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  1. Abandoned Project

    Question about DC-9-32 wingspans

    Nothing wrong with a '2 kit stretch' apart from it sounding like a prison sentence. It is what I have done for my B746. Now doing my own head scratching as I stretch the wings between the engines and at the root.
  2. Abandoned Project

    What-if Airlines

    I am currently playing with paint over in the What-if section here and wondered what would I have to do to make it look plausible?
  3. Abandoned Project

    whiffy paint

    a few tweaks with some Braniff style schemes for 'Green Phoenix Airlines'
  4. Abandoned Project

    An early Aeroflot Ilyushin IL-18 in 1/144

    Superb! Bravo!
  5. Very nice. Lovely weathering.
  6. Abandoned Project

    Bell 47 Medical

    Ditto the above. A beautiful reminder of childhood memories. 1st class sir.
  7. Abandoned Project

    China Southern A380 decals

    They look to be different from the TB decals and would leave me only needing to match one blue
  8. Abandoned Project

    Airfix 1/44 BA 747 engines?

    @Skodadriver, since you didn't mention the Revell BA Boeing 747-400 RR engines I take it that they are no good either? Or am I reading too much into your comment?
  9. Abandoned Project

    Boeing 737 Thai - 1:144 Siam Scale Decals

    Wow! What a beauty!
  10. Abandoned Project

    whiffy paint

    The original inspiration for this is an old 747 that is used for fire training called green phoenix which can be found on airliners.net. should have put the back story in. @Circloy, thanks for the colour wheel. I had already thought about gold with the red logo. I was told as a lad "blue and green should never be seen", and that using colours diametrically opposed to each other was the way to make them stand out but I think my shades are a bit off
  11. Abandoned Project

    whiffy paint

    Decided to go with a Lufthansa/Qantas style paint scheme
  12. Abandoned Project

    whiffy paint

    been playing with the "big canvas" i am aware some might not like the idea of an airline that admits to catching fire and then carrying on as if nothing has happened. P.S. The phoenix logos are a bit too big for the nacelles. Will try a more modern look to the paint on the tail and fuselage.
  13. Abandoned Project

    (Completely New) Painting duration with mixed Revell Aqua paint

    Can I suggest being a bit more specific about which airplane and which paint you are referring to? Also posting in the relevant aircraft discussion might get you some detailed advice on building and painting.
  14. Abandoned Project

    Hi Everyone!

    Welkom, Bienvenue to the forum
  15. Abandoned Project

    China Southern A380 decals

    @fet_thunderdome has a very nice McLaren wearing TBD decals in the vehicle RFI and says that they are good so plan A is still looking good.