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  1. Actually my information taken from 'Schiffer - X planes of the Third Reich' book does say that the Me209V-4 was built as a private venture by Willy Messerschmitt as a possible successor to the Me109 then in service thus the reason it was armed with two MG17 machine guns and an MG/FF 20mm cannon firing through the spinner. The idea of using the 209 as a fighter was dropped when performance and handling proved inferior to the 109 then in service. I agree the markings were applied for propaganda purposes akin to the Heinkel He100. Many thanks for all your positive comments
  2. This is my second build of this year and also of an A & A Models kit! As with the Me109T, this is a short run kit, in this case of the Messerschmitt Me209V-4 (1/48). This aircraft was an adaptation of the Me209V-1 airspeed record breaker, an idea of Messerschmitts' to find an eventual successor to the Me109. This aircraft of course failed in that respect but is well worth a place in any Luftwaffe collection. The kit is very cleanly moulded and comes with a small fret of photo etch, canopy masks both inside and out plus wheel masks. A small decal sheet for two markings options
  3. This is my initial build of 2021 and also my first build of an A & A kit, these appear to be short run kits by Modelsvit ( although I stand to be corrected!!!). I believe this is the first kit of a Messerschmitt Me109T (not an adaption of an E version) the kit actually represents the later T-2 version with the two fuselage covers which show the machine was fitted with GM-1. Not all the schemes supplied with the kit are correct for this particular variant, the two oval fuselage panels would need to be filled and a single round panel re-scribed to back date the kit to the T-1 version. I stuc
  4. Wonder what has happened to the Bf109K and Bf109G-12's 1/48th?????? I would have thought they don't need the development time of completely new projects and would be good sellers for them? I am pleased to see the Fw190F-8 bound to be a good 'money maker' for Eduard. How about the Fw190S-8 .
  5. This is my final build of this abysmal year of 2020!!!! Having built the ICM 1/48 Do215 & Do17Z-10 with hopefully reasonable results I decided to venture forward with ICM's Heinkel He111H-3. So armed with the Eduard etched sets for the undercarriage bays and cockpit, the Brassin wheels, an older Aeromaster decal sheet for the He111 and references the build commenced. I decided at an early stage to build a He111 from KG,100 partly because I like the badge and I also wanted a 'blackwashed' under-surface machine. I decided not to purchase the etched sets available for the bomb bay
  6. Just a quick update and acknowledgement to ICM within 6 weeks of first emailing them, regarding the damaged transparent part in my He111H-3 kit , I received a complete sprue of the transparencies for this kit. Excellent after sales service.
  7. Thanks for your input John & Alain, have got in touch with ICM requesting replacements. Looks like this project goes back on the shelf for a while!!!!!! Cheers Andy
  8. Just started building the ICM 1/48 Heinkel He11H-3 and unfortunately a couple of the transparencies are cracked and need replacing. Has anyone had any experience of obtaining spare parts from ICM? Thanks in advance - Andy
  9. This is my second build from the Eduard Royal Boxing of the Bf109F 1/48th, this time an F-2. Virtually built O.O.B. with some extra detailing in the cockpit. I chose this particular machine for its colour scheme, originally delivered in standard RLM 74/75/76 it was overpainted in the field with mottle consisting of RLM 02/70/79. Model was painted using AK True Colours, decals from kit, Black 12 came from Tamiya Fw190D-9 kit. The name under cockpit was home printed, yellow outline painted freehand. I used Mig Lucky matt varnish for final coat, not too sure of this stuff took about t
  10. After my previous efforts with Eduard's 109E's I decided to move onto their 109F's! I've had the Royal Boxing since its release but only now have I decided to build them, a lot easier than the 109E's I'm glad to say. I've had in my decal collection one of the Aeromaster 'Augsburg Eagle' sheets, this particular sheet featured a Bf109F-4 in an unusual scheme from JG5 which I was attracted to, so decided to model this F-4. A little research into this machine proved this was an 'Errormaster' scheme on the decal sheet! The aircraft was Yellow 3, but the style 3 on the decal sheet w
  11. Thanks for your positive comments. I'm also interested in how the Wingsy 109E will turn out!
  12. Eduard's 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109E's are once again being re-released to coincide with the 80th Anniversary of the B.O.B. not that that's the reason I decided to pull these two kits out of my stash!! I've had these kits since they were first released the E-3 in 2012 and the E-7 in 2013, I tried various methods to reduce the incorrect length of the fuselages, not being happy with any of them they went back into the stash until now, why now, who knows!!!!! The first kit was the Bf (or Me)109E-3 this one is a complete 'cadge up'(mess!). I tried to shorten the fuselage by removing
  13. Great build and finish, very well done .
  14. Hi Dave my modification to the tail is easy but probably not 100% accurate but at least looks better than left as is. I make a vertical cut just in front of the tailplane fairing on each fuselage half to the centre line of the tailplane fairing. Then cut along the 2nd panel line above the tailplane fairing on top of the fuselage, again to centre of fairing. Cut from front cut to 2nd cut, centred along fairing this then removes part of the fuselage and tailplane. Repeat this on other fuselage half, then glue the 2 separated fuselage pieces together. It's probably best to reinforce
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