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  1. LDSModeller

    RNZAF P-40 colours

    Hi Mike, Yes, I can confirm the markings are correct - The Photo in Darby's book, of NZ3061 are the same as the kit depicts. The Roundel colours appear a bit light in the Blue spectrum - again another one of these STUPID MYTHS (sorry for shouting -just annoys me) that Modellers/Kit/Decal manufacturers seem to think that ALL RNZAF aircraft had faded markings (rant over) New Zealand has a Temperate Climate - Aircraft and markings don't fade like they do in the more Northerly SW Pacific Operational areas Regards Alan
  2. LDSModeller

    RNZAF P-40 colours

    Hi Mike, Just remember your mode,l your choice - just bear in mind that there are also "Supposed" experts who supply these manufacturers with dud information, because their Mum's cousin's half brother twice removed read it some where too. Some times they also use outdated information from books published eons ago. When Special Hobby initially posted this kit, they had the Box Top art depicting this particular aircraft having just shot down a Japanese Aircraft - NZ3061 (as I said in my initial post) AFAIK never served overseas - They also had OTU markings on the box art which RNZAF aircraft never wore overseas. On the Special Hobby section here on Britmodeller, I posted my above comments, Petr from Special Hobby quoted the Charles Darby book RNZAF the First Decade - Yes there is a photo of this aircraft in the book, the Special Hobby folks simply made the assumption that this aircraft served overseas and you can read it in their blurb on the markings sheet in the kit. It's not the first time Special Hobby have done this, nor I expect the last. Decal manufacturers do it to - check out my comments on this thread I posted last year When I have done as much research on a model as I can and there are still unanswered questions, I simply use this statement - "This is My Take" on this aircraft scheme. Regards Alan
  3. LDSModeller

    RNZAF P-40 colours

    Hi Mike, My paint Swatch above, the lower colour is DuPont 71-021 Sky Type S - Grey the real actual colour. - As you can see there is nothing Grey about it - The Grey suffix was added by DuPont, quite possibly to differentiate between the RAF and US versions and possibly referring to it's production process, but the Colour is a Pale Blue with a greenish tinge Unfortunately lots of Supposed Experts who have never actually seen the colour will tell you its grey and again unfortunately unsuspecting modellers take these experts at their word - been there done that Regards Alan
  4. LDSModeller

    RNZAF P-40 colours

    Hi Mike, There is No such thing as DuPont Sky Grey - The correct term for the paint you are referring to, is Sky Type S - Grey which is a Duck Egg Blue Colour, such as on this P40E-1 Swatch in my collection BALM (British Australian Lead manufacturers) NZ Sky Grey is a completely different colour During WWII the RNZAF did have a Duck Egg Blue colour, known as NZ Duck Egg Blue it was not a Grey colour, and closer to DuPont Sky Type S - Grey than NZ Sky Grey Regards Alan
  5. LDSModeller

    RNZAF P-40 colours

    Hi Pete, Nice to hear from you. Re the NZ Sky Grey - I had a interesting discussion with the RNZAF Museum last year about the actual colour and what records were held concerning the colour. The answer was nothing currently as to the mixing/ingredients or the actual hue (ie Blueish Greenish Grey per your comments). The colour described to me was more akin to a Light Grey - hence my comments - there are a lot of holes in some of these colours descriptions but hopefully more information will come forth Regards Alan
  6. LDSModeller

    Short Sunderland in 1/32nd scale

    Hi Tom, Looking great (wish we had a Mk V in 1/32 - I could go to town on the interior) - Just an FYI The lower decking is the same height in each station, from the front ward room through to the rear crew ward room. These photos hopefully will help - you can see the Bomb bay floor is same level also Front ward room - looking stern ward through galley hatch to bomb bay to rear ward room (before step up to rear deck) Looking Forward in reverse - looking into bomb bay is through crew ward room door Hope that's of help? Regards Alan
  7. LDSModeller

    RNZAF P-40 colours

    The FAA Sky Gray (perhaps some lightened) would be closer than DuPont Sky Type S - Grey which is actually a Duck Egg Blue Colour Regards Alan
  8. LDSModeller

    RNZAF P-40 colours

    Hi Mike, The RNZAF tended more to use the US vernacular for their aircraft designation so P40E/P40K - M-N and not the RAF Mk numbers -why modellers and manufacturers insist on the RAF usage???? The rendition of the Special Hobby box top is a New Zealand based P40K and did not serve overseas (NZ3061) It would have arrived in New Zealand in US Olive Drab/Neutral Grey - Served with 2 OTU Ohakea (Central New Zealand). at some point in time it would have been given a re-paint (Note Not all P40's had this) The photo by Charles Darby in RNZAF the First Decade shows the aircraft (albeit a bit bent), certainly appearing in NZ Foliage Green/NZ Sky Grey NZ Foliage Green certainly could be an Australian produced colour. BALM produced paint for Australia and New Zealand The NZ Sky Grey is not a Sky colour but as the name suggests a Grey - I checked with the RNZAF Museum on this. Whilst I have the greatest respect for Pete Mossong's site, bear in mind some of his comments on the P40 are now wrong - further more information from the RNZAF Museum now disqualifies some of his comments. Regards Alan
  9. LDSModeller

