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  1. AntPhillips

    NEW Modern British Vehicles from Meng and HobbyBoss

    Funnily enough, over the last couple of days I've been corresponding by e-mail with Takom over a replacement decal for my Chieftain Mk.11 kit, and having reached a satisfactory conclusion (US$1 for the decal + US$8 for postage), I took the opportunity to suggest that a Chieftain ARRV was a logical follow on. I'll happily take the credit if it ever happens
  2. AntPhillips

    Airfix 2019

    Not being in the current range doesn't necessarily mean they weren't good sellers, Airfix have for many years had a cyclic system where a kit is available for a while and then withdrawn and then re-released once demand peaks. All 3 kits still command healthy prices on evilBay which suggests there is still a demand for them even if only small. If Airfix were to tool up a QE class then they could feasibly re-release the other kits at the same time too, although I think I read that Airfix have said there are no plans for any more ships in any scale . In their current financial position I personally don't think Airfix can afford to take the risk, however Trumpeter might especially as they've already done the T45 destroyers and T23 frigates and as has already been mentioned they already do US Super Carriers which are slightly bigger.
  3. Great news if you're a fan of modern British AFV's, I certainly didn't expect to see these from mainstream manufacturers: and this too: Just take my money now.
  4. AntPhillips

    Where have all the Centurions gone?

    I've already clocked that one, I'm not so desperate for one to jump for it at that price though, I'll play the long game and hope that AFV Club get around to re-releasing it, it's not like I haven't got enough to work on
  5. AntPhillips

    Where have all the Centurions gone?

    Hi Das Abteilung, Thanks for the information, I'm looking at doing a typical British version to fit in with a post war British collection, I've also done a bit of digging around and it seems as if the IDF Shot issue of the kit has all the necessary parts particularly if I can get one of the early releases that had the extra 105 mm gun option. Once again thanks for your input.
  6. AntPhillips

    Haynes T-34 book cheap in The Works

    Our Neath branch has the Sherman & Chieftain volumes, (along with some non AFV volumes too) strangely I also had one of them jump of the shelf into my hands too.
  7. AntPhillips

    Where have all the Centurions gone?

    I've been on the lookout for an AFV Club Centurion, the NATO 105 mm issue to be precise but they seem to be like the proverbial rocking horse poo. Does anyone know if AFV Club plan on re-releasing it any time soon.
  8. AntPhillips

    1/35 Academy Warrior and AFV Club Scimitar

    The Warrior is looking great so far, as does the Scimitar, can I ask what figures you used?
  9. AntPhillips

    Airfix 2019

    Of course most of what we think about Hornby & Airfix's finances is pure conjecture as we don't work there. Leaving that aside and looking forward I hope Airfix decide to revisit the 1/48 British AFV range, I'm no expert but it seemed to be popular and remains so judging by the non-availability and prices of certain kits on the Bay and elsewhere. I can understand the withdrawal of the range as it was marketed as Operation Herrick Afghanistan and as that mission ended in 2014 so too the kits disappeared from the range. Perhaps the kits could be re-released as a Modern British Forces range not tied to any particular operation, and with the addition of a few more subjects like Challenger, CVR(T)'s, MRAP's and maybe even the latest Ajax family. Here's hoping without any expectation.
  10. AntPhillips

    Airfix 2019

    You might say that the fact that we've just had nigh on 7 weeks of glorious sunny weather is partly responsible, I know I've hardly touched a model during that period as I've been busy doing outdoor stuff with the family, I've done more modelling since the weather turned in the last week or so than I did all through May. There are elements of the report that I'm very pleased with, hopefully given time they will turn the business around and Airfix, Hornby & Scalextric will return to profitability, but they really must address the Quality Control problems that are occurring, it seems to be that the glut of short shot kits in the recent releases is far more of a problem than I can ever recall in the past.
  11. Great to see you back at the workbench Dan, looking forward to seeing more of the build as it progresses.
  12. AntPhillips

    Nimitz - Stokes Bay, June 1978

    No problem, you are quite right they were shore based at Rota, but they supplied detachments aboard the US carriers on Mediterranean cruises, there's every probability that they departed the ship once she left the Med.
  13. AntPhillips

    Nimitz - Stokes Bay, June 1978

    I don't suppose there are any shots of Nimitz's resident spyplanes, the EA-3B's of VQ-2.
  14. AntPhillips

    USMC Recce pair (and their mate!)

    I guess thats why I have so many started but unfinished projects on the go, the mojo goes into hiding part way through a build and I get distracted by something else. Welcome to the hypertension club, it's surprising how many of us are in it, I know what you mean about finding time to exercise, I work an 11 hour day including time spent behind the wheel commuting, its very difficult to find time in the evenings especially as my almost 8 year old daughter insists on her Dad doing bedtime, the lighter evenings do help now that Summer is almost upon us, Hope you find the mojo soon. Happy modelling Ant
  15. AntPhillips

    USMC Recce pair (and their mate!)

    Hi Granto, Any progress with this one, I've been somewhat distracted by a couple of Land Rovers that have parked themselves on my work space, but hope to get back to the LAV's soon. Happy modelling Ant