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  1. Hey adrian, yes the oxygen mask doesn't really fit on both sides of the helmet, but anyway for me was fine open so I glued it to just one side. As for the color I just tried blue as in the Italeri gallery https://images.app.goo.gl/VvBzU7eeCJa9v3r98 Cheers Daniel
  2. hello modellers! I want to share with you the latest pictures of this funny but demanding kit. I have finished the helmet, clean the "lab" ( my hobby room) which was super messy, and tried to add some final touches to the cockpit. I added little details to the handles as suggested by @Pappy trying to make the aging more uniform. I hope you like it daniel
  3. The blast on the wing with steel wool is pretty cool too
  4. I just discovered this channel. There's pretty cool ideas for Star wars dioramas. I would like to try something like this as soon as I learn how to use LEDs lights.
  5. hello @Pappy thanks for the feedback ! I didn't know about the lockheed seat, I corrected the cushion color , I hope it looks more accurate now. I will also add some weathering to the handles, thanks for making me notice in the meantime I added the remaining details to the seat: emergency oxygen bottle , the PEC seat portion ( what is this PEC by the way?) , and lower firing handle. I also started the pilot helmet
  6. thank you @Pappy for taking a look at this thread , and I'm happy you like it! @AdriaN (MLT) : yes ! the instructions are quite hard to understand on the seatbelts. if you lost the seatbelt decals you can try cutting strips from fabric. most of them are 3mm wide, except for the grey one on the quick releasebox which is 6 mm wide and the 4 little ones that are 2mm wide. i can give you more detalied advice on how I did mine if you want. about the color of the seat: yes black seat cushion over yellow is the most common color I found, so you are right. But I found this picture
  7. hello! some update on the Martin baker seat: after taking a look at some photos , I removed the central part of the parachute container box and nowyou can partially see the central beam behind. Instead of using the decals for the harness and belt I decided to use some fabric samples and make my belts using the decals as template. I know it sounds easy , but actually it was a tedious process ,and I had to try several times before they looked good enough...
  8. Great job! My savoia didn't come as good as yours... Porco rosso Is One of my favorites movies!
  9. Hi Dennis, I don't have one and I have too many boxes on my stash waiting to be build.... But I'm tempted by the 1/144 revell atlantis. I have an idea for a diorama on an alien planet scene with a crash landed shuttle. something like this image. This is a pixel art I made a while ago
  10. I have never built a space shuttle model. But looks like an interesting subject! I will follow your WIP.
  11. well you should definetly give it a try to this kit then! i'm sure you will have fun. of course there's the typical italeri WTF moments when building this but nothing too serious. Also I haven't seen anyone doing it but I think this kit is suitable for adding some LED lights to the panels.
  12. Thank you! according to scalemates this kit was first released in 1983 ( ESCI) and reissued by italeri in 2001 and 2020. unfortunately the f 16 cockpit is not available at the moment from the italeri online shop cheers , daniel
  13. hello! this rainy weekend was productive, and I can say i'm really enjoying this kit. here's some updated pics as you can see I added some panels on the back of the instrument panels and some wiring. not too much details but better than nothing the seat is still missing some parts , including the belts and cushion i randomly added some tamiya light blue on the cabin because it was looking too flat, also I did some chipping. here's all assembled
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