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  1. Some years ago when Eagle Cal first showed these decals (on another Modelling website) I and Pete Mossong both voiced our comments on the wrong colours for the RNZAF Roundel, The SAGE (Self Appointed Guru Expert) who supplied Eagle Cal the information, obviously not liking being, called out on his information made the rather stupid comment, RNZAF Roundels are very convoluted anyway. The Xtradecals (RNZAF), we Kiwis had some input, and Xtradecals actually listened - the colours are pretty good To top it all off, earlier this year I saw WWII RNZAF Roundels on a former RNZAF Aircraft that had been in storage for some 50-60 years, and the colour was a Magnificent Dark Blue, even when showing some fading, the colour was still a dark blue - nothing like Eagle Cal's Expert portrayed Kind regards Alan Edit - PS Cookie, I almost forgot, great subject choice, I look forward to following your build
  2. To be honest the only time a RNZAF Corsair would have three tanks fitted, was if they were ferrying somewhere If completing a Ground attack run, 1A's would carry ordnance centreline 1D's would carry either a centre line tank and two pieces of ordnance depending on how far the flight distance was Couple of YouTube films of RNZAF Corsairs being bombed up or taking off on missions sans fuel tanks Bombing up F4U-1D Corsair Bouganville RNZAF Corsair takeoff Torokina Interestingly NZ5397 and NZ5399 were listed a 1A's All 1D's were Serialed NZ54** or NZ55** FG-1D's were NZ56** An RNZAF Corsair with Left fitted Tank RNZAF Corsair with Left hardpoint tank Regards Alan
  3. Hi All, Place Holder for tomorrows Start I will be continuing a Build I stared a few years ago, using the old Revell kit. Started a lot more than I had remembered, Still less than 25% though From the following photos you can see I originally made a start on correcting then R 2800 Engine (got rid of those "Bumps") on the Gearbox housing as in photo below The Cowling was short shot in Places, so started repairs and removed Flaps Made a start on the exhausts too Had made a start on the Cockpit with some ribbing/stringers and Rear/forward Cockpit bulkheads I had planned to make this an F4U-1A, but I'm a little apprehensive of getting the really faded finish required for this aircraft, NZ5277, in the allotted time frame So, I will build as an F4U-1D for 23 Ghost Squadron in overall Glossy Sea Blue From the Ventura Site F4U-1D NZ5485 I will use these decals, (just waiting on their arrival) again from Ventura site - which have the correct Roundel Colours Ventura Decals See you at the start tomorrow Regards Alan
  4. You could always do this Post War RNZAF F4U-1D Corsair NZ5531 NZ5531 Just bear in mind Modellers and "Authoritative Authors" always show this Airframe with Fictitious Roundels never seen on RNZAF Aircraft. Should be A type/C type Regards Alan
  5. Easy, there aren't any Which ever way you choose to go, each of the three kits on the market have their own issues, involving remedial work, if a modeller wants a decent reasonably accurate model of a Short Sunderland.
  6. Given that SH have chosen the lazy route to make all versions of the Sunderland using one fuselage (probably wings too), I wouldn't hold my breath. You can't make all versions of the Sunderland with the same fuselage and wings. At least the Italeri Sunderland Mk I/III are proper fuselages for the specific version. Regards Alan
  7. My Dad Served with 5 Squadron who own the RNZAF P3's, the mantra he had even after retirement, was "Maintain, Maintain", instilled in him from first days of Service. This is an RNZAF P3k taken some few years ago now, at Whenuapai (home of 5 Squadron), what you don't see is the wear and tear on the leading edges. Given that these aircraft cover a vast amount of the Pacific Ocean generally, maintenance is important to keep them flying Regards Alan
  8. Hi Colin, The problem with the Mk V is, I used the Special Hobby parts and added my refinements. If I had just scratch built the interior, like I did with my Airfix Mk III, it would have been better/easier (I think ) Airfix Mk III With the Italeri Sunderland, I plan to scratch build a similar interior. I have photos of the RNZAF Mk III's and the Fight deck is quite basic, compared to other Mk III's Sooo we shall see Thanks for looking in Regards Alan
  9. Hi Wez, Thank you for the welcome, and glad you enjoyed the film Hi Aaron Glad you enjoyed, welcome to the journey, Sunderland's are real passion of mine Hi Davey, Thank you for joining the journey The 4 Mk III's were all engined with Bristol Pegasus Mk XVIII Engine (same as other Sunderland Mk III's) Interesting story, in that just prior to departure from Britain to New Zealand, 490 (NZ) Squadron ground crews had replaced the propellers (Non feathering) with feathering types. That didn't go down well with the Station Engineering Officer (obviously not a Kiwi ), so the whole of the 16 Props had to be replaced with the originals. When "Aeroplane" Magazine produced their Book on the Short Sunderland some years ago now, it contained a section written by some "Individual" who knows nothing about RNZAF Sunderland's. He wrote that the Sunderland's had actually served with 490 (NZ) Squadron in West Africa, and were flown home from there to