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  1. I'll sign up for this one. I have a Fujimi E14Y Glen that would fit this nicely, and a Blue Impulse display team F-86 Sabre on its way.
  2. I arrived home yesterday, after a 3 day weekend and 800km road trip, to find my package from Jadlam. Not too shabby to get to New Zealand in that timeframe. Hoping my decals arrive this week and I have a few days to sort out the paint before things kick off. I'm doing a simple what-if, assuming RNZAF purchased Hawks instead of Aermacchi trainers in the 80s.
  3. Just ordered one of this kit (and another) from Jadlam, so sign me up for this group build. After a good search, aI couldn't find one for sale online here in NZ, so here's hoping it gets here within a reasonable timeframe.
  4. I keep finding myself drawn to this era of Russian planes. I recently bought an IL-2 and LA-5 for the stash, so some sort of Yak interests me. I'm also curious to try one of the Arma kits that are getting good reviews. Time to add one to various wishlists and put my name forward here.
  5. Thanks for the supportive posts. I'm certainly happy with what I did achieve, and plan to try again at Xmas. Seeing others working their way through a list struck me as a great idea. Maybe a small armour kit or simple car would be easier. Whatever the answer, I want to get this right.
  6. Got a bit closer this time, and I'm quite a bit happier with my work, but still not done in time. I'll get the rest of the decals and last few parts on tomorrow maybe.
  7. Right, Day 2. Let's get moving (and ignore pleas to vacuum).
  8. Have made some food progress today. Most of the subassemblies are done, or close to done, so hopefully tomorrow will just be bring it all together, painting and decals. (It Sounds so simple when put like that.
  9. Best of luck with your build. I remember making this as a kid.
  10. Time to get started on this. A quick rummage through the stash turned up this which seems suitable. My current plan is to build the kit OOTB, but if time goes well I may use the ATAIU SEA decals for a captured aircraft.
  11. I would like to do another one of these, after losing my focus on the 2nd day of the Xmas one. I saw this was on during the week, and have been spurred on by a friends quick build on Twitter recently. A Buick rummage through the stash turned up an Airfix 1/72 A6M2 Zero that looks suitable.
  12. For my entry in this group build, I'm building the 2nd kit I built as a kid in the late 70s. This kit popped up as a recommendation while I was looking on TradeMe (Kiwi auction site) for another kit I remember building way back when. My eyes opened a mile wide and I had a bid on it within seconds. A week later it was in my hands and I opened it up for a look. My, how things have changed, and memory plays trick on us. Searching for info and ideas was how I found this fine website, Scalemates, and Hannants. I didn't want to risk disappointment with the original decals so ordered an Xt
  13. I'm keen to enter this with the Matchbox Buccaneer I found last year. I think it was the 2nd kit I ever built, and I've always wanted another. I totes with the idea to painting the sprues to match the moulded colours of the one I built, or an Operation Granby scheme.
  14. Well today has been frustrating. I've not been able to just sit down and get on with the build as I wasn't staying focused and often found I needed to walk away for long periods of time. This led to rushing and making mistakes, and things haven't worked out like I hoped. I'm still glad I gave it a go, and I now have a clear goal for the next blitzbuild I enter. Sometime over the holiday season I'll finish it off, then hang it from the ceiling in the corner of the hobby room. Best of luck to all those in the process of their builds, I'll have a look through them in the morning.
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