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  1. looking like its had a hard life. well done on a well built, painted and weathered model Sir.
  2. that has not escaped my notice. if i do a desert scheme Cr2 I know that I will have to paint it green first to get the correct effect. obviously with some weathering as well.
  3. @Kingsman you positively spoil me, thank you ever so much. I know that I never get an "exact match" to something full of variations based on manufacturer, batch date, the "thinners" used, and environment/combat exposure before being photoghraphed. I'm just after something reasonably close. Again, many thanks.
  4. Should be able to sort something out at my LMS. I see that Tamiya is not on the list.
  5. Hello and from Lincolnshire. Flattery will get you everywhere, nowhere around these parts. Glad you feel at home already, just don't trash the place, that's my job!
  6. Bonjour Thierry et from South Lincolnshire, UK. I'm hoping that your employment history will lead to some rotary modelling? Maybe? Good to have you on board.
  7. I found out a long time ago that a 1/72nd scale Millennium Falcon (possibly Revell) actually measured out as 1/76th scale which got me to thinking of a diorama of the 'Falcon with the Airfix RAF ground crew kits. You know, camouflaged top and black underneath and roundels on the sides, getting ready for a sortie.... The "fastest hunk o' junk" in RAF....
  8. Is Tamiya XF59 a good painnt for a '91 Gulf War Challenger1? Any suggestions for a single colour (ie, staight out fo the bottle/tin) acrylic paint for a desert camo Challenger 1? If not, what is a decent mix?
  9. @Farmerboy if only you were in charge of the red arrows!!! your Lightning and Phantom are absolutely gorgeous!
  10. Wow! What a wonderful way to start posting on BM. Awesome collection there. Hello and from South Lincolnshire, UK.
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