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  1. It's been almost a month since I last did an update. I've got to the point of thinking 'let's just get this thing finished' and I'm running out of patience slightly. It's big and it's complex as well. Getting the canopy top and the two rear quarterlights fitted was an absolute fiddle - and there are still quite a few areas where I could spend time filling and filing to improve the fit. Anyway - I've got primer on and the canopies, along with the Master pitot head masked. The prop blades have all be masked and painted with the red and white stripes and just need to be assembled. I
  2. I feel like I'm getting somewhere now. All of the main components are together and I've started the process of filling, priming, sanding and re-priming. What is good is that it all fits squarely and looks in alignment, With the gun sponsons on it even sits straight on a surface. Can I give a massive shout-out to Deluxe Materials Perfect Plastic Putty? It is absolutely great and so quick to use. On parts of the fuselage and tails it has been absolutlely essential - but simply apply, wipe off the excess and let it dry. I've started to think about colours and
  3. I haven't had much modelling time this week, but the good news is that the wing went on reasonably easily. It certainly is a very strange looking creature at the moment. Also feeling rather worried about that nose seam. I'm also continuing to build assemblies as things start to come together. This is one of the main wheel wells: This is plastic modelling - but that's five pieces of etch, one of white metal and 6ish pieces of plastic.
  4. So, some things are now starting to come together. We have a pair of hairdryers: A pair of decent looking ejection seats: And the main fuselage is joined together with the cockpit and wheel-bay inside. The next stage is to try and get the wing on. I want to add some wiring and more detail to the cockpit but there is very little clearance between the wing and the rear avionics area - so its structure before details. The missing bulkhead from the front of the nosewheel bay meant that getting everything in a
  5. There should be a prize for getting to this point with an etched fret!
  6. Well, two weeks in to the build I seem to have made lots of components - but with none of them actually finished. I'm collecting together quite a box of aircraft sections so, wing, rear fairing, drop-tank, wheel bay, two engine cores, cockpit, ejection seats etc. I've got one boom made and one wheel bay - although none of it is actually ready yet. As I mentioned before, I've joined the upper wing together as a single unit and then will build the various sections on to this. You can see from the filler that although it didn't go together perfectly, it actually wasn't to
  7. Photos to follow shortly of the work to date. This model fights more than a Mandalorian! There are some parts which fit together brilliantly and leave no visible seam - like the forward fuselage sides. But in other areas I seem to already spent a lot of time sanding away sprue attachment points, struggling to get things to fit and using lots of filler. Still, there's an ever growing pile of sub-assemblies coming together. I've also deviated from the build order and so have assembled the upper wing as one piece - rather than trying the assembly route both the instructions and the Gl
  8. Thanks Jakub - I've managed to get hold of a set of masks from Maketar which should help with the markings. I'm intending to spray them - and using the minimum of stencils as you suggest. The Caracal Decals don't really help at all. They provide for an aircraft before it left the US to take part in Desert Storm but they seem to all have been re-sprayed on route.
  9. Getting references for the Bronco - particularly the OV10D and its service in Desert Storm seems to be tricky. I've got the World Airpower Journal book on Desert Storm - which is pretty good, alongside the Aircraft in Action book. However, I have found a rich seem of information on dstorm.eu. On this page ( https://www.dstorm.eu/pages/en/usa/ov-10.html) there is a list with links to photos for all of the aircraft which served in DS showing them in their re-painted colours during the war.
  10. I'm in with a 1/32 Kittyhawk OV-10D Bronco with markings for VMO-1 or VMO-2 from Desert Storm. I've also got a fair amount of after-market to go with it: And decals from Caracal: I'm not quite sure on the final markings yet - looking at the references it seems that most of the OV-10s left the US in standard 3-tone camouflage or grey but them were repainted into two-tone brown with grey under-surfaces. More on that to follow. I've also bought this: With all of the extras and the vague-ness
  11. I'm in on this one. I've got the Kittyhawk 1/32 OV-10D Bronco with lots of extras so it will give me the opportunity to get stuck into it. Will have to look at decal options. Two of the kit options are potentially from Desert Storm but I've also got the Caracal sheet which has at least one DS option.
  12. I'm building the same kit - but just a little bit behind you - so watching keenly. I will confess that I put the engine to one side half-way through building it. It's a very fiddly piece of construction and I just have the feeling that 99% of it isn't going to be visible - in spite of all of that detail and the endless painting. I enjoyed building the cockpit and the wings and hopefully I'll be bringing it all together as you have in the next couple of weeks. It's an interesting kit. There's so much detail and you learn a lot from the instructions - but it is hard work.
  13. Thanks Guys - That's really kind. I've actually just purchased the Eduard re-release of the P-40E (with another T-shirt) so at some point I'll be having a go at another one of these kits. It includes all of the parts for an early or a late P-40 so there's plenty of scope on markings and versions. I've also just invested in a couple more Hasegawa 1/32nd kits. They're nice to build - good detail and they go together well.
  14. I started this model as a part of the recent P-40 group build but in rushing to finish it to meet the deadline I managed to snap one of the undercarriage legs and ruin the wheels. The retraction jack from the broken leg pinged off and in disgust I threw the model in the bin. A couple of weeks later I managed to find the retraction jack and remove the other leg - along with the remnant of the broken one. With a paid of new undercarriage legs from SAC (at great expenses) I fished the model out of the bin and started to re-finish it. So, around 6-weeks after the group build finished w
  15. Sorry guys I'm out. In an effort to get it finished this morning I've snapped the undercarriage leg and the retraction mechanism - which is at the point of the break has disappeared. The model has gone in the bin.
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