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  1. It's coming along quite nicely But I have to correct you and point out that this is the Academy kit not Eduard, no bad thing as the Academy kits are pretty good in themselves, but the Eduard ones are just that little more detailed.
  2. If you're moving permanently, as others have already mentioned it will be cheaper for you to purchase new paint when you get to your destination, not to mention the potential problems you'll potentially encounter at check-in / customs. Tamiya paint is pretty much readily available anywhere.
  3. Brilliant progress David, just the thought of attemping those walkways is intimidating but you've done a fabulous job
  4. I'm getting the same, totally unformatted pages in Chrome, but looks OK in Edge
  5. Hi Chris, I believe that Tiger Hobbies are the UK importer: https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/ They may be able to help.
  6. Hi Jeff, Another useful resource is the instruction sheet for Peter Hall's Atlantic Models kit, although Pete's kit is in 1/350, it is very useful for general detailing, see link to PDF copy here: https://atlanticmodels.net/onewebmedia/Glamorgan350.pdf
  7. Well, that would be a remarkable coincidence
  8. There is a FB page called the Cromwell Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/489550191179200/about If you do FB then it might be worth asking on there.
  9. Looks like the clear sprue has both long and short span wingtips too, IIRC the Gulf War a/c were fitted with short span ones. And 3 ejector seat frames? Wonder if that's with and without flared side supports for the observer? If that is the box artwork its a winner No sprue F in the pics so that must be the RAF specific parts sprue. I wish Airfix would update their pilot figures though, or at least give them possible arms.
  10. Maybe the instructions will tell you to remove this detail, even Tamiya do this sort of thing:
  11. Following along with this one, I have the A-6A version with a Steel Beach KA-6D conversion set to do at some point. My only experience of building a HobbyBoss kit is their 1/48 F3H-2 kit and thats been a pretty pleasurable experience. That nose gear certainly looks well detailed
  12. Nope, I do that too, build up little sub-assemblies clearing out the empty sprue as I go along. I also invariably build up the munitions/things under wings early on, although I rarely finish painting and decalling them before the end of the build, maybe I should
  13. Steel Navy still there on: http://www.steelnavy.net/ I suspect the direct link to the Cumberland is faulty.
  14. After a little bit of wallet bashing, I've given myself a couple more options: Having never completed a Group Build before, I'm not planning to attempt more than one, and that one's going to be the One-Oh-Wonder with Caracal decals for the Hooligans, if (and it's a very long shot) I make good progress with that I might consider adding another probably the Deuce, again with Caracal decals for Penn ANG. I've also picked up a very second-hand Monogram F-100, but it's missing a couple of critical parts (nose intake and lower intake duct half), I've ordered an AMS replacement nose with FOD cover but it's coming from Australia, so not sure when it will arrive, if it gets here in time that one might replace the Deuce.
  15. Got to love a Happy Hooligans build, its what I've got planned for the Century Series GB later this year, but in 1/48 using a Monogram kit.
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