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  1. So did Boeing, they even made a scale model as part of the design process before they settled on the 747 we have today.
  2. Did you get to the point of hanging engines on wings? AFAIK the GP7200/Trent 900 should fit the 747 as the GP7200 was originally designed for the 747-500/600. Also I have seen pictures of the GE test 747 with a GE90-115B fitted so I have no worries about my what-if 747's L O L
  3. Top notch! At this rate you'll have built a model of every Vulcan ever produced.
  4. And I thought I was getting obsessed with 8! I feel so much better now! Do you have a warehouse to display them in?
  5. So what's wrong with the kit? Sounds like an Amodel BTW on your miracle working.
  6. Thing to remember is this thread was originally started about LH not BA and being a What-if no-one can say it's wrong. Plus the wings are constructed differently to the B787 and the A350 which have less tolerance to thermal expansion and flexing.
  7. I'm enjoying the comparative builds. I too have both the Zvezda and Revell 747's in production. Like you I think I might go for more Zvezdas if I build wheels down. All destined for What-if Utopia liveries? Enquiring minds would like to know.....
  8. Superb whirlybird! Love the tail rotor, absolute genius.
  9. Very nice. Very realistic. Very effective. The only negative for me is.....it looks crowded, especially with the Mig overhanging the base on 3 sides. Other than that, it's top notch and I'm very impressed. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Gotta love the wraparound camouflage!
  11. Lovely build and a real shame about the decals bleeding. I too should be able to spare some replacement Zvezda decals. PM if I can help.
  12. Most definitely. I think the designs on page one are worth doing as well (says the man with 8 747's on the go and more ideas brewing. Maybe I'll finish one someday).
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