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  1. Well today has been frustrating. I've not been able to just sit down and get on with the build as I wasn't staying focused and often found I needed to walk away for long periods of time. This led to rushing and making mistakes, and things haven't worked out like I hoped. I'm still glad I gave it a go, and I now have a clear goal for the next blitzbuild I enter. Sometime over the holiday season I'll finish it off, then hang it from the ceiling in the corner of the hobby room. Best of luck to all those in the process of their builds, I'll have a look through them in the morning. Justin in NZ.
  2. Getting back into it , and time for a little motivational music.
  3. And thats's my 12 hours for today. Not quite where I hoped to be in the build, but not worrying yet. A good nights sleep and having something to work from should see things back on track. Night all, Justin.
  4. Starting to feel like I'm making progress. Even managed to glue the control stick back together after it broke while cutting from the sprue.
  5. A few hours in and a few pieces have been painted.
  6. Hi all. I recently signed up, and figured this GB would be a good way to start getting involved and posting (also to break my terrible habit of signing up to forums then returning to lurk mode forever). I'm just going to do a simple OOB build, no fancy decals or parts. Having not rushed through a build before, I figure it'll be an interesting challenge. Various domestic chores ate away the morning here, so it's a later start than planned. Lunch as shown is a couple of ham filled rolls, and at this time of day, apple juice. Gin and Tonic will be broken out in a couple of hours when I've made some progress. Cheers, Justin.
  7. Hi folks. I've recently completed a couple of model aircraft for the first time in around 30 years. Over that time I've started a few car builds but always lost interest along the way. I decided to give it another bash recently while my wife was in hospital for several weeks. It proved relaxing and enjoyable so I've chosen to carry on and see what happens. This forum kept popping up when I was looking for reviews, tips, and inspiration so I figured I'd join and get involved. Currently I'm looking at joining the Mustang STGB, the Xmas Blitzenbuild, and the Kits you built as a kid GB. As seems fairly common with returning builders, I'm trying not to rush and demand perfection. I figure working on 1 or 2 different skills and techniques per build is enough. All the best, Justin in Tauranga.
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