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  1. Wow! that's a long time on the shelf of doom!
  2. If you hadn't said that it was an Istabitsa model, I would never have known! Fantastic work!
  3. What's not to love when presented with a Phantom in wraparound and? Absolutely Phabulous!
  4. Hi ADM43, Try hahen.de as they sell 747-8i/f fan blades. Or get a set of zvezda 747-8i fan blades which will fit the Revell engines. ATB A.P.
  5. Amazing A320s.Hey @Corsairfoxfouruncle, another great modeller from the Windy City.
  6. I salute you for your amazing work on a absolutely awesome An-225. Be proud of your model, I would be if it were mine.
  7. Certainly inspiration for me to pull my finger out and crack on with my own fleet. with interest.
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