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  1. Quick photo of WIP. I hope to have something more detailed on the "In Progress" forum shortly. Beautiful resin kit, goes together very well. Excuse the wings, the original kit did not have folding wings, where I am modifying them. More photos shortly, Cheers Ryan Hamilton
  2. Alan, A 1/72 KC-30B/Airbus 330 would be greatly welcomed by modeller. With the success of the KC-30B with air forces around the world you'll have interest from near are far....include me. Cheers Ryan
  3. Sensational Work, this is a real master class in working with resin kits. Look forward to your updates
  4. Three actually - 1. XD653 - Royal Australian Navy 2. A91-2 - Royal Australian Air Force 3. VH-INO - Thorn Altas Should be a welcomed addition to the collection Cheers
  5. Many thanks for all your assistance, this was exactly what I was after. Thanks again for all your help - time to start some painting..... Cheers Ryan Hamilton
  6. Does anyone have the details of the Hawker Tempest V in which Eric Brown bale out of? I was after the serial and any other marking it might have carried. Given the aircraft was with RAE I would assume it was void of any squadron or unit marking. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated Ryan Hamilton
  7. Thanks exdraken, Decals can be found at - http://www.ebay.com/sch/*models/m.html?item=121757062685&rt=nc&_trksid=p2054897.l2562 or contact them through their Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/Ronin-Graphics-Australia-570533299733906/timeline/ Cheers
  8. After receiving the new Ronin 1/48 RAAF Mirage IIIO/D decal set I was keen to do quick build of the new Kinetic’s Mirage IIIO. Construction starts with the cockpit, it’s pretty well straight forward. I would have liked a decal to complement the instrument panel, but I am sure the after market companies will fill this void soon. The sensational Mushroom Mirage IIIO book was used as a reference for the cockpit. The instructions indicate you should use C17 for the instrument panel but I found that C19 was more representative of the Mirage IIIO. If you do use C19, you’ll need to modify the top of the panel to accept the head-up display. I have left the seat out at this point as I’m undecided whether to update the kit seat or source an aftermarket seat. Next, it’s onto the intakes. Build these as per the instructions. I joined my two halves before installing them into the fuselage. If you do this, they won’t fit and you’ll need to separate them. Its nice of Kinetic’s to include the front of the engine, but you’ll never see it once installed. The nose wheel well is installed and the fuselage halves are glued together. Be careful with the nose wheel well as it didn’t matter how much I tries, I just couldn’t get the rear to line up with the bottom wing piece. A small amount of putty will resolve the issue it leaves. The air intakes are installed, which takes time to line up correctly. Take your time hear are you’ll end up with little filling to do afterwards. This is important as the joint goes all the way to the intake lip which can be problematic to clean-up. The exhaust is a two-piece construction and is very nicely done. Testor’s Metallizers were used to paint the exhaust. With the wings, I glued to the top halves to the bottom piece, then dry fitting the wings to the fuselage. When I thought I had everything in place, I glued the wings with some liquid glue. There is a lot of detail along the wing root and the less sanding required, the more detail will be preserved The way the kit is broken down, Kinetic’s intend to release several versions. The small inserts for the tail plane are poorly fitting and are going to require some care to clean-up. The Mirage is currently being sanding and polished in preparation for painting. I am undecided which scheme to build at this point. The new Ronin Mirage decal set has over forty Mirage scheme’s included for both IIIO and the dual seat IIID (decals are available from the Ronin ebay store). Full data is included for two models too. At this point I am leaning toward the Silver 2OCU “Sunburst” scheme with yellow intakes; the 77Sqn low vis “Matilda” scheme; or the Diamond Jubilee Red/White/Blue scheme. It will depend on how well the model cleans up as to which scheme I decide on. More soon Ryan Hamilton
  9. After a short break I managed to find some time to get back into some modelling. This is the 1/32 HK Model Meteor with the Fisher Mk8 conversion. Not the easiest of builds, especially with the silver finish (which doesn’t hide your modelling sins). Decals are from the Fisher conversion, serials are self printed and the ‘Halestorm’ nose art is hand painted. Still much to do, including finishing the decalling, undercarriage, rockets and smaller parts, weathering, etc. Cheers Ryan Hamilton
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