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  1. Okay, Thanks Dennis, Sorry if I spoke too soon..... I for one would most certainly welcome it Regards Alan
  2. Hi Pat, Thank you for your kind words and support - I have enjoyed building the Meteor. Whilst I hope to complete the Meteor this weekend (weather permitting), I still have another three builds, Mossie/Hind/ Lone Avenger, in the works. If I can squeeze all three into the next few weeks maybe...... I can restart the Iroquois. Possible thought, Do you think You and Dennis @corsairfoxforuncle as GB Mods/Managers could have a thought about possibly extending the GB deadline to end of May (couple of weeks extra), then yeah, I could get the Huey fin
  3. The Sunderland Mk I had the Pegasus Mk XXII engine, and the Sunderland Mk III had the Pegasus Mk XVIII engine. If you compare the chart in link below both the Peggie 22 and Peggie 18 had a similar radius (55.3 inches) so in respect to your question the answer would be no. Pegasus Engine Comparison Chart Caveat though, is that the Mk I had the inner port exhaust which differed in that the exhaust went through the wing leading edge, through an internally mounted water filled heating chamber/boiler, which provide hot air for crew warmth. You can
  4. Hi All, Sorry this one has fallen behind, I had a rather crazy event take place that necessitated buying a whole new kit In my Model room, it can get quite warm, but nothing that will deal to my models however something happened to the Starboard side of my kit fuselage, turning it into a plastic banana So New kit, and we're back in play So where are we at? I built a better cockpit than the general floor board provided in the kit Painted the cockpit area Built Bulkh
  5. Thanks Steve Just a quick update for today Wings and Tail feathers on - though had to add a shim into the Port Wing join The starboard wing join will need a smidgen of filler Canopy on I also drilled out the gun blast tubes Next stop, off to the paint shop (No, I don't have this WAAF to spray my model - though note the covered over roundel) (RNZAF Official - RNZAF Museum - Used With Permissions) See you in a bit. Thanks for looking in Regards Al
  6. Very Nice Choice, and not an oft seen subject. I certainly remember these at Wigram with the CFS (Central Flying School), the sound of the Lycoming engines very much softer than the snarl of the Pratt & Whitney of the Harvard NZ1931 in formation with fellow Red Checkers (RNZAF Official - RNZAF Museum - Used with Permissions) A lot of folks outside of New Zealand probably don't know this, but there was another aircraft similar to the Air Trainer, and that was the AESL Airtourer - only 4 were BOC and flew operationally NZ1761
  7. Glad you got it sorted Stu - the pains of being a modeller eh Looking good, look forward to seeing your model with the rest of her War paint on Regards Alan
  8. Hi Davey, Your model is just awesome Well done in your build Look forward to when she's all done Regards Alan
  9. Hi Ray, Thanks, Glad you like the history Hi Cliff Hope you like the finished product, here's another one that might interest you Hind TTS Rongotai - Note the Port Lower Black Wings Hind TTS Rongotai Hi Dennis Hope it works out well Hi All An Update - With Easter Weekend Holidays, got to get some serious model building done So where to begin? I needed to remove the moulded kit seats to do the interior the way I want The wings needed a good sanding to get rid of the oversize
  10. Hi All, Another update So continuing with my build, I have added seat harness, and Control column, and some grey drying brushing to highlight I added some side detail such as found in this Port side shot of NZ6001 below (RNZAF Official - RNZAF Museum - Used with Permissions) The cockpit assembly sitting in the portside part Fuselage joined together Looking into the cockpit - looks good to me I have boxed in the main wheel wells and added some de
  11. Hi All, An update on my build So where to start? I ummed and ahhed about opening the front wheel well, so I did - I left the section were the wheel kit part mounts into, to add some structural strength I decided also to heat form the actual well where the tyre/wheel sits Glued onto the forward section of the cockpit floor - you will also note I have added the rudder peddles and push rods The actual wheel sitting in situ I also made up the forward bulkhead and supports for the n
  12. Hi Dennis, Looking good, and a Great illustration of the changes occurring in the RNZAF camouflage wise during that time Thanks for sharing your build with us in the GB and your finished model here. Great addition (and A4K too) to your collection Regards Alan
  13. Hi Dennis, Very Nice NZ6201 as you know, had quite the Service Life, but a bit of a Social Butterfly too Here with a RN Sea Harrier from HMS Invincible during a visit to New Zealand In formation with a a Royal Thai Air Force F5 and F16 A little bit more upper crust, British Airways Concorde, during a visit to New Zealand Thanks for sharing your build with us in the A4 GB, and your finished model here. Regards Alan
  14. Here you go Dennis (RNZAF Official RNZAF Museum - Used with Permissions) Regards Alan
  15. Hi Dennis, What can I say, but Wow!!! That's looking really good Now I want to get my build of NZ3036 finished (not in this GB though too far built) If you want to post the underside photo, go for it, just remember to credit it as RNZAF Official - RNZAF Museum Thanks for posting your photos Regards Alan
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