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  1. i have noticed that this is becoming more of an 'if only' than 'what if' section. Great model of an 'if only' A-10.
  2. A very nice build with impressively realistic weathering. A fitting tribute indeed.
  3. A great model, a super what-if and some fabulous photography!
  4. I am currently thinking of going ahead with either of these two schemes... sort of Qantas/Lufthansa style or something Braniff style
  5. @Robert Stuart has screen shot the nail on the head. That is the post I am having trouble with. I wanted to read it so as to figure out where I was going wrong at my end as I couldn't log in after the move. I found that when I tried to log back in all I got was the website down message. so I reluctantly joined Facebook and logged in from there and have been fine since even though I am not using Facebook to log in now. Thank you @Robert Stuart and @Corsairfoxfouruncle for the info and screen shots, where would a luddite like me be without all you tech savvy guys? ... using a quill and parchment maybe?
  6. When I try to read the FAQ please read first post all I get is 'error 403'
  7. Like the air brakes. Kudos on the weathering
  8. I must admit I do have a small penchant for 747s (4 WIP + 1 in the stash)
  9. Bonjour et bienvenue, Hola! y bienvenida to britmodeller.
  10. Isn't that near the A14 in Suffolk?
  11. Turbofan said "Your attention to detail with the homemade decals, scratchbuilt engines, complex masking and painting of the cheatline and very well done subtle weathering all come together in one of the best 720's I've ever seen. I really hope this isn't your last airliner" I say "ditto" Skodadriver said "The WIP thread is a masterclass in how to do it - everything from casting resin engines to weathering and all points in between! Fantastic work well deserving of a round of " Corsairfoxfouruncle said " ... BEAUTIFUL ! " Stringbag said "An absolute stunner Neil. I've enjoyed the progress thread as well. Ian and Dave have more or less said what I was thinking about this model and the hope for more airliners from your bench." And I couldn't agree more! My gob is smacked and my well and truly.
  12. Thank you ever so much for the masterclass tutorial on an amazing plane. I have learned a lot from this. Now, you wouldn't happen to like Deep Purple or Iron Maiden by any chance? Just wondering
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