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  1. Good spot. I’d been looking at those areas and wondering what they are supposed to be. Time to get the file out and take off all but the ones on the wingtip.
  2. Its a long time since I updated this thread - but spurred on by yesterday's trip to Telford I thought I should show where I'm up to. The Aires cockpit is done - and in and the main components are together. As I thought at the start - it's a big canvas and I'm thinking that I will need to ensure that we do some panel line work to break up those big areas of ADC Gray. There have been a few areas where I've puttied just to make sure that we get a nice smooth join. The obvious one was the intakes - although these cleaned up very nicely and without any problem. The other one was around the nose where the Aires cockpit - combined with the use of glue before everything was really well fitted - meant the fit wasn't quite as good as it could have been. It feels like we're making progress on this one and we might actually get to paint and decals in the coming weeks.
  3. Have you ever considered how much this hobby costs? So, the kit was roughly £48 - from France. To that I have added Aires cockpit (£14.30 at the Big-H), mask (£8.80 and what a bargain), ladder (£7.70) and the Quickboost antennas (£3.30). The amazing looking decals add a further $35 plus P&P. Overall, that's taking us up to around £100 before we even get started.
  4. It's time to start a new build so I reached for the stash and dug out the Trumpeter 1/48 F-106A. Let's be honest, the paint scheme should be fairly straight-forward. So, here's the kit: It's a surprisingly big box and once you open it up - you realise just how big this kit is: The fuselage is well over 30cm long without the nose and that long pitot probe and the engine at the back. I've got a few extrs to go with this as well: It's been a while since I've used an Aires cockpit, but this one does look good. The ejection seat, however, is very plain. The molding doesn'e seem to have any texture on the seat cushions. Maybe, they were just very hard and uncomfortable to sit on. I've also got the New Ware Advanced mask set which will help to mask around the curve of the anti-glare panel at the front. Finally, I've spent a small fortune on some nice deals from Fundekals. This is Fundekals F-106As Part 2, and I'm going to go for F-106A-125-CO 59-0091 with the stylised red bulls head on the tail and based at Sawyer AFB Michigan 1978. I've also invested in the amazing F-106 stencils set - which seems to provide a blizzard of markings, but it will healp to break up the relatively unweathered ADC Grey colour scheme.
  5. It's starting to come together now - weathering, weapons and small parts still to come. Touching up is also needed on the outrigger tyres - although I'm just pleased that all wheels are on the ground. The jet nozzles are also only push fitted and when I look at the photos they don't seem to be sitting right for now.
  6. Some models seem to be a battle which sap your modelling mojo - and this one is one of them. However, it is now starting to come together, helped by paint, decals and pylons! With the basic colours in place the model looked pretty poor to my eyes and I must admit that I lost the desire to do much on it because it seemed like a bit of a losing battle. This has the two shades of grey - the newer, darker scheme of Extra Dark Sea Grey and Dark Camouflage Grey but with masking still in place. However, add decals, and critically pylons and it starts to look like this: At the moment the tails are simply resting in place and they need to fit a bit tighter. However, there is something about the character of the Harrier which is brought out through all those pylons. Without them it just looks odd. Hopefully, we're on the closing straight with this one now. Still needs the weaponry (tanks, TIALD, BOL launchers, AIM-9L, BL755 and Paveways), the majority of the undercarriage and lots of small parts - but at least it is starting to look like a harrier. I must remember to add the distinctive weathering under the wings and fuselage as well.
  7. Well - let me say that that approach didn't work! I joined the wing onto the upper fuselage at the rear in order to try and get a smooth join between two large pieces. However, this meant that getting the nose on became almost impossible and the intakes wouldn't line up. There was a real twist in the fuselage which meant that the LERX were then misaligned to one side. Dramatic surgery ensued - I ripped the wing off and started on a more conventional approach. This meant join nose to fuselage, then the wing went on and finally the intake. Next apply large quantities of filler around the fuselage sides and LERX. Anyway, this is where we're up to. I'm going to give it a coat of primer and then have a good look at the rear wing to fuselage join and also the join of the LERX to the wong. I think that under primer they'll be OK - but otherwise it will be back to the filler.
  8. I'm also attempting a rather unconventional construction order. So, I've assembled the wings, fuselage and nose section as three large sub-assemblies, I think (!) that this should work and it will mean that I can clean up the forward intake to fuselage join to make sure that it's nice and smooth before mounting the nose to the main section. The challenge it creates is getting the nose and the intakes to meet with the fuselage.
  9. We seem to be making slow progress on this one. The good news is that there's been a delivery from Hannants so we now have these: The challenge that I see is that the TIALD pod doesn't include the pylon I need in order to mount it on the harrier. The aircraft I was aiming for carried this under the left side of the fuselage - with a LID mounted on the right side but the TIALD doesn't include a pylon. Any thoughts on where I can source one?
  10. I've never done a work in progress - other than as part of a group build - so I thought that I'd be brave and start one. My last build didn't end well so this is a 'getting back on the bike' build to get something to the end. I recently acquired this kit at a reasonable price from a well known on-line auction site so since it was on top of the pile, comes with some resin, brass, a mask and decent decals I thought I'd give it a go. Weaponry will need to be added later. I'm going to build it as ZG479 a GR.7 with 100% LERX taking part in Operation Telic. Hopefully, this should be a reasonably problem free build.
  11. HI All - Thank you for your comments and support. The SAC landing gear has a different parts breakdown to the kit parts - so I had installed the upper part of the main landing-gear while making the bays and booms and had super-glued it all into place. These extend down below where the gear doors would be if the gear was up - so building it with the gear up wasn't an option. I did think about pinning the gear or perhaps putting a collar around the leg to strengthen the joint - but I think that my frustrations had got the better of me at that point. I must admit that I found the Bronco a bit of a challenge but also fun to build. There was a lot to get your teeth into but it was starting to really come together into a decent looking kit. I might try an OV-10A model at some point to see if I can get to the end of one.
  12. Hi Jakub - Your website has been an amazing resource to use. I was really struggling to find pictures - and you seem to have cornered the market in those with such a great number - and with pictures of each and every aircraft - it's really been appreciated. I'm afraid that the Bronco became victim to a SAC undercarriage. Having used three different types of super-glue on it - none of which would actually support the model - the Bronco has ended its days in the bin. I'm a bit gutted - having spent a lot of hours (and £s) on it but it can't be salvaged at this point.
  13. Thanks guys - Once we get onto colours applied in theatre everything gets very tricky. I've looked at a number of pictures and there seems to be a mix. Have a look at this one - The markings here do appear to be a pale grey - paler than what I've used and almost a Tamiya Smoke style colour. Here also, the numbers look grey: Note also the black(?) rescue arrows - more stencils applied than I expected. However, they do look grey. In comparison - this is clearly sand/brown: and with much less stencilling.
  14. Pretty happy about the masks from Maketar. They were a bit fiddly to put on, but the result looks great.
  15. 15-days to go and I think we're making progress. We have the main colours on and the walkway on the top has just been added. There is a part of me which is asking whether I should have added the walkway or not - it may have been sprayed over on board the boat to the Middle East - but it is a really distinctive feature of the Bronco and it would be a shame not to have it. Next up we're on to the detail painting and the decals. I've acquired the mask set for this kit from Maketar (See https://www.scalemates.com/kits/maketar-mm32121v-ov-10d-bronco--1103383) which should enable me to get many of the markings done very quickly. The Kittyhawk instructions and decals are all in black - but photos of this aircraft seem to show the markings done in a dark grey. I'm going to use FS36118 - Gunship Grey as it's to hand and looks about the right colour.
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