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  1. A bonafide work of art. So many superlatives have been used for this beauty and they are all an understatement. You are blessed with a real talent many (including myself) can only dream of.
  2. Wow! The second diorama photo looks very realistic! Great work!
  3. Just googled 'military fire extinguisher' and it would seem so as what I found was red.
  4. I was thinking about the overall colour scheme, not commercial advertising but it would be a good way to pay for the military and save the poor taxpayers pocket. Would Boeing tell governments that they can save money and time if their military planes go through the same paint shop as Boeing's civilian planes? Would Health & Safety demand everything be painted in Hi-Vis colours due to the dangerous nature of the vehicles?
  5. @Stew Dapple, On your first point l would say that that is plausible as heraldic/regimental/national colours have always been considered important. On the second point I wonder if things would go in the same direction as the commercial vehicle world where white is the default colour? Manufacturers do like to keep costs down to a minimum.
  6. Just a random thought. What if camouflage was never invented? I know that it is highly unlikely in any universe it wouldn't be invented, but what if?........
  7. @Doom3r, funny you should say that as I am already planning to use black as the primer for a blue 748. All paints to be used are rattle cans so hopefully there shouldn't be a problem.
  8. I had thought about a base coat of yellow as I have seen this used to good effect on some royal navy SAR sea kings but thought it might make the red a bit too orange.
  9. My plan was to use white primer so I will carry on with plan A. I am not a fan of red oxide primer which AFAIK is supposed to be used on rust patches before normal grey primer and paint to stop it rusting any further but it is hygroscopic which defeats the object of the exercise. I have plenty of scrap 747 pieces to practice with so I am OK on that front.
  10. Before someone tells me to sit in the corner wearing a conical hat with a big D on it, would I be better off using white primer for a red (humbrol 19) fuselage?
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