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  1. Borisz

    Hello from Austria

    Nice to see you. Welcome from the neighbour.
  2. Borisz

    1/72 Hobby Boss F-5E Tiger II

    Great! I have a copy in my stash to become the Brasilian one, so all my eyes on your work!
  3. I'm building the HB Z-142 and its totally worth its price. Lovely, quick job! Did you use primers, etc.? Are the decals gone directly to the alu paint, or on a clear cote?
  4. Borisz

    Zlin Z-142, 1/72 Hobby Boss

    I am glad to show you my recent progress. The airframe is most likely ready. Just a small sanding left and also a cup of gadgets like pitot tubes, steps. So what happend so far? I made an imitation for the engine an the air inlet. Not a big deal but makes much better that emptyness. Added as much weight as I cuold... ... and finally its aint sit down. Previusly the landing light looked like this: [ And this is now: [ I think it is clear enough. P1080413 Rails for the curtain: Ready for masking! The next step for me will be the sanding. Luckily not so much is needed. But I also have to paint it and this time I am a little unsure. I'll have to ad those littles as I mentioned above and I think I shuold do it before primeing. And some white aerials are still missing from the underside too. So I have a dilemma. I am afraid that if I spray the lighter light blue, I am going to demage the pitots and etc. I can spray the darker lightblue first, but I am unsure if the lighter one will cover it properly. What do You think?
  5. Sry, but what is the problem with the academy?
  6. Folks, its available! http://www.helicast.pro/kamov-ka-52-alligator-conversion-detail-set
  7. Borisz

    Zlin Z-142, 1/72 Hobby Boss

    Hi! However I could not finish on time, I didnt give it up. Actually I had many away days In the last months. I strive for my best and because of this I spent days to find correct interrior shots about 0557 axactly as I noticed earlier that some of the Z-142 CLV's had a pink stipe inside while other ones blue. Please wellcome my progress. By the way since the photos are taken I started to make the curtains. Also the landing lights are polished properly after. This was the starting condition.
  8. Borisz

    Transport/cargo group build?

    Thats sounds nice! Amongst many others I can join with a Mi-8 and a Do-28 or perhaps with a UH-1 however its would be in SAR config.
  9. Borisz

    BAe Hawk T.1 Red Arrows - 1:72 Revell

    By the way why? How difficult can be the opton II, what dou you think?
  10. Hi! Do they provide the different parts for both versions?
  11. Borisz

    Zlin Z-142, 1/72 Hobby Boss

    Thank You! It unusual indeed. there are some speculations saying that because of moulding reasons; for better details on the surface but still no exact answer for years.
  12. Hello there! This is my recent project, a nice little prop. If someone dont know it by heart, here is a hint by a fellow modeller from the Britmodeller: Also, that build was seriously inspiring me, thats why I gave it to myself last year, as a birthday present. Anyway, it was discounted in a scalemodel shope in my near... So, I decided to finish it for my next birthday, 14 days remaining. Whish me luck! You can seen I culd not stand to build it out of the box. There is still a planty of works in the interrior, mostly painting jobs.but I also want to add a fire extingusher, and a first aid box.
  13. Hi! I'm done withit for some weeks, but I was struggling with the photographi. I was told that the direct sunlight makes it better. I still dont know. Anyway sorry for the dust. It is a dust magnet. You can have a look about the construction here: And the result is this:
  14. Hi, Kotey! If You are realy intresred I can send you the photos or a link asap.
  15. Well, if Begemont would wait aprox. two months they cuold see the new camuflage of the hungarian P-s. And also V-s.