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  1. The top of a Bords Eve box. Is that KUTA still open for other months? I hardly can go on this bureaucracy here.
  2. Or an Enola Gay... oh wait!
  3. Hi guys! This is it now. It wont be finished in time, sorry.
  4. If I was you, I'd pay asap. The shipping maybe cost more than the kits. Later you still can sell the kits.
  5. They still dont answer? I asked them years ago on their site and I didnt got any reply too. Since then they come up with some new sets... but they still dont communicate? How the hell they run this business?
  6. I didnt buy it, but I guess it can be bought from their webshop. Its a pitty that there is still no decals for a "normal" KA-52.
  7. Fighters surface should be as smooth as its possible for the figher speed. For this, panel joints and rivet holes were often sealed or filled with some kind of pasta.
  8. OFF:: I was told a million times it is an only, special, Hungarian attitude.
  9. If I dont get it wrong, we will get the extended fusalage verion sooner or later. There is cca. 4 pieces thet needs to be cut shorter in this kit. Great!
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