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  1. big update! actually I'm almost ready to call it finished . i will just take some time to think if i can add some little detail. the snow turned out quite nice or at least better than I expected. It's a mix of baking soda, white glue , and white acrylic in equal parts. which i simply pressed with my finger. I then used an old brush to add some snow to the figure's boots, kettenkraftrad etc.. I'm also happy I recycled the bf 109 for this diorama. I just retouched the paint in some points.
  2. Wow! I'm always impressed by the photo quality as well as your models...
  3. Great job! For some reason it reminds me of Moebius scifi art ( he's one of my favorites)
  4. thank you Pete but I think sometimes depends on the quality of the figures. these figures are good , so much easier to paint
  5. taking things slowly and quite enjoying how the figures turned out...
  6. Wow complimenti, é spettacolare! The way you made the building is really masterful
  7. It's 2021 let's start the year with a luftwaffe diorama in 1/48 scale some info about what I'm using : - a Tamiya bf 109 I actually built in 2019 ( might need some retouch) - a Tamiya luftwaffe winter crew set with kettenkraftrad I bought in 2019. (the figures are actually ICM) . the box art and the kettenkraftrad was the reason why I bought it here's my idea for layout. the figures are finished
  8. I have seen your dioramas ( they are all amazing!) and will certainly keep my eyes on your WIP, since I started myself a 1/48 aircraft diorama and all the trick and tips are well appreciated
  9. I'm gathering some info for the snow... The bicarbonate and pva looks very good! I'm also reading the famous "how to build dioramas " by Shepherd Paine. He used a papier maché powder called celluclay with pva glue. Anyone tried that?
  10. Good job! You might as well add luke hanging from the at at's belly
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