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  1. Plasto - About as comprehensive and factual a summary / assessment of this situation as we are likely to see on this thread ! Gary
  2. Clearly everyone has their own opinion however whilst I appreciate model shows are not necessarily an exact science in terms of reflecting modelling behaviours within the hobby, of the 6+ regional and IPMS Nationals shows I attend each year, for every 1/48 Tomcat of all manufacturers that I see with wings fully spread (kit or AM parts), I see perhaps 4-5 in the carrier deck 'sweep back' wing position. Given the subjectively iconic subject, there are always inevitably several F-14's on display at each show by which to gauge an observation. Ultimately it is for each modeller to decide but personally, I can't see the extended wings option in the AMK kit clinching the deal for the average modeller who simply wants a 1/48 F-14 in their collection........especially so if they actually look and see what is in the Tamiya box and read the praises which are (rightfully) heaped upon the Tamiya kit. We are of course very fortunate to live in a 'Golden Age' of modelling affording lots of consumer choice and for a great subject; hence allowing you to wait for the GWH kit ! Gary
  3. Fabulous Dave and I particularly like the slight paint difference with the Phoenix pallets which really adds some realism and interest. Great work! Gary
  4. redcap

    Sea Vixen FAW.2 - Airfix 1/48

    Fabulous build and wonderfully restrained and thus, realistic 'weathering'. Love it! Gary
  5. Having got the Tamiya A and D kits, they are as close to perfection as one could ask for and all the reviewers who have built it say the same. The vast majority of people being mindful of space and aesthetics, don;t want one with everything 'hanging out' or about to 'launch' anyway. Just like Tamiya did with HK Models and their 1/32 Mossie, WNW did to the same company with the announcement of their 1/32 Lanc and (I suspect) ICM did with their MIG 25's in 1/48, AMK are too late to the party again and if those F-14 tooling shots shown a couple of pages back are anything to go by, it looks to be not much better than the H-B 1/48 F-14's; much less a serious rival to Tamiya's kits! Having built their MIG 31, whilst nice, IMHO it wasn't quite the uber kit everyone went on about and hyped in the mags etc. with seriously weak u/c needing their metal set to correct and Revell like heavy panel lines. I'm more than happy to stick with Tamiya. Gary
  6. Tremendous airbrush finish and work and a great end result. Gary
  7. redcap

    Su-33 Kinetic 1:48

    Excellent build and this is right up there with the best built examples of this great kit! Gary
  8. Spectacular build and finish. 10/10 ! Gary
  9. redcap

    F-15D G.W.H 1/48

    Tremendous build and the camo looks spot on! Gary
  10. Tremendous review - thanks John. Gary
  11. ORDER PLACED. Order from Duncan with 100% confidence at always unbeatable prices for WNW. Gary (repeat customer)
  12. I don't know what the experts (actual and self-anointed) on the MIG 23 say is wrong with this kit but irrespective, your build is fabulous and it looks every inch a MIG 23 that I am looking at. Superb work and paint finish! Gary
  13. Deeply impressive and particular praise for the metals work. Gary
  14. Excellent model and a great finish! Gary