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  1. You can see Belorussian or Serbian kits however. Just a matter of a reboxing.
  2. I guess they are skinning this fox as long as they find new skins.
  3. I woder how its going to be compared to the Dream Model kit.
  4. Have you seen a special school? That kind of special, based on Italeri's kits.
  5. Well, it was not a walk in a garden, but looks badass. Did you bbulid it too?
  6. Heyy! I show you my completed Chinook. This models ona of the four examples converted into an ACH-47 variants. All of them were tested in Vietnam, untill three of them were lost and the only remaining were withdrewn from duty. You can see the boulding here: I used the Eduard etchted fret dedicated to this kit. To be honest, the only worthy part of this detail set is the bunch of ammo boxes, however these dont seems to be correct either. Also I got a CMK cockpit that I used and it stopped the build for long-long times, as it does not fits to the fusalage halves and does not fit to the windshield. Looking the kit itself, its a bit out of date and the holes in the cargo bay's ceilig is a huge negligence. All in all, If anyone wants to bould an ACH-47 I recommend to have the Trumpeter CH-47A kit and use the specific parts from this kit.
  7. Hi! I am finished long ago just had no time to post it. So it was coming together nicely, but the antennes and/aerials. Those were tough. I realised just at the end, that the predrilled holes on the belly are misplaced, and that it have no lnding lights, so I had to solve these too. Here is some pics of the finihing: And finally if you reached this point I give you a shot of the completed job! In a few days I want to post it to the RFI section with a complete "walkaround"
  8. You must be right. I quickly made a crosscheck with Google Translate. From Hungarian to English give te prototype as an option. https://translate.google.com/?sl=hu&tl=en&text=mintapéldány&op=translate Anyway I hope we can see a nice pair of R-24s in the box. Afak there is absolutely no R-24 in 1/72.
  9. Well, I have a Tamiya boxing kit, a Neomeg a upgrade set, one of the Microdisign sheet and waiting for the other, and spent long hours to build up a plan to collect the neccesary decals... I dont care, I'll do mine, maybe use this as a reference. Its common I guess. Most of model shops stock up randomly. If you are skilled you can those caseses when the MAWS/DIRCM saved.
  10. This looks brilliant! However there is on thing that I can not understand. You wroten prototype above, ICM uses this world and maybe some other Ukrainian say proto too. I dont get it. In thes cases, the models based on the type/variants prototype, not on a serial produced one?
  11. I dont get you guys. Its looks like the Matchbox Sky Servant, back in 1974.
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