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  1. Srcew them, I just collected a kilogramm of resin to my Hasegawa kit.
  2. Heyy! The project did not stop, it's just lagging. In a couple days I can finally join the fusalage, what will be a huge step forward. Here, on the last shot you can see the possible order of the ammo boxes. I tried to make some for the 20 mm cannons too, but I give up. That will do.
  3. I almost got a hearth attack when I saw the price of it.
  4. What do you (you all) think? How's the Airfix B-25 compared to the Hasegawa?
  5. No. All I know is told by a model store owner that a major shipment has arrived to the EU, and it was sent from the port to Hungary last week. Mayba Hamburg, idk.
  6. I saw a drawing that says the kit is 5mm shorter than it should be. What do you think?
  7. Hi! Let me reintroduce my ongoing projekt. I started it for the Vietnam GB, thinking it going to be a quick, neat build. It didnt. During the constuction always find something to redesing. The first and most obvious was the lack of the ceiling, the modding started with this. Anyway I found this amazing site what is a nice guidance: http://modeling.gunsagogo.org/ Also there was a lot to fill and sand inside too. The four Guns a-go-go had removed its noise-proofing so the bare metal body frames could be seen. I rather just extended these stipes inside, makeing so many identical and fitting "real" frames is just to mutch for me. Having the Eduards PE sheet is not as big adantage as I thought before, lets say, they left space for further impoovments. Either te rear ramp needed some kind of a foxhole Details started growing. I had to add an ammo box shelf for each 20mm guns as neither the kit and the sheet had Something was not okay with the rear door's plate-work. It turn out both the kit and the detail set was wrong. Either the rear wheels bay had to be redesigned. At leat it will looks spectacular after all. A month ago I could apply the fist level of paint. However I had to correcting my filling and sanding job I did like it. And this is it after some refinement: A nice twist came suddenly. I got second hand CMK's engine and cocpit sets as someone decided to not use them. What can possibly go wrong? After some modification the cocpit is realy better the the original one. I have to mention that the heating equipment was remowed from all four ACH-47s, and particullary I had to fit somehow this resin chunk into the Italeri body. That was a nice masonry work. Althought CMK says its either for Italeri and Trumpeter kit, I didnt have a single edge to fit in. It neither had with its own parts. Got on my nerves... An othe negligence of the sets is the ammo containers of the grenade launcher. Eduard give a lot of similar boxes but its wrong as different munitions have different containers. See bellow on the left the Eduard's solution: 4 of their general boxes with a cage and the instructions says these sould be put in the opening of the door. The mentioned modeling site shows that there was a total different stuff so I searched for 40mm ammo boxes and also saw some frames in this video: Eduard on the left, DIY in the right. Its not finished yet. This is it for now. I hope I can glue together the fusalage falves soon.
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