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  1. Thanks! Here is the photos of the finished scene https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235110082-vietnam-war-tour-of-duty/
  2. Zeke is hidden somewhere behind the palm trees
  3. thank you Bertie. I think 1/72 figures are fun and fast to paint. and painting eyeballs is not necessary
  4. hello , I call this work finished, here's the final photos. Village hut and vehicles are from italeri ( vietnam battleset) , figures are from germania-figuren. Painting the figures was the part I enjoyed the most.
  5. I like all the details that you added! It looks great
  6. It's always good to put the Tamiya bottle near a 1/72 for scale awareness , great job on your model
  7. updated pictures with the finshed M113. i'm really happy with the result , except for the decals
  8. Hello, here is the full squad painted ( all of them finished today! ) . I will add some equipment tomorrow
  9. I just painted the first figure to go on the m113. this figure is 3d printed from germania-figuren. I think they look good , except for the m16 that need more details
  10. hello! I'm working on this m 48 patton tank included in the vietnam italeri set. the idea of the scene is showing an m113 crossing a village and finding this m 48 tank knocked out , kind of like a warning or omen of what's waiting beyond in the jungle... I still need to add the figures ( some vietnam villagers and the m113 crew ) which will the final step of this diorama.
  11. I will certainly study your build process if I buy this kit. Great job
  12. Good job on this one too... I was thinking you can make a space diorama now
  13. Very realistic work you did ( Yoda said ) I will buy this kit one day... First I need to build the models I have
  14. As already said , great job on the painting
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