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  1. Absolutely superb modelling and finish. Gary
  2. Some trips down 'Memory Lane' with those old Airfix HO/OO Arabs and FFL..! Nice collection mate. Gary
  3. Excellent work and an impressive figure. Gary
  4. Having built this same kit, I know just how much work you have put into this build. Colour scheme is excellent and a refreshing change from the unusual Russian / Warsaw Pact schemes. Gary
  5. Fabulous build. How was the kit itself in terms of fit etc? Irrespective, you have achieved a tremendous end result. Gary
  6. For 'only' 50 hours of work that's fantastic result. Great model mate. Gary
  7. Missed the Mr Paint reference as I was completely distracted by the build. Once again, just superb Duncan! Gary
  8. Absolutely fantastic build and finish Duncan. What colours did you use for the camo as your model is probably the most realistic in-scale representation of it I have seen. Great stuff! Gary
  9. Lovely build and finish with the P-47. Great story about taking the cat along in the cockpit; I wonder how it reacted when he started puling hi-G's and manoeuvres? I bet it was 'fun' with a panicking cat within the confines of a small cockpit...! Gary
  10. That's fantastic work Tom and great AB control for the camo; well done mate! Gary
  11. After their excellent CR42 Falco in 1/32, I would much rather ICM have tackled this great and long overdue subject in 1/32 (for quality and price) but let's see what Italeri do with it and what price they bring it in at. Italeri are a middle of the road hobby company at best, yet charge almost AAA company prices for their products. Gary
  12. I had no interest in this aircraft as a subject ( I have all their Nieuports) but having seen this model and options....further resistance appears futile! That's a lovely model and overall package. Gary
  13. Model making, paint finish and overall presentation of the very highest standard. Magnificent work! Gary
  14. Fabulous build and just the right amount of staining/weather - that's a superb FW-190 mate! Gary
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