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  1. Stuff happens. A few months in the penalty box then I'll look at it again. I'm thinking I might drag a couple of previously stalled builds out of their boxes and shuffle over to the KUTA area.
  2. I'll join you in bowing out. Paint issues and a damaged airbrush did for me today. I'll be back as this is one of my favourite Xmas holiday events. The support and diversity of builds make it such fun. Cheers, Justin.
  3. Sorry to say, but I've had to put this one back into it's box to be dealt with later. Paint issues, then I dropped my airbrush while cleaning it, bending the needle. Ill let it dry, sand it back another day and repaint it. Thanks to Enzo for hosting this, and everyone for the support, Justin.
  4. Back to it after a muddled morning. By my calculations I have 10 hours to go, but hope to be done before midnight.
  5. I promptly picked my tools and carried on after that last pic, so let's call this one the finish for today. I'm happy enough with the lower wing joint now, so just some more assembly, painting, and decals tomorrow.
  6. Progress as been a bit slow, but it's looking a bit more like a plane now. There was quite a step between the lower wing and fuselage, so I've slapped some PPP in there and hit it with the primer to guage my progress. One more small wipe will do it I think. The thumb print will be sanded off.
  7. Time to take a break. Happy enough with progress for 4.5 hrs. Cheers Justin.
  8. Thanks Race Addict. It was a pre-war design, developed from an earlier biplane. I've made a bit of progress, getting a lot of parts off the sprues, cleaned up and primed. One paint scheme has a red tail, so that was a great excuse to break out the blitzbuild favourite pink Tamiya primer. 2 hours in so far, and next move is to sort out a lot of the fiddly bits so I'm not panicking later in the build. Regards, Justin.
  9. And we're underway. Time to throw some primer around. Edit to fix link.
  10. A quick trip to my LHS this morning secured this kit. I've been promising myself I'd get one for a while, and after reading how simple the kit is, figured it would be a good entry for a blitzbuild. All the sprues are washed, and my painting booth is set up nearby. I'll be doing a OOB build using the Great Escape time option. Cheers, Justin.
  11. Who hasn't looked at a big kit like this, considered a 24hr work limit and thought "ya know, if I model it in flight, don't go OTT with the interior, can paint it all with one rattle can, and all the best stars align, this just might work ok out ok"? If you pull this off, you'll become an absolute freaking legend. You have my admiration for setting out to achieve this, and a close eye will be kept on all progress.
  12. Woohoo, one of my favourite holiday events. Thanks for hosting this annual institution again Enzo. I'll have to have a rummage through my stash, but leading contenders are the Zvezda 1/72 BF-109 F2, or Fujimi Yokosuka E14Y Glen as carried on some IJN submarines. I will probably decide on the 26th. Cheers, Justin.
  13. I'm rapidly running out of reasons not to buy the new Takom Ekranoplan kit.
  14. If the new Airfix kit makes it to NZ in time I'd be keen. Still no sign of it here yet.
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