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  1. Brilliant! - those small lights for the burners make the model and bring it to life. Gary
  2. Cracking build of an old classic. Well done mate! Gary
  3. Really nice build and the Sea Blue looks spot on. For the antennas, try using 'E-Z Line' or knitting in elastic which is so simple to use, holds and 'grabs' immediately with a touch of superglue and stays taut permanently. Much better that trying to use fishing line or similar. Gary
  4. Lovely build and paint job - well done! Gary
  5. Cracking work Dave and very good presentation of the models for display. Gary
  6. Wonderful build and excellent pictures - thank you! Gary
  8. Great subject and a fabulous build; well done mate! Gary
  9. Lovely painting on a couple of Pegaso classics. What a shame Pegaso have slowed down their output (especially the 90mm range) and now seem to have been overtaken by the Russian companies. These lovely figures are well worth hanging on to. Cracking work! Gary
  10. John. I will send you a PM. Gary
  11. Hi John. Alas, you are about 9 months too late to the party and WNW (if those who were part of the company are correct) are no more. Not 'speculation', simply repeating what those who worked for the company have openly and publicly said. For balance, no such comment or declaration has been issued by the company itself. Whilst some of the less popular subjects in the range are still, subjectively, available for reasonable money albeit at a still higher than retail price, the Albatros was an extremely popular WNW modelling subject due to the history of the aircraft and al
  12. These are perfect for a kamikaze mission - I had them years ago and they were very nice but these are now long out of production (I think). Why not place a "want" here on BM or check on eBay for a set. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/legend-productions-lf4807-kamikaze-last-flight-ceremony--220494 Gary
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