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  1. I'm keeping my eyes open for a 4 headlight Fox Body notchback. Pretty sure Revell and MPC both kitted them in the 80s. My back up plan is the modern Revell facelift notchback (drag or Police versions).
  2. Thanks Steve. Progress has stalled today. I've sat down to work on masking a couple of times since getting home from work and just wasn't able to relax and get things done. Seems that for now models are a weekend thing. I see you're in (or around) Nelson, which is also where the seller of those paint booths is located. They also sell on TradeMe. I'm pretty happy with the booth, the fan seems to cope with short bursts from spray cans well enough that fumes aren't an issue. Cheers , Justin.
  3. The lights came as part of the booth, which I bought secondhand. It all collapses down to pack away if you need the space.
  4. Nice work. You're doing a fine job of making these models look appealing, like an old 1/76 Matchbox kit for grown ups. Keen to see how this progresses.
  5. Feels like I'm making progress now I have some primer on. Had to do a couple of rounds with extra filler to smooth things out, but now it looks acceptable. Just about to shoot the first coat of Ammo Mig Satin White on the top sides.
  6. Fantastic job.You wouldn't know that was a one day build, well done.
  7. Slapped a bit of putty into the large wing and stabiliser root gaps. Will give it some time to set.
  8. Finally getting to sit down and spend some time on this.
  9. Calling time for today. Progress has been slow, with distractions and the, err, features of the kit. There is one single locating pin near the tail, and not a lot to fix the cockpit in place. Tomorrow morning I'll get it primed and see how much filler will be needed for wing and tailplane joins.
  10. It's Best described as an honest attempt, but not going to set the world talking. Having looked at Scalemates, it's a re-pop of an older kit that has done the rounds for 20+ years. Smarter people than me recommend the Hobbyboss kit, and if had been available here I may have bought that, but not every hobby decision we make is rational is it?
  11. Here is my entry. It only arrived yesterday after the EBay seller sent the wrong kit initially. It wasn't what I intended to build, but it seemed like a sign, and I've been meaning to start working through my WW2 Russian stash. I'll be doing it the same as the box art winter scheme. Will take a few stabs at building it over the weekend.
  12. I'm nearly ready to get underway, just need to get a few groceries so we can have lunch. I'll be building a 1/72 Zvezda Mig-3 which finally arrived from a Russian eBay seller yesterday. It's been a journey to get this kit. I bought it before Xmas last year, and when the package arrived, they'd sent the wrong kit. The seller was gracious in correcting their error and sent the correct one in early February. I'd almost given up on ever seeing it, but got home from work and had a pleasant surprise. https://cdn01.hobbyphotohost.com/p?i=4cb3f9407372eb11d63683c80c4ba1aa
  13. Thanks for the update Pat. I hope that whatever has happened for Enzo to step back resolves itself well. Life happens and some things take priority. I like the idea of piggy-backing on a previous blitzbuild until someone with moderator superpowers can save us. I have a couple of hours of domestic chores to deal with before getting started here in the upsidedown (NZ). I'll check back through the morning and see what the consensus is. Thanks for your help, Justin.
  14. Is the Blitzbuild that was marked down for this weekend happening? I haven't found any chat about it, nor anything to say it's been dropped. Cheers, Justin.
  15. Airfix 1/72 PR XIX. Built straight from the box, this is my third attempt at a Blitzenbuild, and the first time I've finished within the allowed time. Thanks for the encouragement, and for hosting such a fun challenge.
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