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  1. Hi All, With a week to go a quick update. The Mini guns painted and ready (the two scratch built ones firstly) for installation The fuselage closed up, note the amount of putty........ The upper and lower wing halves joined, dry fitting showed some big gaps between wing and fuselage, so some shims added Wings and fuselage mated, you can see the shims and some need for extra putty Tail feathers and nose cone added, plus you guessed it more putty......... After some wet sanding with fine grit paper, everything was cleaned up (as well as could be) Cockpit glazing and Astrodome added, and it's ready for the paint shop Hopefully in the next few days I'll have it painted and decaled ready for inspection Thanks for looking in Regards Alan
  2. Hi Rich, From what you describe (Starboard side), it would seem SH (apart form the actual size) were headed in the right direction - Check out my photo below, and explanation beneath If you look at the portholes going from Right to Left, you will see that the first one (with broken red line) is a non opening Port (you see it as you enter main hatch), then the next three are opening (first two for Lav) third is the Officers/Main wardroom, the next two non opening still in ward room, fourth opening. The next three are the galley, first Opening second is part of galley hatch (hatch opens) third and last opening. In this photo of the ward room, you can see the Third opening Port from the inside, followed by the two non opening ports - fourth one is out of photo The photo below shows what a Sunderland looks like when the opening ports are removed compared to the non opening The diameter of the larger ports in above photo is 35cm, which is 4.86mm in 1/72, so there is 2cm additional area of the port that sits flush with the fuselage. To be honest 0.2mm is not really going to be too noticeable. The 4.75 difference from 5mm might be, but as you said some framing may help there? Hope that helps? Regards Alan
  3. Since FS Numbers didn't exist in WWII (a Post WWII thing ), then FS call outs for paint numbers won't come into the equation. I also believe it's been established that the lower colours for RAF orders for the P40's (which the AVG flew) was DuPont 71-021, Sky Type S-Grey - a Duck Egg Blue/Green colour. I would suggest going back and read Nick Millman's comments (Post # 15) This AVG P40 screen shot (1st aircraft) certainly appears that colour (note main undercart door nearest camera) AVG P40 Also reading the Nobby's comments (Post #59), I read it, he is asking what the interior colour is for the wheel well doors, and what colour is the Liner of main and tail wheels as in this LIFE magazine photo FWIW, I believe the liner in the photo is a Khaki colour Regards Alan
  4. Hi Rich, Hopefully the following will help you? The outer "Opening Porthole Ring" is 37 cm in Diameter as per this photo. That equates to 5.1mm in 1/72 scale The Pexiglass Transparency is 30cm in Diameter. That equates to 4.1mm in 1/72 Note all Pexiglass transparencies (including "Non Opening") are 30cm, exception being the Beam Gun hatch port which is larger Regards Alan
  5. Hi Rich, Just bear in mind that if doing a Seletar Sunderland Mk V, SH didn't include the fore and aft main hatch cuts outs for the Crash Axe and Fire Extinguisher. You can see the Pexiglass cut outs in this Link Seletar Sunderlands Also bear in mind that SH instructions would have you build the kit with three portholes at rear of aircraft, when there are only two (aft of wing lower) Also note the Beam hatch Port is slightly larger - SH have made it the same as the rest SH kit instructions show you to build with three Portholes Starboard side between main canopy and wing leading edge. There is only one porthole Bare in mind the paint instructions are dubious as well for the interior in places Having said that enjoy your model Regards Alan
  6. Hi All, Thank you all for your comments and support Another update - thus far I really didn't like the way the other two mini guns were simply two barrels sticking through the open windows as per kit instructions. So I decided to build two mini gun pods. First off the main gun pod bodies, from spare sprue. You can see the "barrels" which attached to the inside of the fuselage I built some stands to attach the gun pod bodies to I drilled holes for locating pins, and using a metal pin and epoxy, I glued the barrels to the gun pod bodies. The whole thing is a little longer but that's fine, you won't see it. I just have to wait for the epoxy to dry, and I can shape the rear part of the green section to match to the pod body shape Finally I wet sanded the rivets off the wings, and filled in ejection pin marks on the horizontal stabilizers. Thanks for looking in, I hope you enjoy. More soon to come soon. Regards Alan
  7. Hi Dave, You may have (or not) seen these, might give you some ideas RNZAF Canberra's Regards Alan
  8. This photo link taken by RNZAF Servicemen with either 36 or 100 Squadrons, and posted on RNZAF Proboards, shows what I believe is night (Black) lowers Night Lowers Vildebeest Close up shot Close up of Vildebeest Regards Alan
  9. Hi Rich, I'll put my name down, got a few kits in the stash that would fit the Vietnam war period Thanks Alan
  10. Hi Dave, I have not that long ago, ordered/purchased these Old Model Decals for a Wellington Mk III 75(NZ) Squadron. They look really good, have yet to try them, but other modellers, who have used Old Model Decals seemed pleased with them I plan to buy more if that helps? Regards Alan
  11. Hi Dave, can't comment on the Model Alliance Decals You could always try Old Model Decals if you want to do and RNZAF Canberra (more accurate too) - scroll down to lower section of page for Canberra's Old Model Decals Regards Alan
  12. I know that issue, had it happen just few days ago, ah the joys of modelling Thanks for sharing your model, always nice to see Kiwi Aircraft Regards Alan
  13. Saw this particular Harvard at Wigram in the flesh, mid-late 1970's, along with her displays in the Red Checkers. They were often parked in the hangars where my Dads section was FYI The RNZAF Harvard's cowling at the time, had light grey interior Regards Alan
  14. Hi All. Apologies for being this late into the GB, but family medical issues have caused Model bench time to take a back seat. However, I have managed to get some time in and would like to post a progress update So what the sprues look like along with decals ( I'll use those) kit Instructions - pretty basic To the kit build I have sanded off the rivets, in this scale they would be the size of dinner plates at least, I have also decided to build in a cabin deck Built a flight deck bulkhead with radio station and rear cabin bulkhead, along with some internal ribbing, Yes, I know the ribbing looks like I was under the influence.................. I didn't like the Crew man/seat combo, (from the airline version I believe), and extended the flight deck floor So I made new seats Some paint I added some seat cushions in a gull grey colour Some internal colour - my paint was a little too thin me thinks - the white marks on cabin deck are to attach the Mini Gun stands Flight deck attached Thanks for looking in, hope you enjoy, more soon Regards Alan
  15. A quick check of my books show that Yes, RNZAF 5 Squadron Catalina's were capable of turret/blister armament This Photo Link of RNZAF Catalina NZ4055 shows the "Eyeball" blister with armament - No that is not a mark on the photo, as the same photo is in "The Golden Age of New Zealand Flying Boats" and you can clearly see the machine gun barrels NZ4055 Also in "The Golden Age of New Zealand Flying Boats", there is a superb photo of NZ4046 of 5 Squadron at Kai Tak, Hong Kong, February1950, with the "Eyeball blister" sporting two 0.5 cal guns. To your question of the Blisters being armed, the answer is yes. Again in "The Golden Age of New Zealand Flying Boats", there is a nice photo of a 5 Squadron Catalina in 1952. with .5 Cal MG mounted on its pintle with armour plate, in stowed position. Doesn't say which airframe it was though Hope that helps you? Regards Alan
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