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  1. My 12yo daughter Destiny decided that she wanted "to see what all the fuss was about" (her words) when it came to building models so I got her a kit of her own. I don't think that she did too badly for an afternoons work on her first model kit. I did mention paint and decals but that met with a "meh" so I am not going to worry about it. Annoyingly I have models almost as old as her that I have still not finished. Maybe I could learn something from her.
  2. Two questions. Has anyone had any experience using the avia decals AVD144-07? And are the Bra.Z RD-36-51 exhaust nozzles more/less accurate than the kit parts?
  3. Fantastic work there, especially on the glazing.
  4. Same here. BTW, love the COVID-19 war signature. Made me LOL.
  5. This is very educational for my own Tu-144D build.
  6. Looking very nice. How's your hand? Do hope you're back to the full 10 digits.
  7. The last 2 pics....shiny and pointing at the stars.......as a Lightning should be.
  8. The last 2 pictures remind me of so pics I've seen of Lightnings in the air. Top notch sir.
  9. I have to agree especially as thought Absolutely amazing. The realism of the figures is astounding. Superb backdrop photo, it works so well. Kudos.
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