    Short Sunderland in 1/32nd scale

    Hi Tom, For what you need I think the following will hopefully help. While photos are good for reference, sometimes perspective can be a lot more insightful/enlightening, to this end I have included some of my Sunderland model photos to help where things fit in (and having crawled through every imaginable part of a Sunderland, my model rendition is reasonably accurate) even though in 1/72 scale The Bow - note the roofing - in this photo (not so readily apparent is the bottom of the Bow Tunnel Bulkhead which splits the roofing - you can make it out just in front of the tubular item -that is the winding mechanism for the turret to retracted or wound out, handle is extreme right to give perspective note how the bulkhead lower sits further down - yes, you have to duck waddle in there This is the Bow bulkhead looking at the forward side in Turret tunnel section Perspective red line annotates forward wall Bow Section - note the Bow gunners footrest is currently stowed. it folds up onto the two triangular pieces on the decking and forms a platform between the two horizontal side steps Gunners footrest un-stowed - also provides addition flooring for Mooring crew during mooring operations More of the bow, note Mooring bollard which stands upright and usually protruding over bow lip a little when mooring, and turret is wound back - you can also see the turret entry from below The Turret tunnel is accessible through a hatch a little further aft of the turret Standing up inside the bow tunnel looking forward (The yellow Bulkhead photo above is behind me) The turret/fairing section slides fore/aft on triangular shaped rails (which currently the photo is on another hard drive (lets not go there)) In this photo, you can see the Turret ring bearing through the roof cutouts Finally this photo link will hopefully give you some more perspective of the bow roof upper - Scrapped RNZAF Sunderland - Chatham Islands Bow Section upper Hope this is of help? Regards Alan
  10. LDSModeller

    Short Sunderland in 1/32nd scale

    Hi Tom, again happy to help - ask away anytime, I have the Sunderland manual for Mk I/II Sunderland which has a lot of information regarding differences between early and latter marks. I also have a truck load of Interior shots if they help? An example below Photo, looking from Rear Spar in flight Engineers Station, past Main Spar onto rest of Flight Deck The Glazing Transparencies (1:1 Diameter = 30.5cm) are sandwiched between the outer ring (1:1 Diameter = 37.5cm) and an inner ring - I have an "Opening Porthole" from one of the RNZAF Sunderland's my Dad worked on - have photos if needed Bear in mind that the opening portholes (outer rings) are only found on the forward section of the Sunderland. There were only about 6-7 each side of hull. All the rest of the portholes were fixed (glazing same diameter as opening) Regards Alan
  11. LDSModeller

    Short Sunderland in 1/32nd scale

    Hi Tom, happy to help Perhaps to assist you some more, the only Sunderland's that had transparencies on the main hatches (fore and aft) were the Mk5/MR5. I'm picking the author of the plans you're using mis-identified the Mooring lock which is about where you have drilled your smaller opening. If you check out my photo you can see where it fits in. The only other indentation is on the main hatch where the handle to unlock/lock the match is (horizontal bar in photo) Close up of Mooring Lock The small opening aft is probably a Mooring cleat, they can be either indented or push out/push in. If you would like the actual dimensions for the two main hatches, I have them if you like. As a PS, I read your post on LSP (I'M a member there also - but don't participate.....) asking the member who posted the MOTAT photos of our MR5 (not Mk 3) about the beaching gear - I have photos if it helps? The dimensions of the main bogey tyres are Tyre W=37cm (close too) Tyre Diameter = 110.7cm Hope that helps? Regards Alan
  12. LDSModeller

    Short Sunderland in 1/32nd scale

    Hi Tom, Looking good thus far. Couple of comments if I may As an FYI, the Starboard side of the Sunderland All marks had 10 portholes on the lower forward section including the one in the galley hatch. You can count them on my photo below The additional port would need to be added at the bow forward section, you can make it out in this interior photo just forward of the Forward bulkhead/frame Just out of curiosity what are the two small openings for (Port side forward and Starboard rear)? Regards Alan
  13. LDSModeller

    Short Sunderland in 1/32nd scale

    The Tracks for the Bomb racks are closed off when not in use, by sliding covers, easily enough to scribe in in 1/32 scale. The bomb bay doors can be manually opened on all marks, without the tracks being open, or bomb racks out Regards Alan
  14. Hi Dennis, No bother at all, always happy to help Looking at your photo the RNZAF Roundels appear to of similar colour to the RAF Roundels? If so that should be fine, the RNZAF Pacific Roundel and RAF Roundel colours were not to too dissimilar. The RNZAF Roundel paint just weathered more in the climate conditions, but were touched up by the Service Units who owned aircraft as required Bear in mind the RNZAF Roundel paint was applied straight over the US Star, so the under colour would have some effect on the applied colour especially as the RNZAF paint weathered Hope that helps? Regards Alan
  15. Thank you, glad you like it. As I mentioned to Greg above, I have a bigger 1/32 Scale RNZAF F4U-1A to complete in the "Re- Paint" Scheme - different Airframe though NZ5350 - Struggle Buggy (Foreground aircraft, NZ5347 my build above, is at the other end of the line) (RNZAF Official -used for illustration only - photo from my collection) Regards Alan