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  1. Excellent build and finish, hard to believe it's 'braille' scale, well done.
  2. Many thanks for all your positive comments . Yes you're correct Mike, I did mean sweep!! Wouldn't even like to think of trying to alter the incidence of the wings!!!! Again thanks everyone. Cheers Andy
  3. I had in my stash a Revell/Monogram Me410B but then along came Meng's Me410s of which I acquired two, so R/M kit was pushed to back of stash! However whilst trawling the net I came across, on the FSM site, a question about converting R/M's 410 into a 210, I followed this and came across an article in, the now defunct Quarter Scale Magazine, by Ian Day with this conversion in. I managed to print off a very poor copy of this article retrieved my R/M Me410 from the stash and set about adding the Me210A-1 to my Luftwaffe collection. It looked a relatively simple conversion shorten fuselage alter outer wing incidence and shorten engine cowlings REALLY!!!!!! To begin with I had intended to convert the R/M kit to a Me410B-2/U4 with the Bordkanone to this end I had acquired the Schatton model conversion set with resin fairing and metal BK5 cannon (long before Master came along!!) to which end for some reason now long forgotten I had removed the rear of the nose fairing supplied with the kit which I needed to model a 210!! I then discovered the canopy windscreen was broken and I only had windscreens for the 410 with bulges for the later models so had to repair the broken one as best as I could!! Anyway to cut a long story short after much cutting,filling with Milliput and DeLuxe plastic putty, plastic card and an awful lot of cursing, my probably, not terribly accurate 1/48 210 emerged! I should add I used the Aires resin cockpit and Eduard mask for the canopy. The canopy unfortunately did not come out too well being a bitch to stick together and didn't get the usual coat of Kleer! The aircraft is a Me210A-1 of 3./SKG210 possibly 1942. I had difficulty finding decals for the codes which are probably too large and also ended up painting the yellow band too wide . The following photos show the modifications and amount of filler required. I have also added photos showing the different dimensions between the Me410 ( the Meng kit) and the Me210. The model was finished using AK Real Colours and washes, decals from my library and that's it . Oh well back to some easy builds where did I put those Eduard 109/190s ??????????/ Cheers Andy
  4. Very good build. This is not an easy kit to build, talking from experience, so well done.
  5. Nice build of an older kit.Very well done
  6. I do like the 'new tool' Eduard Fw190s this excellent build shows what can be achieved OOB. very well done indeed.
  7. Have one of these Ta152s, just can't make up my mind how to build fully closed up or 'un-zipped'. Your excellent build & finish certainly makes me want to dig out this kit from the stash. Again very well done.
  8. Very nice build, well done.
  9. Very nice work, well done. As for the aerial wires I work in 48th scale and use transparent thread ( it is actually a'smoke' colour) bought from a haberdashery shop some time ago. It's available in more than one thickness and is also useful for rigging biplanes. I stretch the thread almost to breaking point, before using, as this makes it a lot more flexible, it can of course be glued with cyano. and is a lot cheaper than specialised rigging thread.
  10. Certainly a labour of love, great work, very well done.
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