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  1. Title says it all, link to Scalemates page here: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/border-model-bt-012-crusader-mkiii--1302920
  2. AntPhillips

    Crusader Mk 3

    In addition to John's aforementioned track guard correction they also redid the weld seams on the turret, and of course they did a sprue of figures and accessories to go with it too.
  3. Scalemates have them linky here >>> https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/0/3/4/143034-29-instructions.pdf
  4. One of the best references I've found on British Armour is the aptly titled "British Tanks in Normandy" by Ludovic Fortin, it comes up on EvilBay occasionally, but prices can vary immensely, its a detailed account of the Normandy campaign fought by British Armoured Divisions and Independent Armoured Brigades, from the D-Day landings through to Operation Goodwood. I've got a copy at home, I'll check it to see what info there is on the RSG in Normandy.
  5. British, Normandy, in Braille Scale it has to be Dan Taylor Modelworks, linky thingy here>>> https://www.dantaylormodelworks.com/transfers-13-c.asp
  6. The Miniart Brit & Commonwealth Tank Riders really do hit silly prices on the Bay, I've recently seen a couple of sets of the NWE figures go for £45-£50 each and I've yet to find the Desert set at all. Hopefully Miniart will see fit to re-release them in the near future.
  7. I've read (but for the life of me can't remenber where) that in Italy at least, the .30 cal was preferered over the .50 cal as it was deemed both more accurate and also as the bow gun was the same only 1 ammo type was required to be carried.
  8. I'm just building one of these at the moment, the only fit problems I've had are around the drivers hatch area when joining the uppper and lower hull, I ended up using some lengths of sprue to act as "pit-props" inside the hull. I think the problem is the plastic of the upper hull is so thin its easily warped (probably on removal from the mould). On the plus side my kit came without the sprue containing the sandshields, but I'm pleased to say that Bronco's spare parts service is second to none, I fired off an e-mail (together with a request to purchase some etch parts for another kit) and had the parts within a week or so, had to pay a small postage fee but exemplerary service. I love the finish on your build, I was toying with the idea of the Caunter Scheme for mine, but already have plans for an A10 and a Crusader in that scheme so may opt for something else.
  9. The definitive reference bible for the Firefly is Mark Haywards splendid book, now long out of production (and hence the section on available kits is somewhat out of date) but still can be found on Amazon, but at much inflated prices: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sherman-Firefly-Mark-Hayward/dp/0953877728
  10. Looks very effective, and war weary, I'd call that a good save.
  11. Hi Bandit, I was exactly the same, luckily I read it before painting my kit, luckily there is no need to replace the barrel, just cut off the muzzle brake, shorten the barrel at the muzzle end and reattach the muzzle brake, its a 2 minute job. Hope this helps. Ant
  12. Great build and fantastic finish. Never tire of seeing models of the tank that took out Wittman and no criticism of your build whatsoever, but the 17pdr barrel gun in the Dragon kit is approx 4.5mm too long, and once you know it, you can't not see it.
  13. Hi Tony, There's not a huge amount in the set, but it does have a lovely No.19 set, together with some typical British &Commonwealth personal packs and weapons, Sten, Bren and Thompson, and a pair of what I think are Vickers K guns, all crisply moulded, ideal for personalising B & C vehicles .
  14. I'm not sure about AFV Club, but Bronco definitely do a set: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/bronco-ab3509-british-afv-equipment-wwii--224488
  15. The problem with the tracks that M3talpig refers to, is that Tamiya moulded the end connectors fitted to each track pad rather than overlapping and thus linking the track pads, they also did the same thing on their M3 Grant tank
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