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  1. Impressive! Both the quality of the finished model and the 3D printed kit. Kudos to you and @Bangseat
  2. Your cat staring straight into the camera is freaking me out! Great 737s BTW, very nice.
  3. Thank you all for the informative replies
  4. Buy a Zvezda 737-800 or 737-700 and avoid all the problems. Several reasons why you should are; A. better engines B. no window location problem C. cheaper and easier to find
  5. Have to agree with the above. Can't put it any better. That is one awesomely awesome model.
  6. Would it be possible to build a Lancaster B.VI from a B.I/III and a Shackleton? The main difference I can see is the engine nacelles which look like those on the Shackleton. Most likely going to use Revell kits to keep the costs sensible.
  7. That's no paint mule! That's fantastic! Some lovely weathering and staining.
  8. Hello from sunny Lincolnshire and As a fellow returnee (there is a lot of us here) you will find the site is user friendly and full of friendly users.
  9. Willkommen your English is no worse than mine, and I was born and bred here!
  10. I use Village Photos. I don't get any email from them at all.
  11. Just had a chance to check your paint numbers. I see you have bought the Zvezda version. The Revell instructions state 371 grey for the wings with 90 silver for the leading edges. For the grey (on both engines and wings) I would go with Halfords racking grey (RAL 7035) and your favourite silver for the leading edges.
  12. Not a big fan of YouTube presentations but I will admit it takes skill to put the audio and video together.
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