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  1. Special. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/eduard-2136-adlerangriff-bf-109e-1-e-3-e-4--1351792
  2. I absolutely agree. Hobby Boss did the same in 1/72. They give us a box of Mi-24 and give a Mi-17 in two boxes with different decals. There is much more possibilities for the Mi-24, as Zvezda already captured some, and even more for the Mi-8 family. Realy close to endless options. (Hungary alone had aprox 8 versions/variant of Mi-8 and Mi-17... ) So I hope Zvezda will grab this opportunity and makes a lot of different versions, and maybe scale it down to 1/72. Just imagine the possible dioramas in 1/48 with open cargo bay.
  3. Am I the only who cant find that MiG-24PFM? Maybe the Hellcat is it?
  4. Hi Violet Club, I was just kidding, ironicaly.
  5. Maybe they want a leviathan sized helo, but they dont want to do a Mi-26. Whats you problem with the Revell 1968 kit?
  6. Hi! A small update on it. Untill now it was a sideproject, so it was going slowly.
  7. I am thinkng about if they could offer a replacement roundel set? I mean a tiny sheet with the French and maybe with the Indian insignias only, for even a small price?
  8. Exactly! I have the recent Sea King and Kate kits from the Airfix. Looking in the box they arent look bad, and you have a lot of options for folding, tilting, etc. I dont get why Eduard cant include some parts for folding a wing in a ProfiPack. Imo those were bigger hit than a colored photoetchted fret. Those unusual shapes are so eyecatching.
  9. Exactly! -and ventral fins Look at the instructios sheets bellow: https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/9/5/4/1433954-64-instructions.pdf https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/9/7/0/1435970-38-instructions.pdf
  10. Thank you! And heyy, feel free to be inspired by this one.
  11. Is it possible that both is correct? I mean the two company might mesure different aircafts from different batches or something like this. Based on soviet technics that had some differences dou to different factories and series.
  12. As I see, this is an early MT. Watch the engines and the tail rotor. Its a 17. However its shown with short side tanks with 3 straps, like most of Mi-8Ts had.
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