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  1. Airfix 1/72 PR XIX. Built straight from the box, this is my third attempt at a Blitzenbuild, and the first time I've finished within the allowed time. Thanks for the encouragement, and for hosting such a fun challenge.
  2. Quick time check totals to 19.5 hours, so a good margin there. Looks like my 3rd attempt was indeed a charm.
  3. I do believe I've finished. Will check the times shortly, but am pretty sure it's under 24hrs, and that I'll be getting to bed at a reasonable hour for work tomorrow (won't be getting up at anything like a reasonable hour though). One last oops when removing the masking on the side camera port, but the glue has held one one side so it may be recoverable later. I'll post a few pics in the gallery shortly.
  4. Decals on, as far as I care to. Too much frustration with the 10 tiny ones that go on the spinner, so the few I had managed have been removed. Will give it some time to dry and get a coat of clear to seal them.
  5. Thanks Steve. I've just got a coat of clear (Tamiya x-22) on and letting it dry before decals. The airbrush seems to work well. So far I haven't tried anything beyond painting broard areas one colour. It felt a bit unwieldy at first, but I've got used to it now. One quirk is the air flows constantly, with the trigger only controlling the flow of paint. I ended up fitting a tap to my air line to work around this.
  6. Time for today's effort, pushing to get finished today.
  7. That's enough progress for now. All set for a fine sand and paint tomorrow.
  8. Ok, let's get a bit more done. Would like to get the airframe together before sloping off to bed.
  9. A little simple detail for the cockpit and the prop painted before taking a break. A couple of domestic jobs to take care of.
  10. Back into this for the afternoon. Have realised I've missed painting the back of something before assembling the cockpit, but pressing on regardless. My goal is to finish, not perfection.
  11. 4 1/2 hours down and that's me for the night. I have the cockpit together and interior painted. First time using my new Tamiya basic airbrush, certainty a step up from the Badger 250 I've had for years.
  12. Nice work there Brad. I built this kit about 18 months ago and the closest it came to a fight was the wing root intakes.
  13. Righty ho, time to get started. https://cdn01.hobbyphotohost.com/p?i=5238f45833694a936f68795153d1f319
  14. Hi all. I've gone back and forward a bit about joining this year as I've failed to finish the last 2 blitzbuilds I've attempted, but here I am. Full of optimism, or safe in my delusions, I'm back to try again. I'll build it OOB, in the aluminium RAF finish. Dinner is almost ready, so will get stuck in after that. Cheers, and brb, Justin in NZ.
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