for the pics. Gary
  12. redcap

    Hasegawa pricing

    I agree and Hasegawa's (alleged) 'pricing policy' is all over the place with some great 1/48 kits being very reasonably priced and then, some 30+ years old 1/72 kits being priced the same or often even more. Likewise, why anyone would pay 3 x the amount for the same kit in a Hasegawa box that is still currently available in other boxes such as those they re-box by ICM and just throw in a different decal sheet, simply defies logic. Anything Hasegawa these days that I want, I get from eBay or normally at very competitive prices from traders and club stalls 'under the table' boxes at
  13. Lovely job and a cracking SEA camo paint finish. Great stuff! Gary
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