New Zealand. See below an except from said section (Posted for Illustration purposes only) In truth, New Zealand being a member of the Dominion, Britain wanted to keep a hand in our Military well being, offered the then New Zealand Government, 4 Sunderland Mk III's (Brand new) configured as transports. Our Government accepted the sale. During the early- mid part of 1944, members of 490 (NZ) Squadron had been in Britain, training for conversion to the Mk III Sunderland (previously flying Catalina's). Some of those trained crew were selected to transport the Sunderland's back to New Zealand, and the above film is them completing that journey. As far as my Mk V goes, I got somewhat frustrated by issues having to be rectified, so put it aside, and for "Pure" therapeutic purposes, built something else (see my build in "In the Navy GB") I have got the model out again and plan to re-start, and build alongside this one (watch the WIP space). Regards Alan
  10. Hi Nathan, Really nice to hear from you I trust all is well with and your family? Yes, thank you, you send me the Drawings, which I have squirreled away for later on (Matthew had sent me through some photos also, big help especially for the flight deck). Hope you keep checking in on this, as it progresses Kind Regards Alan
  11. Hi All, Something of an update, So I removed the canopy masking, and I was not a happy camper, as the masking really didn't do what I had hoped, and something got inside the canopy - plus some of the canopy adhesive got onto the fuselage, so a nasty mess there Well............ Thank goodness for Kleer/Future and dipping canopies into such a wonderful invention This is not the first time Kleer/Future has saved me from a canopy disaster. I dipped/soaked the canopy (after removal from fuselage in some Methylated Spirits (For those not familiar; From Wiki - Denatured alcohol, also called methylated spirits (in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom) Denatured alcohol, also called methylated spirits or wood spirit or denatured rectified spirit, is ethanol that has additives to make it poisonous, bad-tasting) The Canopy with old paint/Kleer/Future removed, and re-dipped in Kleer/Future - Nice and shiny You will notice some Aluminum foil, that I have painted (one side Interior colour other side Exterior colour), sitting under the canopy, with a metal 6cm rule next to it - read on I have done this previously, and has worked well for me I cut the painted foil into thin strips and using Krystal Klear, I glue the foil to the canopy using the framing as a guide (plus any excess Krystal Klear wipes off with a water wet Q-Tip/Cotton Bud) Front of canopy To me quite looks the part when sitting on the fuselage - much more to be done though You may also note some small spots where the paint will need to be touched up To add to the frustration, the 7's I put on the cowling ring came off I removed the masking from the lower fuselage clear transparency - not so bad, but sits lower than it should, have to live with that one I have added the main landing gear too, along with the main gear doors Well that's all for today, thanks for looking in, more soon Regards Alan
  12. Hi Aaron, Nice choice for a build subject, I would love to do a TBF-1C flown by the RNZAF, but our TBF's were replaced by the Mighty F4U Corsair in the given time line of this GB. To help with your question, it's my understanding that the GM (General Motors) built TBM (M designating a GM build), were finished with US Interior Green for Crew areas, and a Zinc Chromate (Green) for other areas like bomb bay etc This photo of an RNZAF TBF-1C, I took some few years ago shows the original (Darker looking) tinted Zinc Chromate Green used by Grumman. Caveat, it may not be the same/exact match to the type GM used Hope that helps you? Look forward to your build Regards Alan
  13. Hi All, a Place Holder for Tomorrows Start I have a "In the Navy GB" F2A-2 Buffalo in finals, and a RNZAF P40M also on finals, so should be able to get into this fairly soonish The Kit box I want (given timing) to recreate this scene from an RNZAF Photo in the Book "New Zealand's Golden Age of Flying Boats" The Sunderland is being "Warped" into the Braby at Lauthala Bay, Fiji (Photo used for illustration only) I plan to keep the build fairly simple, but build a "Proper" Interior. For your viewing pleasure, a Film showing the arrival of the 4 Sunderland's into New Zealand. Yes, after thousands of Miles/Km's without major mishap, one of the escorting Hudson's collides wing tip to wing tip - Thankfully both aircraft and crews landed safely Arrival of the RNZAF Sunderland Mk III's See you all after the kick off Regards Alan
  14. Thanks Wez, I'll start a Build Thread in the next day or so Regards Alan
  15. Hi Wez and Enzo Wondering if I might join this Group Build with this? Late 1944 (Nov-Dec) The RNZAF received 4 Sunderland Mk III' s configured as transports I had stated this as a WIP in the forums (didn't really take off (pun intended ), so thought this would be great place to do so - I think I cut the fuselage halves of and no more The Mk III's operated up to and past VJ Day in supply to NZ Military personnel in the SW Pacific, and then repatriation duties after VJ Day Thanks Alan
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