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  1. That's a super-realistic winter camo job; well done mate. Gary
  2. I think Monogram did OK considering it was 'Top Secret' when they did a kit of it all those years ago and the Cold War was still on. Nice model mate and it still looks every inch a MIG 29 to me! Gary
  3. Nice build and finish. You don't see many of these built (or the F-16 tub they did) oddly enough. I thought it was a great concept personally and bought both when they first came out with ESCI. I was always surprised they never expanded their range and did an F4 and a F-14 1/12 tub as I am sure those would have flown off the shelves! Gary
  4. Miniart are an excellent company and with customers service like that, long may they continue and prosper. I have quite a few of their 1/35 kits inc about 5 in the T-55 series and in terms of detail and VFM, they are nothing short of incredible all round packages. The 'Infantry on the March' being their first kit is a trip down memory lane and I well remember buying those when I happened upon them in my LMS (remember those!) and the owner said "These are new, take a look at these" . Thanks for a great article that I have only just come across today! Gary
  5. Brilliant and great timing seeing this built up given I took delivery of my Z-M 129 kit only this morning. You have done a great job here and thanks for the warning about the decals. I am hoping for some AM decals or spray masks for east Front A/C to come out in the near future and will also do a winter white wash over-spray; so hopefully I won't have to worry about the tricky red coloured wing ones. Great model and thanks for the pics! Gary
  6. Lovely build and nice camo work. Gary
  7. That's an excellent model and if it built anything like the WNW HB-12 did, then this will be fabulous as well. Thank goodness I managed to blag a 'Duellists' set with this one in when I did! Gary
  8. Brilliant build and superb camo job - 10/10! Gary
  9. Great job on a cracking subject. Gary
  10. Great recovery and I followed your 'woes' on this piece on PF too. Andy Cairns at AC Models has some great ideas but his casting is now becoming unacceptable in this day and age and especially so when you seen what the Russians in particular are turning out in resin. Irrespective, this has turned out great with some nice touches like the hairy arms. Gary
  11. Excellent model and it looks great in the scheme you have chosen; I have never seen this one before and it complements the air-frame well. Gary
  12. redcap

    Best RLM 02?

    Given you cannot even go to the DIY shop in 2020 and get two tins of a paint colour mixed by computer from different batches (exactly) the same, I would not get too hung up as I'm sure that RLM02 like all paints differed significantly from different plants across the whole of Europe 80 years ago and with varying degrees of QC in the base materials used . Personally, for my 1/48 and 1/32 modelling, I like Mr Colour 02 lightened with about 20% of either white or (to vary panels if doing a large expanse) about the same ratio adding Lt Ghost Grey. Used straight from the tin/bottle, many (especially Tamiya's) look way too dark and green in tone to my casual eye. Gary
  13. An excellent 'what if' model project and it also begs the question 'why not?' given the subsequent performance (or lack of) by the RAF F2 fleet. Gary
  14. Thanks for the rigging link chaps - brilliant! Gary
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