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  1. thank you @Badder! first I'll give a paint and finish the basic building then I'll think about details including the drainpipe . suggestions accepted using latex for making mould sounds amazing, I have never tried. but i'm sure it can be useful in many occasions
  2. here's the Sunday update windows frames still missing but most of the house is built. have a good sunday!
  3. well maybe next time I'll try your method because i can see from the photo you posted that the result is great , thanks for sharing
  4. Embossed plasticard! I'll see if I can find in my local model store Here's my progress... Is not difficult but requires a lot of patience... And the mold is small so multiple casting is needed ...
  5. Wow ! First time i heard about this airplane, what a pity not even one sample survived the war...
  6. I started a *ahem* simple diorama for my 1/48 JS-2 soviet tank. my biggest challenge is how to make a roof for the house. any help is much appreciated here's what I got so far and this is my reference photo
  7. nice job! i'm working on a somehow similar diorama with soviet tank and the tamiya soviet infantry set
  8. hello ! I declare this topic CLOSED because after my best attempt at building the gerwalk ( half airplane half battroid) I realised is impossible. one year ago when I built the battroid I glued one leg joint and now is impossible to remove without breaking everything apart... so I prefer to keep the two separate models. day will come when I will complete a gerwalk from a new kit.. thanks for watching and commenting and now let's take a look at what i have on my stash
  9. I'm following of course! Looking forward to seeing the whole thing assembled
  10. yes! when you start accumulating models on the shelf you realize smaller scales are not a bad idea thank you! what do you mean " you need to get rid of" ?! build them and show on the forum!!
  11. update! photos and some details : - paint is mostly tamiya xf 1 , xf 2 and the brown base is 50% flat earth(xf 52 ) and 50% dark yellow 2 ( xf 88 ) and flat brown xf 10 for the feet- turbine exhaust - decals applied - clear coat applied - weathering made with tamiya panel line, some chipping here and there and black oil streaks in some points. behind you can see the battroid version ( which I built in 2020). next step is the gerwalk stage!
  12. Hi Pete , hope you get better soon
  13. Very nice result, i think masking was not easy to handle here but you did a great job
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