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  1. Snap! That is more than me! Welcome aboard. I'm a village photos user, and if a retard like me can use it, anyone can.
  2. @Einar you have built a lovely model. There is nothing wrong with your work or the kit you used (except it's not on my shelf), or the decals either. Thank you @Alex1978 and @thorfinn for finding a better explanation than I did for the oddly cute little 747. I to your superior language skills.
  3. Maybe TJK! Maybe if it was a twin jet and not a quad, it might be that that is throwing me off. It's not the model that seems wrong somehow for me, it's the 747SP in general but it is just my opinion.
  4. The jury is still out for me. OK, it's a 747 but there is just something that looks wrong to me but I'm still liking it. Super looking SP though.
  5. Amazing! Love it! Makes my idea of a camo 747 seem a little more plausible.
  6. Like the What-if story. Very nice paint job.
  7. Had to spend a few minutes finding the words to say without going into a double entendre, but I did. That is 2 lovely airliners in one of the best liveries IMO.
  8. I now have an F-15E (possibly North Macedonian or somewhere else that isn't in possession of F-15E's) on the way from an infamous auction website to sit behind my tanker (possibly ex-Korean Air in grey) and I have decided that I am definitely doing a separate VC-25B/E-4B in wraparound camo. So now I have gone from 6 747s to 7 as I only wanted the wheels for my 747-600 to preparing for #8. I'm going to tell SWMBO that the Britmodeller massive made me do it! Only problem is I have more civil schemes for the -8i brewing....... "My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of tho
  9. You read me like an open book! But then again, I do prefer BOAC and BCaL to that.
  10. The -400 sheet contains 34 named and 4 unnamed registrations. I'm with @Skodadriver Drop Ray an email and ask if the -400 sheet can be used for a -100 or -200 747, given the number of registrations included, I would say that there is a good chance that it will.
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