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  1. Hi Steve and Dennis, The only RNZAF Corsairs that carried rocket stubs (during WWII and Post War) were the 60 odd FG-1D's as in photo below at Piva, Bouganville (RNZAF Official - RNZAF Museum - Used with permissions) Steve, I may have a saving grace for you re the rockets and those huge slots. Looking at your model, it appears to be a F4U-1D, possibly with with blown canopy? If so you can build as an FG-1D Corsair (really some as F4U-1D) Circa October 1945 (not long after arriving back in New Zealand) RNZAF Corsairs were inspected by Air
  2. Hi Dennis, Fortunes of War unfortunately, but yes, still sad to see RNZAF lost a few by fire in operations Photo above is NZ5343 (F4U-1) From NZDF Serials - "Destroyed by fire after belly landing at Piva on 13 April 1945, following hydraulic failure. The aircraft made a wheels up, flapless landing. " - Pilot uninjured NZ5367 - 15 Sqn - Green Is -Caught fire in air Test landed and pilot escaped (RNZAF Official - RNZAF Museum - Used with Permissions) NZ5482 - 16 Sqn (possible Bouganville) caught fire after crashing of
  3. Thanks Pete, Now that you mention it, I do recall this topic being discussed on Proboards re the White bands. Should have payed better/more attention in Class Thanks/regards Alan
  4. Thanks Dennis & Pat, Yes this GB should be quite interesting with the multitude of subjects that can be built from either County's history. I know I mentioned the Wellington MK III/Spitfire/Meteor in the GB Chat, but I was earlier this week looking through my Model cupboard, when I saw this. Some years ago I had given this as a Christmas present to my Son , but he never built it (gaming took over....... so no time to build). Upon seeing this, and a quick discussion with said Son, here we are The Huey has now long gone from the RNZAF Invento
  5. Hi All, Place Holder for this GB, Kit box photo ( Photo is not the best, flash kept going off - one of those days) I'll post a new one in next day or so RNZAF Station Hobsonville - where I grew up - Post Sunderland era (RNZAF Official - RNZAF Museum - Used with Permissions) Cool looking Huey in cool looking scenery - NZ3813 Mount Cook National Park - Southern Alps (South Island New Zealand) (RNZAF Official - RNZAF Museum - Used with Permissions) I'll post more soon Regards Alan
  6. Hi Cliff, You may already have this? (RNZAF Official - RNZAF Museum - used with Permissions) Hawker Typhoon Mk I - SA-K - (Serial JP853) - RAF Tangmere - Pilot at time, Flight Lieutenant Murphy. Regards Alan
  7. Thanks for that, the two artists are very similar. This is a book cover by Maurice Conly ( I have in my collection), it has an RNZAF Orion painting some what similar to the Stamp in the book Portrait of an Air Force Book Cover Regards Alan
  8. Pitcairn Island does have a type of wharf, but it can only take barges that unload there from the larger ships at anchor further out to sea RNZAF 5 Squadron did Operate Vincent's at out break of war (1939), then moved to Lauthala Bay Fiji, with Short Singapore III's, which were replaced by Catalina's (PBY 5/PB2B) The Sunderland's didn't arrive till early 1950's (mid 1953), based at Lauthala Bay (Fiji), and Hobsonville, Auckland - SOC 1967 The P3B's didn't arrive till around Oct 1966, - My Dad served with 5 Squadron both on Sunderland's and P3B Orion's. H
  9. Hi Dennis As long as you acknowledge the Photo as "RNZAF Official - RNZAF Museum" they are fine to use Couple of quick comments if I may (comes from a learning curve I went through ) while getting ready for the GB. Just check if the kit has "Round Exhausts" as opposed to "Fish Tail" - I discovered this while building My 1/32 Revell Kit as NZ3009 (HQ-B) and had closed up the entire fuselage I remember building a 1/72 Academy P40M which had both so..... Couple of other things the first not so noticeable in 1/72, RAF Contract P40E-1's had
  10. Hi Mike, There was a discussion (some time ago now) about this same Propeller, on an RNZAF Forum here in New Zealand. It simply came down to a Prop that had been foraged, most likely from either a USN/USMC Corsair (RNZAF shared same airstrips with them) to replace a damaged one. It wasn't uncommon for the odd RNZAF aircraft (Corsairs more noticeable) to have different coloured panels etc. Couple of Photos below showing a Cowling Ring and replacement panel off a GSB painted Corsair on a Tri Coloured one. Not sure whether the Cowling Ring is Wh
  11. Nice Choice, I remember the Strikemaster fondly, especially as a young cadet getting up close and personal with them at Wigram. I couldn't find (yet) a colour photo, but the rear Strikemaster in the photo below is NZ6365 as shown on your model box top (RNZAF Official - RNZAF Museum - Used with Permissions) Look forward to your build Regards Alan
  12. Seeking additional Aircraft to shore up defenses against the advancing Japanese, Australia approached the US for assistance. The US provided some 22 odd P39's (P39D/F's) for Australian use circa mid 1942. These were handed back to the US, end of 1943. I would say US seats
  13. Hi Steve, Very, very Nice I missed this one by you (both WIP and RFI) Thanks for sharing your build and model with us. I have a Tempest/Typhoon to do (one day....) in 486 (NZ) Sqn markings Regards Alan
  14. Hi Mike, The Carpena/Printscale/Colorado decals all have that horrid light blue colour, which is not right, What's even worse is the Decals have Yellow surrounds for the wing Roundels - No RNZAF aircraft in the SW Pacific ever had those. Aviaeology, I haven't seen, so can't comment. Ventura do a sheet with at least three RNZAF Venturas Ventura RNZAF PV-1 decals Old Model Decals also do RNZAF PV-1's also Old Model Decals ANZAC Day is April 25 - 106 Years this year since the landings at Gallipoli My Great Unc
  15. Hi Mike, Ventura Decals do some (this one's 1/72) with the markings for NZ5060 - Donald Duck Ventura RNZAF Dauntless Decals Possibly Malcolm laird, the owner of Ventura publications? Regards Alan
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