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  1. redcap

    BAC TSR-2 XR219 - Airfix 1/48

    This is the best TSR build I have seen to date. Having owned the Airfix kit, it is obvious what a labour of love has gone into this build. Just an amazing effort and end result. Gary
  2. Cracking build Dave and in the sinister looking 'eggshell' colours too which best compliment this machine. Love it ! Gary
  3. Kudos Dave and this build a masterclass in model making perseverance, putting the thing down, walking away and coming back when refocused. Gary
  4. Brilliant job and I have this figure too and it is magnificent isn't it. The standard of work on your piece and in so short a period of time is a great credit to your artistic skills. Gary
  5. Cheers Roger I am just going to have to live with it now. I just didn't dare bang any more weight in there given the front nose gear looks quite delicate on the kit to start with and even more so with 20g placed directly above it. Once again - a great A-10 you have there! Gary
  6. Hi. Roger. I crammed 20g (tire weights) into mine and it's (still) a tail sitter.....just bizarre! Thanks for the reply mate.. Gary
  7. Great work Roger. Just a question if I may. How much weight did you put in the nose to prevent a tail sitter? I am just finishing mine, it has a shed load of lead in the nose ........and it's (still) a tail sitter and will need a clear plastic rod at the rear! Once again, great model. Gary
  8. redcap

    1/48 RAF Kingscliffe's P-38s

    Absolutely super and look forward to seeing it all come together. Gary
  9. Fabulous low-vis paint job Dave! Gary
  10. redcap

    Hasegawa 1/48 F-15C Eagle PT49

    Go GWH and for the slight difference in price, the build and detail will more than compensate for a few $ more ! Either way, enjoy the build. Gary
  11. THE BEST F-104 I think I have ever seen in any scale. Just magnificent. Gary
  12. I never build in 1/72 but if these kits are anything like their 1/48 versions in terms of a complete package kit, overall detail and superb fit of parts, then the 1/72 chaps are in for a great time and build experience here ! Gary
  13. redcap

    Hasegawa 1/48 F-15C Eagle PT49

    The Hasegawa F-15C kit came with 4 x AIM 7 and 4 x AIM 9 but they are somewhat crude moldings by today's standards. If you hold the GWH kit in the hand with the Hasegawa and compare, then it is night and day; as they should be really with about 35 years of kit design and technology separating the two. BTW, if you go the F-15C GWH route, make sure you get their F-15C MSIP boxing as the 'Oregon ANG' F-15C release with the huge bird art special scheme (I don't think) has any A-A missiles included and you will also need to source AM decals as well to do a normal in service squadron aircraft. I have 3 of their 1/48 F-15 kits - C, J and I 'Raam' and all are superb; the latter is the pick of the bunch though IMHO with a stack of IDF A-G ordnance too. Plenty of reviews and builds on YT of this kit! Gary
  14. Cracking model and build! Gary
  15. redcap

    Hasegawa 1/48 F-15C Eagle PT49

    For its age and when I built about 1987 when it first came out, even today it is a good kit. The main problem however is the kit had the old 'Turkey Feathers' exhausts which were only on really early 1980's era F-15's and there is also quite a step where the nose section joins the rest of the air frame which is hard to eliminate without losing lots of nice details.. Cockpit detail by today's standards will also be a bit sparse but with the lid down and the (excellent) seated pilot in place then it is more than adequate. If you can get one cheap then you will have a nice model with a good overall shape and recessed panel lines - then engines really need replacing though! - but if you are looking to pay retail price at around £45.00, then DO pay the extra £10 - £15 for the GWH F-15C which is state of the art, has jewel like one piece missiles and in another league altogether. HTH. Gary