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  1. Apparently the photo of the Jeep aboard the Buffalo is featured in The SAS In WWII: An Illustrated History by Gavin Mortimer and is captioned as being of preparations for the River Elbe Crossing in NWE not from the Italian Campaign.
  2. Hi John, Thanks for the info.
  3. I'm no expert, but there is some photographic evidence that some of the jeeps used in NWE were desert veterans, take a look at this site: https://riverpinesjeeps.tumblr.com/ lots of pictures of jeeps from all eras and at least 2 show jeeps in service in NWE with the modified radiator grill (sans condenser) The first picture shows a jeep aboard a Water Buffalo whilst preparing for the River Elbe crossing: And the second taken near Essen: Some food for thought there.
  4. AntPhillips

    airfix 1/35

    As previously discussed here and elsewhere, they are on the whole re-pops of Academy kits, although I believe the Tractor kit is a re-pop of the Thunder kit, some of the Academy kits are fairly good, some not so apparently.
  5. Picked these up for some British WW2 projects on the go, I haven't used Lifecolor before, if anyone has experience or tips in using them I'd be interested to hear. 2019-04-25_01-36-33 by antdphillips, on Flickr
  6. Great start, I haven't tried any of the IBG kits yet but they do some great British & Commonwealth Vehicle subjects, so I'll be following with interest.
  7. Fireflies were predominantly built in 3 major versions Firefly Ic small drivers hatch all welded hull. Firefly Ic (Hybrid) large drivers hatch, cast front & welded rear hull. Firefly Vc small drivers hatch, all welded hull. That said, I will consult the Firefly bible tonight (Sherman Firefly by Mark Hayward) there may have been a IIc version, but if there was it was a rarity. One thing I have noticed is that the kit doesn't seem to have a loaders hatch in the turret, so its more of a standard turret with a 17pdr stuck on the front, on the whole it looks like a mish-mash of versions.
  8. AntPhillips

    Lost book

    Sounds like it might be one of the old Airfix Magazine Modelling Guides, see >>>here<<<
  9. Great looking build, can't wait to see how you will tackle the paint job
  10. That was very much my experience, I always started my eBay auctions at what I was happy to let the kit go for, it may reduce the number of bids received but it reduces losses. I know exactly what you mean about eBay recommending start prices in the region of £0.99p, yeah that's really going to happen
  11. I've sold hundreds of kits over the years both through forums like BM and eBay, although I have rarely listed on both simultaneously, on the whole I look at similar items on eBay to determine a fair market price and maybe drop it a couple of pounds to pique interest, I have usually listed them on the forums to start, given them a few weeks until interest dies away and then put whats left on eBay. I have always been prepared to offer discounts for multiple purchases on forum sales, and even been open to fair offers. The bulk of my sales have probably been for less than I paid for them, although there have been just a few exceptions to this , this hasn't bothered me as the sales have been driven by a change of interest or more so by a change in my personal circumstances (getting married and having a child ). Good luck with your sales.
  12. I'll just leave this here:
  13. Toys R Us went to the big retail park in the sky last year, and even they had given up stocking kits over the last couple of years. These days unless you have a specialist model shop nearby, kits are very hard to come by on the High Street.
  14. Firstly, I think you've posted this in the wrong forum, if your looking for information, it should go into the "Armour Discussion by Era" forum, or if looking to buy in the Wanted section of the "Buy & Sell" Forum AFAIK the only 1/35 kit of the Marmon-Herrington MkIV Armoured Car is a complete resin kit made by Commander Models, Inc. it is still available from their on-line store http://ironshipwrights.com/armor/armor.html IBG make an injection moulded Mk. I & Mk.II but haven't announced any thing more.
  15. Hi Jim, I have to ask, as you were building a test shot of the kit, did Airfix ask you to take notes during the build process and give feedback as to whether you encountered any problems regarding fit etc. so that they could make changes to the tooling or were you just asked to build it for presentation purposes? Enquiring minds need to know. Happy modelling. Ant
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