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  1. I know the feeling, impossible to concentrate indoors in this heat, so I took my 1/35 Thales Goalkeeper kit out to the back garden to give it a primer coat, big mistake, one of the photoetch footsteps decided to come unstuck (possibly heat related) and promptly headed to the floor, you thought the carpet monster was evil, just wait till you meet the gravel monster I've gone cap in hand to RPG Model to explain the predicament and so far their response has been excellent
  2. AFAIK there is no difference, the Trumpy kit is a straight reissue, they've also reissued the USS Wasp/Iwo Jima LHD kits and the USS New York LPD kit too, my understanding is that Trumpeter and Gallery are both owned by the same company,
  3. Hi Jon, That looks fantastic, the gun tubs are are vast improvement and I think you're right about the hull plating, she's going to look great.
  4. Fantastic build of a very old kit, I do love these lightships, there are a couple close to me, the first is at the National Waterfront Museum of Wales in Swansea Marina, they have the former Bristol Channel Helwick Sandbanks lightship: http://www.swanseamuseum.co.uk/visit-swansea-museum/boats-and-ships-on-display And closer to home tied up at a private wharf on the river Neath, but much more difficult to see and all too sadly neglected we have the former Normandy veteran LV72, she was the lightship marking passage off Juno beach in Normandy from mid June '44: https://friendsoflv72.wixsite.com/lv72
  5. I'll be sure to follow along, my dad was in the Merchant Navy during WW2, he crewed aboard the SS Samoa (most UK Liberty ships names began with Sam.....), I have this kit also along with the L'Arsenal upgrade set and plan to mount her on a nice plinth along with his medals. He had a partcular soft spot for the Liberty ships, and was proud to have crewed one.
  6. I've jumped in and ordered a Phalanx too, hopefully by the time that lands the Sea Dart / Sea Wolf combo will be available, it strikes me that 1/35 is also the perfect scale for this type of kit.
  7. Some superb craftsmanship going on here, whenever I visit BM now the first thing I look for is are there any updates to this thread There's something about Victorious that appeals to me, along with the couple of Airfix 1/600 kits I already have (one to be finished as she was when initially rebuilt and one to be converted to how she was just before the fire that terminated her career), I've now also just picked up a Heller 1/400 Illustrious/Victorious kit for a future project.
  8. It depends on how accurate you want your kit to be, the mainstream Hasegawa (and Revell re-issue) kit represents the later SH-3H version, whereas the Apollo Sea Kings were SH-3D versions, the main difference is that the earlier version had shorter sponsons without the Sonobuoy Launchers and MAD Bird extensions. There are conversion kits out there and some of the Hasegawa kits include the short sponsons, Hasegawa did release an SH-3D kit but availability of it is like the proverbial "hen's teeth" or "rocking horse manure". There are decals available from Starfighter/Old 66 Decals. There is a breakdown of what parts are included in each Hasegawa kit on the Modelling Madness site: http://modelingmadness.com/splfeat/kr/has48e.htm
  9. It's in stock at LuckyModel: https://www.luckymodel.com/scale.aspx?item_no=RPG-35016 There were 3 make that 2 available when I looked
  10. Hi Rob, Apparently Gator's Grip is back by popular demand: https://gatorloup.wixsite.com/gators-model-studio/gator-s-grip-hobby-glue
  11. Hi Simon, I posted that new thread and I did edit it shortly thereafter I wonder if that's what caused the double notification.
  12. From Takom's Facebook page, the latest in their 1/35 Naval Weapons systems are the GWS-30 Sea Dart and GWS-25 Sea Wolf in a double kit: https://www.facebook.com/354803674728188/photos/a.423157824559439/1552376408304236/ Who's going to be first to knock up a 1/35 Type 42, Type 22 or Leander to go with it
  13. Latest news is their also releasing a combined Sea Dart and Sea Wolf kit too: https://www.facebook.com/354803674728188/photos/a.423157824559439/1552376408304236/
  14. Back in the 70's my Dad had a Cortina Mk.1 estate GUH 5 D, it was in Lagoon Blue, me and my sisters used to love to sit and travel sitting in the boot space, yes they were different times.
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