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  1. thanks for the comments and the movie quotes ! I need to watch that movie again
  2. Update: hello! I added some more details to this diorama : - a volkswagen beetle car - some food supplies and a wood drum still a lot to learn about dioramas but I think this one was a good practice.
  3. Are the figures from tamiya too? Very nice composition, and the scenery details. I like the cracked mud effect too
  4. hello ! I have just finished this amazing model . there's still a few details missing : beer bottles and the flag of course. I will update the gallery as soon as I have those added. here it is , I hope you like.
  5. accessories painted , figures painted. some figures came better some worse but not bad overall... I still need to add decals to the oil drums...
  6. thank you for the encouraging comments I really appreciate ! after watching a few tutorials I started painting the first figure. I'm not expert on painting figures and though there's always space for improvement I'm quite happy on how this one turned out . base colors were tamiya airbrushed ( flat flesh, khaki for the vest, and olive green for pants). details with vallejo colors. and a dark brown oil wash for the vest. as maybe you can see I added two brass tubes for the rigging. the nylon thread I had was two thin and I couldn't glue it on the holes
  7. Beautiful! Also good that you put the cat behind for size reference
  8. this model is quite fun to build , especially if you listen to one of those vietnam war rock music compilations to get in the mood!
  9. Both this figures are in 1/48 scale from different manufacturers....ICM on the left and tamiya on the right. So yes ... I know what you mean. By the way even if manufacturers take on account different human heights , some parts of the body should be the same size . For example the head or hands...
  10. I have just found this video about the restoration of the original prop. Huge model!
  11. Beautiful! I hope one day this ship will be available again in model stores ... With better fitting parts !
  12. hi, after a few days of getting used to mosquitoes and hot weather , I'm back on the modelling bench. here's some updated photos first step: base color is a mix of tamiya olive green and IJN gray, then some liquid mask second step: main color is tamiya olive green. I added some dark shadows with very thinned black , and to make the scratches less obvious I airbrushed over a very thin layer of Khaki+ olive green
  13. Hi, I had this model in my stash for more than one year, I finally decided to give it a go. I'm building the cabin the only modification I did so far is the two red buttons near the wheel as I have seen while looking for reference
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