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  1. I'm building the same kit - but just a little bit behind you - so watching keenly. I will confess that I put the engine to one side half-way through building it. It's a very fiddly piece of construction and I just have the feeling that 99% of it isn't going to be visible - in spite of all of that detail and the endless painting. I enjoyed building the cockpit and the wings and hopefully I'll be bringing it all together as you have in the next couple of weeks. It's an interesting kit. There's so much detail and you learn a lot from the instructions - but it is hard work.
  2. Thanks Guys - That's really kind. I've actually just purchased the Eduard re-release of the P-40E (with another T-shirt) so at some point I'll be having a go at another one of these kits. It includes all of the parts for an early or a late P-40 so there's plenty of scope on markings and versions. I've also just invested in a couple more Hasegawa 1/32nd kits. They're nice to build - good detail and they go together well.
  3. I started this model as a part of the recent P-40 group build but in rushing to finish it to meet the deadline I managed to snap one of the undercarriage legs and ruin the wheels. The retraction jack from the broken leg pinged off and in disgust I threw the model in the bin. A couple of weeks later I managed to find the retraction jack and remove the other leg - along with the remnant of the broken one. With a paid of new undercarriage legs from SAC (at great expenses) I fished the model out of the bin and started to re-finish it. So, around 6-weeks after the group build finished w
  4. Sorry guys I'm out. In an effort to get it finished this morning I've snapped the undercarriage leg and the retraction mechanism - which is at the point of the break has disappeared. The model has gone in the bin.
  5. With the trip to Telford over and done its all starting to come together. I sprayed a lightened mix of the RAF Dark Green on the wings and upper fuselage to give greater depth to the colours and provide some variation. It was then on with the gloss coat and the decals. The decals are a mix of Superscale and Hasegawa. I started off using the Superscale sheet but the 'Texas Longhorn' artwork for the nose is far too big. It couldn't be fitted in the right place and almost wrapped onto the wing. The prop is just push fitted on for now. There's still a long way
  6. It all seems to be coming together now. The main colours are on - following a weekend of intensive air-brushing. I managed to spray nice thin layers of the colours so I've got good tonal variation over the white primer and pre-shading so hopefully this this going to look OK. I will confess that the more colours in the camouflage the harder it is to do nice thin coats - when you're trying to spray around sausages of white tack and masking its not so easy. It's strange how you only notice the stray masking tape when you take a photo!
  7. Well time seems to fly and two months of the build time have gone. Its been a busy time as well so I've had less building time than I would have expected. However, the cockpit is done and the main airframe is together with most of the gaps done and treated. There are a few bits to still attend to, but we're getting there. I've had a few problems with the after-market additions I had planned. I decided against the Master gun barrels to save time - but have just drilled out the barrels instead. I was also planning to use the Brassin exhaust stubs - but realised too late
  8. The debate about colours and markings is interesting. If you look at the Detail & Scale book on the P-40 volume 2 there are three colour photos of P-40Es in RAF style markings on page 36. Two of these are in USAAF markings, and one is AK571 as delivered to the RAF. In the photos the underside appears to be a very pale, slightly glossy grey without much of a blue tone to it. I also discovered that I had a copy of the Scale Aircraft Modelling Combat Colours 3 book on the P-36/P-40. On page 24 there is a side profile of Texas Longhorn which has dark earth / dark green upper surfac
  9. Hi Bob I think Eduard originally issued them at the same time as their P-40N kit - but looking at the Detail & Scale book on the P-40 it says that the undercarriage remained unchanged throughout the production of the aircraft. Looking at photos I can't see a difference between P-40N wheels and those for a P-40E but happy to learn if there's a difference. Alastair Have also fought with Photobox - so hopefully the photos above should be de-restricted soon. Alastair
  10. I like the way you've got the Master cannon barrels to fit. Its the part of the build which I'm not looking forward to.
  11. There's also a question in my mind around the colour scheme. The Hasegawa kit instructions suggest that the aircraft would have an under-surface which is light grey (FS36395) mixed with some blue and then two colours on the top, Dark Green and Dark Earth. The instructions for the Superscale instructions decals I purchased for the same aircraft suggest Medium Green and Sand over Azure Blue. Having done a bit of research I think that Hasegawa got it right. I think that this aircraft was originally built for the RAF and hence would have been in Battle of Britain colours of Dark Earth
  12. OK, I've been spending money. I ordered a few things from Hannants to go with the kit. That's going to add a level of detail but also some complexity to the model. The Master detail set looks really nice but I'm not quite sure how those cannons will fit without creating some big holes in the wings first. We'll have to cross that bridge when we get to it.
  13. This is my first entry to a group build but as I had just picked up the kit on eBay and intended to build it straight-away it seemed logical to join the build. The kit is the Hasegawa 1/32 P-40E Warhawk and at this point in time I'm not sure what markings I'm aiming for. The kit provides a Dark Earth/Dark Green P-40E 'Texas Longhorn' in New Guinea in 1942 and a China based aircraft in similar markings. I've got some old Superscale decals on order for Texas Longhorn and I'll have a look at those before choosing the final scheme. Anyway, here's the kit: With
  14. Thanks for all of the positive encouragement guys. Alastair
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