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  1. Tripod

    What if WW2 never happened?

    Would you need to prevent WW1? If the ongoing German reparations after WW1 had been reduced for good behaviour, replaced by an earlier-generation equivalent of Marshall Aid, or even just eased after the post-crash depression, maybe the German people wouldn't have turned in such numbers to someone offering them a different way out.
  2. Tripod

    Airfix Classics Launched

    Surely there's a problem with the Basset anyway, as part of the Kitstarter blurb was that if we ordered enough they would produce a batch and the kit would never be reissued? Also , the success of the Basset in the Kitstarter stakes will have taken a chunk out of the potential market. I can be tempted by a Matador (by my reckoning, £5.99 is cheaper than all 27 examples currently available on eBay, once you add postage) but I'm really hoping for some of the modern cars range. Even if the some of the modern cars are now nearly as old as the vintage cars were when those kits first appeared. As long as they aren't packaged with four 10p paint pots and a cheap brush and priced at £15.99.
  3. Tripod

    KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    On the subject of small amendments, I notice that the second pilot of the green one is referred to as "Oven Cathcart". This should be "Owen Cathcart-Jones". The exploits of the green Comet are generally forgotten, but after the black one broke the record from England to Karachi and the red one broke the England to Australia record, they loaded the newsreel films into the green one and flew it back to England, breaking the record for the return journey.
  4. Tripod

    KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    A new 1/72 DH88 will certainly fulfil some of my wishes, despite my small stash of Airfix, Frog/Novo and Kellogg's examples. And I haven't made a model of G-ADEF yet...
  5. Tripod

    1/36th scale prize winning models, but who was he?

    Yes, the same person. I seem to recall a two-page biography in Scale Models. Did they have a "meet the model makers" series of articles?
  6. Tripod

    1/36th scale prize winning models, but who was he?

    Tony's brother was Bob. As a fan of pre-war light aircraft I was very fortunate to get to know Tony after turning up at the Reading club in 1991. The first model I ever took there was an Aeroclub Comper Swift. He took an interest, encouraged me to try a spot of scratchbuilding, complimented the resulting B A Swallow and over the following years taught me how to scratchbuild better models.
  7. I inherited the set as a boy in the 70s, and with that (plus the Wonder Book of Ships of similar vintage) became fascinated by the ships of the 'golden age' on the North Atlantic. The books really captured the imagination of ten-year-old me; there are probably ten-year-olds today who would be similarly fascinated by them (though subsequent experience suggests that I may not have been altogether normal). Relatively recently I discovered that there was a similar (though thinner) two-volume set "Wonders of World Aviation" and also one on the world's railways. It took me thirty years to realise that it was a partwork.
  8. Tripod

    Airfix Victor delayed?

    On Sunday at the Middle Wallop show, I turned down a 1/72 Victor, Valiant and Nimrod at £10 for the three. I don't think anyone's being priced out of the hobby - they may be priced out of buying particular kits, but that's life. (They were Rareplanes, Contrail and Formaplane kits, but there's a lot of fun to be had there for someone. I may be tempted if I see them again...)
  9. Tripod

    More on Airfix 2017

    Just think what fun they could have with their LIDAR gear at Old Warden!
  10. Tripod

    Airfix dropping a lot of kits

    Several of them seem to be models where there are other variants that aren't on the list: the civil and starter set Tiger Moths, but not the military one; the Swordfish on floats but not wheels. So they retain the most popular option and drop the rest. Seems sensible.
  11. Tripod

    1/72nd Trident - Was there ever one produced?

    A Transport Wings Trident 3 sold on eBay yesterday. Not cheap though!
  12. Tripod

    PA-28-181 Archer

    Or, if you think £50 is not excessive for a 1/72nd light aircraft, there appears to be an Aero-Modell resin kit of the Archer available on eBay, along with a couple of other PA-28s. If they ever turn up in Home Bargains, I may buy one!
  13. Tripod

    Database of light aircraft models

    Another couple of resin kits that may be among your 100+ extras: Dujin's Miles Merlin and the Legato Praga E114 Air Baby/Hillson Praga. I haven't spotted them earlier in the thread, but I may have missed them. Peter
  14. I had the same problem with the instructions. Fortunately, as I was building mine, someone advertised the original TR4A instructions on eBay, and photographed both sides of the sheet. The originals had the same illustrations, but with step-by-step instructions written in English. The suspension assembly was a lot easier with those, rather than trying to interpret line drawings of scattered parts with a few arrows.
  15. Tripod

    DH.88 Comet Racer kits

    There's another 1/72 plastic kit that was issued by Kellogg's, I believe. Not the same as the Airfix and Frog kits, it had the canopy framework moulded into the fuselage halves.